African pastors in Zambia heal the sick powerfully after TEC Training

“Greetings to you both and praises to God for your powerful teaching.  Butch recently had the privilege to teach The Elijah Challenge in a new area of Zambia, Sioma township.  We were invited by Jack and Amber Mututwa with Trail Missions to teach a group of pastors at a retreat they sponsored.  There were about 20 pastors from the surrounding areas in attendance.  Four of the pastors work directly with Trail Missions.  It was an exciting time to see and hear the pastors catch the teaching for The Elijah Challenge.  Following is the testimony from Jack Mututwa, one of the Founders of Trail Missions, as shared with him by his disciples who had just sat under the teaching.”

-Butch & Janet Berner
Light of Africa



Reports from Butch & Janet

“We had 4 pastors last week who did the Elijah Challenge. We sent them to an area called Luyobe to plant a church, and they came back with the following testimonies.

1)  During their door-to-door visits they came across a woman who was completely blind in one eye. They prayed over her and asked her if she could see the people in front of her, and she said she could. Even though it wasn’t super clear, but the fact was that she couldn’t see a thing at all before and now she could see people, images, and trees. Was awesome.

2)  They prayed over a man who had locked heaps(?) and could barely walk. They ministered to him, and then asked to get up and walk. He resisted at first and reached for a walking stick, but the pastors said “no, you are healed, just get up and walk.” And he did get up and walk freely without any pain or a walking stick.

3)   They also prayed over a lady who had bad pain in her entire body. The Lord touched and healed her instantly, all the pains were gone.”

Jack Mututwa 
Founder of Trail Missions


central africa

Pastors request Elijah Challenge Training after seeing infirmities healed in Jesus’ name

“Greetings from Cameroon, Africa. God has widened the circle of pastors and leaders who are requesting The Elijah Challenge (TEC) Training. I have established my living quarters and have been participating in various services and ministering while meeting and developing new contacts. I am receiving very enthusiastic responses to the Training. Just this past weekend I met with an association of pastors to give them a 15-minute introduction. After the introduction I asked if there was anyone experiencing pain. Only one (an Apostle) of about 12 people present responded. He said he has been having migraine headaches off and on for the last 10 years.

From American missionary Alan Robinson in Central Africa

I used this opportunity to demonstrate how authority, power and mountain-moving faith work to reach the lost. I put both my hands where the pain was, commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name, and it left within seconds. The apostle tried to find the pain which had been there just seconds ago but the Lord had healed him on the spot. This excited the group of pastors and I was told later that all of them want me to train their churches. Later that evening at a church service ten people came up for healing. One by one the Lord instantly healed every one of them, including the pastor’s wife. To my surprise, one of them was knocked several feet from where I was standing as I was ministering—as I touched the area of the pain very lightly. My level of faith has grown tremendously, and I’m sensing that God is going to do tremendous works in the day and months to come here in Cameroon. I will be watching your online Webinar this coming Thursday.”

Reports from Alan Robinson




431 churches planted in 12 years following The Elijah Challenge Training in Togo, West Africa


Hosted by Assembly of God Evangelist Nadjombe NADJOMBE of Togo

The country of Togo (encircled) is located in West Africa with Benin just to the west

Fruitful Servant of God Nadjombe departs for eternity after planting 435 churches


December 2013 Update from Evangelist Nadjombe—12 years after 2002 TEC Training

“In Togo and [neighboring] Benin we have opened 431 churches in these two countries. God bless his missions.”

August 2008 Update from Evangelist Nadjombe — over six years after The Elijah Challenge Training in January 2002

“Brother Bill, may the Lord be with you always. In Togo, West Africa, we have reached 263 villages with the gospel by His grace. God bless.”

-Evangelist Nadjombe NADJOMBE

Nadjombe’s original report on the January 2002 Elijah Challenge Training with Brother Bill in Togo

“From Sunday 20th to Sunday 27th January 2002, the AELVNA Association whose President is NADJOMBE Nadjombe of Togo held great evangelism crusades in three great regions of Togo with the participation of three friends from USA : Dr. Paul Rains, Jim L., and Brother Bill.

The main preacher was Brother Bill.

Crusade Venues and dates

1) TCHAMBA : Central Region : From 20th to 22nd January 2002
2) PAGALA : Central Region : From 24th to 25 January 2002
3) KOUGNOHOU : Mountains Region : From 26th to 27th January 2002


THE TCHAMBA CRUSADE : 20 to 22 January 2002

At this point, the projected teaching sessions did not take place in mornings because the evangelists did not lodge at the town of Tchamba. There were no comfortable lodging for them and they were obliged to go back to Sokode (34 miles) every night after the crusade.

As this area has the highest percentage of pagans, they did not come out for the crusade the first day. This first day, only sick Christians received their healing. The two following days, pagans came out and experienced their healing: an old blind pagan received his healing and could see.

The teaching on the Healing Ministry of Reverend Bill bore strongly its fruits because many miracles that pass all understanding occurred. Even, the Pastor who is Responsible for the Zone of Tchamba-Pagala seemed to doubt but he came convinced when he experienced himself the healing power of Jesus : he was delivered from a chronic stomachache. He was then full of joy and testified to glorify the Lord.


PAGALA CRUSADE : 24th to 25th JANUARY 2002

At this point, an interesting collaboration among the different Denominations of the area was demonstrated. Many miracles happened. The elder PASGO, the former President of the Assemblies of God Churches of Togo who is now 88 years of age received an amelioration of his audition and vision after the teaching and the experience of Healing. His wife testified and proved publicly the veracity of the miracle.



After PAGALA, KOUGNOHOU was the last area that profit from this gift of the Lord. The evangelists moved from PAGALA at 23 o’clock and traveled all the night singing and giving glory to the Lord. They arrived at KOUGNOHOU at 5 o’clock A.M. Here, the teaching sessions took place in the afternoon. Christians of the area constructed a very great and beautiful podium. There were also many people and many pastors at the crusade. All the pastors of this region were holding their annual pastors Assembly and many of them were glad to participate to the crusade. After the crusade, Pastor AKUI of the Assemblies Church of KOUGNOHOU testified that those who said they were healed during the healing prayers of the crusade are really healed. Brother Nadjombe also testified that a woman from BROUNFOU, a village of the area, was completely healed from her backache and can now walk without her walking-stick. Even, the chief of the same village testified that a blind person was healed but he is ashamed to come to the church.

All the people of AKEBOU are claiming another session of evangelism in their villages. They consider that this first session is simply the beginning of such activities in this part of Togo.

As for us, members of AELVNA, it is with joy and satisfaction that we are praising the Lord for what He allowed to be accomplished during your recent mission. We are praying that He may allow another great seminar together with you in Togo. May He who is the Almighty, the same, yesterday, today and forever, be with you and give you more anointing for His mission and bless you with all blessings in heaven. AMEN AND AMEN.”

Reported in Lomé, 6th March 2002
The Reporter
The Secretary of the Association,
Mawulom AZIATO

The President of the Association,

November 2009 Elijah Challenge Event in Lome, Togo


The First Mass Open-air Evangelistic Campaign in the history of Niger, West Africa

October 30 – November 13, 2002


  • The first time churches came together in unity
  • The first time miraculous healings were witnessed in public
  • The first time Musl__ms came to faith in Christ in numbers
  • Sponsored by World Vision and World Horizon


Nigerien believers ministering at historic Crusade:
the blind see, the deaf hear


Sharing the gospel boldly as Elijah did at Mt. Carmel

(The major world religion centered in the Middle East is here referred to as ‘the Religion’ and its adherents as ‘Religionists’.)

Niger is a country directly north of Nigeria which was over 99% Religionist. Christian churches were few and small in size. The impact of the Church was so insignificant that there were no laws against proselytizing, preaching the gospel in the open air, or as far as we know at the time against converting to Christianity.

And so we were able to hold an evangelistic event in the open air in the capital of Niamey where everyone, including Religionists, were invited to come to witness miraculous healings. And curious, they came to listen and to be healed.

