African pastors in Zambia heal the sick powerfully after TEC Training

“Greetings to you both and praises to God for your powerful teaching.  Butch recently had the privilege to teach The Elijah Challenge in a new area of Zambia, Sioma township.  We were invited by Jack and Amber Mututwa with Trail Missions to teach a group of pastors at a retreat they sponsored.  There were about 20 pastors from the surrounding areas in attendance.  Four of the pastors work directly with Trail Missions.  It was an exciting time to see and hear the pastors catch the teaching for The Elijah Challenge.  Following is the testimony from Jack Mututwa, one of the Founders of Trail Missions, as shared with him by his disciples who had just sat under the teaching.”

-Butch & Janet Berner
Light of Africa



Reports from Butch & Janet

“We had 4 pastors last week who did the Elijah Challenge. We sent them to an area called Luyobe to plant a church, and they came back with the following testimonies.

1)  During their door-to-door visits they came across a woman who was completely blind in one eye. They prayed over her and asked her if she could see the people in front of her, and she said she could. Even though it wasn’t super clear, but the fact was that she couldn’t see a thing at all before and now she could see people, images, and trees. Was awesome.

2)  They prayed over a man who had locked heaps(?) and could barely walk. They ministered to him, and then asked to get up and walk. He resisted at first and reached for a walking stick, but the pastors said “no, you are healed, just get up and walk.” And he did get up and walk freely without any pain or a walking stick.

3)   They also prayed over a lady who had bad pain in her entire body. The Lord touched and healed her instantly, all the pains were gone.”

Jack Mututwa 
Founder of Trail Missions


Extraordinary report on Inaugural Event of Elijah Challenge South Africa


October 2013

Reports from Butch & Janet Berner

Well-dressed lady heals homeless man on crutch outside shopping mall after Elijah Challenge Training

The following is the report we received from American missionaries Butch and Janet Berner who taught at the inaugural event of Elijah Challenge South Africa hosted by Dorothy Dekok in October 2013. Butch and Janet themselves hosted The Elijah Challenge Training held in Zambia back in 2005.
We are very grateful to the Lord to have had a small part in what the Lord did that weekend in and through His trained disciples. Here’s what Butch wrote us:
“PRAISE THE LORD from WHOM all blessing flow!!!    We had an amazing time teaching The Elijah Challenge in the Republic of South Africa. We had Friday night teaching and God confirmed His word with healing around 8 of the trainees.  We finished the training on Saturday morning and answered questions trainees had.  We then met around 2:30 for the crusade.  
When we arrived at the hall the few people from Pastor Ben’s church.  We prayed and then left the community hall to do house to house visitation.  All were sent out to heal the sick and be a blessing to those in the nearby community.  Some trainees went out to the street and talked to passer-byes.  One lady came into the center and after being ministered to her she was healed from back, leg and knee pains.  She said she was going to tell others she knew.  
We then divided the 30+ trainees into groups of 3 to go into the township to do house visitation and home blessings.  After 90 minutes we were to meet back at the hall.  The results were 15-20 professions of faith!  Every group saw God’s healing power at work through their using God given authority.  
Thank you so much for connecting us with Three Rivers and Dorothy. We experienced an amazing time with them during the training.  Faith was built, many healed and making professions of faith.  Most importantly, the trainees now know that God wants to use them to grow His Kingdom in their community.  I consider this a victorious training event not because of numbers but because of what God did in the hearts of the trainees AND those they ministered to in their nearby community.  Pastor Ben is so excited to see this gift of knowledge transfer to lives being effected and changed through healing and truth.  
Following is our report….
The group I was a part of prayed for an older woman with arthritis; after ministry she had much more movement and no pain anywhere in her body.  Trainees also prayed for many to have jobs and improved finances. Basically all prayed for whatever the need of the home was.  Many groups prayed for neck, back, leg, headaches etc.  
One particular group found a man in great pain.  He had been in a car wreck recently and his ankle had been broken.  He was laying on the floor enduring great pain.  The team of trained believers helped him the injured man into his bed. The man  kept saying he was in very much pain.  They looked at the ankle but he pointed to his knee.  They moved his pants leg up and his knee was extremely swollen.  While ministering healing to the pain and swelling, his knee went back to normal!  No more swelling! The man cried out, “The pain is gone!!!”   We praise God for this miraculous healing.  
When re-entering the plot for the Community Hall, one of the groups stopped and talked to the lady on guard duty.  They ministered to her neck and back.  God healed her and she started calling others on her phone telling them of the healing power she experienced.  Two other friends of the Guard came from her calls and were also healed.  
People from the community slowly and steadily came for healing.  Trainees would then go out to pray with people in the parking lot, on the playground or as they came in the hall.  God was at work.  It was an amazing time to see so many healed but more importantly to witness those who were healed make a profession of faith.  
During church the next day, testimonies were shared about all God had done.  The Almighty was praised for what HE accomplished through the boldness of the trainees witness.  Testimony was given by the trainees that day.  All of them personally knew God wanted to use them to advance His Kingdom.  Doubt was gone and mountain moving faith began! 
It was a great weekend. I can only say thanks for all your prayer support and intercession.  Prayers for protection were so necessary as there was a fire at a word factory where many of the trainees are employed.  No real damage was done, praise Jesus.  He answered the prayers and more.   
God bless you richly and again, thank you.  We consider it a high honor to have been a part of what God was doing at Three Rivers Church, in the hearts of the trainees and the surrounding community.” 
In His Grace,
Butch & Janet Berner

