Servants of God from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh & Orissa trained to reach Hindus with power


“For The Elijah Challenge Training in Debadola, Rayagada [in November 2015] around one hundred delegates came together. With the exception of one family they were all pastors, evangelists, mission leaders and Bible college students. They were Lutherans, Baptists, Pentecostals as well as from other backgrounds. For the first time I saw around eight mission directors present at our Training. They had come from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa to attend the Training. Praise the Lord.

We had very systematic and effective training for the Lord’s servants to reach the lost. We did not have many opportunities to minister to the sick during the training as almost all were servants of God in good health. The pastors and evangelists were very excited about the teaching which they acknowledged is a powerful tool for reaching the Hindus.

There was one clear impact on these servants of God from the Training. The majority of them had confessed that previously there was an obstacle making them feel helpless in reaching the Hindus. But after the Training, forty servants of God come forward to declare publicly that they would now reach the Hindus with power and authority just as the disciples of Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God in the New Testament (Luke 9:1-2 & 6; 10:9).

An outstanding miraculous healing took place during the Event. I was teaching the servants of God that it is very important to take our wives when we go to homes to minister to the sick, especially to women. I called my wife Rosy to demonstrate ministering to the sick for the servants of God by laying her hand on a woman. I called forward an Aunty who we knew was suffering from some physical problem. But we did not know the full extent of her infirmity. For the past twenty years she had suffered a great deal after her son’s birth. She had had an operation twenty years earlier, and the lower part of the stomach was infected. She went to the doctor and had taken much medication, but the pain did not subside. As Rosy laid her hand on her and then I laid my hand on Rosy’s, the pain disappeared. Praise the Lord she was healed at that very moment. The pain had been there for the past twenty years, and now was completely gone. Praise the Lord!”

“The sister’s husband was suffering from very high blood sugar. He was very weak in his body as well as his joints. It was difficult for him to walk freely.  We ministered to him and wonderfully he received strength from the Lord.”

“There was a woman relative of a pastor in the training who was suffering from malaria, causing her body to shake. While we were ministering to another pastor she came forward and shared that as we were ministering to him, she was instantly healed…at a distance!

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.”





Reports from TEC India Coordinator Subodh Jena






Tribal people in Orissa, India accept Christ and are baptized

“We had a baptismal service and good fellowship with our new believers in Jharmunda, Sundergarh District led by our Elijah Challenge Pastor Mansukh Kerketta. They are mostly from the Munda, Kharia and Oran people groups.

A hundred years back Roman Catholic and Lutheran missionaries came to this needy area. The tribal people were oppressed by high caste people so missionaries were able to help them after which many converted to Christianity. But they did not know Christ personally. The Christians there are commonly addicted to alcohol and cigarettes.

This District is very close to the bordering states of Bihar and Jharkhand in India, so it is easy to reach these two states with the gospel. May the Lord open the way.

Many non-believers are receiving Christ through the ministry of Pastor Mansukh. He also reaching nearer villages by preaching the gospel and healing the sick—just as Jesus commanded the seventy-two disciples in Luke 10:9. He and his wife went to a nearby village and there was a woman who had an issue of blood for a long time. But due to local tradition they had not shared her condition with others. Mansukh was able to share the gospel including how Jesus healed the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5. After hearing the gospel they requested Mansukh and his wife to pray over her. They ministered to her in her home that evening, and the Lord healed her miraculously.

Another little child was suffering from fever and when they ministered to the child, the Lord healed him instantly. An elderly man had severe chest pain and cough. He was also healed in Jesus’ name. Please pray for Pastor Mansukh and his family.”

-Subodh Jena, Elijah Challenge Coordinator
November 2015


 Preparing for baptism






Pastor Mansukh is third from the left next to Coordinator Subodh Jena

Reports from TEC India Coordinator Subodh Jena




Woman in a wheelchair for 2 years experiences Jesus’ healing power

“The elderly lady, the mother of my dentist in the Philippines, hadn’t been able to walk for two years due to a range of medical conditions. She had  been partially paralysed for about 6 years after having a fall in her home. She is being cared for by her daughter who is our dentist. She had compacted discs in her back due to her fall. This has caused weakness throughout her body.

In the powerful name of Jesus we ministered to her with authority in front of the dentist and her whole extended family. (Like many Asian cultures, Filipino elderly people get looked after at home by their children).

