“For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse….”

  Received on August 12, 2015 “Please pray for me. I am in Zimbabwe. Name is Ruby [not her real name]. For the past year suffering heart disease getting worse. Suffering also diabetes. Please help with urgent prayer for healing.”   That same day we wrote our trained co-workers Shar & Teddy “Dear Shar & Teddy, We just received this from Rosa in Zimbabwe. Would you kindly contact her and arrange to minister healing to her in Jesus’ name?”   Shar & Teddy then wrote her “Ruby, we would like to minister healing to you in Jesus’ name over the phone, face time or Skype concerning your heart condition and diabetes. First, please tell us a little bit more about your heart condition and how long you have had the condition. Also please tell us how long you have had diabetes and what are your eating habits like.”   Ruby replied “Heart condition started last year. Doctors say they can’t see what’s wrong but I get palpitation, high heart rate, discomfort in chest, weakness, etc.” ‘Since March 2015 doctor says I am diabetic. I eat very healthy and am very slim. It’s just an attack of the enemy. I am born-again and 26 years old now.”   On August 13 Ruby wrote “Tried calling. No answer. Will try again later.”   Shar & Teddy replied “Sorry we missed your call this morning. Let’s try to coordinate our times as Teddy stated, however we did more rebuking and commanding about 15 minutes ago. How do you feel now—any change or difference?”   Ruby wrote “I feel a bit better definitely. At least I spent the afternoon at work. Not totally gone.” “I felt such a release and peace and presence of God as u were praying.  I’m believing for healing manifestation.  So I will call again on Friday.  What’s the best time?   Shar & Teddy answered “I too believe that God is with you and his blessing will surround you and comfort you. Because your condition is compounded, we will need to ask God for many things. During this time, be of good cheer and know that God is with you and wants you to be a blessing for others.”   On August 14  Ruby testified “Today my heart was behaving so well. I am so happy.  Please pray that this continues till total healing. I am also believing that in a short while the sugar problem will be over.”   Shar & Teddy wrote back “Praise Jesus our Magnificent Lord & Savior indeed! Ruby, you can do the very same thing for others. We would encourage you to study the Elijah Challenge videos and Training Manual so that Jesus can use you to heal others and bring more souls to the Kingdom of God! I will call you on Saturday so that we continue the prayers till all symptoms are gone.   The Elijah Challenge then wrote “Dear Ruby, allow us to second what Shar & Teddy have just written you. Now you can start doing your part for your complete healing as they have encouraged you to do. If you haven’t already, read the article at: What You Should Do After Jesus Heals You.”   Ruby replied “Thank you very much. Let me do that.”   On August 16 Shar & Teddy wrote Ruby  “How are you feeling today?”   The same day Ruby answered “I spent a much better day today again. Am holding on to the healing.  Again may a God bless u.”   Ruby wrote again on August 23

“This past week I have been much better and felt stronger. I did not have to spend any day in bed. I continue to walk in faith believing that the hand of God is upon me.”


Reports from Teddy & Shar



Symptoms of arrhythmia, emphysema, and COPD disappear over the telephone

May 20, 2015   We receive the following email from Anthony L.: “I have a dear friend named Hazel. She and her husband are older. Maybe in their sixties but I am not sure. Hazel is a beloved coworker of mine at work, and her husband James has arrhythmia or a heart rhythm problem…he could die at any time. …I have prayed about the matter and was led to contact you. She’s a believer in Jesus.” May 21   We reply to Anthony: “Hazel called us earlier tonight, and we ministered to James for his heart condition, emphysema and COPD (a problem with breathing). We had Hazel lay hands on his heart and speak over him with authority in Jesus’ name, repeating after us. After that James felt a dramatic change in his heart and breathing—we heard them both praising and thanking the Lord excitedly immediately afterwards!” May 22   Anthony reports: “As of tonight, the day after you prayed over James, Hazel’s husband, he says that his chest now feels normal, no tightness or discomfort around his heart and lung area.  It seems like the COPD, the emphysema and the heart issues are gone.  He says he’ll try to get a report from his doctor at his next appointment to confirm the good results.” June 2   Anthony updates us: “His chest has recovered from the heart and breathing problems you mentioned and prayed over. So to summarize the COPD, emphysema, and the heart rhythm problem with irregular heartbeat and chest feeling all cramped up is healed!  I think all three of those are by human means incurable, so the Lord has had a major victory in healing the impossible! Thank you in the Lord! I will update when I have the official results from the doctor.”    

