Scam artist Mark repents and is miraculously healed by Jesus Christ

“I hope my testimony will not bore you. My name is Mark, I was a scam artist. I had boys working under me and I was considered a boss or “Chairman“ because of my scamming ideas and scam innovations.

I was big to the point that people older than me in the scam business surrendered to my ideas and became subordinate to me because each time they had problems with getting money from a client, when I stepped in my ideas would definitely get the client paying up—to their utmost surprise.

My encounter with Christ was strange. I met a pastor who ministered to me about Jesus and since then, I have not been the same. I started thinking differently; I was converted. I started fellowshipping with Christians and I was afraid of doing anything bad. I couldn’t talk to my paying clients anymore. I would panic and feeling like losing my breath each time I wanted to call them to ask for money. Someone said the Holy Spirit was restricting me.

But the scamming job was my only source of income. I am a young man with a wife and three beautiful children. I’ve got a family to take care of. All of a sudden, I had a passion to do good. I started up an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) registered and called CAAF ( consolidated African Aged Foundation. My NGO was established to care for the less privileged including the orphans and the oppressed, but more focused on the aged in society.

We give the poor and less privileged elderly ones free food and health care services. But then I became sick. I had a strong, strange heaviness in my chest that usually spread to my head. I tried different hospitals and screening for treatment but the results always indicate that nothing is wrong with me. But I felt this heaviness almost every day. It is strong, strange and very painful. And I experienced it every day.

Because I was broke, I wanted to pick up my scamming ways again. But this time, after calling a client for money, I almost had a heart attack. So I stopped.

I started selling my properties. Everything I had was gone. The worst thing was that the pain on my chest and my head intensified. I knew it was an attack. In this condition my mind would go 360 degrees in one minute, thinking of all the negative things in the world. I would think this and that all at the same time—all negative things. I started thinking that maybe I was under a curse. Another mindset made me believe I had a spiritual sickness or even cancer. I was sad every day, and to top it all off my wife started disrespecting me.

She would talk to me as if she was talking to her house-girl because I could hardly feed them or pay my children’s school fees. I started thinking that my life had come to an end. I even thought about committing suicide. But then I would stop for a moment and remember the word of God that said, “even the lawful captive shall be delivered from the hands of the mighty.” The word of God became my solace and companion. I cried every day because of the pain in my head and chest.

Then I met this ministry, The Elijah Challenge. I had read some testimonies on their website, and I was motivated to contact them for healing.

Before I contacted them, the pain I was feeling began to increase. The night before I heard from them (Elijah Challenge co-workers Sarhonda and Gabriel) I thought I was going to die. But suddenly I received their email asking me to call them.

But strangely before I called them, I was feeling fine. I didn’t feel the heaviness. When I called them, the lady on the phone (Sarhonda) asked me how I was feeling. I told her I was feeling OK that day. She then asked me when did I started feeling well. I was surprised because at that moment I realized that I had started feeling well seven hours earlier. Then Sarhonda told me that her husband Gabriel had prayed over me seven hours before. I realized I had actually been healed at that moment exactly seven hours earlier in the day.

I am now HEALED. The heaviness and pain in the head and chest have now disappeared for the first time in two years. GLORY BE TO GOD.”

Sarhonda and Gabriel are also known as “Shar” and “Teddy.”

Reports from Teddy & Shar



Manly & Junko

“We are seeing cancer healed miraculously on a consistent basis”

A little over a year ago, we had a lady on Ishigaki Island who needed prayer as she had been diagnosed as having breast cancer by the doctors.  After we prayed over her, and when she went back to the doctors, she was informed that she was healed and no longer had cancer.

Several weeks ago during our monthly trip to minister on Ishigaki Island, a friend of ours brought her sister, who wasn’t a believer and who was very worried because she had a large cancerous tumor on her left side and she had been experiencing pain in her body.  She had an appointment and was on her way to a hospital on the main island of Okinawa in a few days to be updated on her condition.

After we ministered to her, she experienced a lot of heat in her body and she exclaimed that she felt something happening in her body and thanked us for the prayer. [Note: we believe this is a manifestation of the Lord’s healing power (“dunamis”) which Jesus felt going out from him to heal the woman with the bleeding in Mark 5:30.]

Three days later she came to our home on Okinawa, having come from the hospital, with her sister and with a very big smile exclaimed that there was no cancer and the tumor was gone. Praise the Lord!

“God is still in the work of healing and has demonstrated there is no distance with Him.”