At first nothing happened, so we persisted. Upon persisting, the lady started to shake uncontrollably. This lasted for at least five minutes. The shaking was accompanied by strong heat which she felt throughout her body. She was visibly impacted and affected. A lot of strength returned to her body and with assistance, she was able to stand. We kept on issuing commands in Jesus’ name, and she got a lot of strength back in her hands.

During the shaking she was making various sounds as the heat (we believe a manifestation the healing power of our Lord Jesus) travelled through her. When the shaking subsided, she was silent for another five minutes—partly through shock and partly through not understanding what was happening.

Reports from Don & Anna

Despite the fact that she had not yet gotten up to walk by herself, there was a noticeable demonstration of the power of God as well as improvement in her condition. The Holy Spirit did His work. Her whole family saw that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ.

We got to tell Nannai (“nanna”) that Jesus knows her situation. He has not forgotten her. We said that all Jesus has ever wanted from her and her family is to be in relationship with her and her family.

Interestingly, in the Filipino national language of Tagalog, her name literally means “miracle.” Nannai is of course very influential in her family. Jesus did great things here and we feel that He is now real to everyone in that house. Good things will come from this.

Later we received a message from my dentist saying that her mum now feels “light” and great—inspired to get up and walk. The heaviness she had been experiencing has lifted and she feels well. Praise God! This lady hasn’t walked for two years! Dr. Jesus is in session! This never gets old! It inspires us to go and do it more, pointing the way to the Saviour through the proofs He provides. Amen!”

-Submitted by Elijah Challenge-trained disciples Don & Anna Parbery based in Gold Coast, Australia while on a trip to the Philippines
October 2015




400 Hindus from remote village accept Christ after miraculous healings


We had a fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village at a place called PangaPada. Around 400 Hindus accepted the Christ.

From the main road we had to travel around 20 km to a hilly area. I was surprised that there were so many villages scattered in that hilly region. People also came from nearer villages for our Feeding Event. Praise the Lord that although there was no road going into the area He enabled us to reach the remote region.

Most of the area inhabitants were tribal people, but we also saw some (“untouchable”) Dalit people in attendance at the Feeding Event as well. The majority of the people spoke a tribal tongue.




The Lord performed some powerful miraculous healings. One testimony in particular touched my heart.

Four years earlier, an elderly man named Govinda had gone into the jungle to collect leaves for supper but he fell and fractured his right knee.  He had been confined to bed and was unable to do any work. He could not get any medical treatment because he had no money. He depended completely on the government for rice and Rs. 200 (less than US$3) for his monthly pension. At our Feeding Event the Lord touched him and healed him completely. He stood up and walked around freely. He testified that if our meeting had taken place a few years earlier, than he would not have suffered until that day. He became very emotional and started crying at the meeting.


Reports from  Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Kumar Jena

An elderly woman named Raibari had suffered from rheumatism for two years along with pain and swelling in her leg. She had been to a doctor who informed her that since there was no cure she had to take medicine every day, and when the pain was severe she also needed an injection. But Raibari had not taken any medicine because she had no money.  As a result she had suffered a lot with the pain. At our Event she testified that she experienced complete healing in her body from our Lord. She couldn’t believe it as her doctor had assured her that her incurable condition was for life. We told her and the people that what is impossible with man is possible with the Lord Jesus.



A sister named Chintamani was suffering from a throat infection since the month of April. She had a problem swallowing food so she could only take liquids. Praise the Lord, at the Event she was touched and healed by the Lord Jesus. She testified that normally she ate rice three times a day, but since her throat got infected she could not eat any more rice. That day she felt the Lord’s miraculous healing touch in her throat and she was able to swallow freely. 



Babu, the village chief, used to have pain in his lungs from time to time. It was painful like somebody poking him with a needle. He had been taking medicine for two years. But that day the pain suddenly stopped when we ministered to him. He shared that earlier a witch doctor had attempted to use witchcraft to give him relief, but nothing happened.


Thank you so much for your prayer and support enabling us to reach such remote places in the interior with the gospel.


Below: Feeding the villagers afterwards






Manly & Junko

“…a lady came who had been deformed by polio since childhood…”

JAPAN: The gospel confirmed by miraculous healings in this gospel-resistant nation

“…God has moved Junko (my wonderful wife) and me into doing a home church here on Okinawa as well as on Ishigaki Island. We had a great but very sad send off from our church.  We are still working with them, but have moved to witnessing and training new believers to train and disciple others and encourage them to fulfill the great commission. God has really impressed us to move out of our safety of a large gathering and into the world with His commission. 