Several hundred accept Jesus in remote village pioneered by martyred missionary Graham Staines

Orissa, India May 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Manoharpur, Orissa: where missionary Graham Staines was martyred in 1999


The village of Deliganj

Greetings in Jesus precious name. What a privilege to reach this neglected area of Deliganj. Thank God for Dr. Graham Staines who reached such tribal places in the interior at the border of Orissa, Jharkhand and the neighboring state of West Bengal. After the death of Dr. Staines several villages backslid as their pastors left and other missions could not continue out of fear. Among them Deliganj is one of the nearest remote villages. We were thinking that if even today the village and the condition of the road is so poor, than we cannot imagine how it was 15 years ago in 1999. But still Dr. Staines was willing to endure the extreme difficulty of reaching this village. Praise God we were unexpectedly given the opportunity to preach the gospel here in Deliganj. The Lord healed many sick people and delivered many from demon possession. Several hundred people accepted the Christ.



Let me share with you the reports of miraculous healing.


An elderly man named Ramesh (ab0ve) was not able to hear as he had been deaf for several years. Also his body would shake. Even though he had been treated, there was no success. But at the meeting his hearing was restored and he was able to hear clearly. His shaking also stop instantly. A young man named Rushee (above) suffered from a mental disorder for several years. His family had taken him to various places for treatment and spent much money. But he was not well. But [at the meeting] he could feel his senses return and could speak normally. A woman whose name was Jima (ab0ve) was demonized. She had suffered much for many months. But the Lord delivered her. Later she came to where we were staying and explained the details to my wife Rosy.   A woman named Purabi (ab0ve) had severe chest pain. She wanted to be healed so she had come from a rather distant place. She experienced something like electricity in her body [likely the healing power of Jesus Christ] and immediately the pain left.   One of the hands of a young man named Navin (ab0ve) was not functioning properly. He was not able to work with that hand and he was not able to raise it. But the Lord healed him and he received strength in his hand. This afternoon he called and informed us that he went into jungle and was able to work with that hand.  Praise God. A young boy (above) named Naresh was partially blind and could not see far. The Lord restored his eyesight and he was able to see very clearly. He is studying in 10th standard and used to have problems with his studies, but praise the Lord he testified that Jesus had touched him so that he won’t have any more problem as he believes.

One more praise report…today I received a phone call from a brother in Deliganj sharing with us that their buffalo [very important to their livelihood] had disappeared yesterday evening. The whole night they searched for it, but did not find it. They asked us to pray for the return of the buffalo. An hour after I prayed the brother called me and said that they had gotten back their buffalo.  Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayer and support to reach such a needy place. Please continue to pray for that village and that area.  


Preparing jackfruit curry for the villagers of Deliganj

Manoharpur, Orissa: where missionary Graham Staines was martyred in 1999


The Lord heals miraculously through believer exercising authority through text message

Don & Anna Parbery in Australia

May 2014

“Anna’s sister had spotting and bleeding daily for 2 months. This of course was a concern for her. She is a new believer. We asked God to save her, and He did  We also asked God for a born-again husband for her, and she just got married to a believer. Joanne hadn’t yet told anyone about the bleeding. She was so worried and concerned. But then she confided in Anna by text message. Anna took authority over the problem, and sent back a command by text ordering the bleeding to stop and for her sister to be healed in Jesus’ name.  As soon as Joanne opened the text she was healed. She called Anna a few days later to confirm the healing.

A pastor friend of mine had an enlarged prostate. He was taking drugs to ease the pain and to be able to urinate. At a small group men’s camp we attended a few weeks ago, he told the men about it. Everyone prayed for him, but after the prayer I commanded it to leave him. In the morning he had a big smile on his face. He had no pain and a strong urinary flow for the first time in ages. I think this shows that praying and commanding should be kept separate so as to allow for full victory. So everyone had a part in this healing. We were all encouraged.” 


