400 Hindus from remote village accept Christ after miraculous healings


We had a fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village at a place called PangaPada. Around 400 Hindus accepted the Christ.

From the main road we had to travel around 20 km to a hilly area. I was surprised that there were so many villages scattered in that hilly region. People also came from nearer villages for our Feeding Event. Praise the Lord that although there was no road going into the area He enabled us to reach the remote region.

Most of the area inhabitants were tribal people, but we also saw some (“untouchable”) Dalit people in attendance at the Feeding Event as well. The majority of the people spoke a tribal tongue.




The Lord performed some powerful miraculous healings. One testimony in particular touched my heart.

Four years earlier, an elderly man named Govinda had gone into the jungle to collect leaves for supper but he fell and fractured his right knee.  He had been confined to bed and was unable to do any work. He could not get any medical treatment because he had no money. He depended completely on the government for rice and Rs. 200 (less than US$3) for his monthly pension. At our Feeding Event the Lord touched him and healed him completely. He stood up and walked around freely. He testified that if our meeting had taken place a few years earlier, than he would not have suffered until that day. He became very emotional and started crying at the meeting.


Reports from  Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Kumar Jena

An elderly woman named Raibari had suffered from rheumatism for two years along with pain and swelling in her leg. She had been to a doctor who informed her that since there was no cure she had to take medicine every day, and when the pain was severe she also needed an injection. But Raibari had not taken any medicine because she had no money.  As a result she had suffered a lot with the pain. At our Event she testified that she experienced complete healing in her body from our Lord. She couldn’t believe it as her doctor had assured her that her incurable condition was for life. We told her and the people that what is impossible with man is possible with the Lord Jesus.



A sister named Chintamani was suffering from a throat infection since the month of April. She had a problem swallowing food so she could only take liquids. Praise the Lord, at the Event she was touched and healed by the Lord Jesus. She testified that normally she ate rice three times a day, but since her throat got infected she could not eat any more rice. That day she felt the Lord’s miraculous healing touch in her throat and she was able to swallow freely. 



Babu, the village chief, used to have pain in his lungs from time to time. It was painful like somebody poking him with a needle. He had been taking medicine for two years. But that day the pain suddenly stopped when we ministered to him. He shared that earlier a witch doctor had attempted to use witchcraft to give him relief, but nothing happened.


Thank you so much for your prayer and support enabling us to reach such remote places in the interior with the gospel.


Below: Feeding the villagers afterwards







Reports from India: “The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Reports from two Feeding Event pastors who trained with The Elijah Challenge (TEC)

July 7 —  Pastor Sanjeev reports “When I heard from other pastors how evangelistic feedings events have been a blessing to their church, I conducted the event in my locality called Majra.  There were 280 who chose to accept Jesus. Close to 50 are ready for baptism.  A new church is planted in the suburbs of Delhi as a result of healing and deliverance.  Pastor Wilson (another pastor) from Moga Punjab reported 350+ people getting saved.  A lady had a stone come out from her gall bladder.  Many were delivered from witchcraft. The following Sunday after the feeding event our church was packed.  Every day new persons are coming to me for prayer.  My church is blessed.” Pastor Prem reports “Our evangelistic feeding event was in a village called Mamdot just 8 km away from Pakistan.  We had a two-day event with close to 600 + people giving their lives to Christ the first day. All of them heard the gospel for the first time. Our church is 5 km away from this village, but to our surprise the following Sunday we had no place to accommodate people. God did some notable miracles—a brain tumor instantly vanished.  Severe joint pain for many years vanished.  A man who was insane was restored to his right mind. 

“The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Mrs. Jasmil Kaur, our lady pastor from a village called Burj Mehma in Punjab, conducted our second feeding event. There were close to 600 people who signed decision cards. This is a Sikh village. The power was so strong like in the book of Acts.  Twenty-eight people were baptized at midnight after the meeting.  Three new churches have been planted after the feeding event.  Our 38 newly trained leaders ministered to the sick. Thank you for your prayers and support.”  