I began by sharing with the crowd that we were all worshippers of the God of Abraham. Historically this is true—both disciples of Jesus Christ as well as Religionists worship Him. However, the difference is the way in which we go to Him. Religionists believe in one way, for example, through the Prophet or the Five Pillars of Islam. Disciples of Jesus Christ, however, believe in another way to the God of Abraham. But there could not be two different ways to reach Him. There must be only one way.

Which one is the correct way?

I told the Religionists listening to me that instead of simply arguing or debating the issue by pulling out the Koran or the Bible, let us simply ask the God of Abraham Himself to show us which is the correct way to Him. I proposed to them an interesting arrangement.

Many infirm people—the blind, the lame, the deaf—were present at our meetings. I explained to the crowd that clearly only the One True God, the God of Abraham, had the authority and power to heal such infirmities. Witchcraft was clearly unable to perform such miracles. (This was quite obvious with the presence of witchdoctors at our meetings who had come to be healed of their infirmities themselves.)

I proposed to the crowd that we would pray to the God of Abraham asking Him to heal the sick present at the meeting. And when we prayed to Him, we would pray in a very special and particular way. We would pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Now if after we pray in that particular way the God of Abraham answers with powerful miraculous healings, what should we conclude? What is the significance of the blind seeing and the deaf hearing after we pray in the name of Jesus? We would find out later.

The crowd agreed with my proposal to ask the God of Abraham to heal the sick at the meetings.

I led the subsequent prayer to the God of Abraham, and closed it very emphatically in the name of Jesus Christ.

After the prayer I instructed the servants of God and disciples I had just trained over a period of several days to apply what they had just learned. They proceeded to lay hands on the sick in Jesus’ name and to exercise the authority entrusted to them in Jesus’ name. Miraculous healings ensured very quickly. One by one, people came forward to testify that the God of Abraham had healed them. The blind were seeing, the deaf were hearing, and the lame were walking. Even witchdoctors testified of being healed. Such miracles took place every night.

After all the testimonies, I turned to address the crowd again. I told them that the One True God, the God of Abraham, had clearly heard our prayer and subsequently performed many powerful miracles. Why had He heard our prayer? It must have been because we had prayed to Him in the correct way. And we had prayed to Him in the name of Jesus Christ.

I told them from what we have just witnessed that we have no choice but to conclude that the only way to the God of Abraham is Jesus Christ alone.

In this way I challenged the Religionists night after night to repent and follow Jesus Christ alone. Many responded. For the first time in the history of Niger, Religionists came to Christ in numbers—about two hundred received Him as Lord and Savior during the week.

Initial Report on Historic Campaign in Niger: the blind see, the deaf hear, the sick are healed

We wrote:

“The Lord is visiting Niger in an unprecedented way. In the Equipping Seminar on the first two days of our visit, the Lord imparted His miraculous healing power to those pastors, leaders, and believers who attended. After that we held three evenings of pre-Crusade meetings in local churches. Then the actual open-air Crusade began on Monday, November 4, and we are currently in the third day of the seven-day Crusade.

After preaching the gospel, I would ask the Lord to confirm His word by healing the sick. To accomplish this, I asked the Nigerien believers trained in the Healing Encounter to come forward to lay hands on the infirm in the name of Jesus. With great boldness and faith born of the Holy Spirit, these believers rebuked the infirmities and commanded them to be healed in the name of Jesus.

We have witnessed great miracles one in Jesus’ name—the blind are seeing and the deaf are hearing, One man brought to a meeting on a cot was unable for several years even to sit up. He stood up and walked in the name of Jesus. One Musl__m man, a district chief and respected member of the community, was healed of pain in his knees and foot after twenty years of suffering. He cannot deny that Jesus is the Son of God. After hearing the testimonies, precious Musl__m souls are responding to our invitation to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Because of the situation particular to this Crusade, I personally do not at this time have an idea how many people have been saved, although we know the pastors and churches are greatly encouraged by what the Lord is doing in their midst. With glee one pastor remarked to Brother Clive Cook, Coordinator of the Crusade and Director of World Horizons in West Africa, that the miracles he saw during the Crusade were “just like in the Bible.” Such things had never before been done in the history of Niger.”

Training the believers how to open the eyes of the blind and ears of the deaf:
November 3, 2002

“I had noticed that the believers I had trained were not really ministering with boldness and perseverance during the first two pre-Crusade church services. Although people were getting healed, I felt it could have been better. They needed more training. So for the third pre-Crusade meeting which took place just a couple of hours ago, I decided not only to preach the gospel to any unbelievers (Musl__ms) who might be present, I decided I had to give more training to the believers. It was not enough for me just to go over the Scriptures on how Jesus healed, but I decided I had to actually lay hands on the infirm and heal them in front of everyone for them to see how it was done.

Usually I simply minister in mass healing…those who are healed come forward to testify, and those who are not healed don’t. It’s relatively “free of risk,” because those who are not healed don’t come forward and tell everyone they weren’t healed. But I had to show the believers that I was willing to stick my neck out by ministering to the infirm one on one from the front if indeed I expected them to do the same.

But the pastor of Bethel Church, where we had the meeting tonight, is a very enterprising man of God. Instead of holding the meeting inside his church, he decided to hold it outside the church in the open-air, right by the side of a busy street. He erected a stage, put up lights and a powerful sound system. Several hundred people gathered, not just believers, but unbelievers from the street drawn by the hoopla and singing of the choir he had assembled. It was a mini open-air Crusade!

I first shared to the unbelievers about Jesus’ identity as the light of the world (Jn 8.12), and how we his disciples are given the responsibility of preaching the gospel and demonstrating to the world who Jesus really is by healing the sick in His name. Then I taught from Mark 8 and 7 how Jesus had to minister twice to a blind man before he was completely healed and how Jesus opened the ears of a deaf man; and that we would do the same that evening. I announced by faith in the name of Jesus that I would be the first to minister to the blind (or those with poor eyesight) from the stage so the believers could learn how to do it. (Let me tell you, this takes some holy boldness, but praise the Lord Jesus for His faithfulness, and thank you for your fervent prayer…it availed much tonight!)

Four people came up to the stage. I ministered first to a younger woman with poor eyesight, who testified to the crowd she could see well after I ministered about four times to her. Hallelujah! But the real eye-opening healing was the next one involving an elderly woman who was practically blind and practically deaf. When I first rebuked the spirit of blindness and commanded her eyes to be opened, there was no improvement. I asked the crowd what I should do—should I be discouraged, afraid of embarrassment, give up? No, they shouted in accordance with what I had just taught them, continue! I ministered a second time. She looked around and if I remember correctly there appeared to be no improvement in her vision. I turned to the crowd and asked them what I should do. “Continue,” they shouted. Bless their hearts.

Once again I rebuked the blindness in the name of Jesus. She said she could see a bit better! The crowd roared its approval and gave thanks to the Lord. “What should I do now?” I asked them. They told me minister again. Finally the Lord completely opened her eyes, and she could see well! Hallelujah!

I decided not to leave well enough alone (praise the Lord for His faithfulness) and told the crowd we were going to open her ears in the name of Jesus. I inserted my fingers into her ears, rebuking the spirit of deafness and commanding her ears to open up. Nothing happened for a few times. (Things were starting to look bad.) Not only that, she started to feel pain in her jaw after I started praying over her ears. This of course signaled an evil spirit in the woman who was not pleased with my rebukes and was retaliating. With renewed vigor, I rebuked the spirit and commanded it to come out. The pain remained despite all my efforts. (Perhaps I should have quit when I was ahead after the woman’s eyes were opened?) The crowd waited.

Then I thought came to me—it must have been from the Lord. I asked the woman if she was a Christian, and she said she was not. Then I understood! I told the crowd that God had already shown her grace by healing her eyes, but if she now wanted Him to restore her hearing, she had to respond to God’s grace by accepting Christ. A sister came up to the platform and communicated with her by sign language. She indicated she wanted Jesus in her heart!

Then I knew I had the enemy on the run…I inserted my fingers into her ears one last time to rebuke the deafness. A wide smile immediately broke out on her face—she could hear! The crowd went wild with gladness and praise unto the Lord.