On the 18th of June 2015, we received an email from Pastor T. in Oregon:

“My Dear Ones, My Only Blood Grand Daughter, Mandi, has been smitten with a very virulent type of cancer. She makes her own living, and…your prayers are much needed and appreciated.“

So I checked on the internet and got the following.

“Mandi T., R.D., CDE – Caring for kids with cancer. Mandi lives in AZ and has a serious problem. Mandi was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer 3 months ago at age 34.  It was caught early so everyone is hopeful, but there is still chemo, surgery, and radiation to go. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Chemotherapy began with Cytoxan and Adriamycin and now continues with Taxol.  Mandi is doing her best to get through chemo, continuing to try to work full-time when she is exhausted and not feeling well from the many side effects of chemo. Still, she has missed a lot of work. Unfortunately, her numerous medical and chemotherapy appointments have exhausted all of her paid time off and FLEX medical account, so when she is too sick to work or has chemo appointments she doesn’t have any income.  Her insurance deductible is high, and not all her medical expenses go toward the deductible. Mandi’s paychecks are decreasing, her medical and prescription costs are increasing and she still has a long way to go.  

She has eight more weeks of chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiation before emerging from this nightmare….

We ministered to Mandi with the Lord’s authority

So once again, we notified our prayer warriors and prayed over Mandi, commanding the cancer to leave and for her body to be well in the name of Jesus Christ. We then received this email on Saturday the 27th of June.

“Hello Dear Manly and Junko. Today they performed an MRI for Mandi on the cancer tumor, and it is gone. AND A BIG CYST on her ovary is also gone. Oh, how we give praise to your Beautiful People, and you two Precious Friends, (loved ones) in Jesus, for Real Prayer of Faith.”

God is still into the healing work and has demonstrated there is no distance with Him.  Praise the Lord!

We are seeing people healed miraculously from cancer on a consistent basis, and rejoice in His promises.

Your fellow warriors and servants in Christ,

Manly and Junko Slough
(Elijah Challenge-trained Missionaries in Japan)


Las Vegas

Las Vegas Resort Manager miraculously healed by tourists in Jesus’ name

An awesome married couple Sarhonda (Shar) and Gabriel (Teddy) came into my work to tour our resort while in Las Vegas.  

Toward the end of the tour Shar asked me, “do you have any ailments?”  I said, “yes I have had a bad back for the past 45 years, cartilage in my shoulders that I can crunch on demand, and Type 2 diabetes.”

She said, “my husband and I minister healing through Jesus Christ.”

Since I am a follower of Jesus I said, “Awesome. I have been seeking a church that will lay on hands for real—and not for show or dough—if you know what I mean.”

“I have been seeking a church that will lay on hands for real—and not for show or dough—if you know what I mean.”

Shar and Gabriel prayed over me three times while laying on hands on me and rebuking all my ailments in Jesus’ name.  I felt a burning in my back and shoulders.  She asked how I felt and I said that I can still feel it some.  Then they ministered a second time.  My spine felt like it was wrapped in a white cover.  My shoulders felt warm down to the top part of my arms.  My posture straightened up. After the second round I could no longer crunch my cartilage—to this day.  The next day I noticed in the kitchen that my height and eyes when facing the microwave were “taller” than before.  

I’m going to have to watch the diabetes and monitor the improvement. 

I feel like I’m 27—not 57—with a new vision and empowered energy toward a new future keeping God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit first in every part of my life until my last earthly breath.

My prayers go to Sarhonda and Gabriel for coming into my life.  

Keep up the work.  Some will say “no” and shun you.  Dust them off and move on—just as Jesus told his disciples.  If a city rejects you, dust off your feet and move on to the next city.

We need earthly contacts and communion with others as well as saints to win the battle on earth. “Where two or three are gathered there am I also.” Amen!

– by John R. in Las Vegas
June 28, 2015


Sarhonda & Teddy lead Eternities Tour
and now host Elijah Challenge Training Events


Reports from Teddy & Shar




TEC-trained disciple in California witnessed 300+ divine healings in 2 years

“Thank you for sending me updates regularly including the most recent testimonies from here and abroad.  I enjoy reading or watching videos about testimonies from your former students.  Not only that, The Elijah Challenge ministry also gives me both encouragement and equips me with tools to also minister healing everywhere I go.  Since I started ministering to the sick or injured 2 years ago, I’ve witnessed over 300 hundred healings already at grocery stores, neighborhood parks, bus stops, malls, churches, etc.  Yes, I commanded, as Jesus modeled, the infirmities and pain to leave in His name!