Pastor Simon Haq & Pastor Jasmil Kaur


July report of Feeding Events in the city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh State from Simon Haq our Feeding Events Coordinator and Evangelist

When we are invited to a new area, Simon likes to preach at the first feeding event and invite local pastors.  When the pastors see how effective the events are in expanding God’s kingdom, most eagerly accept our invitation to be trained to do feeding events and minister to the sick and the lost the same way Christ taught his disciples.  We train approximately 30 new pastors each month with The Elijah Challenge, among other teachings. The gospel was preached to approximately 3,000 people who came from 20 different villages. Many come because they have heard the news that God may heal them in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, whom they know nothing about. Others come purely for the food.  In this event around 2,000 people gave their lives to the Lord.   About 1,500 came for the follow up meeting  

Simon preaching the gospel to people most of whom had never heard the gospel

Hindus listening to the gospel

Hindus accepting Jesus Christ

Simon preaching with other pastors in the background

“There was a mighty manifestation of the power of GOD.  Even as the gospel was being preached unclean spirits were coming out of people. Half the crowd raised their hands to testify they were healed. During the follow up meetings we heard testimonies that a brain tumor vanished, blind eye was opened, an issue of blood was healed, and an insane man came to his right mind. For three years he was insane…and many more miracles.” -Simon  

More Elijah Challenge Reports from India

m Note from Elijah Challenge Board Member Bill Willis (Founder of Feeding Events India) who submitted this report: “These pastors were Elijah Challenge-trained and they are now doing feeding events on there own without Simon. Also we launched our small, $100 church feeding events in June, using TEC-trained pastors. The goal was to help these churches reach their communities with the gospel. The reports coming in have been very encouraging. Pastors are seeing more people saved and increases in membership than ever before. The problem now is that they have no place to put the new members!

Simon changed when we do training. We now train pastors and interested church members the day before the large feeding events. These trained disciples then participate in the altar call ministry at the end of each service. This helps to prepare them to do the same things in their churches and communities. Simon reports that 30 or more pastors and church members are being trained before each of the two large feeding events we do every month.”

Baptists decide to reach out to resistant Hindus after The Elijah Challenge

Praise the Lord for His grace upon the work of our hands. We thank God for enabling us to reach a needy place like Dhenkanal. We heard that it was one of the areas least evangelized by the Canadian Baptists while they were there many years ago. According the census only five hundred Christians live in this entire district. The sad thing is that there was no one to follow up and continue the work the Canadians started in the early nineteenth century. The church in Dhenkanal is fundamentalist and very formal.  

Our Elijah Challenge Training was very powerful and presented a challenge to the believers. All together there were around a hundred servants of God and believers. Servants of God who had never in their lives ministered to the sick came forward and ministered to the sick with us with power.

“There were many who stood up when I asked if anyone wanted to reach out to the Hindus.”

A sister had severe pain in the lower part of her leg. To alleviate the pain she would tie a cloth to her leg while sleeping. But because the pain was severe she was not able to sleep despite even taking much medication. The Lord healed her as the ladies ministered to her.

A sister who is working as a traffic policewoman was suffering from a lot of pain in her hands and her head. She had difficulty directing traffic with her hands due to the pain. She had taken medicine for a few weeks, but it did not work. Praise the Lord she was healed as we ministered to her there.

A gentleman had suffered from a stroke two years earlier resulting in one leg and arm paralysed. Though he had been to the doctor and took medicine, nothing worked. Additional treatment required much more money which he could not afford. But Almighty God touched him and miraculously he was able to walk and raise his hand.

An elderly man had a heart problem for a few years. He came to our Training Event with much expectation. The Lord touched him miraculously as we began to lay hands on him along with the servants of God. His entire body started shivering, and he was able to breathe freely. The pain along with his anxiety was gone.

After our Training was over, we went to a house where we met with a brother named Samuel who had advanced education. He had gone to Delhi for a job, but after a few months his mind was no longer functioning normally. He began talking more and more and going around here and there. He was newly married, but because of this his wife left him. There at his home we ministered to Samuel. After returning home from Dhenkanal, I received a call from Samuel’s father. He informed me that there was improvement in Samuel’s condition. I spoke with Samuel and ministered to him over the phone. Thank God for His mighty works.

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports



June 2015 3

Punjab: Hundreds saved at event sponsored by Houston’s First Baptist

The state of Punjab is located in Northeast India on the Pakistani border.  We are thankful the Lord has called us to his harvest in the villages of Punjab.  The indigenous population is predominately Hindu, but there is also a large number of Sikhs and Muslims.   As in other parts of India, it is mostly the women who carry on the religious traditions within families because men work from dawn to dusk seven days a week.  The three primary sources of family income are from small retail shops, farming and some industrial.


According to Wikipedia, “Punjab is the birthplace of Sikhism and Amritsar is the home of the The Harmandir Sahib  informally referred to as the “Golden Temple”.  Unlike Hindus, Sikhs are monotheistic and broke from Hinduism because of the cast system.  Sikh men also have the reputation of being very militant and gospel resistant.  Many men carry large knives concealed in their clothing. 