African pastor trained by Butch Berner has had no illness and no deaths in his churches in nearly ten years

Butch Berner is an Elijah Challenge-trained missionary in Zambia
July 2013

Reports from Butch Berner

Pastor Enock Sikabowa lives in Sekute Village. He is a dear friend and disciple of Butch. Pastor Enok is a kind and patient man who loves God deeply. He serves as a local church leader, overseer of other village churches and a disciple. He recently surprised us with a letter of thanks. We thought you might enjoy reading it too. 


Dear Rev Butch Berner,

 …many members in all the churches we run need me in time of hospitals –ministering to the sick – knowing how they are doing – deaths-encouraging-evangelizing-showing love to them. Teaching them door to door about tithing and now I have started teaching Pastoral Theology – The Life of Jesus and there are 2 groups that need these lessons. 

I appreciate your thoughtfulness on everything you do. May God continue to bless you and wife for your hospitality. I love you and Janet your wife. We always talk about you. Me and my wife. Because without you I would not have managed to do all the work of God alone. You make me keep running a race to the goal. 

You know for village ministries, I always had fear because of witchcraft, [but now] in the name of Jesus I am enjoying God’s work. Because most of the other churches still consult witchdoctors without knowing God. I am happy for the good and spiritual lessons you have continued feeding us. I don’t know how to thank you or how I will, you know Butch? I have stayed almost 10 years now without any illness and no deaths in our churches. 


Blind eyes opened; 250 people healed in Zambia following Elijah Challenge Training

Butch Berner teaches The Elijah Challenge & heads Light of Africa in Zambia
August 2012 

Recently Butch taught The Elijah Challenge to the students attending Overland Missions School for Advance Missions Training.

After the weekend training, they went into the rural area to preach the Gospel. During the few days they were out, they walked between 1 and 2 hours to get to the remote places where they showed the Jesus Film and healed about 250 people. All but two were completely healed, including eyes that were filled with cataracts, and many other pains and problems. 145+ folks made a decision for Christ during this time. We thank God for this mighty teaching of power evangelism! We praise God that Butch was given this opportunity to train and equip others with the Truth.

Following are a few of the testimonies from the students experiences following Butch’s training.

From AMT Student Freida Graber:
And here is a peep into a brief moment of my week.

Friday morning my ministry team walks the 50 minutes to the school to minster to the children. We arrive at the school and all the children are in the classrooms taking tests. The head master steps out and says “I know we said you can minister from 9-10, but can you wait until 10:30? The children are still writing their tests and they need to finish.”

“Sure! No problem!”

So we walk over to the flag pole to talk about what we should do until 10:30. I look over at the road and a group about 10 men were walking, pushing a bicycle with a lady draped over the seat and handlebars “Is she ok?” I ask, and Lena interprets.

