Newly-appointed Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Manila witnesses many miraculous healings and trains others

Reports from Albert Kang

West Malaysia
October 2014

“Greetings from Bukit Rahman Putra.  We have just returned from a very exciting time of ministry at Vineyard Church and Word of Life Church in Johor Bahru (West Malaysia). In three days, we had a total of six meetings and services. Many were healed in the mighty name of Jesus.  Many elderly with arthritis were healed and walked normally. People with frozen shoulders were healed. They could swing their arms without much effort. One highlight was that a mute had both his ears opened.  Then he began to learn how to talk. God is so so good to us. We are always thrilled by the way He moves and blesses all who come by faith!

Another good news is that Rev. Rick Alay is willing to be our Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Manila.  Back in 2009, when he first heard Grace and me saying that disciples could heal in the name of Jesus, he was not that sure about the idea. At that time, apart from being the Senior Pastor of FAOGC-(First Assembly Of God Church) in Agono, Rizal, Philippines, he was also the President of Assemblies of God School of Ministry (AGSOM).  It was only in 2010, when he invited us to teach The Elijah Challenge in his school that he became thoroughly convinced that the Lord has given His disciples power and authority to heal the infirm and cast out demons in His name. During the seminars in two campuses, Pastor Rick saw firsthand, many spectacular healing miracles among his students – just as the Scriptures has said. He was never the same again.

With great enthusiasm, Pastor Rick began to practice what he had observed and learned. Miracle after miracle became a part of his ministry. He was then invited by his fellow pastors to share The Elijah Challenge in their churches.  Even his denomination is asking him to teach The Elijah Challenge in their combined pastoral leadership training.  We appointed Pastor Rick as the Coordinator of Manila, because we wanted to encourage him to continue to be the catalyst in challenging many Filipino pastors and their churches in Manila and beyond to step up onto a higher height in their End-time Evangelism, accompanied by great signs and wonders.”


Above: Miracles happened in Pastor Rick’s ministry

Pastor Rick Alay explaining about healing miracles

Miracles happened in Pastor Rick’s ministry

Miracles happened in Pastor Rick’s ministry

AGSOM – Explaining about laying of hands

Pastor Albert with Pastor Rick and his wife

Bible School Students Getting Ready For Healing Ministry

A Student healed of her infirmity at AGSOM

Miracles happened in Pastor Rick’s ministry

Bible School Students Getting Ready For Healing Ministry

Miracles happened in Pastor Rick’s ministry

Pastor Albert and Pastor Rick at FAOGC

Brother Tee Joo Tatt appointed as Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Nepal

Pastor Albert Kang, Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator based in Malaysia, has appointed Brother Tee Joo Tatt to coordinate the Elijah Challenge in Nepal so as to encourage more Nepalese churches to minister in healing.

Brother Tee speaks and preaches in Nepalese. He runs a Nepalese ministry in Malaysia. He goes to Nepal every year to teach The Elijah Challenge and has been doing so since he was trained in 2006 in The Elijah Challenge Training Event at Full Gospel Tabernacle with Pastor Eu Hong Seng in Kuala Lumpur.

Since then he has been teaching The Elijah Challenge humbly and quietly both in Nepal and among the Nepalese working in Malaysia. The healing results have been phenomenal. 

Elijah Challenge Coordinator has witnessed several thousand miraculous healings since training in 2005

Reports from Albert Kang

Number of People Healed in 9 Years since 2005

Rev Albert Kang, The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia, trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2005

“Some years we most probably reached 1,000 people healed annually when we ministered in Bangladesh and the Philippines. Healing rallies and crusades tend to give us a high number of healing testimonies. We figure that every year, generally, out of so many seminars, an average of 500 (to 1,000 plus) people were healed every year.

So, during these nine years, we figure it should be around the region of 5,000 to 7,000 people miraculously healed.”

-August 2014 Report

Ph.D.-qualified scientist from top 10 university accepts the supernatural at Elijah Challenge event in Perth

Pastor Albert Kang of Malaysia is the Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator 

April 2014 Report

Reports from Albert Kang

We just returned from Perth, West Australia, and had a wonderful time training the people there. Here is an email that we have received from Dr. Mark Goldstone who is the pastor of Mustard Seed Community Church, which is situated at Unit 7, 83 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale, Perth, West Australia. We had used his church premises and conducted a two-day training organized by Pastor Dywen Luran of The Overcomers Foursquare Church. Here is the email:

Dear Pastor Albert and Grace.

I want to thank you for the time that you spent with us over the previous week.  We gained much by association with Dywen through your ministry and God’s hand is clearly on the things that have been happening.


To re-iterate, the following people within our Church have seen either complete healing or a marked improvement in their symptoms.