Highlights of April 2014 Mission Trip to Burkina Faso with Kurt & Mary Simms

We would like to share the highlights of our April 2014 mission trip to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in West Africa. Below is a general map and a link to Wikipedia giving more detail about the country.

Map of Burkina Faso

Our mission was to make disciples and to teach them as Jesus commanded us in Mathew 28:19-20. More specifically He commanded His Apostles in Luke 9 to heal diseases, cast out demons, and to tell them about the Kingdom of God. Also in Luke 10 he sent out 72 ordinary disciples to do the very same thing. In John 14:12 Jesus said “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in Me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. 
Through a missionary friend Boukary Phillip, Mary and I were invited to teach at a 5 day conference / crusade and taught on the principals for healing with faith, authority, and power in which Jesus taught in the context of evangelism followed by the Gospel. Many were healed such as a man with heart disease who had shortness of breath and after being healed could run around with ease. A man walking with a cane had a limp and back problems he was healed throwing his cane down and walked normally praising God. Many women with back, stomach, feet, and pain throughout their bodies were all healed. Following these healings, I compelled all to repent and to trust in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.I preached in the evening at an open air crusade with multitudes of people. I was teaching that there is a narrow gate and a narrow road that leads to Heaven ending with the Gospel believing and trusting in Christ alone through faith alone. I shared the story of Mark 2 when Jesus told the man his sins were forgiven. I told the people that the miracles that would take place will be proof to those who were like doubting Thomas and did not believe. This proof would show them that Jesus has authority on earth not only to heal their sicknesses but also to forgive their sins. Many were healed from blindness, deafness,and pain throughout their bodies (backs, lungs, etc.), and many followed Christ that night. 
I don’t want to leave out that there were many difficulties such as power outages, slow to no Internet, some false teachers, people broke their promises to provide for us, 108 degree temp., transportation broke down on our way to our next destination etc….. but praise the Lord He saw us through and His will was done ! Our next stop was Kaya and we preached two open air meetings there with many delivered, healed, and born again. 
The next town was Sapouy where we stayed with a Mennonite missionary family who were from N. Carolina and were wonderful Christian people. At this town we preached at a small rented hall, visited an orphanage, a school, repaired a water well in a nearby village, and I witnessed to the chief of the village. He was born again, following that two little girls were healed, and I turned and preached the Gospel to the whole crowd around the water well telling them that the Kingdom of God is near and that they should repent and believe the Gospel. Many including the chief said they had evidence that God was with us and they would come to the Mennonite church to learn more about Christ.
Our last evening in Sapouy we traveled to a village named Sia which was on the border of Ghana for an open air crusade. My Mennonite friend Leon loaned me their ministry truck and I drove with Phillips navigation down the highway exiting into the bush. It was a little scary not knowing where we were or how to get back, but I knew we were not doing this by our own might. Once we arrived we were in an open land with nothing in sight. We had a small generator, two small florescent lights, and a small amplifier and mic. There was a small mound of dirt for the pulpit. The people did their African style worship with dancing and drums. Following that I preached telling the story of 1 Kings 18 about Ahab, Elijah, and the prophets of Baal. I told them that God has not changed for He is a jealous God that will not share their affection with any other God. I presented to them the challenge that Elijah presented to the people and so I called upon the Father to send his fire of healing upon these people to prove that Jesus is the only way (John 14:6). There were about 500 people in all. They came closer to us and Mary and I laid hands on them commanding their sickness and demons to flee in Jesus name. There were so many it was overwhelming for they were pressing in with great expectation. We heard many testimonies of healing. I preached the Gospel and compelled them to come to Jesus Christ so that He could heal them eternally. Phillip told me we needed to leave, he said rain was coming so we hurried and left. We made it back home to Sapouy. It was like a monsoon came with mangoes falling on the roof and violent winds; I prayed for our houses and all the peoples safety. The following morning before we headed back to Ouagadougou the pastor of that village where we had just preached came and told us that many of the people had trusted Jesus that night. They were fully convinced that God had visited them not only with the miracles but the rain was so much that everyone had to spend the night in Sia. Just like in the story of Elijah their land was bare but now was blessed with rain. There were many other stories I could tell that happened but it would take a long time. I pray these stories will bring faith to all who read this that they may be encouraged and know that our God is greater than any problem or situation that they could ever face.
Act 4:12  There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.” 



