Young mother in India gives her children to us

Christmas 2016 Orphanage Update

We spent last month (November 2016) and part of this month ministering in India, mostly in the poorest state of Orissa. While teaching in the area of Daringbadi, we stayed in a local hotel where a young Christian woman worked earning the equivalent of $2.20 a day. While we were eating breakfast one morning, she brought her two boys to us—a nine-year-old and his five-year-old little brother in tow. Her husband had recently died from malaria, leaving her alone with their two sons. When she heard that we and Subodh were there, she had approached him and implored us to take her boys into our orphanage in faraway Bhawanipatna. Subodh agreed to receive her boys. Earlier during our stay in Daringbadi another woman in a similar situation had also given up her son and daughter to be raised in our orphanage.

With us was our teammate Jodi from Minnesota. Seeing this Jodi’s heart broke for the young mother, and she gave her what Indian rupees she had on her. You can see Jodi flanked by her and her little boys below. 



It would be painful for us in the West even to imagine giving away our children in such a way. But in our orphanage the Lord will bless the boys. Their mother will see them grow up into fine young men who serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Someday she will be a proud mom…just read on below.



Our Father’s supernatural blessing on His orphans in Orissa

In 2012-2013 the Lord entrusted to us the 14 orphans you see below. These were children without mother or father, or with a single parent whose spouse (usually husband) had died leaving the surviving parent unable to care for the child. These were children truly without a future. In compassion our Orissa Coordinator Subodh and his wife Rosy took them in. 



On our mission trip to India we were able to see our orphans for the first time in three years. The Lord has very graciously blessed the children in every way—in body, in mind, and especially in spirit. 

Please read on…


Earlier this year Subodh & Rosy shared….

“Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our precious children. Though our children had a tough time during summer vacation as the heat is very severe, they are all fine. They are having a very good time of fellowship and learning the Bible in Sunday School.

We especially thank God for His supernatural protection on our orphans during these days when many other children are falling ill. There is a child specialist whose office is near our orphanage from where from morning to evening we can see several hundred parents waiting to see him. The two months of July and August are especially very hard on children since most of them get sick during this time. Our District of Kalahandi is moreover known for being a malaria-prone area. But praise the Lord none of our children are sick.

Thanks to all who pray for and support our children.”



“Their studies are going well. Every evening we have tuition classes for all children from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. On both Saturday and Sunday evenings they have Sunday school, where they practice songs and recite Bible verses. From the age of 10 years and above the children have Bible study.

The children are doing very well in their studies. Most of the time our children get good grades. The children are also growing spiritually. Two of our boys and girls are already able to lead our morning and evening devotions. Praise the Lord for this.

We hope they will be witnessing about the Lord to the Hindus very soon. Earlier this year one of our girls, Sebika, heard that the husband of one of her teachers was paralyzed and, unable to work, resigned from his government job. She went to her teacher and said, ‘believe in Jesus and give permission to our Pastor Subodh to go your home and to pray over your husband, and he will be healed.’ Her teacher responded saying that she would call us. After a few days she called Rosy to the school and asked about what Sebika had told her. Rosy shared a few things about Jesus and how sick people would receive a healing touch when ministered to in His name. Rosy told her, ‘if you believe, you will see a miracle from Jesus Christ.’ So Sebika’s teacher invited us and we went her home.

Praise the Lord, our Almighty God has begun to use our children. The teacher is now very glad and believes in Jesus Christ. Every day she asks Sebika how to pray and what we should do next, and so forth.”



In early 2013 one of the orphans we adopted was little Sebika below. She had neither mother nor father.




But at our orphanage our Lord was gracious to bless little Sebika in an unusual way…

In July 2015 she was selected for the Excellency exam in the district-level competition. In August 2016 Sebika won Second Place in an area-wide singing competition, and was honored before a large crowd.

Subodh wrote us: “We are so glad to inform you that there was a singing competition encompassing all the schools in our area of Bhawanipatna. Our Sebika participated on behalf of her school. It was a large competition, and Sebika placed second among the many entrants. She is going to get the award on the evening of August 15—India’s Independence Day. Either the District Collector or the Police Superintendent will present the award to her. Our girls Ajanti and Susama were also selected for giving the best performance of all the children in their school.”
“On the evening of August 15 Sebika was honored by dignitaries of the Kalahandi District in front of a big crowd. As Sebika is not only an orphan but also from a poor tribal background, her winning Second Place was so special. Praise the Lord. He is so good to our children. I give special thanks to my wife Rosy for making Sebika a success before the people.”



Sebika today


The Lord willing and providing, in the future we will send Sebika (and other children like her in our orphanage) to university to further her education—preparing her to become a godly leader in India representing our Lord Jesus Christ.



Our orphans today

From fourteen children over three years ago when we first began, our orphanage is now raising for the Lord a total of thirty children, including the four new children from Daringbadi mentioned in the first section above. In addition to these four, Subodh and Rosy recently received the five boys below—whom we saw for the first time during our recent visit to the orphanage.

We spent our last Sunday morning in Orissa with the children. We sat in as they worshiped their Lord, received His word, and danced before Him. 


Afterwards we laid hands lovingly on each child, asking the Lord to bless them abundantly as they grow in Him and someday serve Him.

Out in front of the orphanage just before we left (still four more to come from Daringbadi)



Above – the girls’ bedroom

Below – the kitchen


Some of the girls wept as we bid them farewell


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After we returned to the United States, Subodh & Rosy took them out to buy Christmas outfits…

 December 26, 2016 Update from Subodh:

“Thank you for your prayer and support to the precious children. They all are fine and remember you all. 

The children memorize their golden verses throughout the week and on Sunday in our fellowship they recite them. Our older children memorize around ten to fifteen verses even sometimes more and younger children memorize five to ten smaller one to two. Every Saturday evening they are having Sunday school service, Sunday evening having Singing service. Every morning and evening we are having the devotion for children, they lead the prayer. Praise the Lord not only our older are praying well, even the younger children are doing well along with Sebika and the other children are also singing very well.

Rosy is not only a singer but she is a very good dancer and she is teaching the choreography to the children. Last night we had our Christmas celebration, our children performed dance, choreography and they sang so many songs. Everybody enjoyed the celebration a lot.

I had a talk with the orphan mother in Daringbadi, I wanted to have them to Bhawanipatna for Christmas but she did not get leave where she is labouring that hotel manager did not allow so I said  to bring on the month of  November to our orphanage. Altogether we will be having 30 children.

Yesterday our children’s teacher came to our home, she is so much glad for our children’s talent and development in every area. She our children very much so she came.

Regarding new orphan children, four children are very needy and in a desperate condition. Two are from Hindu background. Three of the children we brought from a village at the top of the mountain which takes around four hour to reach from the main road. We will certainly give them the good foundation to build their future with us.”