1.  Sandie – my wife.  She is a medical doctor who has been struggling with a “frozen shoulder” for over two year.  She has used all conventional medical means apart from surgery and has also used a number of non-conventional techniques.  None have worked.  However, following our initial meeting on Thursday she reports that her shoulder is no longer stuck and that the pain has diminished to the point that we confidently expect full recovery.

2. Geoff – Geoff is a licensed minister who has nevertheless struggled with a “bad” back for many years.  I say “bad” back because Geoff has undergone multiple surgery and his back has been reinforced with multiple titanium pins and plates.  In spite of this he has been in incredible pain for a long time.  On Sundayhe reported a significant reduction in pain following the healing service which has persisted until now.  We will repeat the healing process on Sunday, however for this person, the reduction in pain is nothing short of miraculous even if the pain has not fully gone.
3. Richard – Richard is another long term bad back sufferer who is now pain free.
4.  Lydia – my daughter. Lydia had a viral infection that led to her being hospitalised two weeks ago.  Following discharge she has continued to have horrible headaches and dizziness, which has hindered her ability to study as a Christian counsellor at Tabor College.  Since the healing service her headaches and dizziness have gone away.
5.  Stephen – We have been waiting for Steve to make a commitment to Christ for over a year.  He has been attending, with his wife and although he clearly prays and worships he has so far avoided any commitment.  On Sunday this changed and he made a commitment.  Heaven rejoices!  Steve is a degree qualified Geologist.

As you know I am a PhD qualified scientist with three separate science degrees – two of them from a world top ten university, so I am not easily fooled.   There was no emotionalism with your message and the approach appears to be both rational and Bible based – no one was forced to say they were better when they were not and there were an awful lot of surprised faces.  That is; they had come forward expecting nothing and were surprised when their symptoms disappeared!

Mark Goldstone (Dr).

Dr. Mark commanding healing upon his wife, Dr. Sandie





Healed Through Facebook Private Messages in Malaysia


Albert Kang


Reports from Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Albert Kang


On 5th September 2013, a brother in Malaysia sent a private Facebook message requesting healing “prayer” for his uncle. 
“My dear friend, my FATHER’S younger brother has a kidney problem and has been admitted  to  TENGKU AMPUAN RAHIMAH Klang Hospital. Please pray for him……GOD WILL DO A MIRACLE FOR HIM…..AMEN!!!!!!!!!! ADMIT AT WARD 8B.”
This is our response. We did not pray but commanded healing upon this brother’s uncle.
“In the name of Jesus, we command Bro Thomas’s uncle to be healed. We command his kidneys to respond to the healing touch of Jesus. We speak to the bodily systems and command them to function according to God’s plan. In the name of Jesus, be healed!”
On 17 November 2013, we finally received a confirmation of the miracle by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
“Pastor, I want to say something about the power of Jesus! My uncle is ok now .. Jesus really did a miracle in his life; now my uncle is going to church and now he believes in our Father God and Jesus… Pastor, please share this testimony with your church. We are from Malaysia, Shah Alam.. Thank you so much for you and your church members… and also thank you, Father… for giving life to my uncle.”

Participants at Haggai Seminar in Malaysia Healed


October 2013


Pastor Albert Kang is Coordinator for Elijah Challenge Asia and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also an Instructor for the Haggai Institute. 

“During a break at the Haggai Seminar in Ipoh, Malaysia, a few participants asked for healing. A brother was healed of his back ailment as I laid hands on him. A sister with pain in her abdomen and back was being ministered to by a group of lady participants who were willing to exercise their mountain-moving faith. As they took heed of my instruction, they commanded the pain to go instead of praying. They applied the Kingly Authority of the Lord and this sister was completely healed in a couple of commands.

Another sister, who had attended one of our Elijah Challenge training seminars before, complained that her knee pain had returned. She was healed during the seminar but somehow it came back later. She had not been able to get rid of it since in spite of commanding with eager fervor. 

I explained that often times when when we try to minister healing to our own bodies using authority in Jesus’ name, there may be a degree of doubt that the healing will take place. This little seed of doubt can affect the healing result. It may be more effective if we ask another trained believer to command the pain to go on our behalf. 

[Editor’s note: While the practice of ministering healing to one’s own body in not found in the New Testament, the believer’s authority over disease and demons in the context of proclaiming the kingdom of God is taught in Luke 9:1-2. Ministering healing to oneself can therefore be considered a “side benefit.”]

I asked her to lay hands on her painful knees while I commanded the pain to leave those knees. The sister was healed instantly and even got up to skip around. What we learn from this is that when our faith is weak, we need to find one or two more fellow believers to add to our faith… and the miracle can happen.”



Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge in Myanmar

October 2013 report from Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator, Pastor Albert Kang, who with his wife Grace is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They returned to Malaysia from their first mission trip to Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia formerly known as Burma. Brother Albert also teaches for Haggai Institute in Malaysia. Here is his report:

“Aroma Church in Myanmar is only six months old. It serves as a Bible School and also a church. There are five students attending this six-month Bible program. Pastor Jacob Thang Hen Vel is the founding pastor with a vision for the people of Myanmar. The 36-year old minister was one of the Haggai participants who attended my Communication class recently. From 27th September to 7th October 2013, Grace and I were invited to minister in Myanmar by this young pastor. His church was small but we felt the presence of the Lord. The hall had only two electric fans and so perspiration was the order of the four-day seminar. Every day, from 10:30 AM till past 3:00 PM, the Lord confirmed his Words with miracles. 


Pastor healed on the first day

For four days, the faithful group came to learn. Miracles began to happen even on the very first day. A middle-aged pastor testified that he was praying for his painful back to be healed for four years. He could not understand why nothing happened. He had faith to believe but yet he was not healed. Only when he came to the Elijah Challenge training that he realized that he was had mistaken the Biblical way of healing. He should not simply pray but apply the authority and power of the Lord to heal. He was thrilled after some of the participants laid hands on him and he was completely healed. During the time of his testimony, he was bending his back and felt absolutely no pain. A brother was relieved of pain and discomfort on his right shoulder and neck. A Bible School student was healed of her back pain and also pain in the abdomen. A lady pastor had her sore throat healed too.

On the second day, a middle-aged sister was wonderfully healed of her frozen shoulder. She touched her formerly painful shoulder and was thrilled that the pain was gone. She vigorously moved her arm and finally she raised both hands to the Lord in total victory over her pain. A man and his wife came specifically for healing of his breathing condition. Through interpretation provided by Pastor Jacob, we deciphered that he most probably suffered from asthma. At that moment, behind the smiling face, there were glimpses of discomfort as he caught his breath in between sentences. His wife was full of faith and she laid hands on him. Other participants also joined in the commands for healing and as expected, the brother immediately felt relief in his breathing. This time, the smile was wider and he exclaimed that he was completely healed.

My wife Grace taught two sessions on the third day. An evangelist joined our training and he had a bad pain for a long time. The trained believers were quick to respond to his needs. They laid hands and in three rounds of commands, this minister was completely healed. He bowed low to test his back and then stood up straight in reserved surprise written on his face because there was no more pain.


Paralyzed grandmother healed at a distance

On the fourth day, Grace and I taught the participants how to apply healing-at-a-distance as Jesus did in Luke 7 with the centurion’s servant. One brother faithfully commanded his paralyzed grandmother (who was not present) to be healed. The next day, with subdued joy, he told Pastor Jacob Thang Hen Vel and us that he had just received a call from his family that his grandmother was healed. She had gotten up and walked around the time of his command of faith. 

Wow! What a powerful testimony of what the name of Jesus can do. Praise the Lord! 


Woman with diabetes set free from accompanying pain & numbness

A middle-aged lady came specifically for healing. She had diabetes and the disease had affected her nerves. Her legs were both painful and numb. Many parts of her body was in pain. The sisters who were trained in healing ministry took action and began to command healing. Part by body part, the pain left this lady. Her legs were the final challenge and they seemed to resist healing. However, the faith of the trained believers did not waver. They continued to command and finally, victory. The healed woman was so grateful and testified excitedly. She took my hand and danced because now her legs had no more pain and the soles were no longer numb.


Miraculous healings at very influential Burmese church

On 6th October, 2013, Grace and I were invited to minister at the afternoon service at Grace Assembly of God Church in Yangon, Myanmar. This is a very old and established church. The brothers and sisters there have created great impact among the Burmese people for many years. Many of their pastors and church leaders are well-known evangelists and powerful preachers of God’s Word. We have the privilege of conducting a simple healing service for this wonderful church. As expected, the Lord confirmed His Word with many signs and wonders.

The first group of people healed was mostly ladies. Among them were those with chronic back pain, joint pain, muscular disorders, stomach disorders and problem with normal movements and activities. Every single lady was healed. The men also received healing miracles from the Lord. A man with pain the side of his body and arm raised his hand to thank God for healing him. A leader of the church came up to testify of his painful legs being healed. He even did a two-step in spite wearing a ‘longyi’. Another brother testified of being healed of his painful neck.  

To demonstrate that it wasn’t us or Pastor Jacob who had special healing power, we invited three young men to minister healing to a brother who had a persistent frozen shoulder. The three men were more persistent than the pain and they dutifully ordered the pain to go in the name of Jesus. Within three commands, the pain went off completely. What a powerful God we have.

These were the first healing testimonies of our first mission trip to Myanmar. We are planning more healing mission trips in the near future. As you see these photos, kindly say a prayer for all the servants of God serving so faithfully and tirelessly in the thirsty land of Myanmar.”