We are having church in Beauty Salons, Coffee shops, hospitals, and of course in our home on Wednesday and Sundays. Those coming to the Lord are doing the same and seeing wonderful growth. We have weekly Sunday services at our home and do services via skype to Ishigaki Island where we also go once a week to train and minister. God is so good. Each week we have new people and seeing miracles after miracle. 

Just this past week we had four new people and a lovely Budhest couple wanting to know more about Jesus. We had a lady come who had been deformed by polio since childhood.  Her right side was numb and unable to have feeling.  Her right foot was curved in at the ankle and walked on its outside along with it being about 2 to 3 inches shorter. Well, as one would expect, when the ladies were praying for her, they felt her back pop several times and she was now standing up straight, and her foot was no longer bent inward. We noticed the shortness of her leg so my wife holding both legs in her hands (she was sitting of course) and felt both her lets vibrate. And in front of everyone present, we say her shorten leg grow out to an inch longer then her good leg and then the other leg grew out to the other. Praise the Lord.

But the greatest was afterwards. The lady in her 50’s stood up and was kicking her right leg and saying “I have never been able to do this”, “I have never been able to do this”, as tears flowed down her face. She started to feel tingling in her leg and arm. She left our home standing up straight, walking much better and with tears of joy. God is so good.

We had another lady from Ishigaki Island who had a large cancerous tumor the size of a baseball on her left side. We prayed for her and the next week she came to Okinawa to go to the hospital. She showed up later at our home meeting on Wednesday with a wonderful smile on her face. The tumor was gone and they couldn’t find any cancer. How wonderful is our God.

Yes, we have been busy, but God gets all the glory and we continually look forward to His return.”

Missionary Manly Slough trained with The Elijah Challenge
September 2015




Bali, Indonesia: stroke victim walks & talks in Jesus’ name

Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country with the fourth largest population on earth “My time in Sumba (Indonesia) was again tremendous. Hundreds came to the Lord and close to thirty Merapu tribal people included. Major stories are a man with cataracts, and a stroke victim in Bali who could not speak or walk without the aid of a cane for a year. He could only motion with his hands what he wanted. This one I have on video taken by a cell phone a few moments after I had ministered to his legs…

About a year ago this man (of Hindu faith) had had a stroke. He could not walk without a cane plus the help of an aide as well as not being able to speak. He is a well-known artist and has not been able to continue to make a living. On August 2 there was a high school reunion in which the two ladies in the video attended. They befriended their school mate due to his situation and began to visit with him almost everyday since the 2nd of August. I taught a mini course at the ladies church on a Sunday evening and they brought me to his house the next day. Turns out this day was his birthday. With the aide of a lady he was led to a “birthday table” and motioned through his hands that he would like a drink of water. I was able to share the Gospel with him and I asked if I could minister to his legs. The result was immediate as he stood up and began to walk. The cell phone video starts as I began to minister to his voice box for him to speak. The results are documented in the video. He is now a follower of Jesus!!  A Merapu tribal woman delivered. I had to put my fingers on her tongue as her whole body was cramped like a stroke victim as she lay on the floor. Even her tongue was cramped too. Here are photos of a fellow from the Merapu tribe on the island of Sumba. In the second photo below he is counting my fingers as he is healed from his cataracts.

ministry to man with cataracts


catact man Sumba


The Merapu tribal people drive a 4-foot carved stake into the ground on the right side of every house. Usually each stake has an image of a head of sorts.”

phillipines2014andLombok2014 634

phillipines2014andLombok2014 642

  – Received August 2015  from missionary Jim Hathaway who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008

Reports from Jim Hathaway



Reports from India: “The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Reports from two Feeding Event pastors who trained with The Elijah Challenge (TEC)

July 7 —  Pastor Sanjeev reports “When I heard from other pastors how evangelistic feedings events have been a blessing to their church, I conducted the event in my locality called Majra.  There were 280 who chose to accept Jesus. Close to 50 are ready for baptism.  A new church is planted in the suburbs of Delhi as a result of healing and deliverance.  Pastor Wilson (another pastor) from Moga Punjab reported 350+ people getting saved.  A lady had a stone come out from her gall bladder.  Many were delivered from witchcraft. The following Sunday after the feeding event our church was packed.  Every day new persons are coming to me for prayer.  My church is blessed.” Pastor Prem reports “Our evangelistic feeding event was in a village called Mamdot just 8 km away from Pakistan.  We had a two-day event with close to 600 + people giving their lives to Christ the first day. All of them heard the gospel for the first time. Our church is 5 km away from this village, but to our surprise the following Sunday we had no place to accommodate people. God did some notable miracles—a brain tumor instantly vanished.  Severe joint pain for many years vanished.  A man who was insane was restored to his right mind. 

