Crowd in remote village applauds at miraculous healing & accepts Christ


“I rejoice submitting this report on what the Lord did in our Feeding Event in a remote village called Saniketa. Praise the Lord for helping me to preach the gospel and minister to the sick, the poor and to the oppressed.  There were around two hundred and eighty people who accepted Jesus Christ.

An elderly man named Sidheswar had suffered a great deal for twelve years. His entire body shook. When we called him forward, his body was shaking and the entire crowd could see it. Praise the Lord within a few minutes after we ministered to him the shaking miraculously stopped. The crowd was amazed and started clapping. I told them that it was not some sort of magic, but rather the work of the Lord Jesus. Sidheswar also had a problem walking; he needed to walk with the help of a stick. But he left the stick behind when he discovered that he was healed and could walk without it. People stood up and accepted the Lord Christ after witnessing this marvelous healing.



A young girl named Puspa had had severe pain in her chest for long time, feeling something very heavy in her chest. She had suffered for a long time and being young she did not share it with anyone else. But Lord healed her there. The pain and heaviness instantly disappeared from her body. She was overjoyed and with tears she testified that the Lord Jesus had healed her at that moment.

Elderly Maa Reitesh Mallick had difficult seeing properly for long time. Her vision was not clear.  She said that she did not dare go out in the evenings but only during the day when she could see a little. Her eyesight was miraculously healed right there. She came up to the stage without any problem and humbly she gave thanks to the Lord for the marvelous healing of her eyesight.



A woman named Jayanti had had a toothache for three months causing very terrible pain. Her mouth was swollen and she could not bear the pain. Because of this she had difficulty eating. But the Lord Jesus healed her and her mouth was no longer painful.


For five years a gentleman named Tarun had had arthritis in both legs and had much difficulty farming his land since like most villagers he lived off the land. 
His family depended on him for their livelihood. When he heard that healing prayer was being offered he came with much expectation. The Lord healed him while the prayer of confession was being made.  Both of his legs received strength and after we asked him to walk he walked normally.”



-Report by Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena in Orissa


After this, the villagers were treated to a meal.


Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena



Christ glorified through miraculous healings among Sikhs in India

Shelly Ragen based in Iowa was with The Elijah Challenge on her very first trip outside the United States—all the way across the Pacific to India. On the third and final day of their ministry in Amritsar, the spiritual capital of the Sikh religion in Punjab, Shelly stood up and through our interpreter preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the crowd which had gathered in the open-air.

After Shelly preached, the Punjabi servants of God trained with The Elijah Challenge on the first two days lined up at the front to pray over the sick in the name of Jesus Christ. The miraculous healings would be the  evidence that the gospel is true—that through his death and resurrection Jesus is in fact the Son of God.

In this way the Lord healed many. One by one men, women, and children came up to the platform to testify of what the Lord had done for them. The miracles were the evidence that Jesus Christ is the the only way to the one true God in heaven.

John 20:30 Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. 31 But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

Below are some of those who testified of the Lord’s miraculous physical healing.



During the time of healing prayer and subsequent testimonies, however, food was unexpectedly being served to the crowd making it impractical to give an altar call afterwards. But the seed of the gospel had been planted in their hearts—with the evidence of many miraculous healings confirming to them the absolute truth of the message of the gospel—as took place in the time of the Lord Jesus Himself.

Many of them said, “He is demon-possessed and raving mad. Why listen to him?” But others said, “These are not the sayings of a man possessed by a demon. Can a demon open the eyes of the blind?” Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem. …The Jews who were there gathered around him, saying, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.” Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me… (John 10:20-25)


This photo appeared in an Amritsar newspaper on the morning of the third day of our ministry in Punjab. Sister Shelly is standing directly under “AMRITSAR.”


After the team returned to Delhi, their host Pastor Simon Haq called to share a testimony with them. One of the pastors who had just attended their Training had ministered to an elderly blind man with a cane at the open-air evangelistic event. The next morning the man woke up suddenly seeing. But since he was blind he had no idea who had ministered to him. So he called a servant of God he knew named Pastor Ashish to share what had happened. On Sunday morning he visited the church service of one of the host pastors of the event. The church was filled up to the balcony with believers and visitors who had witnessed what the Lord did at the open-air event.