“No, she is dizzy and has been vomiting. We are taking her home from the funeral so she can rest.”

“Is it far?” I ask, forgetting that this question is useless in the African bush because nothing is far…ever!

“It is not far, it is just over this hill,” the gentlemen assured us.

 So our whole team follows them over the hill to find her home. We lay her down on a plastic mat where she can be comfortable, and then we pray over her the prayer of authority commanding the sickness to leave her body. We give her water, and upon her request move her into the sun where she can stay warmer because the morning chill was still quite nippy.

As she is resting we turn to the men who are now sitting there waiting to hear what these makua may have to say. After introductions and Jack had shared encouragement with them we ask if they have any questions.

Immediately one of them says, “Yes, I do! I have been wondering about this for a while. Why is it that after the demons have been cast out of someone that they can sometimes come back into this person’s body and possess them again?”

I am grieved in my spirit at this question because this means that he had seen this very thing happen, and I am not OK with this thought! I open my Bible, and asked the Holy Spirit to remind me where to find the scripture of Jesus teaching on this subject. I am amazed when my Bible falls open and immediately I see the verses! Thank you Holy Spirit! “I have the scripture right here in Matthew 12!” I told my new friends, and get up to read it to them. The Holy Spirit reminds me to share my testimony about being delivered from the spirit of fear and nightmares, and how this spirit did come back to visit me, but by the grace of God I knew the authority of Jesus name and I knew I could say NO!

“So, you must always remember that after the demons are sent out and you have asked Jesus to fill your spirit with himself and Holy Spirit this demon can’t find any room in you. We must be sure to encourage those who have been delivered to walk in this freedom that Jesus has given them, and remind them that they too have the authority to say, ‘No, demons, you must go back to hell where you come from, you are not welcome in me again!”

It was such a precious moment to me as I saw the light coming into the eyes of these beautiful people. I was now ok that we were late getting to the school because it meant we were able to see these people ministered to. Several of the gentlemen were healed of various pains, a lady was healed of knee problems, and we left the lady who had been so dizzy resting and feeling much better. We arrived back at the school just as they finished the tests and then had an amazing time ministering to these sweet spirits!”

From Bryan Boling:  “
Africa is the great instructor of flexibility. When you find yourself with failed plans, broken generators, flat tires, dead batteries and a palpable move of God on your hands you have found yourself exactly where you are meant to be. Our expedition was one of long walks, wailing funerals, falls, and praise. Where can these elements be found in harmony but within the Father’s great provision? I tell you this is the only place.

To have witnessed the blind see and the deaf hear, the lame walk and the mute speak is to taste God’s grace. This is my life’s great blessing. The beauty of this blessing is that it is not part and parcel to an individual but a broad stroke of God over all who care to ask. I have walked through the woods and climbed the hills for a conversation with a stranger. Why? Because I have something their soul has been longing for from the moment of their inception. I have the light for their path. I have the truth that creation declares in its very existence. I love them.

Romanticized? I will not argue this. But, how am I to look back upon this season of life but through such a lens? We have witnessed the single most glorious and important instance in the lives of so many, the salvation of their souls. Perhaps this is not the romantic in me but Christ within me that celebrates with a sweet tongue. Yes.”




Miraculous healing in the African bush

By Butch Berner in Zambia

Pastor Enok’s son had killed a snake earlier in the morning and they “saved” it for us to see. Just a few week prior and in the same area, a 12-13 ft. python had been killed on its way to take chickens as prey. This time, less volume but more punch as we found a 7-8 ft. mamba! Like I have said for quite some time, things are bigger and meaner in Africa. This deadly snake can kill a full grown man in 15 minutes or less. We were praising God that we did not meet up with one of these nasty things while out doing visitation!


Very deadly mamba

After seeing the snake and taking these photos, Butch went on to town with his group while my truck load went to Pastor Enok’s to drop off some fuel for his motorcycle. He and his wife, Judith, proudly showed us around their place. Sleeping and storage house, outdoor cooking area, chicken coops, corn crib, etc. In the distance my eye caught hold of a house with new stuccoing on it. Beautifully hand stucco in a variety of colors plaster ever so carefully with the words, “I love Jesus”. When asked who lived there, Judith quickly responded in English, “That is Intuliwe’s house…my daughter in law.” A few of us walked over to have a better look and take a photo opportunity while 3 stayed behind chatting about village life with Pastor Enok.