“The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Mrs. Jasmil Kaur, our lady pastor from a village called Burj Mehma in Punjab, conducted our second feeding event. There were close to 600 people who signed decision cards. This is a Sikh village. The power was so strong like in the book of Acts.  Twenty-eight people were baptized at midnight after the meeting.  Three new churches have been planted after the feeding event.  Our 38 newly trained leaders ministered to the sick. Thank you for your prayers and support.”  

Pastor Simon Haq & Pastor Jasmil Kaur


July report of Feeding Events in the city of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh State from Simon Haq our Feeding Events Coordinator and Evangelist

When we are invited to a new area, Simon likes to preach at the first feeding event and invite local pastors.  When the pastors see how effective the events are in expanding God’s kingdom, most eagerly accept our invitation to be trained to do feeding events and minister to the sick and the lost the same way Christ taught his disciples.  We train approximately 30 new pastors each month with The Elijah Challenge, among other teachings. The gospel was preached to approximately 3,000 people who came from 20 different villages. Many come because they have heard the news that God may heal them in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, whom they know nothing about. Others come purely for the food.  In this event around 2,000 people gave their lives to the Lord.   About 1,500 came for the follow up meeting  

Simon preaching the gospel to people most of whom had never heard the gospel

Hindus listening to the gospel

Hindus accepting Jesus Christ

Simon preaching with other pastors in the background

“There was a mighty manifestation of the power of GOD.  Even as the gospel was being preached unclean spirits were coming out of people. Half the crowd raised their hands to testify they were healed. During the follow up meetings we heard testimonies that a brain tumor vanished, blind eye was opened, an issue of blood was healed, and an insane man came to his right mind. For three years he was insane…and many more miracles.” -Simon  

More Elijah Challenge Reports from India

m Note from Elijah Challenge Board Member Bill Willis (Founder of Feeding Events India) who submitted this report: “These pastors were Elijah Challenge-trained and they are now doing feeding events on there own without Simon. Also we launched our small, $100 church feeding events in June, using TEC-trained pastors. The goal was to help these churches reach their communities with the gospel. The reports coming in have been very encouraging. Pastors are seeing more people saved and increases in membership than ever before. The problem now is that they have no place to put the new members!

Simon changed when we do training. We now train pastors and interested church members the day before the large feeding events. These trained disciples then participate in the altar call ministry at the end of each service. This helps to prepare them to do the same things in their churches and communities. Simon reports that 30 or more pastors and church members are being trained before each of the two large feeding events we do every month.”
Blind man counting my fingers! 2

The paralyzed and blind in Indonesia healed in the name of Isa Almasih

By a nameless Elijah Challenge-trained missionary

“Indonesia has more followers of the religion centered in the Middle East than any other country on earth—196 million according to one estimate. Because of the influence of this religion here (hereafter to be referred to as ‘the Religion’ and its adherents as ‘Religionists’), almost all of the training is for the underground church and ‘contextual’ workers. The Gospel continues to be shared through different ministries despite the opposition.

On the island of Sumbawa, I was invited by contextual workers to visit a Religionist village just outside of the city. The Indonesian husband and wife missionary team had been trained by me in The Elijah Challenge in 2011. They took me into a Religionist home.

Home of Religionist family

There were about 20 folks inside the home waiting to meet me. The intent was to minister to a stroke victim who was dying due to his throat closing. He could not eat any solid food and had not eaten for a month. His right arm was paralyzed and walking was very poor. He was actually in fact dying.

Stroke victim sitting at right next to contextual worker wearing shorts

I asked questions to the group about Isa Almasih. They told me that He was the healing Prophet. Also one man said that he thought that Isa could forgive sin. I told these folks that I was a follower of Isa. I told them that in order to prove to them that Isa Almasih could in fact forgive their sins we would ask Him to heal the sick who were here that day. The first challenge was the stroke victim. I laid my hands on his throat, then on his arm and next on his legs.

Ministering healing to the stroke victim in the name of Isa Almasih

His paralyzed hand “blossomed” open as I commanded in Isa’s name

After two or three attempts there was flexibility restored back to his arm, and he was able to walk. The contextual worker began to feed him some solid food. As I observed him through the afternoon his strength seemed to get stronger and stronger as he continued to eat. At the end of our time in the village, this man had eaten a whole plate of food. The first food he ate in a month.

He got stronger and stronger—able to stoop down

He took his first bite of food in a month

Later he finished off an entire plate of food

“The first challenge was the stroke victim…
next there was a ‘grandpa’ who was blind”

Next there was an older ‘grandpa’ who was blind. I placed my thumbs on his eyes and I asked everyone present to stretch their hands towards the ‘grandpa’ and command healing in the name of Isa Almasih. The first attempt brought partial healing as he could only see and count my fingers.

Blind man at left with friend, both WWII veterans who fought the Japanese

After I ministered to him the first time, he was able to count my fingers

So again and with the help of their faith that Isa could heal, I and this Religionist family commanded healing again in Isa’s name. The result was FANTASTIC as his sight was restored! All this done in the name of Isa Almasih (Jesus Christ in the Arabic language).

As I laid my hands on his eyes again at left, the Religionists also had faith that
Isa could restore his sight completely

All totaled there were eight folks miraculously healed in this home. I heard a report back from the contextual worker that over 10 folks in the house wanted to hear more about Isa Almasih. We were invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed a variety of meats and vegetables.”

-Report from August 2014


Dinner served to the servant of Isa Almasih

 (Somewhat) graphic photos below

Dinner followed by a visit to the bathroom

“Squat pot” fully equipped with fowl

Spiritual dessert following dinner

This man had fallen from a banana tree and his ribs were very sore

Free to move with no more pain in his ribs
after ministry in Isa’s name

Interesting side note:
“I was teaching The Elijah Challenge in a church the same evening I was ministering in this home. In my excitement I showed the photos above to the believers at the first session. There were over 60 folks attending. I was very eager to have the believers see what can happen in the name of Isa. But the next evening only about half the folks returned for Session 2. Apparently they were afraid that the Religionists would come and burn down their church because of the miracles that had happened in the village! This is the reality of underground ministry.”



Filipinos RUN to Jesus after witnessing woman dramatically set free from demons

“Our last evangelistic event was the most dramatic. We left Malapatan on 5 tricycles with kids riding on the roofs holding on to amplifiers and food. This was the same group as in the Jeepnee. It took 1 1⁄2 hours to travel 40kms to Barangay Klabalan. This is another jungle farming community. The church here had a coconut tree fall on the roof and was not in use so the crusade was held in a basket ball court. There were some 300 folks listening. 3 tribes and some folks from the Religion (adherents of the major world religion centered in the Middle East) watching from the side of a hill.

The electricity was a little better in the beginning. There were 2 microphones at the start going through a small guitar amplifier. During the singing of a few songs, one of the microphones stopped working. Next a Religionist man threatened us because it was Ramadan and he did not like the style of music. This made me a little tense as he had been drinking and this area is known for being an aggressive Religionist. We continued on! I contemplated using the name of Jesus or Isa Almasih to share the Gospel. I went with Jesus and prayed that no weapon formed against me would prosper.

At this evangelistic event I asked for a first volunteer to come forward for healing after sharing the Gospel. I asked for someone with back problems. Some men came from the hillside carrying an unconscious, pregnant lady that that looked to me to be about 8 or 9 months pregnant. As I waited for the volunteer with back pain to come forward, the lady “woke up” screaming and salivating. At first I thought she was having her baby and I sort of panicked as I was asking for a doctor as I thought we were going to have the first Elijah Challenge crusade birth. When I looked at her eyes and she tried to bite me I could see that there was something bigger than a birth to deal with. I am not the cleverest evangelist but I thought something was wrong. When I laid my hands on her she began slashing like a shark for some 20 minutes while coming in and out of consciousness. I had to protect myself with 1 arm to keep from being bit. Every time she became unconscious I thought all was okay. Then I would place my hands on her again and she would come after me with her teeth.