Then I had the believers—who had just witnessed the teaching from the Lord from the stage—come forward to minister healing to the many in the crowd who needed healing. With great faith, boldness, and persistence, they attacked the works of the devil as they laid hands on the infirm. Many people were healed of various infirmities through them and came up to the stage to testify. What a meeting it was…the believers in Niamey are so greatly encouraged, and the Musl__ms have witnessed the power of the name of Jesus with their own eyes! It is also the perfect way to prepare for the opening night of our big open-air Crusade tomorrow.”

Report on last day of open-air Crusade:
Sunday, November 10

“What a glorious way the Lord brought the 7-day Crusade to an end tonight…the most people, perhaps the most convincing message of all seven days, perhaps the most number of people coming forward to testify of miraculous healing and accepting Christ!

The Lord gave me a fitting message. As part of the folk Isl–mic culture here, people will periodically visit a “maribou,” a priest who will in return for payment offer animal sacrifices for the forgiveness of their sins before Allah. It may be that these priests are little more than sorcerers dressed up in the robes of Isl–m. But it was a wonderful way to introduce to them Christ as High Priest in way which was culturally relevant.

I described for them how Jesus is infinitely superior to their “maribous” as a priest, based on the last several verses of Hebrews 7. Since he is the perfect High Priest, we sinners can approach the Most Holy God in his name, and in his name only. Then I proposed a test. We would approach the Most High and request that He do things that only God can do, that is, heal the sick miraculously and powerfully. If we approached Him in the correct name, He would answer us and heal the sick. If we approached Him in the wrong name, He would not respond. I proposed to the crowd that we pray to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (worshipped by both Musl__ms and Christians) IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. If Jesus were the perfect High Priest, God would respond by healing the sick. The crowd thought it was a fair test.

I asked the ministering believers to come forward, followed by those who wanted to be healed of their infirmities. Then came the moment of decision—I felt a little like Elijah on Mt. Carmel—“O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whom we all worship, we approach you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. If he is our perfect High Priest and the only name by which we can approach You, then answer our prayer by fire. Send your power to heal the sick and cast out demons. Amen.” Then I instructed the believers to begin ministering.


Ministering mass healing to the infirm

The miracles came fast and furious. With a minute or so people began to stream forward to testify of being healed of many different kinds of infirmities. Among them were two men, both Musl__m “maribous” (priests) who had been healed of their infirmities in the name of the Great High “Maribou” Jesus Christ (see photo below).


Between testimonies I peppered the crowd, challenging them to come forward to acknowledge that Jesus Christ was indeed the perfect High Priest, and not the sorcerers they frequented for animal sacrifices. Their God and our God had answered our prayer clearly and unmistakably when we had prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. The proof was abundant and unambiguous. Souls came to Christ. Although the number saved in this Campaign pales compared to the number saved in the Egypt Campaign (10,000 souls), the number is very high for Niger. By most standards this is the poorest country in the world. Similarly, this could be the spiritually darkest country in the world. I would have to say that this is the most difficult place I have ministered in within recent memory in terms of numbers saved. But we have this week witnessed an historic breakthrough in Niger. God has restored His miraculous healing power to His local Church and believers here. They are ministering with great power and confidence, something I did not see so evidently with the local believers in Egypt. This is one of the most satisfying Campaigns I have conducted. The pastors and believers are reveling in the glory of God they have witnessed.”

Below are photos of some of the many who testified that they had been healed:




























Below are healing testimonies from a different evening















Report on last day of overall Campaign, November 13

“We had a glorious final meeting this evening!

The believers of this church planted by Horizons Director Clive Cook working with a neighboring evangelical church arranged an open-air evangelistic meeting in front of their church in the district of Dar-Es-Salaam. They used a truck as a platform from which I spoke. Hundreds of people from the neighborhood, including Musl__ms, attended.

After I preached the gospel, I asked the Lord to confirm His word with miraculous healings. He was faithful again to heal the infirm through the hard-working believers who ministered. Many people came forward to testify of being healed of various infirmities, including deafness.

We have found that this kind of neighborhood in-front-of-the-church open-air meeting has been very effective in winning souls and demonstrating the power of the gospel where it most needs to be seen—not inside the church, but outside where the Musl__ms are. They come to watch. Some are healed and accept Christ. But the most exciting development is that the churches can do this by themselves after I leave. These meetings cost very little; they can be held lawfully in the open in front of local churches, they draw many Musl__ms, they provide an opportunity for churches to work together, and perhaps best of all, they don’t need a foreign evangelist. A local minister can preach, and the believers are already trained well enough to minister healing confidently without me. The churches can take turns holding them in various districts of the city.

In such a way, the extremely dark spiritual climate of Niger will change. The news that miracles are occurring regularly at these open-air meetings will gradually spread throughout the city, and more and more Musl__ms will come to see and hear the gospel. They will begin to take the gospel seriously, and there will be change of attitude of the Musl__m community toward the faith that Jesus died to bring us. Who knows what God could do now through His Church in Niger?”


Blind woman testifies she can see
Holding the microphone at right is Pastor Joel Biao of World Vision in Niger


Above: front section of crowd at Crusade in amphitheatre
Final Report: Open-air Crusades – no special “gifting” required

The recent Campaign in Niger, West Africa sponsored by World Horizons, World Vision, and the united churches of the capital city of Niamey is one of the most significant in the history of The Elijah Challenge. Over a period of fifteen days, “ordinary” believers from both evangelical and charismatic churches learned and then ministered healing to the infirm at open-air evangelistic Crusades where Musl__ms heard the gospel. In these Crusade meetings, I first presented the gospel, proclaiming Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Musl__ms vehemently deny that he is the Son of God as in their eyes this claim amounts to blasphemy as it did for the Sadducees and Pharisees of Jesus’ time. In each meeting after the message, I would declare to the people that we would then ask the God of the Bible—whom the Musl__ms acknowledge—to respond with miraculous healings if indeed what I had just claimed about Jesus was true.

To accomplish this I would ask the believers—trained in our two-day Healing Encounter—to come forward and stand in a line at the front facing the people. After that I would ask those who needed physical healing and deliverance to come and line up facing the believers. Many would respond and come forward. Then I would pray and ask the God who created the heavens and the earth to answer with fire to prove that what I had said to the crowd about Jesus was true. Then came the moment of decision when I released the believers to minister with the laying on of hands—it would be “up to them” to heal the sick with the authority the Lord had given them for this very purpose according to Luke 9:1-2 and Luke 10:1,9. The Lord would use THEM to provide the visible evidence that Jesus is the Son of God.

As the Lord’s foot soldiers, these believers slugged it out in the trenches with the enemy to destroy his works—disease and demonic oppression—before the watching Musl__ms. People with every kind of infirmity came up to them for healing: from pain to blindness to deafness to lameness. Not all were healed, but many were healed when the believers continued their assault against the infirmities by rebuking them with authority in the name of Jesus. They would not lose heart if no change in the person’s condition was observed after ministering to them the first time. They would persevere, and in this way demons and infirmities would leave. Some blind people saw; some deaf people heard; some with epilepsy were dramatically delivered from demons of epilepsy. Those healed would come up to the podium to testify publicly of what God had done for them in the name of Jesus.

In between these testimonies I would stress that the one God whom we all worshipped was confirming through these miracles who Jesus was—the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I would encourage the Musl__ms to believe in him as Lord and Savior, since God had given them visible evidence. They would come, especially those who had been healed.

Evening after evening in the same way these believers stood side-by-side to destroy the works of the devil: healing the sick and casting out demons to demonstrate to the crowd that Jesus was the only way to the Father. One could not tell which of these foot soldiers were evangelical, and which were charismatic. All were ministering with power in the name of Jesus Christ.

John 14:11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. 12 I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing…

After the seven days of open-air Crusade meetings were over, there remained three days of post-Crusade meetings in local churches in the city. Emboldened by what they had witnessed in the Crusade meetings, the pastors decided to hold these meetings in the open-air outside their churches. This is still legal in Niger, where there are no laws against preaching Christianity. The pastors set up lights, loudspeakers, chairs, banners and arranged for music by worship teams to attract the local people to the evening meetings. During these three meetings, people in the surrounding area, up to a thousand people in one location, gathered to hear the gospel and witness the miraculous healings. More precious Musl__m souls were saved in each meeting.