I’m excited to share with you that your teachings matured me in just few short months.  Currently, I’ve been asked to train a group of 30+ plus people in a city just a few miles north of Los Angeles.  I’ve never had any public speaking experience but with the Lord’s help, I made it through.  Just like your infancy evangelism outreach experience in Indonesia, I stepped out in faith.  Of course, I was scared but when the group saw the power of God, they were encouraged and are willing to learn more.  As I write this email to you, I had the opportunity to teach about healing twice already with that group.  I’ve busy but busy and joyful with amazement!

…but your teachings at The Elijah Challenge are more simple, to the point, and well-organized

There are hundreds of other fellow believers on YouTube doing the healing ministry but your teachings at The Elijah Challenge are more simple, to the point, and well-organized.  Because of that, I prefer to teach healing through your materials.  I know that I need to learn more and experience a lot more hands-on training but your materials will make the journey smoother.

I’m so grateful for your faithfulness.  I plan to spend my summer with evangelism – applying everything myself which I will also learn from the materials that I will teach the group.

With much appreciation,



cervical stenosis

Powerful healing over the telephone brings Angela to Jesus as her Lord

“Angela was diagnosed with cervical stenosis of the spine a few years ago. She was scheduled for her surgery on May 4 to correct this problem. The only possible treatment for her problem was surgery, and even then it was not certain her problem would be taken care of. She was concerned that after the surgery she might be paralyzed, and besides that her insurance had lapsed. So she decided not to have the surgery.

Her symptoms were many. She had cramps and muscle spasms throughout her back. She had nerve pain in her hips and buttocks. Moreover, she had worn out the cartilage in her left knee. The pain level was a 9 out of 10 overall throughout her body, with 10 being the worst.

I had met Angela over the phone while on the job and so had never met her before. While I was talking to her she told me that she was in pain. I asked if I could minister to her after work, and she said yes. So I called her after work and ministered to her, commanding the cervical stenosis to leave in Jesus’ name along with all the other problems associated with the disease. I commanded cartilage to come into her left knee in name of Jesus.

“She gave her life to the Lord that day because of the miracle…”

At that point Angela said that she felt warmness in her body, and she was shaking. She said all of the pain had left completely. She could not feel any more stiffness or pain in her spine. It had been completely restored by the Lord.

I had her test her healing by walking around. She said that normally when she walked there would be clicking in her bones. But the clicking had gone, and it was no longer painful to walk. I was curious and asked her if she felt something being inserted into her knee. She said no, but she felt warmness everywhere.

After that I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and she said “yes.” She gave her life to the Lord that day because of the miracle the Lord had done as I ministered to her over the phone in Jesus’ name.

Angela said she will be going to the doctor this week to get it checked out, and she will let me know.”

Sarhonda Brown of Chicago hosts Elijah Challenge Training Events along with her husband Dr. Gabriel Murphy
May 2015



Tom M

Preaching the gospel & healing the sick (cf. Luke 10:9) in the open-air in America

“We [my wife, son, daughter, and I] conducted an evangelistic outreach event at the Friday After Five Music event in Cumberland Maryland.  The evening started with a huge rain storm complete with thunder, lighting and very heavy rain.  Our entire family stood on the back porch of our house and took turns rebuking the storm over Cumberland in Jesus name.  We did this several times but the storm had only lessened slightly, but in spite of this the Lord impressed us to show faith and go to Cumberland anyway.  Being obedient we got in our van and headed to Cumberland, and as expected, when we arrived the storm had passed.  We had just set up our sign when a slight rain starting coming down again, so we again rebuked that rain in Jesus name and the storm stopped almost immediately.  Praise the Lord!

Tom Molskow is the founder of  Evangelism Beyond All Borders

We distributed many tracts, spoke to many people about the Lord, and prayed healing over three people.  We shared the grace of the Gospel with David, an older man who had recently lost his fiancé and stated he “no longer believed in God”, and Gene, a backslidden Christian who had been raised in a legalist church and had never really heard the true Gospel.  Praise the Lord! We prayed healing over several people including Randy, a young man with a heart problem and Gene, an older man also with a heart condition, and also Allen who had back problems. Randy, who had a pacemaker, fell onto the ground for some reason as we prayed over him. He said he felt good afterwards, but that he could not be certain he was healed because due to his pacemaker he normally felt “pretty good” anyway. Gene, the older man with a heart condition, would undergo frequent bouts of dizziness and constant pain. But after we prayed over him he said that the pain was gone, and that he felt “really good.” So everyone reported feeling better, that their pain was gone, and that they would test their healing over the next few days. We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to meet and talk with so many interesting people in Cumberland tonight, to share the Gospel with Light and Fire, and for the Grace and Love of His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.” May 2015 Tom & his children trained with The Elijah Challenge in Chicago