Intuliwe’s house

What I found when we returned just about broke my heart. 9 year old Christine, Intuliwe’s daughter, was carried out of her house and placed on reed mat. Lying without ability to move, speak, or even lift her head, tears streamed down her face. I asked what had happened as she was considerably worse than the day before when I found her at the clinic with Judith (and prayed for her there believing God would heal her).

Story goes that she started “fitting” (seizures of some kind) and jerking about without being able to converse or explain what was happening. The clinic sent her home because they did not know what to do for her. I offered to take her to the hospital but Pastor Enok informed me that Intuliwe had gone out “to look for money” to take her to Makunka Hospital (which is a very good hospital compared to Livingstone’s medical facilities). We must have prayed and commanded healing to come for some bit of time and then all of felt God saying that was sufficient. So, I brought him some K 30,000 (all I had) in hopes it was enough for a transport to Makunka.

The following day we followed up on her condition only to find that she did not travel to Makunka because she was well, was walking, talking and had regained her appetite. Even today, I asked Pastor Enok again how she was doing…fine, she is just fine.

We praise God for this healing and many others we have witnessed here while doing outreaches, a crusade and during church services. Matthew 10:1 “Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.”

Butch Berner teaches The Elijah Challenge in Zambia; many healed and delivered from demons

 May 2012

It was like herding cats with 11 young college students here with us. We had good Elijah Challenge teachings last week and a successful crusade. I taught about 30 believers each night. The Lord healed three people each of the first two nights. On Friday we had one person healed and two others with spirits that would not leave. The people in the church said they would follow them up since they knew them. 

At the crusade every person who came up for healing manifested after we began exercising authority in Jesus’ name. We took them into a classroom of the school and the team members were troopers.  All but one were healed and delivered—a total of over 30 people.

On Sunday four more were healed of stomach problems and hearing loss. One of my students came to the class on Wednesday, but not again afterwards. When he came back to the class he said that he had used the Lord’s authority to heal a person with a deaf ear and another with back pains. It was a good first in that area!  

We have been under attack as twice in 12 hours a wheel on the truck fell off while we were on the road.  But no one was hurt. On Sunday afternoon I was kicked by a zebra at the hotel by Victoria Falls, but no damage was done.

May 29 Follow up Report

Just an update of what’s been happening since the teaching.  Some of the students of my Bible classes were there and have been using their authority well.  One was called out in the middle of the night to deliver a neighbor’s daughter; she saw him and said “not him.”  But before the night was done she was in her right mind.   Another went out for a lady that was in great pain.  After commanding she was healed of her back and hip pain.  I took the Oral Roberts University team to the village yesterday and sent them out in four groups.  One group went to a hut where two older women were suffering from back, hip and leg pain.  They had to crawl forward before beginning to stand up.  After the team commanded with authority, the ladies began jumping up and down praising God for their healing.   Then they began ministering to their eyes which had grown dim.  They were healed and began praising God for restoring their eyesight.   Another group went to a hut where the lady had a rash all over her body.  After they used their authority, she was healed.  At the next place God healed a lady of her pain, and the daughter prayed to receive Christ.   Another group went where a young girl was demonized. After they commanded and rebuked any strongholds and witchcraft, peace came into the house and she was able to talk with the team. They taught her to remain free by rejecting and not allowing the demon to come back. The others also had God demonstrate His power and love. We praise Him for all His goodness. 


A True Love Story

and an extraordinary miracle!


Butch & Janet Berner teach The Elijah Challenge in Africa
February 12. 2012

By Janet

“I was so excited that I awakened with a list a mile long running through my head. Like Martha, so much to do and so little time to do it in…or so it felt. Joyfully walking to tie up Buddy, our guard dog, and let the little ones out for their morning jaunt, I returned to the house to make my cup of java. Mind you, this is a morning ritual astutely carried out by my beloved husband. Find the coffee, ah yes, there it is, and on with the show of brewing my decadent steaming concoction of morning incentive.