Musl__ms throughout the districts of Niamey began to talk about the miracles being done in the name of Jesus Christ. The news was spreading.

In the course of these three local meetings, it dawned on us that the Lord had shown us a new and radical way of winning souls after the Campaign was over and the foreign evangelist had gone home. For most Nigeriens to attend one of the meetings at the amphitheater where we had held the Crusade, they had to spend two days of wages on taxi fare. But people living near a local church could simply walk to an open-air meeting held in front of the church. There are about sixty churches scattered throughout the city of Niamey, so if they took turns, open-air evangelistic meetings could be held in different districts of the city. The pastors could continue to work together in unity for each open-air meeting. And since the believers through the Campaign had already been trained to minister healing boldly and effectively, they could continue to heal the sick in future meetings to confirm the gospel WITHOUT ME being there.

The Lord has shown us something revolutionary. Local churches in Niamey can hold their own open-air evangelistic meetings. No outside foreign evangelist, no “special” gifting is needed. There is no need to rent an expensive facility for a big Crusade. But the blind will see and the deaf will hear as “ordinary” local believers minister at local neighborhood meetings. News will spread throughout the city. Musl__ms will continue to come, be healed of their infirmities, and accept Christ.

This can become a model for churches in other countries ministering under similar conditions.



Report from Pastor Joel Biao of World Vision of Niger

“I am glad to say thanks to you today as a way of showing my gratefulness to the great work you did for two weeks in Niamey for the sake of the Gospel. I can’t still help smiling as I am trying to figure the way that God lead this Campaign. Of course Clive Cook (Director of World Horizons for West Africa, co-sponsor of the Campaign) and me started talking about this without any conviction the first day. And we did a very short prayer that day. I couldn’t imagine, Brother […], that this will end into an event so great in the history of the Church in Niger. Oh dear brother, may God bless you as you struggle to carry out his will for the world in darkness. Your meekness and humility touches me deeply, and I praise the Lord who has brought at this point.

My life as a pastor and leader is really affected: I have learned to be bold in ministering the healing. I have got much more in faith. Through that campaign I can say God added something more to my faith. I could through the campaign know the kind of message we give when we try to bring people know the transforming power of God. I discovered that God can do much more as we try with humility to show that he is the almighty God. I also concluded that without signs, wonders and miracles we only do very little in winning the souls.

The first important thing the campaign has achieved for the churches is the unity. That was the first time that really the churches worked together in real spirit of unity. Also many barriers have been knocked down; indeed some of the churches that ministered healing didn’t believe in it. They thought that is for the pentecostal churches. Through your teaching and training they were convinced that anyone who is engaged in announcing the Good News in the name of Jesus can do so. Moreover, henceforth the churches are united and free to work together without any denominational discrimination. The church in Niamey is confident in preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders; the church knows how to handle the spiritual warfare; the church is really bold in preaching the Gospel.

The Gospel will become effective in Niger as the Musl__m people will themselves witness miracles in the name of Jesus. There will be much more fruit than what we had previously. the Chuch in Niger will become really bold and effective in reaching out to Musl__m people. The harvest will be great.”

Pastor Joel Biao
Social Relations Service
World Vision, Niger BP 12713
Tel. (227)753427 – Fax (227)753430
Niamey – NIGER



Nairobi, Kenya

November 2006

On this our initial and introductory trip to Kenya, a small group of servants of God brought together by Bishop Mickey Okeyo of Solid Rock Community Church was equipped with The Elijah Challenge Basic Training. The venue for the equipping was at the East Africa Regional Headquarters of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nairobi.

After the training we held Evangelistic Healing Rallies in the slum known as Kibera—the largest slum on the African continent—where most of the approximately one million people live on less than one US dollar a day.


The “commercial district” of Kibera

Railroad tracks intersect the slums
(at left is Pastor Steve Baraza)

Above & below: Evangelistic rally at the open-air dirt grounds known as Laini Saba


For the first evangelistic rally at Laini Saba we brought our sound system and speakers but no platform was available. Pastor Steve Baraza, who has planted a church in the slums, led the worship with great exuberance. A scattered crowd was present.

I took the microphone and announced that we would ask the God of Heaven to heal the sick to demonstrate that His Kingdom was near. About fifteen people with infirmities, adults and children, stepped forward. After prayer, the trained servants of God laid hands on them and exercised their authority over disease and demons in Christ’s name.

It appeared that all of them were healed and came forward to testify publicly. Among them, three children testified that impaired hearing in one ear had been restored. God gives much grace to the humble and the poor, and His miracles for them are powerful.

I then told the people that the miracles demonstrated that the Kingdom of God was near (Luke 10:9) to them. But in order for the Kingdom of God to come to them so that they could enter, there was only one way—Jesus Christ who died on the cross for bear our sins. About twenty people responded when I asked people to come forward to follow Jesus Christ. All of this took a bit over a half an hour.

At the second rally the next day I challenged the people. I asked them: which is the true way of salvation—witchcraft and traditional beliefs, or Jesus Christ? The one that could heal the seven infirm people would be the true way of salvation. I invited any practitioner of witchcraft to come forward to heal the people using magic. No one took up the challenge. So we prayed to our God in the name of Jesus Christ, asking Him to heal the people of their infirmities. After that the trained servants of God laid hands on them; all seven publicly testified that had been healed. Two of them jumped up and down vigorously to demonstrate that their legs/feet had been healed. The seventh person was a drunk who just happened to be passing by. He had not been able to eat a certain kind of food for three years because of pain in his jaw. He was completely set free from the pain.

Then I proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. About ten children appeared in front of me when I invited the people to believe in Jesus. Adults in Kenya can be shy about coming forward publicly, and I was told that some of them also gave their hearts to Jesus Christ, including the drunk. He said he would go to church the following Sunday.

These rallies are being continued by the local believers on their own. They have been equipped how to heal the sick in Jesus’ name to prove that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. They are not dependent on outsiders.

Among the other newly-equipped servants of God, Pastor Steve Baraza is using the weapon of miraculous healing as he preaches regularly out in the slums of Kibera. His congregation is being trained to heal the sick as well, and he is now leading a powerful team of believers to snatch precious souls from the darkness of the Kibera slums.


Pastor Steve Baraza’s favorite corner for open-air preaching in the slums; in the foreground is our Coordinator Bishop Mickey Okeyo




The spirit of Elijah in Liberia, West Africa

December 2006


In December 2006 The Elijah Challenge came to Liberia, a nation that came into being in the 19th Century when freed slaves from the United States returned to settle in Africa. Meetings were held in an area known as Harbel near the capital of Monrovia where there is a large Firestone Tire plantation. About 6,000 workers are employed to tap the sap from rubber trees on the plantation for use in making tires. Although Liberia is a “Christian” country, most Liberians still believe in witchcraft.



Plantation worker tapping sap from rubber tree

Workers’ families bathing & washing clothes

After three days of training for the local servants of God, an open-air evangelistic rally was held in the plantation where the thousands of workers live. Hundreds of people were drawn by the music; many if not most of them were non-believers. Then as Jesus commanded in Luke 10:9, the sick were healed as the trained servants of God laid hands on them. A line of people who were healed formed on the field waiting to testify. After the testimonies, we went onto the field to preach. He shared that the miraculous healings demonstrated that the kingdom of God was near. He told the people that the only way to escape from the kingdom of darkness and enter the Kingdom of God was by repenting from sin and witchcraft and following Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Open-air evangelistic rally

When we asked who wanted to follow Jesus Christ, a huge wave of souls, many of them children, swelled forward onto the field and completely engulfed him on every side. Never before had he experienced that kind of response. Eagerly they repented of their sin and were granted forgiveness and eternal life as they made the decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Children swarm onto the field & engulf Brother Bill

Still more people came to the second open-air meeting the next evening. In the same way that the Old Testament prophet Elijah challenged the servants of Baal, we issued a challenge to witchdoctors. They would try to heal the sick using their witchcraft, and then the servants of God would heal the sick in the name of Jesus Christ. In this way everyone could find out whether the power of witchcraft or the power of God is greater. (Although Liberia is a “Christian” country, most Liberians still believe in witchcraft. It is like backslidden Israel during the time of Elijah.) Brother Bill was told there were witchdoctors at the meeting, likely drawn by the miracles they heard had taken place at the meeting the night before. None of them, however, stepped forward to accept his challenge.