Miraculous healings in Canada with Elijah Challenge-trained prophet from Trinidad

Rohan Rambally hosted The Elijah Challenge in Trinidad in June 2012
July 2013

Report on June 2012 Elijah Challenge Training in Trinidad

Reports from Rohan Rambally of Trinidad


On July 16, 2013, Rohan wrote us and Pete Cabrera: “Thank you for imparting the Elijah Challenge into my life. This [the results of the event in Canada described below] is the result of your precious seed in my life [planted at The Elijah Challenge Training in June 2012].”

Pastor Wade Bowers and Harvest Time Revival in Ontario, Canada hosted Prophet Rohan Rambally in July 2013. Below is his message of appreciation to Rohan following the event.

“Greetings in Jesus’ Wonderful Name!!!

What a time we had with Prophet Rohan this time around; where do I begin?

First, allow me to give God all the Glory, and for sending prophet Rohan our way!! What a blessing to have prophet Rohan with us.

Where do I begin? Miracles upon miracles took place over these few precious meetings; souls saved; legs “growing out”. (I can watch that a thousand times and still be excited as if it was my first time seeing it.)

This is what I have been preaching and believing for years. I have experienced God’s miracles over the years, but this time Prophet Rohan used by God took it to another level!! PRAISE GOD!! The congregation will never be the same! Hallelujah!! 

Oh yes, gall bladder recreated; knees healed; joints and pain and arthritis delivered and healed;  people coming out of walkers and walking again; ears healed from deafness. On and on, miracles after miracles. What a time we had in God’s Presence during the meetings. God is and will be doing awesome miracles in the days and months to come.

The congregation doubted at first—an honest doubt, never having seen this before—but when they saw the miracles and healings it lifted their faith to an higher level in God!! We are still praising God!! These are definitely the days of signs and wonders. And just imagine that God used a Trini to work through—that’s a miracle right there.

Thank you, Prophet Rohan, for obeying God in spite of setbacks and sacrificing. You have been, and will always be a blessing. Stay sweet before the Lord as we continue to pray for you and the ministry.”

Because of Calvary,

– Pastor Wade and Grace and Harvest Time Revival
Ontario, Canada


Pastor on dialysis could FEEL the Lord’s healing power at work in his body

Houston, Texas

May 2013

The Elijah Challenge in North America

We taught The Elijah Challenge to a small group of called disciples who had gathered from Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio for the Union Baptist Association Equipping Institute. During the course of the Training, we had the disciples lay hands on those with infirmities to confirm the Scripture-based teaching. Every single person who received ministry testified that the Lord had healed them. Some with infirmities were healed by the Lord even before anyone laid hands on them.

Among the participants were four servants of God.

1.  Daryll pastors a newly planted congregation in the Sunnyside area of Houston and was our host for the Training. He received The Elijah Challenge Training very enthusiastically, and we are confident that the Lord will be using him to heal the sick and cast out demons very powerfully.

Daryll is also on dialysis and is awaiting a kidney transplant. But as he was ministered, he actually felt the Lord’s healing power—like electricity—at work in his body and on his kidneys. We are confident there will be a dramatic turnaround in the results of his next medical examination.

We believe that the double portion of the spirit of Elijah will come upon Daryll, enabling him to preach repentance and holiness with great boldness. As with Elijah at Mt. Carmel, may the Lord send the fire of miraculous healing in Daryll’s ministry to confirm his preaching of holiness—and to bring the backslidden and corrupt leaders in his area back to the Lord in repentance.

2. Brenda Yu
is a China-born public school teacher based in Dallas. She drove the 5 hours down to Houston to attend the Training, making it the third time she has sat through it. There is a strong calling on her life for service to the kingdom of God, especially in China. Later this month she will go to China on a mission trip to teach.