Manoharpur, Orissa: where missionary Graham Staines was martyred in 1999

May 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

In connection with his return visit to Dulki where he preached the gospel and planted a church in March 2014 (“Thousands of Hindus come to Christ where Australian missionary was martyred in 1999“), Brother Subodh was given a surprise invitation to minister at a nearby event where the originally invited servant of God fell ill and was unable to go. This area is inhabited by the Santali people and is precisely where Graham Staines and his family ministered before he was killed.

Brother Subodh wrote:

“Around four hundred people attended from three surrounding villages. Hindus were also there who accepted the Christ. The Lord healed many sick people and delivered some from demon spirits. I will write and send a report with photos.

The gospel was planted there by Dr. Graham Staines in 1985. There was a pastor who was taking care of that village, but after Graham Staines was martyred the pastor left and fear came upon the villages. From there we visited the village of Manoharpur and stood in the very spot where he and two young sons were burnt alive. We were sad to see that the church he started has almost collapsed. We met with people who were eyewitnesses of the incident. They shared with us how very painful it was. Thank you so much for your support to reach such places with gospel.”

The following slightly edited account of the incident is taken from Wikipedia:

“According to reports, a mob of about 50 people, armed with axes and other implements, attacked the vehicle while Staines and the children were fast asleep [inside the vehicle because of the severe cold] and his station wagon was set alight by the mob. Graham, Philip and Timothy [10 and 6 years old, respectively] were burnt alive. Some villagers reportedly tried unsuccessfully to rescue Staines and his sons.[6] Staines and his sons apparently tried to escape, but were allegedly prevented by a mob.”[7]

Subodh & Rosy standing on the very ground in front of the church
started by the Staines where
they were martyred for the gospel

The backside of the church started by Graham & Gladys Staines

The village of Manoharpur where Graham Staines ministered & died

The actual report on the evangelistic event:

Several hundred accept Jesus in remote village pioneered by martyred missionary Graham Staines

Trained sister in Louisiana used by God to minister healing to people with cancer

Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

April 2014

“I have had great success in administering healing for cancer many times over.  

 Dozens have received full healing; although I do know of two who have succumbed to this disease fairly recently … but on both of these accounts, they did not ask me to minister to them; I took it upon myself. God is teaching me something…if I approach them in compassion, I should ask first, as in His example at the Pool of Bethesda, “Do You Want To Be Made Well?”  I do not pray/command if I do not get a response of FAITH from the person now.  

 In fact, just this weekend, I approached a person (a neighbor of my father) who is deaf in one ear, and out of compassion, I asked if I could pray for them and asked “Do you want to be made well?” –their response was NOT one of faith at all — they laughed and said, “I’ve been this way for 30 years!? What?  You think you can heal me?!”  I politely replied that I cannot heal anyone.  But when they decide to believe that Jesus could heal them, let me know!

 I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of Him, Praise God!!!

 The LORD directs me to command like this when someone comes to me seeking healing from JESUS, or specifically ASK for healing after I share my testimony, or who demonstrate that they are FULL OF FAITH for healing when I approach them out of compassion (without being asked)….

 “I command the spirit named “Cancer” to come up and out in Jesus Christ’s Name – Now!  I command EVERY cell in this body to come under the authority of the LORD JESUS CHRIST this instant.   ALL disobedient cells are ordered to come into the obedience of Jesus Christ!  I command full healing and full restoration – this body be QUICKENED and RESTORED in Jesus Christ’s Name!  The STRENGTH of God from Him to your body, your mind, your emotions, come and rejuvenate completely!  This command is given in the authority of the One who has ALL authority in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, Jesus Christ, who has authority over ALL SICKNESS, ALL DISEASE and over ALL THE WORK OF THE DEVIL.  Cancer is a work of the devil!!!  BE HEALED, BE RESTORED!  Cancer COME OUT NOW — all of you, in Jesus Christ Name!  UP & OUT, UP & OUT – come now — all CANCER come UP & OUT in Jesus Christ’s Name!”

 Sometimes, I ask them BEFORE I administer healing “what will happen when I pray for you?” –that helps me know where they are in their faith.   I look for even a TINY bit of faith!  For, it’s not the FAITH that heals, it’s the OBJECT of that faith that heals, our KING JESUS!!!!”