And so the servants of the One True God stepped forward and called on His name. Then they healed the sick in the name of Jesus in two stages. After the first stage—mass healing—a great many people, mostly children, swept forward and swarmed around Brother Bill giggling and waiting to testify that they had been healed. (The adults who were healed perhaps felt intimidated by the witchdoctors standing in the crowd and few of them came out to testify.) There were so many children who came forward that only some of them were given time to give their testimony. The Lord had answered prayer and had sent the fire of healing from heaven to prove that He was the only true God.

Crowd of people healed and waiting to testify

During the second stage of healing the infirm came forward to receive their healing one-on-one from the assembled servants of God. More were healed and each testified. A young girl who was born crippled and had never walked was now walking hand-in-hand in front of the crowd with her beaming mother. When Brother Bill asked the people to repent of witchcraft and sin and make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, many, again mostly children, swarmed forward like bees and surrounded him. He had to fight to stand his ground or else be knocked over by them.

Little girl lame from birth walks

Many come forward to receive Christ as Lord & Savior

Luke 18:16 But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17 I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

The trained servants of God will continue to hold such meetings on their own; they will be conducting three nights of open-air meetings in a different location on the plantation later in December. The harvest in Harbel will be great if they continue to proclaim the kingdom of God as they have been equipped to do.


Receiving testimonies of healing 
during training in Monrovia

Team Leader Pastor Napoleon Blamon of Bethel World Outreach Church, New Jersey

Teammate Rev. Patricia Davis with friends




Uganda: A Photo Essay – Defeating witchcraft in Christ’s name

Arua, Northern Uganda

Pastors and believers in Arua, Northern Uganda were first trained how to heal the sick to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God is near. After the training, outdoor evangelistic rallies were held where the trained believers ministered healing under “actual battlefield conditions” — where the lost and the infirm were present to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, local churches and believers are now equipped to hold such evangelistic rallies on their own as often as they desire. People can now be healed miraculously and saved in such community rallies. Huge expensive crusades and famous out-of-town evangelists are no longer necessary for this type of evangelism.

The age of the Church—the body of Christ—has begun in order that the Great Commission be fulfilled. The Church can now be equipped to defeat the stronghold of witchcraft. Most Africans, even Christians, live in slavery to the fear of witchcraft. Some believers continue to trust in witchcraft or traditional spiritual practices. The only way to deliver them from this mindset is to demonstrate in a tangible and unambiguous way that the power of the name of Jesus Christ is far greater.

The twenty-nine digital photos below offer a graphic depiction of a neighborhood evangelistic healing rally. First, we set up our sound equipment in a market area. As our worship team sang, a crowd gathered around us. We then proclaimed the Kingdom of God to the crowd. He asked the people to raise their hands if they needed physical healing. Many did so. The trained believers then laid hands on the infirm in the name of Jesus, and many miraculous healings took place. Those who were healed lined up to give public testimony. We then declared that the healings proved that the Kingdom of God was near, and that Jesus Christ was the only way into this Kingdom. When he asked those who wanted to accept Jesus Christ to raise their hands, between sixty and seventy-five souls responded.

Such results can now be routinely replicated by local believers as often as they desire. Local believers can now have a significant part in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.



A location is chosen and our sound equipment is set up
Speakers are visible at the left and right

Our worship team ministers in song

People are drawn to the sound of music

People trickle in slowly

A small crowd gathers around us

We step forward to proclaim the Kingdom of God
and asks those who need physical healing to raise their hands

People raise their hands to indicate they would like to be healed by God

Many hands are raised

The trained team members spring into action to minister healing to the infirm

Team members minister to the infirm with the authority given by Christ to those whom He sends out to proclaim the Kingdom of God (Luke 9:1-2; Luke 10:1,9)

Team members lay hands on the sick in the name of Jesus

They exercise their authority over disease and demons
by rebuking and commanding them to go in Jesus’ name

The name of Jesus’ heals the infirm and they come forward to testify publicly

Many are healed and queue up to testify

Woman testifies of her healing
At left is our interpreter

Above & Below: Many wait their turn to testify of what the Lord has done for them


Onlookers listen to the testimonies

On and on they testify of the power of Jesus’ name….

Standing in the background between us and the woman
is our host and Wycliffe Bible Translator Anne Sampson

In the background is Anne Sampson’s husband Doug

Spectator ponders the meaning of the miracles

Woman who could not read print before reads the Bible outloud

Boy with his mother testifies of feeling God’s power at work in his diseased stomach

Between 60 and 75 people raise their hands to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior after seeing the miracles and hearing the gospel of the Kingdom of God. They see that witchcraft cannot compare with the power of Jesus’ name.

The people pray to the Lord to forgive their sins as they put their faith in Jesus Christ and renounce witchcraft and traditional spiritual practices

Children enter the Kingdom of God as they accept Christ into their hearts

Afterwards, even more testimonies of healing
At right is Host Pastor Jimmy Kato originally from Sudan

At the end, we worship the Lord and rejoice in what He has done!
The following Sunday new believers show up at local church

Of greatest significance
 is that now the local churches here can hold such meetings on their own. The Lord used the local believers to do the miracles, not us. It is no longer necessary to holding huge and expensive mass crusades featuring a specially-anointed servant of God from the outside. When many churches are trained in this way, the practice of witchcraft here can be wiped out. The Lord is restoring power to His Church for the fufillment of the Great Commission.

Pastor Jimmy Kato reported later in the year: “We have open-air evangelistic meetings every Sunday evening using The Elijah Challenge method and it is beautiful.”


The aftermath of the February 2005 meetings one year later: revival in Arua & beyond

Report received from Pastor Jimmy Kato in June 2006 on the results of The Elijah Challenge Seminar held in Uganda in February 2005

Dear Brother,

Praise the Lord for the work the Lord is doing through your ministry. I am sorry for the delay in sending you the report after the Arua misson last year in February, but I think it is high time for you to know what is on the ground here. The Lord has done many things through the teaching you gave us in Arua. About four churches were opened outside of Arua by different church leaders who were in your Seminar. Many miracles happened and are still happening as a result of The Elijah Challenge.

The church I pastor has grown twice (doubled) or more since you left. We have evening services every day and all-night meetings twice a week. I was the only pastor before but now we have four pastors.

I praise the Lord for using the family of Douglas and Anne Sampson for hosting you in order to bring this great revival to Arua and beyond. May the good Lord bless them and bless your ministry.

The pastors are now united and form a strong association now registered with the government of Uganda.

This is all about what God did in Arua.

Let’s continue to serve Him as long as we still have the chance. God bless you.

Pastor Jimmy Kato

See below for more feedback on the Seminar from Pastor Jimmy…


Questions & Answers by Pastor Jimmy Kato 

I. In what way was the conference different from past conferences?

• The mode of teaching was direct from the Scriptures.
• Simple and clear method of teaching that was understood by everybody, and what was being taught was applied.

For example,

a) During the Outreach, the participants applied the method being taught on the crusade grounds.
b) A team from the Seminar participants conducted a gospel outreach to Zeu at the Congo/Uganda border.

1) Salvation for people – there were many—90 people—who received Christ for salvation.
2) Deliverance and healing of sick people.
3) The gospel was preached with boldness, that is, with no fear of witchcraft, sorcery and magic powers.

• As compared to other conferences and seminars held here the cost was relatively low and affordable.
• The seminar of Elijah challenge was preparing every believer for the task of the ministry.

II. What impact is there from the teaching on the local churches regarding fear of witchcraft? Briefly describe witchcraft in Arua.

a) The healing and deliverance ministry has been revived in the churches
b) The local church has been empowered to challenge all forces of evil.
c) The local churches have developed teamwork in order to face witchcraft as the body of Christ.