 The Golden Temple houses the holiest Sikh gurdwara or holy writings.  Amritsar, Punjab, is just a few miles from the Pakistani border.  The city was founded in 1574 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das. The Harmandir Sahib was designed by the fifth guru, Guru Arjan, who had the cornerstone laid by the Muslim Sufi saint Sai Hazrat, December 1588. Guru Arjan completed the Adi Granth, the holy scripture of Sikhism, in 1604 and installed it in the gurdwara.  There are four doors to get into the Harmandir Sahib, which symbolize the openness of the Sikhs towards all people and religions.  The present-day gurdwara (doorway to God) was rebuilt in 1764 by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia with the help of other Sikh Misls. In the early nineteenth century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh secured the Punjab region from outside attack and covered the upper floors of the gurdwara with gold, which gives it its distinctive appearance and its English name.  The Harimandir Sahib is considered holy by Sikhs. The holiest text of Sikhism, the Guru Granth Sahib, is present inside the gurdwara during daytime and the holy book goes for Sukhasan during the night time. Its construction was mainly intended to build a place of worship for men and women from all walks of life and all religions to come and worship God equally.  Over 100,000 people visit the holy shrine daily for worship.  The Harmandir Sahib literally means the Temple of God.   In 1578 CE Guru Ram Das excavated a tank, which subsequently became known as Amritsar (Pool of the Nectar of Immortality).”

This pool surrounds the temple and is always available to worshipers for the ritualistic washing away or cleansing of their sin.  As you can see from the picture above, it’s a very beautiful place, but for us it was a very sad place. Thousands come every day seeking forgiveness by washing in the pool, as they pray for their families and the difficulties of their life.  


Hindu Women Praying To Receive Christ in Punjab  In addition to doing evangelistic feeding events in unreached Hindu villages, we also do evangelistic feeding events for Hindu women.  At this women’s event our new women’s evangelist preached the gospel to approximately 200 women and 150 confessed their sin of idolatry and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.  As you might imagine, these events can be very exciting.  

So far, we have done two women’s events this year and one in December of 2014.   Under The Elijah Challenge Lisa Hartman, Elijah Challenge Board Member and a very gifted teacher from Houston’s Second Baptist Church, along with her three teenage daughters preached the gospel and ministered to the sick with testimonies of miraculous healing at the December event last year. They will be teaching and ministering to the women again this coming December.

The harvest is huge and we are praying that Jesus will call many more women into his harvest field in India.   If you have ever wanted to go on a missions trip and minister specifically to women, get in touch with me at 281-450-8910 and I will have Lisa call you back with additional information.  If you would like to go at a different time, we can set that up also.  I promise, the Holy Spirit will use you to expand God’s kingdom and your life will be forever changed.   If you want to sponsor a women’s event the cost is $800,  all of which is tax deductible.  We started doing evangelistic women’s gospel events because the majority of those attending feeding events are women.  Now God has opened a huge door for women’s ministry.  Women are the key to reaching families.  Please pray about helping us introduce these women to Christ. 

Baptism of New Believers In Uttar Pradesh

The man being baptized above by Simon Haq, our ministry coordinator, is actually one of our network pastors.  He invited Simon to come to his church and teach them about water baptism.  Simon started by telling them the meaning of being immersed in water and when they should be baptized.  He concluded by inviting those who had not already been baptized by immersion to raise their hands.  To Simon’s surprise the pastor raised his hand too.  This pastor had been baptized before he had fully understood and accepted Christ, so he wanted to be properly baptized.  That day Simon and this pastor baptized over 20 men, women and children from his congregation, in the irrigation tank pictured to the left.  

For new Christians to agree to be publicly baptized is a really big deal in India.  To do so sometimes results in persecution from family and friends.  This is especially true for married women if their husbands are not believers.  None the less, the number of new Christians being baptized is growing rapidly.

Houston’s First Baptist Sponsors Outreach in Punjab

At this evangelistic event hundreds prayed to receive Christ. The men wearing turbans below are Sheiks  praying to receive Christ.             

The Holy Spirit has been very active in Punjab. He is opening doors that have never been open before.  Many pastors have been calling wanting us to come to their village.  We have already trained 30 pastors.  Several pastors are seated on the stage in the picture to the left.

Directly and indirectly our partners in this ministry have made it possible for over 2.3 million Hindus to hear the gospel and pray to receive Christ.   Approximately 75% of the people attending our events hear the gospel and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. 