Miraculous healings multiplied at Shammah Outreach Ministries – May 2014

Shammah Outreach Ministries was trained by Rohan Rambally of Trinidad

Ontario, Canada
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shammah Outreach Ministries & The Elijah Challenge Training in Canada

“…As we girded up to receive the power of the Holy Spirit at the gathering in the “Upper Room” Jehovah Elohim poured out His Spirit like the day of Pentecost itself! Whether it was a call to salvation, a prophetic word, a physical or spiritual healing, deliverance, or a miracle – the Holy Ghost was dispensing His supernatural wind of fire over the people of God. We immediately entered into the throne of worship, praise and thanksgiving. This brought forth an army of ministering angels that joined to instigate the release of spiritual barriers and barricades and to move beyond into the presence and anointing of the Holy Ghost with the move of the apostolic, prophetic, healing and miracles with amazing signs and wonders! Miracles upon miracles, healings upon healings; infirmities gone, sickness and infections abolished, legs growing out, hands brought back into alignment, painful symptoms destroyed, fibromyalgia healed with an amazing demonstration of God’s goodness in the realignment of the entire body and muscles and now rejoicing in the Lord, unholy soul ties released,
and the outpouring of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the newness of the beautiful prayer language of tongues!

We had prayed for this great move of the Spirit, been preaching it, teaching it, declaring it, proclaiming it and believing it for years, but this was definitely brought to an altitude that was beyond comprehension in the natural realm!! Commanding by the training and equipping of the Elijah Challenge!

The people experienced the power of our Father God first hand, and these signs and wonders that followed could not be denied. A new level of faith stirred up in the people and they were moved to heights that they never experienced before. What an awesome move of God, as the people worshipped, praised and rejoiced in their healing, deliverance, miracles and freedom! Praise the Lord…. Lives were radically impacted for good through this powerful anointing and fire of the Holy Spirit — and, these life-changing victories in Christ are evidenced by the word of their testimonies. Hallelujah!!!!

What a glorious time we had in the presence of our Almighty Father, Son and Holy Ghost as He continues to do awesome and mighty things in the days to come! We give all honor and glory to God Who does it all and we thank Him!! For He is the same yesterday, today and forever and through His good and faithful, and most humble servants – we were truly blessed, healed and restored in Jesus’ precious Name!

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” (Revelation 12:11 – NKJV)

In His Service,




The sick healed, demons cast out, and sinners come to Christ in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Testimonies from Kurt & Mary Simms following their mission trip to Burkina Faso, West Africa

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

April 17, 2014

We arrived safely on Monday evening and Tuesday was scrambling trying to get my mobile internet and phone service squared away among other things. Who would of ever thought these things would ever be important. Last night (Wednesday) was the opening night of the conference and there were approximately 1000 people who were probably 50% Christians. The opening consisted mainly of introductions of all the preachers with worship, prayer, and a preacher from France doing all the preaching building the people up to expect God to move mightily through His people. I will be teaching in the morning in the church for about two hours followed by demonstrations of healing and in the evening I will preach the Gospel healing and casting out demons to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father. The expected crowds could be 10,000 people with a large percentage of Muslims. Yesterday I led a woman and a man to Christ at our motel who renounced their Muslim religion to follow Christ. The woman was healed from problems with her stomach and esophagus.

Click on the pages below for successive reports on this mission trip…

Stillborn child in mother’s womb delivered miraculously

Subodh Kumar Jena in Orissa, India

April 23, 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Today I met with a young evangelist named Sujit Naik. He said “thank you” for your program with us in January and it benefited his ministry.  I asked him to explain it to me in detail.

There was a Hindu woman who was pregnant, but the child had died inside her womb. She was not able to deliver the stillborn child.  For a Caesarean section to remove the child they had no money as it was expensive. Brother Naik told them “if you allow me I will minister to her in Jesus name.” They said please do.

He ministered in front of everyone present there. Then on his way home, he got a call that the sister had delivered the child.

Praise the Lord that nothing happened to the mother as she was in a dangerous condition.

Report on the January 2014 Training Event where Brother Naik was trained