Because of Isl–mic influence in Arua Town, witchcraft has been dominant for a long time in the suburbs of the town but now, the Church of Christ is preaching and praying against it by the demonstration of God’s power.

III. What impact was there from the crusade meetings on methods of evangelism?

• The format of the crusade was an eye-opener to every believer to feel concerned about the Great Commission. Now everybody knows that the task lies on the shoulders of every individual.
• The individual Christian is being motivated to fulfill the Great Commission knowing well that God uses them equally for the same purpose.
• The churches can continue with the format of crusade meetings without fear and simply using what they have.

IV. What were some of the memorable miracles witnessed in the meeting?

The interesting miracles were:

1. Many people got healed from different diseases.
2. Many people got delivered from demons and powers of satans.
3. Many chains (fetishes and other cursed objects) were destroyed after the people got saved.
4. And the greatest is many souls came to the Lord Jesus.
5. One person got healed from HIV/AIDS on the last day of the meeting. And he is standing in the Lord. He goes to worship in Arua Pentecostal Church.



Zambia: Witches are challenged by the servants of the LORD as in the days of Elijah

The Elijah Challenge hosted by Light of Africa missionaries Butch & Janet Berner

During our final evangelistic evening rally in the town of Livingstone, I issued an Elijah-like challenge to any practitioners, dabblers, or sympathizers of witchcraft present at the meeting. I proposed that they call on the name of their spirits to heal the infirm at the meeting, and we followers of Jesus Christ would do likewise. The one who answered “by fire” to heal the sick would be the true God. There were no takers; no one dared to come forward to take up the challenge. And so I went ahead and asked the Lord to reveal His power. When the trained believers laid hands on the sick who came to the front, the miracles happened fast and furious (although not all were healed). When after the testimonies I challenged the people to renounce witchcraft and the fear of witchcraft, they all responded eagerly with one voice.  


Healing the sick in Christ’s name at open-air rally to prove that the Lord is the true God: “The restoration of the spirit of Elijah to the Church”

On this trip to Zambia the Lord gave His Church victory over the enemy strongholds of witchcraft, ancestral spirits, and animism. The power behind these forces could simply not match the power which the Lord manifested in healing the sick through His disciples. People flocked to the name of Jesus Christ. The churches which were trained now have a weapon with which they can engage this formidable foe in battle. Finally, churches in Africa are standing up to the spirit of witchcraft. We are in the end times.

“Which will you choose…Jesus or witchcraft?”: Powerful miracles at meeting in the village of Sekute, Zambia help Africans to choose Jesus

Witchcraft and consulting witch doctors is one of the primary threads of the fabric of African culture, and even many believers have not been delivered from this practice. They will accept the “white man’s religion” for the forgiveness of sins, but when they have a problem like disease or demons they will go to that which they know has “real” power. Another very common practice is receiving a “blessing” from the spirit of a departed ancestor held at a special ceremony. My host in Zambia, missionary Butch Berner, told me that once he arrived at the church in Sekute village for a service to find no one there—all the people were elsewhere attending a “blessing” ceremony.

The only way to deliver African believers from this bondage is through a demonstration, for once, of the far superior power of the name of Jesus.

Before I stood up to speak at the morning meeting, the Lord had told me that he wanted to heal someone with an elbow problem. So at the pulpit I immediately announced that the Lord was going to demonstrate His superiority over witchcraft by healing someone with such an infirmity. A woman who had suffered from a stroke came forward. Not only she could not bend her elbow, she suffered also from some paralysis on the right side of her body as well. I laid my hands on her and in the name of Jesus Christ commanded her to be healed while rebuking any curses over her. As I ministered, her paralyzed arm began to rise and descend in a strange fashion. I told her to bend her paralyzed elbow and she promptly obeyed, bringing her arm all the way to her chest with a thud. At my prompting she did it a few more times. Then I took her hand and told her to walk. She walked back and forth at the front briskly without any trace of a limp from the stroke. Praise the Lord!

I asked the people if witchcraft and ancestral blessings could do such a miracle. They said no. Then I ministered mass healing in Jesus’ name, and about six people came to the front to testify that they had been healed of their infirmities. One elderly man said that his poor eyesight had been restored. After this demonstration of Jesus’ power, I challenged the people—both believers and non-believers alike—to renounce witchcraft, ancestral blessings, sexually immorality and to put their faith in Jesus Christ alone. After some prodding, the entire assembly stood up to repent and turn to Jesus. I led them in a sinners’ prayer.  


Souls repent from witchcraft and turn to Christ after witnessing miracles of healing

Then I called my team, consisting of both missionaries and local Zambians, to come to the front to minister healing to the remaining infirm people. The Lord’s power to heal was present, and about another thirty people testified of their healing. Among some of the testimonies…eyesight was restored, a tumor/growth disappeared, deaf ears were opened up, spirits of epilepsy were cast out.
The Church of Jesus Christ has won the first skirmish with witchcraft and traditional spiritual practices here in Livingstone, Zambia. Bearing in mind that this may be the condition of the Church throughout much of Africa, there remains much work to do. But here the church has been equipped to defeat this enemy. May the Lord restore the Church throughout Africa in the same way. She must be equipped to fight an even more formidable foe, the spirit of Isl–m. Oil money from the north is purchasing souls for Isl–m. But like Peter in Acts the Church can say, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you…”


Report to us from Zambia Hosts Butch and Janet Berner Missionaries with Light of Africa, Zambia

“Precious (a little orphan girl in hospital) was released last Thursday after a 2 week intern at the hospital. Fact is that after prayer the first time, her “Mom” was told that she was being treated for the wrong thing and medication was changed. (Remember she was on Quinine for malaria initially?). After attending your teaching for the 3 days, Theresa, the House Parent knew the authority of the Word of God and the power over healing that she has in Jesus Christ’s name. She prayed continuously for Precious over the following days along with Brother Kevin and your prayers, and prayers from Aunt Janet. She had then been re-diagnosed with fungal meningitis. Now on new medicines, she recovered in such a short time that the doctors are wondering if the diagnosis from the lumbar puncture was accurate. She is fully recovered with no apparent side effects. I have seen and visited with her at her home and she has a completely different countenance. The power of God is moving in the orphanage as many orphans are trusting in the name of Jesus as never before because of the testimony of this healing!


Little Precious was completely healed of a life-threatening disease; Doctors are puzzled

Pastor Bruce (Methodist Church) continues to see many changes in his church as they see the power of healing continue in their own church members. They are now excited to witness to other, non-believers, regarding the same.

In the village, the one lady who gave up her “medicine (charm/fetish)” had been witnessed to for many months in the fall regarding this. She knows what it means but was convinced that something terrible would occur to her if she renounced it. Having seen her walk forward and surrender this was a HUGE event in her life. She has now declared that Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior not only to herself and fellow church members but also to her community and in front of at least 2 known witches that were in attendance. “Saving Face” is a very strong cultural issue here. We praise God for the boldness that came into her life and the witness of Jesus Christ at work in her. As a direct result of this, many of the other women are now on Jesus’ side and saying they will stand against the evil one with her! Butch continues his teaching regarding the new model of evangelism in Katubia. One member (now saved) had a knee that had swollen to a great size…she continues to see the swelling go down and that she can walk with much less pain. She declares that it is due to the healing power of God in her life! She now knows how to minister healing for herself!

The Pastor from Sekute Village has been suffering from lack of food and unable to visit those who attended. Now aware of this situation, we are working on getting the Good News out to that community. Pray that the stronghold of witchcraft will be broken in this village.

Seeing yet another church catch on fire, Pastor Derrick, Philadelphia AOG, tells us that he is planning on doing this teaching in his church so that it will be used as an effective tool for evangelism.

Those pastors already committed to programs and not in attendance are hearing about this from those who did attend your seminar. I am certain that the opportunity for this teaching to continue will become an important part of the continuing evangelism in this area.

Fred, a friend with YWAM in this area, asked if we could come and teach it to the staff at YWAM and possibly at a church he works with in Zimbabwe.

