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Jesus said:

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...

...teaching them to obey EVERYTHING I have commanded you."

- Matthew 28:19-20

NOT Your USUAL “Signs & Wonders” Movement

The Elijah Challenge trains committed disciples, missionaries, and servants of God to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively to non-Christian, gospel-resistant people groups by closely following the approach used by Jesus and his disciples in the New Testament where actual evidence for the truth of the gospel was seen—miraculous healings from God following prayer. The goal is the fulfillment of the Great Commission: making disciples of all nations and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded his disciples.  

God can still perform miracles on the foreign mission field

Why we haven’t fulfilled the Great Commission after 2,000 years
Filling the Void in India

Over the last 15 years the Lord has made us very fruitful, training tens of thousands of disciples in over 40 countries around the world and counting. Many of these servants of God are now preaching the gospel and laboring very fruitfully in harvest fields around the world.

Our Background & Beginnings

Winning the Race Going Away


Recent Reports & Testimonies

from Elijah Challenge-trained disciples
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The Elijah Challenge Training in Atlanta, Georgia
October 16-18, 2015

There will be miraculous healing for those with heart disease as evidence that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father  Testimonies

Read the extraordinary testimonies from the Chicago April 2015 Training Event

Evangelist Tom Molskow’s video documentary on the Chicago Training Event

Since 2000 The Elijah Challenge has been training servants of God and disciples how to preach the gospel with power to the lost, especially to resistant non-Christian people groups. You will learn how to minister to the sick and demonized just as Jesus did in the gospels to demonstrate convincingly to the lost that He is in fact the Son of God and the only way to the Father. One pastor who trained with The Elijah Challenge saw 1,000,000 souls come to Christ in a single meeting. We are now in the last days, and we are seeing an acceleration around the world for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Our Training is now much more effective than it was in past years when it was already bearing fruit for the gospel.


Check for new updates and information on the children in our orphanage in Orissa, India

“Our orphans will be taught the ABCs and will learn about the Lord. Every morning and evening there will be a devotion with a Bible story. Also we will be teaching them in Sunday school frequently…”

April 2015 Update

Featured Articles & Teachings

Endorsement from Distinguished Pastor with Doctorate from conservative Westminster Theological Seminary

“…you have the most Biblically sound teaching on the subject of signs and wonders, healing, faith and all related subjects including the Charismatic gift of healing and the James 5 model of healing. I am familiar with most of the well-known teachings on these subjects, and your exegesis, exposition as well as the signs and wonders that follow your teaching are unmatched. I pray that many more doors will open for you so that you can bless and enrich the Body of Christ worldwide. The integrity, simplicity and humility that both you and your wife display have really touched our hearts and our pastors are seeing more and more signs and wonders in their churches after your visits.”….read more

Endorsement from General Presbyter of the Tennessee Assemblies of God

“The weekend when we hosted The Elijah Challenge may go down as one of the greatest weekends in the history of Full Life Assembly of God.  The Elijah Challenge teaching was one of the clearest and most systematic presentations of the Great Commission that I have ever heard. Besides the fact that our “House” was coming off of 21 days of prayer and fasting, we experienced 40 plus miracles throughout the weekend, and it’s still happening weekly as our people have embraced the “Power and Authority” that we have through Christ….read more

Endorsement from New York District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church (UMC)

​”[I am] the Methodist pastor who trained with you in Virginia in 2013.​ With my wife, I learned the very basic, simple, practical, biblical principles for healing and casting out demons by faith in the name of Jesus for the Great Commission. Since that training my wife and I have practiced it in each local church ministry. She was serving a congregation in Queens. Now she is serving another church in Staten Island. God manifested His power and healing so that we were so confident to preach the Gospel”…read more

Video Endorsement by Tom Molskow, Founder of Beyond All Borders Evangelism    Watch video

NOTABLE EVENTS around the world with The Elijah Challenge

The Largest Campaign in the History of Egypt – August 2002

According to local organizer Campus Crusade for Christ, our campaign in Upper Egypt was the most fruitful one in the history of the state of al Minia, if not in the history of the nation of Egypt. Mr. Ashraf Kamel Shehata, who heads Campus Crusade for Christ for Upper Egypt, declared that the meetings exceeded his expectations and imagination. Approximately twenty thousand people attend the evangelistic tent meetings, and according to nationally-known singer Maher Fayez who led the worship in the meetings up to thirty percent of these were Musl__ms. Although we are still waiting on the official Campus Crusade report of the number of people who stood up to receive Christ at the invitations, our initial estimate is that ten thousand souls responded. Not only the power of Christ was demonstrated during the campaign, but also His love and compassion. One thousand people were treated in the medical clinics over the four days. These clinics were arranged by Coordinator Brent Knapton, who heads the ministry Window of Opportunity, joint sponsor of the Egypt mission trip. Many people came to the gospel tent meetings because they were drawn by our medical clinics which offered basically free medical treatment. As early as 5:30 AM, the sick began to wait outside the gates of our compound hoping to gain entrance into the clinic which would not open until 1:00 PM after the morning tent meeting… see more