What a great and wonderful Savior we serve!

Prepared by Bill and Sammye Willis 
Founders, Feeding Events India
June 2015
(Bill Willis is an Elijah Challenge Board Member)




800 Hindus accept Christ at Feeding Event in Orissa after witnessing the truth of the gospel

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This month’s Feeding Event was very fruitful, with many miraculous healings following the preaching of the gospel and prayer. About eight hundred Hindus accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior after experiencing and witnessing such miracles.

The region of Jambani is completely dominated by Hindus. The place is known as the Ayodhya of Orissa. The original Ayodhya where the Hindu god Rama is said to be born is in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is surrounded by Hindu temples. In the same way Jambani in Orissa is surrounded by Hindu temples with their heavy idol worship. So Jambani is known as the Ayoudya of Orissa. Around five small villages gathered together for our Elijah Challenge Event. Our co-worker Pastor Junul had arranged for us to train some servants of God during the day and to hold the evangelistic Feeding Event in the evening. At the Feeding Event our gracious Lord did great and marvelous things.

A man named Sivaka had had a stroke and had been paralyzed for ten months. He was unable to perform any work, and could get around very slowly step-by-step only with the help of two walking sticks. Our Lord Jesus touched him miraculously. His strength was restored, and he was able to walk before the big crowd without the sticks. It was an awesome experience. Praise the Lord.

Sivaka walks

A man named Madaba was suffering from some kind of disease which robbed him of strength. He had not walked for three years. His entire body was not functioning properly. A few servants of God gathered around him to minister to him. It was marvelous. The Lord healed him, and he began to walk.

Madaba testifies

A man named Panda had a problem with his vision. He was unable to see with his left eye. Even at the big hospital in our state capital of Bhubaneswar the doctors could not help him, and told him to go home. His eye was always red and constantly tearing. It was especially unbearable for him during the very hot weather at the time. But God touched him. He was completely healed and could see properly.

One elderly woman named Tukuni had suffered from back pain. Her back was bent over, and she was not able to stand or walk properly for years. She believed that some unclean spirit had attacked her body. Since she had never met a servant of God who could minister to her, she had gone to sorcerers for treatment and had taken the medication they prescribed for months. Actually she had not wanted to come to our Event since it was too far for her to walk. But one of her neighbours asked her to accompany her, and so she came. At the Feeding Event we commanded her pain to leave in Jesus’ name. For the first time in years she stood up straight and the pain disappeared. Our Lord Jesus had graciously healed her.

“A man named Sivaka had had a stroke and had been paralyzed for ten months…”

A woman named Kamala suffered from severe pain. It would suddenly grip her chest and then spread to her entire body. This severe pain would move around from place to place in her body. The doctor was unable to uncover the reason for this. Whenever the pain seized her leg she would cover the leg with garment. She said it was the work of sorcerer because the symptoms appeared to be demonic in nature. After prayer, the Lord delivered her instantly from this demonic affliction. She testified that she had been to the doctor as well as to the sorcerer, but never experienced what she had experienced at our Event.

Kamala shares what Jesus has done for her

One great deliverance took place when two women at the back were attacked with unclean spirits while we were ministering to the sick at the front. One woman rolled on the ground all the way to the front. The people were startled seeing such an unusual spectacle. When she reached the front I issued a command to the unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. After that she remained still for few minutes lying on the ground. Then she got up and went to the back in her right mind.

At that time a teenage girl came to the front crying and screaming. Our pastors rebuked the unclean spirit tormenting her in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord, Jesus delivered both women from the demonic spirits, and they were saved.

Unfortunately we do not have pictures of this since our photographer seeing the two demonized women was frightened and stopped taking pictures. Also it was getting late in the evening and we were in a hurry.

There were so many people miraculously healed that event. We did not have the time for each one to give their testimony. Only a few people had a chance to share. We took some pictures but because it was dark they are not very clear.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for us to reach such needy places.


The Lord miraculously heals Seba

Other Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in Haryana – July 2013


By Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India
July 2013



Our July Feeding Event was in Sonipat District in Haryana State. Over 500 people gave their lives to the Lord. Many raised their hands as a testimony of being either healed or delivered from their infirmities. Due to heavy rain we could not continue with the testimonies. A few pastors called us later and testified of 15 to 20 new faces in their Sunday services. 











