340 Punjabis in India turn to Jesus Christ as demons are driven out


“Our Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was in Vella, a remote village in Amritsar, the capital of the state of Punjab. This village has a 100% Punjabi population. Our host pastor, Punjabi Pastor Dilbag Singh, organized the Event. To our surprise about 340 or more people raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer.

Pastor Singh later told me that 280 people gave their names for water baptism. Here in Punjab, the persecution is not from the government [prevalent in North India] but rather from family members.

Many renounced their gods and then removed the idols they had worshiped from their homes. Not many needed physical healing, but many of them were possessed by unclean spirits. As Jesus became the Lord of their lives they were delivered from the demons. The freedom they experienced drew them to the Lord.

Pastor Dibag is our network pastor and was trained by Pastor Mona Teji, our Elijah Challenge pastor. Please uphold pastor Dilbag in your prayers.”

-Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India



Feeding the people afterwards



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