Young Vietnamese man severely crippled since birth gets up from wheelchair & walks for the first time (skip to 6:30) at an Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Event in San Jose, California for the Vietnamese community

“A turning point in the history of Christianity in Vietnam”

…On the third day there was a large Evangelistic Crusade where non-believers were invited to come to hear the gospel and receive healing prayer. This was the very first mass meeting since the fall of this country to communism decades ago in which a foreigner was invited to speak. It turned out to be even more historic than that. Never before in the history of this country under communism had such a meeting been known to take place…

My wife and I were taken to a hall completely crammed with thousands of people who had been waiting an hour before the start of the meeting. There was no place to sit down even for us. People with various debilitating infirmities had been physically carried to the meeting; the area to the side of the speaker’s platform was filled with people in wheelchairs. One pastor said that never before had so many gathered for a gospel meeting in this country during communist rule. Never before here had so many infirm people come to be healed by Jesus Christ. There was an air of expectancy.see more

Dead woman in Indonesia raised back to life by trained disciples before roomful of astonished Muslims

…When the young woman arrived back home her condition was terminal, and she died at about 5 pm. The people then gathered in the home to pray to Allah that the she would be received in their paradise.

In the meantime “Pastor Mark”  heard the news that the girl who had once believed in Jesus but had backslidden had died. He then sought the Lord with all his heart. 

After prayer “Pastor Mark” called a leader in the village and ordered him to go to the house where the dead woman was being prepared for burial—and to tell her to wake up, and to meet him at Emmanuel Hospital in the city two hours away where he was staying. The leader was taken aback, and told him that she had in fact already died.see more

Last Days Harvest: 1,000,000 souls come to Christ at Tent Meeting in India

The tent sprawled over several acres

Pastor Simon Haqq of North India hosted The Elijah Challenge Training on various occasions beginning in the early 2000s. Since then he has witnessed very many miraculous healings as he preaches the gospel to Hindus in his Feeding Events and ministers to the sick as he was trained to do. Because of the powerful miraculous healings, news about his ministry has spread in India.

For that reason Simon was invited to preach the gospel and pray over the sick before a crowd of about 2,000,000 mostly Hindus in a sprawling tent spanning many acres of land, and to minister healing to the infirm in Jesus’ name. After he preached he invited the people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Simon estimated that approximately 1,000,000 people responded to his call. That figure is based on the number people who stood close enough to the stage which he could see, with the assumption that the percentage of people responding remained fairly consistent all the way to the back of the tent which he could not see since it was so vast. …see more


From Servants of God & Disciples after they trained with The Elijah Challenge

Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa, India

After hosting The Elijah Challenge, Subodh became very fruitful for Christ. As he preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, the sick are healed miraculously and those with demons are set free. Seeing the miracles many Hindus are coming to Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior. Subodh is also training other servants of God in India’s poorest state of Orissa to minister as he does…more

Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa, IndiaSubodh and Rosy have two boys, Nathan and Johnson...they also oversee our orphanage in India
Pastor Albert & Grace Kang of Malaysia

“Your teachings have been most enlightening and balanced. I have always been skeptical about preachers who have the gift of healing but no gift of teaching…Praise God for the training that you both gave to so many servants of Christ. [We] are being blessed by so many, many miracles. Honestly, in my 25 years of ministry, I have never experienced so many miracles in such a short time”…more

Pastor Albert & Grace Kang of MalaysiaAttended the Training in 2005...Albert once pastored a 2,000-member Assembly of God Church
Kurt & Mary Simms, USA

“We trained a large group of pastors and disciples [in Africa] on Thursday and I have preached in the open air the last two nights. People have come from as far as 600 kilometers or so. There have been so many people healed and delivered from demons. The lame are walking, the blind seeing, and the deaf hearing!  It is so crazy we are exhausted everyday. Everyone is being healed and many being born again”…more

Kurt & Mary Simms, USAA Master Electrician in Crosby, Texas...along with Mary trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008

Read many ministry reports from these and other servants of God after they trained with The Elijah Challenge