3. Libin
is a young, sharp, India-born servant of God who serves in Missions at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, a Houston megachurch. We hope that the Lord will enable him to use The Elijah Challenge Training in the many missions and outreaches sponsored by Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

4. Roy Eby
is a former Special Forces officer and newly-ordained minister of the gospel based at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Last summer the Air Force issued a document forbidding the sharing of the gospel within its ranks. One recent document authored for the Air Force by an anti-Christian atheist even likened believers sharing their faith to terrorists. Roy does not intend to obey any policy which outlaws the sharing of the gospel at the Air Force Base.


The gospel is preached, the sick are healed in Katy, Texas

Katy, Texas
March 16, 2013

Reports from Sue & Rosemary in Katy, Texas

On a Saturday in March 2013  trained Houston disciples reached out with the gospel in a park in Katy, Texas, a suburb west of Houston. The Lord’s grace was very evident. Here is the report we received from Sister Sue who is one of the leaders of the Katy Outreach:

“God provided an absolutely beautiful day for the Gospel message to be spoken!  

We were united with many other brothers and sisters as we prayed over, commanded, and fed many people and spoke the message of Jesus Christ. 

We had one boy come up and accept Christ and Kurt Simms led him in accepting Christ as his Savior. His mother came over and talked to us about what a blessing this was because the young people today are falling away and her son was among them. She teared up as she spoke of this miracle that we were in the park that day. 

Another man had knee problems and was healed from the pain. A woman with high blood pressure was truly touched as her tears showed as we commanded the blood pressure to subside. 

Another man had diabetes and the men ministered to him. Another man had bi-polar. Two men went and ministered to him.

Another amazing God thing happened. Dennis Green brought the Elijah Challenge sign. Some couples had come to the park for a picnic. They asked me ‘Are William & Lucille here?’  They were from The Encourager Church in Houston and said they were trained believers!  They even joined in ministering to James!  

Many others were spoken to and healed, but these are the ones that I know about. 

The day was glorious as the breeze blew and the worship band sang praises to our King!  

So much more to be told, but this was a portion of the day.”

From outreach co-leader 

“We had an awesome time in the park yesterday! It was so encouraging to see believers so excited doing the Lord’s work.  I am amazed at how he brings us together.   People were going out gathering people at the park to come hear Kurt and the band and have hot dogs.  They were also sharing the gospel with people around the park. 
People were drawn in by the band too.  You could hear Ossy and the band all across the park.  I had some ladies who lived near the park come over because they heard the band.  They were excited about what we were doing. 
There was a lady who kept walking by and checking us out.  I finally went to talk to her and she was brought to tears by what we were doing seeing Christians at work.  I invited her to sit with us and several ladies just kept loving on her.  She stayed with us most of the afternoon.  She cried the whole time.  I know God was touching her. 
We also had a couple sitting with us just praising the Lord with us.  They didn’t speak English, but you could tell they knew the Lord.   I know many seeds were planted and healings took place about which Sue has shared.  We were all excited and very encouraged.  To God be the glory!

Restoration in the Last Days
The Lord is restoring the Church everywhere—both in the Third Word as well as in the “post-Christian” West—in order for us to fulfill the Great Commission before the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

The sick healed and the poor fed in Katy, Texas

Katy, Texas
January 12, 2013

The Elijah Challenge in North America 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, just wanted to fill you in on our outreach in Katy yesterday.  We met at La Madeleine and headed over to Old Katy to the area where a lot of Hispanics stand around looking for work.  We set up tables and invited them to come over.  We asked if anyone needed healing, and there were several who were healed in the Name of Jesus as we ministered to them.  We also handed out water and bags of food.  God is so good and provides everything you need.  We were able to minister to these men because one of them spoke English and could translate for us.

Here are some of the reports:

        • Left leg pain gone
        • Stomach & back pain gone
        • Back pain gone
        • Right eye from 50% to 100% restoration of sight
        • Left foot pain improved with statement of faith that the foot will heal 100% throughout the course of day
        • Right shoulder injury from car impact injury – pain reduced and range of motion improved

I think it was also awesome how God brought us together with all different gifts and we each have something to give.  It is neat to see how the Body of Christ is brought together! 

We all were so encouraged and excited to see God working thru us!  Some were asking when we would be back and we plan to go back the 9th of February and bring more food and supplies if needed.  We are also planning to bring Spanish tracks next time so we can share the Gospel with them.

I am so encouraged and excited to go out with Brothers and Sisters in Christ and DO what he is calling us to do!

Here are two Youtube videos posted of our time in Old Katy.

You can see Rosemary, Brian, Joe and Jim in this video:

Here is one more video of the same day: