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“The doctors…agreed there would be little option but to amputate…his leg”

“I am ministering today to a man named Angelo who received Christ at Whitmore Square recently. Now hospitalised with severe pain in his leg doctors are looking to amputate. I am visiting Angelo today, fasting, believing God to cast out this spirit of infirmity and set him free. It is interesting the last time I visited this hospital (many years ago) a woman was raised up from life support. I go confident not in my own strength but in His power and authority.”

“Carol (on holidays from work) offered to join me at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today to pray for Angelo. We arrived in the ward to find him in severe pain in his right leg, so much so his eyes were red and watering. (Two years ago he had been involved in a motorbike accident, trying to avoid hitting a child who had wandered on to the road). He has had no pain relief, although just before we arrived the nurse gave Angelo one tablet. By the time we started praying it hadn’t taken effect.

The doctors had a conference this morning and agreed there would be little option but to amputate right at the very top of his leg. No chance of prosthetics.

We tool authority in Jesus’ Name over pain and sickness and commanded healing to come. After the first time he thought something was happening. After the second time he was amazed…the pain had completely gone! He was overwhelmed. His eyes cleared up and was able to sit up on his bed which he was unable to do previously.

Carol and I encouraged him to try to stand but he was unable, so we prayed again. We left him at that point after giving thanks together and leaving him a pocket New Testament.

Angelo was so encouraged and says he is not going to let them amputate his leg now. We are believing for more breakthroughs to come. It was a great experience and so encouraging to see God at work in this new believer’s life.”

Richard Hawke, Adelaide, Elijah Challenge South Australia
April 19, 2017




A Blast from the Past in Indonesia: the Word of God is ALIVE!

On the last day of March 2017 we received a wonderful blast from the past. Thirty years before that in 1987 after we had served as missionaries in Indonesia for nearly nine years, the Indonesian government expelled us from the country and we returned to the USA. At that time we left a brother named A Bak in charge of the ministry; we had led A Bak to the Lord in 1980 and discipled him. Brother A Bak and his wife had several children. One was a very cute little girl named Sury.

Brother A Bak and his wife A Bak So (ca. 1985)
Sury’s little friends being taught in our house church (ca.1981)
That was in 1987…thirty years ago when we left Indonesia.
Over the years of course, we did not lose touch with Brother A Bak and the believers we had been forced to leave behind. The seed of the living Word of God had indeed be planted in good soil, and it grew and grew and spread and bore much good fruit over the years.
But out of the blue on that final day of March 2017 we received an email from someone named Harta. He identified himself as the husband of Sury, A Bak’s little girl. Harta shared that he used to be an atheist, and was educated in Singapore and the UK. But somehow came to know the Lord Jesus. Today he is serving the Lord with Sury, the “little girl” we remembered from way back when.
Here’s what Harta shared with us in his email:
“We set up this ministry (named “Joseph Ministry”) in 2013, Sury and I. We have our vision to re-charge the young generation youth to serve God as early as they can. We hold Revival Services and concerts in places where people will not go. We also have our Joseph Ministry Youth Branches in East Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan (Borneo), Surabaya (second largest city in Indonesia) and Jakarta where our youth have a meeting once every 2 months. They will go to the orphanage, old folks home, prison etc.”
See in the video below how the Lord is now using Harta and Sury—the little girl whose parents and family we brought to the Lord 37 years ago.

The seed of the Word of God is indeed ALIVE! 
Now that the work of The Elijah Challenge in India is established and bearing much fruit, we are going to set our sights back on Indonesia—the fourth most populous country in the world with more Muslims than any other nation. In addition to India where the fastest-growing ministry in India is now co-laboring with us, we will now seek to do the same in Indonesia where Elijah Challenge-trained servants of God already have a fruitful track record reaching Muslims. 
Brother A Bak (right) and his wife seated at front (2017)

Miracle healings & God’s love at New Age Festival in North Hollywood

“Recently we had the opportunity to minister to eighteen people at a New Age Festival in Northern Hollywood, California. Our goal was that each of the participants we ministered to would experience a tangible demonstration of the Father’s love, and by that demonstration a seed would be planted, and then through our brochures and follow-up, to continue to preach the Gospel to them. As with our previous experiences, the Father did way more than we could have ever asked or expected!

Many were healed! When we commanded healing in the power and authority of Jesus, we saw people healed of pain in their hips, wrists, neck, arms, teeth, lower intestines, feet, lower back, spine, chest and more. All we ministered to in this way quickly confessed the tell tale signs of healing – heat in the afflicted part of their body and the immediate disappearance of pain and symptoms related to their conditions.

Perhaps most amazingly – one skeptical young woman who, because of multiple sclerosis had multiple lesions on her spine and brain, was healed – Praise God! Because the lesions were causing numbness in her arms, legs and face, she immediately began to feel “pins and needles” sensations all over her body – Thank You Jesus! Even thirty minutes after ministering to her she walked by our table again and proclaimed with joy – “I’m still feeling pins and needles!”

Many were touched by love! Many cried tears of joy as the touch of God’s love connected with their heart. We laid hands one very hurt, very bitter older man who had began our session by cursing God. We laid hands on him and asked the Holy Spirit to touch him in a tangible way, and He did! The man said “OK, now that was different, I definitely felt something when you laid hands on me, I felt something, like a spiritual shift, like I was being lifted up”. This bitter and hurt man later cried tears of remorse as the Holy Spirit’s love touched him deeply – Praise God!

Many received visions and words of knowledge as we ministered to them in our prophetic gifting – Praise God! One person received a vision and word that so touched him that, like the woman at the well, he told all of his friends and several of them then came to receive a similar blessing – Praise God!.

We are honored and humbled to serve the Father in this ministry of love to the New Age community!

We ask that you pray for the salvation of each and everyone touched by the Fathers love at this recent New Age Festival.

We thank God for The Elijah Challenge which taught us how to minister healing in the power and authority of the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – Praise God!”

Tom Molskow
Senior Evangelist, Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries

Earlier outreach in 2017: the LOVE and MIRACULOUS HEALING POWER of God manifest at New Age Festival in California




Infirm women touched by Jesus Christ; run on stage and around sanctuary


Philadelphia 100% Life Church in Santos, Brazil, led by nationally-known hand surgeon Dr. Tomas Soderberg, has a very vibrant ministry to believers as well as to the lost. During their hi-tech Sunday service the sanctuary was filled up to the balcony with excited and expectant worshipers of Jesus Christ.

We told them that we were not there to teach them how to receive God’s blessing but how to give—not to teach them how to receive healing from Him, but rather how to minister miraculous healing to the lost as evidence to the world that Jesus Christ is in fact the Messiah.

After introducing The Elijah Challenge Training to the congregation, we announced that we would demonstrate what was just taught. In John 14:11-12 Jesus promised that believers would do the miraculous works that he did as evidence to the world that he was in fact the Son of God.

Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing… (John 14:11-12)

We asked if there was anyone present with a heart condition. Immediately a woman wearing a green dress in the second row raised her hand. We called to come forward up to the stage.

She had suffered from heart attacks, had undergone surgeries and was scheduled for another one. My wife and I laid hands on her and commanded her heart to be healed and restored in Jesus’ name. Afterwards we asked how she felt, and she responded that she felt very good indeed. Then we told to take off her short-heeled sandals and to run around the sanctuary. She complied.



The sister descended from the stage and took off running to the back of the auditorium, then across to the other side of the sanctuary. Returning back to the front still running she had her arms up in the air in triumph and praise to the Lord. After she climbed back up the stairs to the stage we asked her how she felt. She said she felt fine and not out of breath at all, acknowledging that even when walking she would normally have to stop even few steps just to catch her breath. The congregation gave loud praise to God for what they had just witnessed.

Then another woman in her late fifties with a litany of physical complaints in her entire body—fibromyalgia to name just one that we could remember—came forward slowly and up to the stage with a definite limp. We asked for four sisters in the congregation to come up to minister healing to her. They laid hands on her wherever she said she had a problem, and as we led them they exercised authority over her infirmities rebuking them and commanding healing in Jesus’ name. Then we told her to walk. She took off not walking but running across the stage, turning left to skip up the steps to the higher level of the stage. She then turned left again and ran back in our direction, down to our level of the stage, and then back down to floor level from where she ran back to her seat near the back of the sanctuary. The congregation erupted in praise to the Lord whose name had just performed great miracles before His people as evidence that He is the Son of the Living God.


Four sisters laying hands on woman at center right

We invited the people to join us for The Elijah Challenge Training which would continue on the following evening, which was Monday. Many in the crowd raised their hands enthusiastically indicating they would be there to learn how to heal the sick as Jesus did as evidence to the world that He is the Messiah. The following evening more people came than we saw at the Sunday morning worship service the day before. Never before in a church have we seen more people on a Monday night (see photos below) than in the Sunday morning worship service!

At right the former Chief of Police of Sao Paulo (retired)


Testimony received following Monday evening session

“My own grandma was healed on the second session on Monday evening, she couldn’t walk without a walking stick and knee compressor but she left the church walking freely and without pain on her knee and in her heart. To testify that she was healed she came back on Tuesday evening without the walking stick and knee compressor. She was really happy with what happened to her and her attitude toward the Word has changed drastically—since now she wants to study the Word and share it with the people around her. …My grandmother’s heart is doing really fine, she actually stopped taking her medicine.”

The one who ministered to this grandmother was her own granddaughter Isabela.

Many more people were miraculously healed of their infirmities as the believers ministered to them with power and authority on Monday evening as well as at the final Tuesday evening session. At the end of the final session they were challenged to take this power and authority over infirmities to the streets, to the beach, and from house-to-house as evidence to the world that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the very Son of the Living God.

In the aftermath of the Training…

About a week later we heard from Isabela again: “On Friday [after the Training] while we were sharing the gospel at the mall, I exercised the power and authority that Jesus gave us and I was able to share the Good News of Jesus with one lady, She was healed from back pain, we shared why she needed Jesus and explained that He is The Only Way, then she confessed Him as her only Savior and asked that God write her name in the Book of Life. After that she showed us that she had a surgery on her forearm and that it would sometimes swell up and tingle. We commanded the tingling to leave in Jesus’ name, and it left her. We were really happy and encouraged.”

We were encouraged to hear that the believers we trained were already applying what they had learned for the purpose of proclaiming the kingdom of God to the lost.

Report from February-March 2017 Mission Trip to Brazil


A former Miss Santos (center & below) leads worship at Philadelphia 100% Life Church in the city of Santos


Senior Pastor Dr. Tomas Soderberg, M.D. translating for us
(Dr. Soderberg, an expert hand surgeon, operates the largest clinic in Latin America)




God’s love & healing power manifest at New Age Festival in California

“Recently we had the opportunity to minister to twenty people at a New Age Festival in California. Our goal was only that each of the participants we ministered to would experience a tangible demonstration of the Father’s love, and by that demonstration a seed would be planted, but the Father did way more than we could have ever expected!
Many were touched by love! Many cried tears of joy as the touch of God’s love connected with their heart.  Some of the people we ministered to were depressed, experiencing grief, or fearful, but each felt a lifting of their spirits as the love of God wash over them as we prayed for the Holy Spirit to immerse them in love.
Many were healed! When we commanded healing in the power and authority of Jesus, we saw people healed of pain in their lower intestines, feet, lower back, spine, chest and more – Praise God! All we ministered to in this way quickly confessed the tell tale signs of healing – heat in the afflicted part of their body and the immediate disappearance of pain and symptoms related to their conditions.
Many were set free! We saw demons flee as we pronounced deliverance over those who were demonically tormented – Praise God! One person described a demonic attack that included a demon entering her body. In the power and authority of Jesus we cast out that demon, as well as several others we encountered in other people we ministered to.
We are honored and humbled to serve the Father in this ministry of love to the New Age community! We ask that you pray for the salvation of each and everyone touched by the Father’s love at this recent New Age Festival.
We praise God for The Elijah Challenge, which was so instrumental in helping us form this ministry to those caught up in the New Age!”
Tom Molskow
President of Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries
March 2017

Pastor who trained with TEC reports: “People in wheelchairs were healed”

From February 24th through the 26th in 2017 The Elijah Challenge Training was given to pastors and leaders from various churches in the cities of Ponta Grossa and Curitiba and their surrounding areas in the state of Paraná, Brazil. In the Training they were equipped from the gospels and Acts to heal the sick as Jesus’ early disciples did in Acts as they proclaimed the gospel to the known world.



Deaf ear could hear

Toward the end of each session, people with infirmities were invited forward to be prayed over in Jesus’ name as had just be taught. One woman came forward who was completely deaf in her right ear due to an injury she had suffered as a child. A woman pastor stepped forward to minister healing to her with the Lord’s power and authority. The Lord began to restore her hearing in front of everyone. After three or four times of ministry during which her hearing progressively improved, she testified that she could hear well.



Pastors minister healing at a distance (Luke 7) during session

At the final training session on Sunday morning we had the pastors come forward with their mobile phones to minister healing at a distance to people with infirmities who were not physically present. Our Lord Jesus had done this in Luke 7 when he ministered healing to the servant of the centurion from a distance using authority alone. In John 14:12 the Lord had promised that believers would do the works that He did.

After each pastor called and had the person needing healing on the line, they commanded healing over them in Jesus’ name with authority. The Lord’s healing power was in such a way manifest in those needing healing, and each testified over the phone that they were either healed or experienced a marked difference in their condition. One woman who was actually blind had her sight restored in such a way.


Our host Pastor Claudemir de Mattos (center) of the Jerusalem Evangelical Church in Ponta Grossa

During the main Sunday evening service of our host church, many more people were miraculously healed as the trained servants of God ministered to them with the laying on of hands and authority. One woman testified that she could no longer feel the tumor which she had on her breast.

The miraculous healings that evening were the evidence that the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is the One True God who created the heavens and the earth, and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.


People in wheelchairs were healed and cancer disappeared

At the Sunday evening service of another pastor who had just attended the Training that weekend, we were told that people in wheelchairs were healed and that cancer had disappeared. Several other pastors who had attended the Training also sent testimonies of miraculous healings which had just taken place in their own ministries.

On March 4 the following month, Pastor Claudemir wrote us: …”after the seminar, several ministers called me saying they put into practice what had been taught by you and your wife, and dozens of miraculous healings took place and continue to take place…a wonderful thing has happened.”

“…após o seminario, varios pastores me ligaram dizendo que colocaram em prática o que foi ensinado por você e tua esposa, o ocorreu dezenas de curas e continua acontecendo, coisa maravilhosa o que tem acontecido.”

Report from Reviva Comunidade Cristã in Curitiba

On March 15 the following month we received the following from Pastor Walter of Relive Christian Community of Curitiba who had attended the Training:

“Bom dia, meus irmãos em Cristo. A ministração em Ponta Grossa nos trouxe muita luz e já estamos praticando e multiplicando. Sejam abençoados!” 

Google translation: “The ministry in Ponta Grossa has brought us a lot of light and [we] are already practicing and multiplying [it]. Be blessed!”

Our hosts are now planning much wider Training Events and Visitation of God Events in Ponta Grossa and Curitiba for August 2017. The overwhelmingly primary purpose of the Training is to equip God’s people to preach the gospel with power as it was in Acts and to fulfill the Great Commission during these Last Days.




Brazil: The Lord continued to heal the sick after people returned home from Gospel Event

Infirm women in Brazil run on stage and around sanctuary after being touched by the Lord




God continued to heal the sick after people returned home from Gospel Event

In the state of Minas Gerais bordering Sao Paulo State in Brazil The Elijah Challenge was taught in the industrial city of Betim where the economy is centered around a Fiat auto assembly plant. 
During one evening we were taken to a rural area outside of town where a daughter church of our host New Jerusalem Baptist Church had been planted. After preaching from 1 Kings 18 where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and from John 14:6, I had the trained disciples minister to the infirm with the Lord’s power and authority. The Lord did powerful miracles. To name just two, a boy born with various congenital defects including partial blindness could see following the healing at a distance (as in Luke 7). A woman with a large tumor on her neck and elsewhere could no longer find the tumors after a trained disciple laid hands on her. 
Following all the testimonies many came forward to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. 
Because of the overflow crowd inside the church, people had to gather outside and look through the windows

The next day we heard the report that after the meeting the pastor received call after call after call from people who had attended the meeting and gone home afterwards. They reported that miraculous healings had continued to take place in their homes even after the meeting had ended. At least one family reported that every family member had been miraculously healed by the Lord right there in their home after they returned from the meeting!
February 2017

The Lord’s miraculous healing touch on a dying baby boy named Damien


January 25, 2017

 “Hi my name is Monica and I wanted to ask for prayers for my infant son Damien. He was born with heart problems and had open heart surgery but is having complications. The doctors told us yesterday that is heart has thick muscles and are restricting blood to his body and heart. Please pray for my son.”


January 26

Our Elijah Challenge co-worker Steve Hernandez in Texas began to pray and minister to Damien with the Lord’s power and authority at a distance, staying in contact with Monica by phone. Our co-workers Shar and Teddy Murphy in Chicago later also joined in to minister healing to Damien. Steve shared with us the following narrative…

Friday, February 3

9:15 am – Monica said, “The doctors are giving my baby a couple of days to live. His aorta valve is defective and there is nothing more they can do for him.” I told her that it’s in God hands, so let’s keep believing, hoping, trusting, and ministering to him in Jesus’ name. I ministered to Monica for a few minutes to nourish her spirit and to give her strength to keep going. Then we prayed and had Monica lay hands on Damien’s chest.

8:00 pm – Monica said, “Damien is still fighting for his life. The doctors did not think he would make it through the day or to this late at night. My baby is still fighting.”

Saturday, February 4

10:40 am – Damien is still hanging in there, they can’t believe he is still fighting. We talked, and then ministered to Damien. Monica is holding up very well in the Lord; her faith is strong. All Glory to God!

9:00 pm – Monica says “So far so good.” I’m praying over him and declaring him healed. At this point Monica’s faith is growing and she is learning well. I told her Damien knows her touch and voice so I told her to keep whispering in his ear loving words and laying hands on him for security.  All glory to God!

Sunday 8:19 pm, February 5

Monica says, “Damien is still going strong, stable, and good.” The tone in her voice tells me she is very confident, and believes that Damien will be healed. She also said, “I keep praising God, and He gave me these words: “No fear!” It’s awesome that she is being led by the Holy Spirit. All Glory to God!

She will text me this morning and then we will pray again. Monica has been born again for sure and growing in faith and learning to minister to Damien with power and authority. She is believing and trusting in our Lord. It is such a blessing to be a part of Monica and Damien’s lives. I will continue to pray and minister until Damien is sent back home, whatever it takes…I’ll be here for them. All glory to God in Jesus name, Amen!

Monday, February 6

I talked to Monica earlier and she said that the doctors are amazed at his consistent progress. We prayed again and I ministered to her and Damien. She believes and trusts the Lord for Damien’s healing.

Tuesday noon, February 7

Monica texted, “I’m with Damien. He had a great night and is still going strong. He will be released this evening to go home and will be under hospice care. She also said that he is having lots of pain caused by the valve in his aorta. I asked her how is his overall appearance now compared to last Friday on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being pain-free. She said that he is at an 8. Glory to God! So let’s keep praying and “saying the word” as Jesus did in Luke 7:7. Baby Damien is a true fighter, and will soon recover.

Wednesday, February 8

I just talked to Monica and prayed over Damien. She said he is smiling and moving around like a healthy baby. They have decided to send him home this Friday. She said that there are so many people touched by his recovery. Glory to God in Jesus’ name! 

Her whole family has changed in a wonderful way. Doctors and nurses are saying, “how can this be?” She tells them it’s God’s miraculous healing! 

She said that tomorrow will be the seventh day since the doctors told her that there was nothing they could do for him. We both started crying and praising and glorifying God in Jesus’ name. The doctors and nurses are amazed at how he is still going and they do not understand how he could be doing so well.


For the time being Damien will be at home under hospice care where a nurse will check him once every two weeks


February 16

The nurse who came this week could not believe his recovery. Damien’s mom Monica is waiting for an appointment to be scheduled with the cardiologist to perform tests and check his status. She will let us know when it’s scheduled and we can continue to pray for complete healing.

February 28 following tests by cardiologist
“Damien had been with major health issues since his birth on October 17, 2016, almost 18 weeks as of today. His family has been waiting for this day of heavenly news following tests just done on him by his cardiologist.

1) The heart ejection fraction (the “squeeze”) has always been very low. NOW it’s at a normal stage!

2) Damien used to have attacks due to his heart rate dropping to low. NOW it’s been a few weeks since that has happened!

3) The cardiologist expected to find the inner walls of Damien’s heart damaged. NOW the inner walls show no damage!

4) The oxygen level in his blood was 80% to 85%—too low. NOW the oxygen level is 100%!

5) His blood pressure numbers were upside-down with the top number low and the bottom number high. NOW his blood pressure is normal and very good.

6) But there still remains some fluid in his lungs, and because of that they will check Damien in another two weeks. NOW we know what to do—continue to pray over him with authority in Jesus name. Amen!”




Christ’s power & authority to heal manifest during and after Training Event



Pastor miraculously healed of hiatal hernia symptoms  

January 31, 2017 – “Part of my desire to attend the January 27-28 Elijah Challenge Training was that I was experiencing what I think was a hiatal hernia. Now, it was not officially diagnosed by a doctor, but the symptoms seemed similar to what we read. Beginning last Monday or Tuesday, it was a feeling of slight discomfort, basically to the right of, as well as below, my heart. It seemed to be a feeling of gas or “rolling” about twice a minute. Not pain, just discomfort. As the week went on, it got progressively worse. Never sharp pain, but awareness that something wasn’t right. Went to my Primary Care Physician on Thursday, who did an EKG (which was fine) and ordered an x-ray to check for a hiatal hernia. Since it’s part of the stomach muscle seeping up through the diaphragm, an x-ray would not necessarily pick it up. I had the x-ray Friday, and the results on Monday were “clear”/inconclusive. Friday night woke up with pain and a definite feeling that something was wrong in my upper left stomach. 

I went to The Elijah Challenge Training, and had Tom and Roger pray over me during one of the breaks. Felt like it got a little better, but after three rounds I was content with it feeling better than it had been even though, it was not completely gone. Saturday night woke up at 3 am with the worst pain yet (probably a 6-7 on a scale of 10, not incapacitating but enough to hinder good sleep).

Tom was part of the group I met at Keaton’s Sunday afternoon. As he and Roger were heading out first, I was standing by the door, and he quickly asked me how I was feeling. I kind of shrugged my shoulders, admitting it didn’t feel well. He laid his hand on me as he was practically walking out the door and just said, “Jesus heals you.” Part of me thinks I felt a tingling as he did so, though that may have just been me just really wanting a tangible feeling. At that moment it didn’t strike me that was any instantaneous change. As the afternoon went on I didn’t notice anything, since Sue and I were busy ministering. But that evening as I went to bed, I noticed there was no discomfort at all. Monday morning it felt fine too; I barely anything noticeable other than a few rumbles every so often. As the day went on I felt completely fine. Today I felt like it was starting to come back, but I rebuked it and commanded healing in Jesus’ name, and I haven’t felt anywhere near the pain and discomfort I had last week. I’m taking it by faith that Jesus healed it through Tom’s hand Sunday afternoon.”

February 1 – “Did some core exercises this morning and feel fine!”

February 2 – “Yes, I’m believing that it’s healed. Not entirely sure it was a hernia, but it definitely seemed to fit the symptoms and was noticeably painful Saturday night. Did some running and sit-ups today, plus the core exercises yesterday—and feel great.”

February 8 – “Everything still feels fine, no pain.”

Woman miraculously set free from severe fear and anxiety attacks

“Mona” had been experiencing severe and prolonged attacks of fear and anxiety ever since her recent stay at a hotel. During one of the Training Sessions, disciples present ministered to her with the Lord’s authority.

February 1 – “Yes, I have been much better I am able to sleep well and I have not experienced any anxiety since Saturday, January 28. I feel good and I also have a feeling of strength…my fear has gone! Thank you for praying for me and all that you are doing in God’s name; it truly is wonderful.”

February 9 – “I have felt wonderful, like I have been released from a stronghold. Nothing since then [the Training] has been able to penetrate back in—and believe me there is so much going on in my life where it has tried. I feel like I have a shield over me and nothing can attack me anymore.”

Healing at a distance between Texas and Seattle (as Jesus did in Luke 7)

Accompanying another sister in Christ, Rebekah had come to the Training from Seattle up in the Northwest. Her mother back in Seattle had been suffering from a mysterious ailment. Even after exhaustive tests, doctors had been unable to diagnose her condition which caused painful swelling in her hands and feet. During one of our Training sessions, Rebekah came to the front with her mobile phone with her mother on the line. Then we led Rebekah in speaking to her mother over her phone with authority in Jesus’ name. At that moment her mother physically felt the Lord’s healing power at work in her hands and feet. The pain and swelling began to subside, and movement was being restored to her hands and feet. Each time we ministered to her, she physically felt the Lord’s power at work healing her hands and feet.

After Rebekah returned home to Seattle, we received the following testimony from her teammate:

February 1 – “I thought you might enjoy hearing what Rebekah’s mother told us when we got home. She said that when she would rebuke the infirmity with authority [as we taught her to do], she would hear everyone’s voices again and power and heat would pass through her like it did when she was on the phone with us during the Training last week. So amazing!”

Ministering miraculous healing—door to door and at a distance—to Muslims

On Sunday afternoon following the Training we sent some of the newly-trained believers to an apartment complex where over 90% of the residents are Muslims. The following are two testimonies from that outreach. 

“We met at approximately 11:00 AM with some other trained believers where we decided to split up and go door-to-door. Prior to this we had spoken to Kenneth [not his real name], who could not attend but left great instructions.

As with the other groups we did run into some rejection, but with the people we did minister to the outcomes were awesome. One of the more noticeable was a young woman who had a sick parent residing in Pakistan. The others had made contact but moved to the apartment next door. When I saw her come back to the door, I greeted her (As-salāmu alaykum)  and asked if she needed prayer. She indicated that she had a sick mother and we began to pray for her mother. As she watched on Face-Time using an IPad, her mot her began to cry because the pain in her body was leaving and she exclaimed that she felt the presence of God (Allah) entering into her body. The lady at the door was very joyous and began to weep, through her tears she thanked us, and we prayed over the entire family before we moved on. (Kenneth will follow up on this woman.)

In retrospect, the street ministry is a great way to demonstrate the power of God. I do believe that your teaching is helping all of us move into uncharted waters that will yield much good fruit. Thank you so much for your teaching and encouragement.”

Another testimony from that Sunday afternoon:

“There were about 14 or so of us gathered at Kenneth’s apartment. We prayed and were led in cultural ways before heading out two by two. Nathan and I paired up and Kenneth took us to a specific area of his complex. As we knocked on doors we were pleasantly received by each one that opened their doors. Most were very hospitable. Some did not answer their door, and others were eating or other business. 

Four highlights:

  1. The first person that needed healing was a “huge mountain.” This family was from Africa (Congo). A young man with shivered legs and mentally handicapped since he was 15. We commanded healing over him a few times. We asked his brother to translate since he didn’t speak English or understand us. The brother told us that he said he felt much better and happier when we prayed over him. He was still in pain but lessened. We blessed their household in the name of Jesus (“Isa”). 
  1. The second lady that we had the opportunity to minister to was sick. She had fever and congestion. We asked if we could come in and pray over her and bless her household. She welcomed us into her home. I laid hands on her and Nathan also commended healing over her in Jesus’ name. After the first time, we asked how she felt. She took a deep breath and was amazed that she could breathe!  Her congestion had left. Then we rebuked the fever and it went down as well. We told her that it was in the name of Jesus and that he had healed her. Nathan presented the gospel. We then asked if she would like to accept Jesus as her Savior. She said YES!  We prayed together with her as she accepted Jesus!  Praise God for all of this!
  1. We were welcomed into another Muslim home with a lady having fever and sore throat. She said her husband was sick also, but not home. She said that another person came to her and told her about Jesus. We laid hands on her and commanded in Jesus name. After doing this three times, she did feel a little better.  I told her that she will be completely healed very soon. We prayed blessing over her and her household in the name of Jesus. 
  1. The last household we knocked on was the household with a man and his two daughters. He was so welcoming and we had a conversation about where he was from (Pakistan) and he has been here about one year. He said he is a cardiologist in Pakistan and hopes to one day practice here also. After asking if he needed healing for any health issues, he said no and he felt fine. After the Lord gave me a word, I asked how his knees were feeling. He admitted that his left knee hurt as well as lower back pain. Nathan immediately asked if we could pray over his back and we did. The first time, he said it felt 50% better. The second time it was gone!  Nathan told him the gospel message and we asked him if he would want to accept Jesus as his Savior. He said he believed in Jesus as well as Mohammad and that Christianity and Islam are all the same. He said that is what he teaches his daughters also. At this time (after a long discussion), we decided it was time to move on. We prayed blessing over his him and his household. 

Brother Kenneth will be doing follow up. He did know a few of these people already. Seeds were planted and others watered, people were healed, and even one accepted Jesus!”




Jim Hathaway faces mocker like Elijah faced the prophets of Baal at Mt. Carmel

Canadian Jim Hathaway trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008

I am amazed at how much God cares about the non-believer. During the week we were invited to a home for lunch. There were about a dozen relatives of the host missionary’s home in Santa Fe. After lunch a brave young man in his early 20’s challenged the pastors that were there. He declared that he understood the Gospel and knows if he were to die he would go to Hell. He was kind of mocking us. I believe this was true of all the young folks there. His question was “Could any of us ‘pastors’ give a real definition of what is a “Real Christian”? I am thinking, this is just what Elijah was challenged with. This guy needs to see the power of God!!

I shared the Gospel, talked about repentance and the need to be Born Again and then simply said that we in the Elijah Challenge ministry believe to prove this message is to heal the sick. “Is there anyone here that needs healing” was my statement. I must admit I was a little nervous but quietly asked God to fill me with Mountain Moving faith! I did declare that without any real visible demonstration of Gods power, Christianity would seem just like any other philosophy AND I said that it is the same God that heals the sick, that forgives our sin!

I asked for volunteers to come for healing and immediately two ladies jumped from the couch. Both had pain for many years throughout their back and shoulders. The family was familiar with their challenges. Ministry was quick and the pain was gone immediately! We all clapped!

Next a young lady (below) came. I noticed that her leg and ankle had many stitches and she could not walk without a limp or pain. She told me that the pain was so bad that the pain killers were of no help. There was no flexibility in her ankle and a metal piece screwed to her leg bone. I ministered 2 times to her leg and foot. The pain was totally gone, flexibility returned and she could put her full weight on her foot! I asked her she was a believer. Her answer was “I AM NOW!!”

Next her husband came forward (below). He was prompted by the “mocker”. I don’t really think he thought he would experience anything. His leg had even more stitches, he had a very bad limp and was in a lot of pain. He also had a metal piece screwed to his leg bone. The healing was immediate! Flexibility returned and the pain was gone! I asked him if he was a believer and his answer was the same as his wife’s: “I AM NOW”!

The background of this young couple

On September 14, 2016 this couple was in a horrible car accident. The young husband had to do “CPR” on his wife to keep her alive! The car (photo below) was totaled. It was almost 2 months to the day that our “paths” crossed in this home in Santa Fe. I believed that God had spared their lives so that they would not just hear the Gospel but experience his love and power from our God that sent His Son Jesus to prove to them HOW MUCH HE LOVES THEM!

Without this actual visible experience I don’t believe that this young couple would have been convinced that our God is the same that heals the sick and forgives our sins through his son Jesus! Same outcome as Elijah! Not sure about the young mocker. I did not see him again.