Links for the photos on Facebook.



Can the healing power of God be felt?

Albert Kang is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia based in Malaysia
July 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

Someone asks me whether we need to feel the power of God, such as warmness or electrifying sensations, whenever we minister healing. My answer is that some times we do and most time we don’t. 

For example, in a house church in Shanghai, after ministering the whole day, I was very tired. As I rested on a chair, a tall young man approached me for healing. I had seen him seeking healing for his chronic headache from the other trained believers but to no avail. As I was about to stand up to lay my hand on his head, the young man said that he would just bow his head to the level where I could lay my hand . He said that he would be healed that way. What faith he had.

And so I laid my hand on his head as he bowed low. I did not feel anything during the command for his healing. He suddenly raised his head and shouted that the pain was gone. This once again proves that the Holy Spirit’s power can work miracles with or without any intense physical sensation. The Lord honored the pure simple faith of this young man.


Dangerous Heretical Sect in China – “Eastern Lightning”

Albert Kang is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia

July 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

Grace and I were in China and we learned of a popular Christian heretical sect that is spreading like wild fire through more than twenty provinces of China. It is known as “Eastern Lightning” (东 方 闪 电) which now has more than one million followers. It has a whole host of other names such as “Second Savior Sect, Seven Spirits Sect, New Power Lord’s Church, True Light Sect and True Way Sect. This cult was founded in 1989, by a man, Zhao Wei Shan at A Cheng in Hei Long Jiang province. He took on a title “The Powerful One” for himself and later he met a woman named Deng. He then proclaimed that God had revealed himself in the person of this woman and he called her “The Almighty God”. 
This cult teaches that God works in three phases:
Phase 1 – The Era of the Law where God revealed himself as Jehovah. Man failed God because they could not keep the Law.
Phase 2 – The Era of Grace – In this period, God apparently changed his name from Jehovah to Jesus. Man was to believe in Jesus but they failed again because they rejected Jesus.
Phase 3 – The Era of the Kingdom – The name of God is now known as “The Almighty One” and also “The Practical God”.  What this cult advocates is that Jehovah was a Spirit and so he was not tangible. Jesus, even though he came as a man, he had returned to heaven and so his presence is no longer tangible. The only tangible presence of God is not in this woman, “Lightning Deng”. She is the present “God dwells in the flesh” and thus is the female Christ. She is the “Practical God” who will reveal the true nature of God. She has the power to judge the household of God and ultimately to conquer the whole universe. 

Anti-Christ Activities
Since this female-Christ has replaced the Word of God, anyone who follows her is made to denounce Jesus Christ as his Savior. The person must tear up his bible in public and then renounces his allegiance of the church that he comes from. He must proclaim that before he comes to known this female Christ, he was actually a “son of the devil”. He is then  accepted into the sect and become a “victorious one”. This new cultic believer is then allowed to enter the Kingdom which will be established by this female Christ on earth.
This cult especially targets the house churches of China. Their adherents use lewd methods such as sexual seduction and even the use of sexual stimulants to “evangelize”. Once a person joins this heretical sect, it will be difficult for him or her to leave. Threats, violence, kidnapping and even forced confinement are used against adherents who want to leave. The organization has become a secret society and will use violence to achieve their objectives.

Praying vs. commanding: Woman with spur in shoulder healed

Pastor Albert Kang is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia
Malaysia, June 2013 

In a recent healing seminar where I was a participant, I saw two believers praying for this lady who had a painful shoulder because of a bone spur growth there. They were closing their eyes and crying out to the Lord for quite a long time. Nothing happened. 
I intervened and shared with them the biblical approach used by Jesus and the apostles – which is to command the infirmity to go in the name of Jesus. They paused and looked at me because they did not know me. I had to assure them that I am a pastor and is involved in the healing ministry. Then I asked them to keep their eyes open, lay their hands over my hand as I laid hand on the painful shoulder. Instead of praying and asking Jesus to heal, they joined me in rebuking this infirmity with the power and authority given by the Lord (Luke 9:1-2). 
Immediately the lady felt relief. When asked from the scale of 0 (no more pain) to 10 (original pain), how was she feeling, she said it was a ‘two’. The two believers were thrilled that this miracle was happening before their eyes. We joined effort and commanded the pain to go and the shoulder to be healed two more times. The lady was completely healed. She was able to reach her back with that formerly painful arm. She swung the arm, first cautiously and then vigorously. She lifted the arm up and put it down. She did that several times with disbelief in her expression. Smiling widely, she told us that she had no more pain. The two believers and I clapped and gave glory to God. Praise the Lord for giving all of us the ‘power and authority’ to heal the infirm in His name. Glory to God in the highest.