A very thin woman suffering from severe pain in her shoulder joint starting in her wrist since she was 14 years old came forward for prayer. The pain was written all over her face (see photo below) as believers ministered to her. But there was no change and it appeared she was not healed. But the next morning when she awoke and she went about her morning chores, she discovered that she could lift up her arm freely with no pain.



A woman who had suffered severe pain for years due to a pinched nerve in her back was dramatically healed, and gave glory to Jesus Christ on the stage.

A chief minister of the state of Punjab (center wearing turban) being honored onstage at the event

According to our host Pastor Simon Haqq who organized this event, the Punjabi servants of God we trained over two days (below) now want to partner with The Elijah Challenge to take the gospel to the many unreached villages in Punjab all the way to the border of Pakistan. They want to fulfill the Great Commission in the region the Lord has entrusted to them during these last days before the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

May 2016 Update

Their first two evangelistic Feeding Events in unreached villages following this Training: India: over 500 Punjabis accept Christ in three Feeding Events



Man deaf since birth hears at Elijah Challenge Training Event in Punjab


Above & below: Host Pastor Simon Haq of Delhi at the open-air event after the Training

Many Punjabis adhere to the religion of Sikhism centered in the “Golden Temple” in Amritsar


Punjab, India
November 2015




Pastor feared his teen daughter attacked by demons would die, but…

“Early one morning an we received a telephone call came from a pastor named Joseph Majhi in the district of Gajapati [Orissa]. Through a sorcerer Pastor Joseph’s enemies had sent demons to attack his 18-year-old daughter Rasmita. A week earlier his niece had passed away after an attack by the same demon power. Then a week later the same thing happened to his own daughter Rasmita. She was not able to see or talk. Her condition was horrible. The family lost hope.

Then they called me. They were in their van taking Rasmita somewhere for treatment but did not know if she would live or not. They asked me to pray for her. They thought that Rasmita might die just as their niece had a week earlier. At that moment I asked them to put the phone by her ear as I ministered to her. While I was ministering to her her mind appeared to be gone.

After few minutes the pastor’s son called me to inform me that Rasmita was completely fine and that she had come to her senses. She could see and talk, and I spoke with her. I encouraged her to keep her faith in Jesus.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena in Orissa

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena





INDIA: Entire crowd at open-air event stands up for prayer to accept Christ



Under the coordination of Rev. Akon Bajronayak who formerly served under Operation Mobilization and World Vision, disciples gathered in Borbam Baptist Church (below) in Amguri in the city of Dibrugarh, Assam State to be trained with The Elijah Challenge.

Group photo of participants

Above & below: Training disciples to lay hands on the infirm

During the sessions as the participants ministered healing to one another as Jesus did in the gospels, infirmities were healed. A young man was healed from the eye pain he had suffered for a couple months after other disciples ministered to him twice. A young woman was instantly healed from the back pain she had had for five years. Two man with back pain who were unable to bend over were miraculously healed. Stomach pain vanished in Jesus’ name. A gentleman with a heart problem physically experienced the healing power of Jesus Christ in his heart, and could breathe much better afterwards. He felt that his heart was healed. A believer suffering from a headache was healed.

Testimonies of miraculous healings during the Training

Above: Rev. Akon (left) translating into the Assamese dialect


Above & below: preparing lunch for the participants outside 



After The Elijah Challenge Training, the gospel was preached in the open-air under a tent.



In order to confirm the truth of the gospel to the listeners, the trained believers then stepped forward to minister miraculous healing to the sick in the name of Jesus Christ.



Many people with infirmities were healed miraculously, and came up to the stage to testify.



This man above was healed of deafness. Others were also healed and testified (below).










At the very end when our host Rev. Akon Bajronayak asked people to stand up to pray to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the entire crowd stood up.



Rev. Akon took us to visit Central Baptist Church in nearby Sivasagar—the very first Christian Church in the state of Assam


Man on the street in Sivasagar with bad back was healed in the name of Jesus Christ 


-Report from November 2015 India Mission Trip




Joseph Remmel trains disciples in India to heal the sick in Jesus’ name

“My first time teaching! I ended up teaching the introduction and basics of The Elijah Challenge twice. First on Saturday afternoon at a rural church, and then on Sunday afternoon at a church in the town which also invited other churches to attend. [This was in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India.]

The one on Saturday seemed to go alright, but there may have been translation issues (they spoke only a local language) because I wasn’t sure they were understanding and when we went to do a healing it did not succeed. They just wanted for us to heal them instead of getting trained to heal others. Afterwards, though, we had tea at the house of one of the pastors and I found out that his daughter’s hearing was restored at the same time that we were attempting to minister healing. She had been unable to hear from one ear for the past 3 weeks, so I didn’t feel as bad after that.

The next afternoon at the church in the town there were 50 or so people attending the training. I thought I would have just one hour. When we reached the hour mark, the pastor told me to keep going. After about 1 hour 30 minutes it was already dark out so time to wrap up. I handed it over to one of the trained pastors and instructed him to walk the people through it step-by-step, as it was their first time. It got a little crazy, and despite the well-intentioned interference of one of the local (half-trained) pastors who would have had us depart from the teaching, there was much fruit.

Long story short, around 15 people or more were healed and gave testimonies over the microphone. I lost track because the testimonies were not translated to English, but I could sense the excitement on the part of those healed. I was later told that many were healed of pain in various parts of the body, including the stomach, back, legs, arm, shoulder, and 2 or 3 people had demons cast out. Among the healed were some Hindus who had come near the end of my teaching for healing and deliverance. We did not ask for commitments to Christ, but definitely seeds were sown and believers and nonbelievers alike witnessed the power of our God through his disciples.

I pray that God continues to use the trained believers in this town after my departure!”

-Joseph has a Law Degree from the University of Tulsa and has served in the US Army. He was on our India Mission Team in November 2015.




Joseph sipping coconut water straight from the source






download (1)

Polio victim’s legs straighten out as evidence Jesus is the Son of God

The Elijah Challenge Training Event was held at St. Margaret’s Church in the town of Marguerita (Tinsukia District) in Assam State in Northeast India. Our host was the respected servant of God Akon Bajronayak who served with both Operation Mobilization and Word Vision. According to official statistics, Assam is 4% Christian with the majority being Hindus and after them the Muslims. Servants of God and disciples from various districts and also the neighboring state of Arunachal were invited by Rev. Bajronayak to attend. The Lord graciously enabled us to train His servants how to heal the sick and cast out demons in accordance with John 14:11-12 as evidence to the world that our Father is the only true God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.




In this way many were healed of their infirmities in the name of Jesus, and came forward to testify of what the Lord had done for them. Among the testimonies: a little girl could not straighten her legs having suffered from polio, but the Lord straightened out her legs as a disciple laid hands on her in His name. Her mother brought her up to the podium to testify. Her legs appeared completely normal in the photos below.




A deaf woman’s hearing was restored, and she is testifying in the photo below.













The miraculous healings were the clear evidence of the truth of the gospel. Later that evening our host Pastor Akon Bajronayak showed us a list of 21 names of Hindus and Muslims who were among those who had made the decision to believe on Jesus Christ after hearing the gospel and witnessing the evidence of the many miraculous healings.




Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!



raisedbackto life

Dead man comes back to life to hear the gospel, then passes on

This took place in Haridwar, North India and involved Pastor Simon Haq who works with Feeding Events India and The Elijah Challenge

Haridwar is located in the district of Uttarakhand, northeast of Delhi, on the border of China. This is the city where Hindus come by the millions to purify themselves of sin by washing in the Ganges River. They understand the concept of having their sins washed away.




We have done several evangelistic feeding events in this area. In the past I have written reports about how well the gospel had been received and about the powerful, miraculous things God has done to confirm the preaching of the gospel to these people. Here’s another report.

In a small village close to the city of Haridwar there lived an old man. His wife and some other family members had recently become believers and followers of Christ at an evangelistic meeting sponsored by Feeding Events India. The old man was the patriarch of his family and had been sick. His wife knew her husband did not have long to live, so she and Ranjit, her new pastor, had been praying that God would provide an opportunity for him to hear about Jesus and believe in him before he died. God heard their prayers.