Other memorable miracles

A deaf ear healed; many back aches disappeared, headaches gone, fevers gone, swollen joints healed, eyes that were blind (man in Katubia) testified that he could see images now that he could not before being prayed for – this was true for many folks who asked for prayer. Chest pains gone, hard masses in the stomach and on the side were gone, Jimmy, a guy trying to sell his art work at the gat confessed that he could not walk that day and had to pay a taxi so that he could come to our home. He was ministered healing by Brother Kevin and the pain was gone! He tried several times to find it but could not and stood amazed that it was truly gone; Precious’ near death experience now turned to life giving as she returned home (fully mobile in with all her mental capabilities restored!); the power in Butch & Janet’s ministry and the boldness of their witness.

The most amazing part of this seminar was that you preached the Word of God…not your opinions or stretching the truth about healing. It was not on the gift of healing but merely the power of authority of the Word of God which has been given to believers through the body of Christ. We are so very thankful that you came and shared these truths with us. We are in hopes that you will come again and teach in Zambia.

As with the rain that came after Elijah prayed 7 times, all big things begin small. We believe that this teaching and the fire of revival has begun in this area. It may appear small right now, but the rain is coming!! Thank you, Brother B., for laying down your life in service for the Lord. May God continue to bless you and your ministry, The Elijah Challenge, as you walk in obedience of His calling.”

For His glory,

Butch & Janet Berner with Light of Africa in Zambia


Butch & Janet’s ministry after The Elijah Challenge Training



FEBRUARY 22, 2005

Dearest Friends and Family,

Some of you heard about the conflict of dates we had booking the recent seminar with The Elijah Challenge. The deal with the pastors was in conflict with our meetings regarding the scheduling. Seems there was another conference going on at the same time and the pastors wanted us to re-schedule ours since theirs was already set. This was not possible. So, trusting God we forged ahead.

There were 45 in attendance the first day, 50 on the second and 55 on the last day of the training. Seventeen were pastors and the rest were lay leaders. Brother William and Brother Kevin did a marvelous job teaching and leading. Much learning about the authority of God in His word for us as believers regarding healing the sick was grasped.


Woman’s sight is restored during training as missionary Janet ministers to her


The brethren minister healing to one another during training Several miracles of healing are reported

We saw many things take place where God was healing folks through believers in the name of Jesus. I must tell you that my left knee injury that I suffered back in college (getting out of the back seat of a 2-door car and wrenched it) has pained me and plagued me, especially when it is damp or humid, for over 25 years. It doesn’t now. I have waited for the pain to return because I have become so used to it over the years but it has not. Rhoda’s knee was also healed.

During the services with Brother William and Brother Kevin, deaf ears were opened in 3 folks, many headaches and neck/back pains gone, and stomach pains and chest pains gone. One lady unable to walk without limping since we met her 3 years ago can now walk just fine.

The best news is 110 (12, 80 and about 18 respectively) gave their lives to the Lord during the 3 evening crusades. Many in the village services received salvation after seeing the healings take place. One account was a paralyzed arm a lady had that she couldn’t move at all. The arm raised up, stretched and she was able to bend her elbow for the first time since having a stroke a while back…all of this I saw with my own eyes.

One case in particular was a small 9 yr. old female orphan in the hospital who has been very ill with fungal meningitis. She is also HIV+. When we first prayed for her they had mis-diagnosed her with cerebral malaria. Her fever was pitched very high and the quinine drip was ineffective. After a lumbar puncture we prayed for her again and saw significant improvement. The new diagnosis for the child after this test was fungal meningitis. The doctor said she is not behaving the way most children with this disease behave. She is active, talking, recognizing others and her fever is all but gone. I have before and after pictures to testify to this. Her name is Precious. I believe with more prayer she will be completely healed.

I know lots of us (especially & including me) have prayed for healing for ourselves and others many times. What makes this approach completely NEW to me is using it to win the lost. Without much preaching, Brother B prays that the God of Elijah will come in power and might and heal the sick as a testimony of who He is and that through these signs and wonders non-believers will give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. The one who has the power to heal us also has the power to forgive our sins.

This may sound hokey to some of you. I believe it because I have seen it. I heard people time and again give their testimonies of healing and have seen remarkable improvement if not full healings in many. Did I mention that 2 women gave up their “juju” (necklaces attached to bewitched herbs) in front of their peers during the village meetings? What boldness to take this stand in front of your entire community!! What a powerful God we serve!!

Thank you all for your prayers…God has heard them and we are expecting this teaching to spread and for many others to come to Christ as God reveals Himself through the healing power and authority of His Word. This is not the same as the gift of healing. It is simply the authority of God’s Holy Word for the believers for evangelism. Think how this could impact the growing African Musl__m community…Hindu believing folks! We praise Him for all He has done in this area and expect much good fruit to come from it. If you want to learn more about The Elijah Challenge ministry, please visit their website at

For the glory of God, Butch & Janet



Ivory Coast06 - Morris Yeedoun

Miraculous healings confirm the gospel in Abidjan, Ivory Coast during 2007 Elijah Challenge Event

Host Morris Yeedoun of Latter Day Harvest Ministries at right

In Abidjan the capital of French-speaking Ivory Coast, we equipped thirty to thirty-five servants of God. The Lord anointed us to teach them how to heal the sick the way that Jesus did. Instead of pushing people down to the floor and passing these “manifestations” off as miracles, I taught them to lay hands on the infirm and exercise their authority over disease and demons as Jesus Himself did. During the time of demonstration about fifteen of the servants of God present testified that the Lord had healed them of their infirmities in this way. Several testified that they had been healed of poor eyesight. It was quite powerful, especially for a training session.

Above: Teaching the local servants of God

Below: Training them at the front to lay hands on the infirm

Our host Pastor Morris Yeedoun of Latter Rain Harvest Ministries commented that they had had Crusades and accompanying Seminars before, but this was different. Another pastor told me that he had even been to Dr. Billy Graham’s heralded Evangelism Conference in Amsterdam back in 2000, but the training in healing was not as practical as was provided here. The pastors here were initially cautious in attending the Seminar because of some unbalanced teaching brought by another evangelist that had brought confusion in the recent past. Pastor Morris would like to plan another event for us next year where the equipping of hundreds of pastors can have severe impact on the Great Commission on the city.

The location of our two outdoor evangelistic meetings was in the neighborhood of the church where the equipping had been held. It was at the crossing of two wide dirt alleys that lie off the paved roads of the city. A wooden platform about two feet off the ground had been constructed to serve as our stage. The worship and praise drew people from the immediate neighborhood. There were perhaps 150 people seated and standing around us. This is the kind of small event that local churches can normally do entirely on their own, without the help of outside funds or outside evangelists.

Evening open-air Crusade

After the praise and worship, I ascended the stage and told the people that we would first heal the sick, and after that proclaim the Kingdom of God. In Luke 10:9, Jesus commanded the seventy disciples he sent out to do precisely that. I instructed the trained servants of God to come forward and stand in a line facing the people. Before we called on our God, I challenged any practitioners of witchcraft present to attempt to heal the sick using their powers. I waited for a few moments, but no one accepted the challenge. Then we called on the God of Elijah to send the fire of healing that the people would know that He alone was the true God. After the prayer I invited the infirm to come forward to receive their healing. The servants of God ministered to them as they had been taught according to the model of Jesus in Scripture.

Above & below: Servants of God lining up and preparing for battle—healing the sick in Jesus’ name

After a few moments, people began to come up to the stage to testify that they had indeed been healed in the name of Jesus Christ. One woman testified that she could no longer find the growth in her stomach area. A little girl who had not spoken since birth started to speak to her mother for the very first time, saying “Maman” which means mother in French.


The growth in her stomach has disappeared

Little girl mute from birth speaks to her mother

Other testimonies of healing from the stage

After all the testimonies, I proclaimed the Kingdom of God to the people, telling them that the only way to escape from the kingdom of darkness and enter the Kingdom of light was by repenting from their sin and following Jesus as their Savior Lord. About twenty-five people immediately responded and came forward. It was a joyous occasion for the servants of God and the believers who were there.