Jim trained with Elijah Challenge in 2008
Reports from Jim Hathaway

By this time the trained pastors joined in. She seemed to settle for a bit and sat upright in her chair. She began to mock Jesus in a sort of praising way and by this time I did not really know what to do. I was very aware of all the tribes’ people watching. I decided to have her walk from one side of the basketball court to the other. She was clinging on to me and still mocking the Lord in a sarcastic worship sort of fashion. I sat her down on a chair and she continued to mock and salivate. Again I could see all the tribes’ folks watching, including the Religionists as they had threatened us at the start of the meeting. My trained pastors joined me in this dramatic ministry time. At last she settled and seemed very normal. Sarcasm gone! Now I walked her to the other side of the basketball court, all the people watching. This time she was changed and thanking me for what had happened. Her voice was very sincere and eyes had returned to normal!! As she returned to her family she gave me another hug and again thanked me again!We were all very bewildered as to what had happened but I asked for others to come forward for healing. I was thinking that there could not be any bigger mountain to deal with tonight. A lady with a swollen cheek due to a rotten tooth, another with a tumor and others with back problems came forward for ministry. All were healed. When I gave the altar call to become followers of Jesus over 130 folks RAN from the side of the hill to the where I was standing! Classic Elijah Challenge crusade!

The farther I minister into the jungle areas, the more I am seeing demonic manifestations and the need to teach the Elijah Challenge Training. I will return to work with the Blaan people next year. The invitation is to go to another island with The Elijah Challenge.”

-July 2014


Elijah Challenge Coordinator heals Seminary President at Doctor of Ministry Dissertation Defense


Davy H original

Elijah Challenge Coordinator earns Ph.D. from Seminary

November 2013

Davy Hermanus is The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Indonesia—a nation with the fourth largest population in the world after the United States. Recently Davy defended his Dissertation for his Doctor of Ministry at the Sunergeo Banten Theological Seminary in Tarakan, Indonesia. This is his testimony.

“I passed my Dissertation Defense very well. After giving a presentation about my dissertation The Model of the Healing Ministry of Jesus as Applied to Preaching the Gospel Today, I was asked many questions by four Professors and also by people in the audience. I focused my answers only from Jesus’ method of healing in the Bible.

I said that Jesus used miraculous healing in order that people could believe that He was from God—because only God can do such miracles. The problem in churches today is that they have no more use for it. But they have to use the scriptural way which Jesus taught. I explained that Jesus did not send the disciples to pray for the sick, but to heal the sick (Luke 9:1,2,6; 10:9).

One Professor asked me about “praying for the sick” in James 5. I answered that in the four gospels, Jesus did not pray for the sick. So why do we pray for the sick according to our traditional interpretation of James? Actually, according to the Greek, the text in James 5:14 is not “pray for” but rather “pray over” the sick. It probably means laying hands over the infirmity of the sick person [and speaking over him or her with authority]. James is likely the brother of Jesus, so he should be teaching Jesus’ pattern of ministering healing to the sick [which we know did not involve simply traditional prayer]. 

After my presentation, the Rector of the Seminary who led the four Professors in examining me asked me to give a demonstration of healing. He told me that I had to heal someone in the room to prove and demonstrate my dissertation. Then he asked me to heal him from the pain in his heart from which he was suffering. So I took a moment to minister healing to him in the name of Jesus. And he was healed. Praise God!”

As Dr. Davy Hermanus, Davy will now have opportunities throughout Indonesia to teach Seminary students, most of them future or current pastors and leaders, how to heal the sick as Jesus did in the New Testament. He will have them actually heal the sick in his classes as a demonstration of the Scriptures. And these pastors trained by Davy will be able teach their congregations how to heal the sick as Jesus commanded His disciples when He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God. These trained leaders will obey the Great Commission in which Jesus commands the Church to “teach disciples to obey everything I have commanded you”—including healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God to the lost.

 We at The Elijah Challenge are more and more convinced that the teaching is not simply another passing fad to tickle the ears of 21st century believers. The teaching rather goes back to the essence of the New Testament—Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, and the Church is to proclaim this to the world with power to make disciples of all nations preceding the great and terrible Day of the Lord. We believe the Lord is returning His Church to the basics of New Testament Scripture during these last days. Therefore we will see the Lord restoring the teaching to more and more of His Church in the days to come, especially in the Church outside the West. Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Albert Kang in Malaysia is already beginning to heal the sick in the class he teaches for the prestigious Haggai Institute.