1,000 Elijah Challenge-trained workers to minister to 1,200,000 Hindus at huge Hindu Festival

January 16, 2012

The Elijah Challenge in India

Perhaps six years ago when we were in India teaching The Elijah Challenge with our Indian co-worker Simon Haqq, the huge Hindu Festival called Kumbh Mela was approaching on the calendar. Below is what Wikipedia says about Kumbh Mela:

“Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage in which Hindus gather at the Ganges, river Godavari and river Kshipra, where bathing for purification from sin is considered especially efficacious. The festival is billed as the biggest religious gathering in the world. In 2001, more than 40 million people gathered on the main bathing day at Allahabad, breaking a world record for the biggest human gathering. The Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela is celebrated every six years at Haridwar…”

At that time I suggested to Simon that Elijah Challenge-trained workers can be stationed at the Ganges River to heal the sick among the multitudes of Hindus who will be coming to bath there for purification from their sins. After they are healed, they can be told about Jesus Christ who can forgive their sins through his death on the cross. Thus they would not need to bathe in the Ganges, but instead put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

Recently—about six years afterwards—I received an email from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih, Simon’s right-hand man. Hanok wrote:

“Our Kumbh Mela preparations are going on. We have started a new Elijah Challenge training centre near the Haridwar border. We will be having a team of 1,000 Elijah Challenge-trained workers who are now learning how to share the gospel. The good news is many churches and ministries are partnering with us as 12 lakhs people (1,200,000 people) are expected to come. Today I read in the newspapers many Bollywood stars are also coming. Last year we trained 22 churches of all denominations to be a part of this event. If you have any instructions or leadings for us, please let us know. Our need is for tracts to distribute and New Testaments. Thank you for your love and support without which it was not possible to prepare for this event. Thank you very much.”


500 Hindus accept Christ at Christmas 2012 Feeding Event

Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator North India
Christmas 2012

The Elijah Challenge in India

We conducted Christmas Feeding Events in Haridwar, Delhi and in Mainpuri.

If you remember last year in a village called Badrigrah our team was beaten and warned by the Hindu militants not to enter the village or take the name of Jesus there, as it is “the land of our gods.”

Brother Simon and Pastor Mange Singh felt very strongly to have our Christmas feeding event in that same village. Our local believers informed us that militant Hindus are planning to have their own religious meeting. Pastor Mange went to the police station to ask for permission, which they gave. This allowed us to use a public address system. 

To our surprise our tent was full of people with over 800 people attending our Christmas Feeding Event. About 500 were first-time visitors who also stood up to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor Mange Singh preached the gospel, and our church believers ministered to the sick. Many people were healed and delivered.

By God’s grace there was no opposition, but people were surprised to see so many people attend the event. And only 13 people attended the Hindu religious meeting.

Our second event was in Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh where over 400 people attended the event. 300 of them gave their lives to Jesus. The following Sunday the church was packed with people.

Since Delhi was on high alert (with Sec 144) we were not allowed to have an open air meeting so we invited our neighbors to our homes and preached the gospel to them. We conducted two such meetings in Delhi and ministered to 300 people.



July 2012 Feeding Event in Haryana; over 350 accept Christ

The Elijah Challenge in India

By God’s grace we conducted our Feeding Event in Haryana again in a village called Mandir Marg. Over 420 people attended the event. Over 150 people made a serious commitment to follow Jesus. They were first time hearers of the gospel, and we invited them to attend our Feeding Event.






Our Feeding Event was followed by a one-day gospel meeting where 200+ people received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. A new fellowship has been started in this area.

In the morning 85 believers were trained with The Elijah Challenge. A couple of pastors said they had never heard this kind of teaching before.

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih


“Amazing things in India”

By a Supporter of the Feeding Events in India

“God is doing amazing things through the feeding events. It seems He has opened wide the door for effective evangelism in the Delhi area. As reported earlier, YWAM has invited Simon to present the gospel as a part of their meetings.

Interestingly, Simon recruited the pastor of a poor, small village church and a few members to distribute feeding event flyers. He did the feeding event the first day and then had three days of follow-up. God’s grace and power

fell on the people and many were healed and came to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. There were so many coming for prayer and deliverance that Simon labored late into the night before he could stop eat and rest. 

Even after Simon left the village over 100 people came to the village pastor for prayer the next day. Needless to say, the pastor has changed how he presents the gospel and is ready for The Elijah Challenge training.  

Training these village pastors is part of the ever widening ripple effect of The Elijah Challenge training.  Many nameless, faceless individuals have been trained using The Elijah Challenge material.  We will not know, this side of heaven, how many people in these small, poor villages have given their lives to Christ because of your willingness to train people to do what Jesus taught his disciples to do. I think it is amazing!”