Souls come forward to repent of sin and follow Jesus Christ

Dancing for joy before the Lord afterwards

The second outdoor meeting the next evening was similar in outcome to the first. Before the start of the second meeting, rain began to fall in the area. One of the brothers, an evangelist who had attended the training, got down on his knees and called on the name of the Lord. The rain immediately stopped. An eyewitness testified to the miracle.

These are the kind of outreaches that the local churches can now do completely on their own. If many churches do this regularly and follow up on the souls that are saved, the Great Commission can be fulfilled in Ivory Coast. There is no more need to depend on huge mass Crusades held by superstar one-man-show evangelists.


In April 2007 the following message was received from Brother Emmanuel Luvuga in Ivory Coast:

“Your teaching helped us much and if one is effective today in the ministry it is because of you. The exploits which we make will arrive to you when God provides cameras for us.”

The complete message in the original French is below:

“Merci beaucoup pour votre message et que Dieu vous comble de toutes ses bénedictions. Votre enseignement nous a beaucoup aidé et si on est efficace dans le ministère aujourd’hui c’est gràce à vous . Les exploits que nous faisons vous parviendront lorsque Dieu mettra à notre disposition des appareils pour la prise de vue . Saluez lucile et les enfants. Priez pour que Dieu nous donne les appareils de prise de vue. Blessings.”



The spirit of Elijah in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The town of Goma is right on the eastern border of Congo near where it intersects with Rwanda and Uganda. It’s situated at the northern tip of beautiful Lake Kivu. Near the right edge of the map below you can see Goma within the circle.


In January 2002, nearby Mount Nyiragongo erupted and spewed forth lava which nearly obliterated the town. The lava has since then hardened into rocks which still cover large swaths of Goma. Below is the lava field seen from the back door of the church where we held the last session of the equipping.


The “backyard” of the Church of God in Goma

We first equipped some of the area’s full-time servants of God how to heal the sick and cast out demons to prove to the lost that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. At the final equipping session held in the Church of God shown below there were 256 of God’s servants in attendance.


After the training we had them apply what they had learned. We held an evangelistic healing meeting outdoors just in front of the Church of God where it faces the road. A makeshift platform was erected outside the front doors, facing rows of benches and chairs.


All that day I had been fighting a cough. When I arrived at the venue shortly before 4 PM, it was raining. I was shown to a seat next to the platform, completely exposed to the rain. I mounted the platform after being called up to speak and immediately informed the people that the One True God had sent us to proclaim His Kingdom. I announced that we would ask Him to heal the sick to prove that His Kingdom was near (Luke 10:9). When I asked who wanted to be healed, many people, both seated and standing in and around the area, raised their hands. Around that time, the rain completely stopped.


I then invited the trained servants of God to form one long line in front of the platform. They would heal the infirm in Jesus’ name.


After prayer to the God of Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ, those with infirmities streamed to the front to be healed. Below is a boy who came on crutches.


The trained servants of God laid hands on the sick and exercised their authority over disease and demons in Jesus’ name.


After a few minutes, the young man below was the first to come up to the platform to testify that Jesus had healed him.


Many more climbed up the stage to testify that they had been healed. So many came up that I was seriously concerned that the temporary platform might collapse under their weight.


Below, the boy who came on crutches was able to walk on his own unaided.


After everyone testified and left the platform—I was relieved that it had not collapsed—I shared about the Kingdom of God. All the miracles had demonstrated that the Kingdom of God was near.


When I invited people to leave the kingdom of darkness and to enter the Kingdom of light by believing in Jesus Christ, an estimated 150 to 200 people streamed forward.


Souls gathered before the platform to receive eternal life by making Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.


They prayed and asked the Lord to forgive their sins through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross.



What is the significance of this event?

Most exciting of all is that the local servants of God have been equipped to hold similar meetings on their own in the future. The Lord had used them to perform all the miraculous healings; I only preached from the platform. Moreover, the rally had hardly cost anything. I didn’t have to bring any funds to help. This means the local servants of God are no longer dependent on outsiders—either on the ministry of a foreign evangelist or on outside funds. They can get the job done on their own. I believe this is God’s perfect will in order for the Church around the world to fulfill the Great Commission. We do not come to bring them fish; we teach them how to fish.

I am told the host of our meetings, World Vision of Goma, will be following up on what the Lord just began. They will encourage the servants of God to use the talents that have been entrusted to them.


Mount Nyiragongo appears to smolder in the distance


Received from Host Pastor Désiré Kajabika of World Vision Goma two weeks after the meetings:

November 30, 2006

“Greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I just need to inform you that, from Friday November 23rd to Tuesday, November 27th, in Sake (25 km from Goma) there was fighting between rebel soldiers and government soldiers. This happened and stopped all activities in Goma. We were able to go back to work this morning.

[Below are answers to questions regarding the recent meetings held earlier this month in Goma]

What kind of comments did you receive from the pastors who participated? According to the participants this was a big meeting and many of them need to replicate in their area of operation; also, their wish to see in what way we can organize the same meeting in the future and call you again, because they regret one thing: lack of preparation in advance for your arrival. Pastors now want to talk in different churches about healing, also their observation that the people in Goma after receiving their healing immediately go home and don’t come back on other days but rather send friends or other relatives. For that reason, they will share in the churches why we must testify for God in public (after miracles take place).

How was the Seminar & Crusade different from past meetings in Goma? As you know this was a healing meeting. People received healing from God and also, the meeting help to open the eyes of many servants of God—their understanding that all of them have such power but they didn’t use it. Then this was a very big Seminar. Regarding this meeting, the servants of God appreciated your methodology of presenting the word of God, the practice of healing the sick immediately after or before the preaching, and the system of having participants to practice what they learned immediately after being taught; the importance of the testimonies (that is, people coming in front of everyone and testifying about God’s healing hand). Also, the syllabus and CD that you left for church leaders (I continue to make copies for them and will call them by the end of next week for them to collect the syllabus; I will also send you pictures and a full report from the servants of God). Also, I confirm that this was a big meeting despite of lack of preparation in advance.

What did the Lord accomplish through the meetings that week? Many healings and miracles. I have received from one pastor a testimony that the Sunday after your departure, one woman received healing when watching TV in her home. “She said, ‘when pastor asked people to touch the sick place, so in my lounge at home I decided to touch and followed the healing prayer. Just immediately I received healing, and decided to come to testify.'” We have also to thank God for many miracles, especially remembering the last day when we decided to meet in front of the big church (for the open-air meeting), it was raining all day and we were all exposed to the rain, but miraculously the rain stopped completely when the preaching begin.

What kind of impact do you think there will be on the Great Commission in Goma? Let me think about the exercise of healing and miracles in many churches in Goma. Also, if really all participants in the Seminar put in practice what they have learned, we will see in Goma a big impact in terms of the reduction of the “small prayer groups” [in French, the cultic groups known as “chambres de prière”]—because people need to see miracles—and also, this must change the minds of many servants of God. Many blessings.”


Report from Emmanuel Luvuga who attended the training:

Votre enseignement nous a beaucoup aidé et si on est efficace dans le ministère aujourd’hui c’est gràce à vous. Les exploits que nous faisons vous parviendront lorsque Dieu mettra à notre disposition des appareils pour la prise de vue.

Your teaching has helped us greatly and if we are effective in the ministry today it’s because of you. The exploits that we are doing will arrive to you when the Lord provides a camera for us.

Les 2 événements ont eu lieu à Goma /D.R.CONGO:

The two events took place in Goma.

-le 1er avec un groupe d’étudiants dont les uns ont reçu Jésus comme Seigneur et d’autres ont éxpérimenté la guérison instantanée des maux de tète et d’estomac le samedi 2 juin 2007.

The first event was with a group of students in which some received Jesus as Lord and others experienced instant healing from headache and stomach ache on Saturday, June 2, 2007.

-le 2eme dans l’assemblée chrétienne de la pierre angulaire le dimanche 3 juin 2007: les gens ont reçu Jésus come Seigneur et d’autres guéris des blessures intérieures et maux de ventre.

The second event took place….on Sunday, June 3, 2007. Some people received Jesus as Lord and others were healed of internal injuries and pain in the belly.