When she learned that we were having a gospel/feeding event in her village she asked her husband to please come and find out why she made the decision to follow Jesus Christ rather than the many gods of Hinduism. He agreed to go with her and she called her pastor Ranjt to let him know, but the day of the event her husband died in his bed without ever hearing the gospel of Christ. She was heartbroken knowing he would not be in heaven.

Simon was on the way to the village, about two hours out, when he received a call from Pastor Ranjit telling him what had happened. Simon is very sensitive to the fact that most of the families in these remote farming villages have never had an opportunity to learn about Jesus. They have never been told what God’s Son did on the cross for them.

For hundreds of generations the old man’s family had worshiped many Hindu gods, just like everyone in his village. When someone gets sick they go to their local priest to be prayed for in the name of his favorite god or goddess. They take money, fruit and food as offerings to the gods and pay the priest to pray for them. All this is to no avail, because these gods can do nothing to help them. However, the families are afraid not to go to village priest because he might instead place a curse on the family, in the name of his favorite god. In the USA we have little knowledge or experience with demonic curses, but they are very common in India and are used by priests to control families.

After hearing what happened, Simon told Ranjit and the woman to pray over the man in the name Jesus, asking that God to restore his life so he could hear the gospel. Little did they know they were stepping into God’s plan for this man.

At first they were reluctant, but out of respect for Simon they returned and started praying just as they had been instructed and God was listening.

Then the wife prayed in Jesus name for her husband to come back to life and for some reason poured a little cool water into his mouth. As she did he immediately began licking his lips and sat up in his bed. Unlike the Hindu gods, the all-powerful God who created the universe heard their prayers and restored this man back to life, because they had enough faith to pray for him in the name of Jesus Christ.

By the next day the whole village had heard what happened. Many came by to see for themselves that the old man really had come back to life. They were asking, “How can this be?” “We know this man was sick and that he died.” Some were saying, “This is not possible.” But they could not deny the fact that the man who was dead was now sitting on his bed talking to them. The old man’s wife and family steadfastly told everyone he came back to life because he had been prayed for in name of Jesus, the Son of the one true God. The whole village was stirred up and excited.

Even though very weak the man went to hear Simon preach the gospel and on the second night repented of his sin of worshiping false gods and accepted Jesus as the Son of God and his Savior. Then, a short time after returning home, he suddenly died again, but this time the family rejoiced because they knew he went to his new home in heaven.

The whole village was stirred with wonder and amazement that this man had come back to life when prayed for in the name of Jesus. Jesus, had done something their Hindu gods could not do and they wanted to know more about him. Ranjit and Simon are planning another gospel event for the village very soon. It would not surprise me if the whole village decided to place their trust in God’s Son. Please pray for these people, that they will all believe in the name of Jesus and be born again into his kingdom.

Report by Bill & Sammye Willis (Elijah Challenge Board Member)
Founders, Feeding Events India
October 2015

Elijah Challenge Reports from North India



Fourteen believers refuse to return to Hinduism despite expulsion

“In October 2015 we reported on this situation at 3 new believing families forcefully expelled from village by Hindus. As of today (November 26, 2015) they are in another village staying in the home of a new believer.

In front of the district magistracy these fourteen believers acknowledged that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, declaring that they were not forced by anyone to do so. Last Sunday there was a Hindu group from their “Ho” tribe which held a large meeting. They called the fourteen who had accepted the Christ. Some of the leaders counseled them to return to Hinduism. But praise God they boldly declared that they had received Jesus Christ and real life in Him, and there was no turning back for them.

The police said that the villagers back home are not in a good mood and therefore it would not be a good idea for them to return to their village. It will take some time to solve the situation after which they can return to the village.”

Reports from TEC Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena




Pastors & evangelists in Kurtumgarh train with The Elijah Challenge

In Kurtumgarh we conducted The Elijah Challenge Training in a children’s home. Our Brother Rabindra invited pastors, evangelists, believers, and even a few Hindus with infirmities to attend. The Lord healed many infirm people during the course of the Training.



For three years a woman named Sunial was not able to see properly. At night she could not see anything, and during the day her eyes would tear. She had been taking various medications prescribed by doctors. At The Elijah Challenge Training she was miraculously healed. She testified (below) that her eyes were fine and that she could see clearly.



A grandmother, Sakuntala, suffered from severe back pain and was unable to bend her back. As a result she was not only unable to do any housework, she could not do any work outside on the farm. Since the family is very poor they could not afford medical treatment from a doctor or go to a hospital. But the Lord healed her miraculously at the Training.



A gentleman named Daniel had suffered much from gastric pain and headache for a long time. The stomach pain was severe and constant throughout the day. He had taken allopathic and ayurvedic medicine for months but they did not work. He was healed instantly from the pain in both areas of his body.



A woman, Surabhi, had pain in the lower part of her stomach for three months. She was thinking that something had lodged in her stomach with the heaviness she felt there. The pain disappeared miraculously in the name of Jesus, and she felt lighter in her body as the heaviness lifted. 



For three years an older man named Philip had been suffering from chest pain on one side due to a fall outside in the field. The Lord healed him completely as we ministered to him.



An older woman named Namita suffered much from a migraine. Being very poor she could not even afford medicine or painkillers. Praise the Lord Jesus touched her and she was healed. 




-December 2015



Jesus film2

Showing of Jesus film confirmed by miracles draws Hindus to Christ

The Elijah Challenge was hosted by Rev. Amit Malik and the New Creation Task for India in Delhi which oversees 510 house churches and over 200 leaders in North India, including Punjab. At this event we trained some of their important leaders. Below is the  New Creation location in Delhi where The Elijah Challenge Training was held for the leaders.


The woman in the middle of the photo above had had a tumor in her stomach for six years, and was ministered to during a training session by believers. Afterwards she was examined by her doctor who could no longer find the tumor in her stomach.

This woman trained at the Event in Delhi later cast out a demon from her mother at a distance over her mobile phone

Following the Training, the Jesus film was shown outside in a public alleyway on a Friday evening. In the film Jesus is shown performing miraculous healings as evidence that He is the promised Messiah, and of course going to the cross to bear our sins and then rising from the dead on the third day.





After the film that evening, those with infirmities received ministry by the trained servants of God in the name of Jesus Christ. The ensuing miracles would be the evidence to those present that our Father in heaven is the only true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him.


Account of the miracles that took place that Friday night after the Jesus movie…



Our newly-trained pastor from Punjab, Ram Narayan, ministered healing to a boy who had been disabled for 2 years and unable to understand his parents. The mother testified that his son was healed.


The man at left was healed from a stomach problem


The young man’s hearing was restored


Sister Krishna testified that her poor eyesight was restored by 95%



Above & below: those who were healed came to church the following Sunday




Above & below: people suffering in their bodies experienced their pains leave in Jesus’ name


A man who came to see the movie had been suffering from mental problems and depression. He felt peace as he watched the Jesus movie and afterwards wanted to give his life to Christ. He came up for prayer to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

 A young girl of about 5 years of age was deaf and mute. During the time of ministry her hearing and speech were miraculously restored, and she could repeat after us in perfect English the words “Hallelujah” and “Jesus loves me.” Her mother was a Hindu.
A pastor who had been present during The Elijah Challenge Training had a cyst/tumor on his neck, and was ministered to in Jesus’ name. The cyst/tumor on his neck drastically shrank within moments. 
A man who prepared our food for the Training Event had metal plates in his jaw and felt chronic pain. He felt the pain leave in Jesus’ name.
A Hindu woman was healed from lower belly pain.
We ministered to many who had fevers, and to others who needed strength and help for their studies.

The Aftermath…

Amit was invited to preach at a crusade where the gospel was preached, the sick were healed and people were set free from the power of the devil with the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus.





Then in the evening Amit and his trained pastors showed the Jesus film. After the film the Lord Jesus once again confirmed the gospel with miraculous healings, and approximately 200 people accepted Jesus.



Then on the second day of the Crusade, unbelievers with infirmities were healed in Jesus’ name as trained believers ministered to them with power and authority.


New Creation ministry to slum children in Delhi