Time was pressing on for in a few hours thirty-seven young girls, precious ones, from Lubasi Orphanage, Lushumo/Dani’s Home, and missionary friends daughters would pass through my front gate. I was thrilled, humbled, grateful, and prayerful for this to have finally have come.

In November, while ministering at Lubasi, one young and beautiful girl came to me with her serious complaint. Seems she had been invited to her extended family’s house for the December school holidays.Anxiously she asked when I would be holding Princess Day this year. To be honest, I hadn’t really thought much about it. I had done this for a couple of years in a row and wanted to host it again this year but had not made plans for it yet. At one point I had considered not even hosting it unsure if this was having any long lasting impact on those who attended.

Memory, my young friend, begged me to wait until she was back. How can you resist a child as precious as she one so needy of God’s Truth regarding her identity in Christ. So, as you expected, I hugged her and told her I would wait for her return.

I began to pray for this day. I wanted it to be as the name implied. As regal as would be fitting for our King’s daughters, fun and holy. How do you fit all that into a simple 3-4 hour day? You pray, at least that is what I did. I prayed for His plan, His peace, His wisdom. I prayed for salvation to come to those who did not know Him as King. I prayed for funds and supplies. I prayed…for what I knew I could not do to the One and Only who can change hearts.

Miracles…coincidences, call them what you may. I personally do not believe anything happens without God’s knowing and without His approval of them for one purpose…to draw us nearer to Him. Enough of that, it belongs in a different exposé.

As some of you remember, I have been facing a series of “accidents”. Dogs legs getting caught under the wheels of moving vehicles, a tsunami of coffee coursed it’s way over my laptop, melting the wires on the microwave (cooking rice in it), plugged in the 110 volt blender (a gift from my niece which I admit I boasted and coveted) to a 220 volt socket, and the hits just kept on coming.

I had a surprise birthday party planned for Butch 2 days before the Princess Day Celebration. That meant I was planning 2 major events 2 days apart from each other. I was tired, had not been sleeping well, and in a hurry with just about everything I was doing that week. Busy cutting chickens into pieces to prepare to braii (BBQ), I managed to slice into my left index finger with the scissors I was using. Blood pulsed from the cut, I screamed, ran to the bathroom and ran cold water over the injured digit. (The cold water tap has a little to no pressure in the kitchen) Butch was right there with me and wanted to use an alcohol swipe on the cut. I took it out from under the water and turned to see what he wanted to do. Memories of my Dad putting iodine on open wounds ran through my mind. Immediately I returned my pulsating wound under the water and yelled, “’NO!” Get the peroxide!”

Faster than St. Nick disappearing up the chimney Butch returned with the necessary peroxide, gauze and a face that told me it was a bigger deal than I originally thought. “Where do you want to go to get stitches?”

Deciding on a doctor here is not an easy thing. There are few whom you would trust and fewer with ready supplies and desired skills to do the job. While waiting for Butch to put the chicken in the refrigerator, I found an ice pack in the freezer and managed to get it on wrapped on my finger. Settling on our destination, we drove down the street. Just before turning the corner into the doctor’s office, Butch reached over, touched my wounded finger. At this point, my finger was pointing up as if I was singing, “This Little Light of Mine”. He began to pray and command my finger to be made well, for all pain to go and for tendons to function as they were created. Agreeing with him in this prayer we were at the doctor’s office.

At this time I was peaceful and calm. I started to peek at the wound but it was stuck to the gauze. So, I just squeezed it and prayed and just sat still until it was our turn to see the doctor. Opening the gauze, there was only blood on the bandage and there was NO blood on the finger. Bending the knuckle slowly and carefully, trying not to reopen the cut was an interesting exercise. I managed to bend it halfway. Then all the way!

A little elevated blood pressure, an antibiotic cream and new plaster strip (band-aid) and we were on the way home. A miracle. A reminder of Who is in control of all things in my life. Boy did I need that! I just didn’t like what it took to remind me of that Truth!

Collecting prizes for the games to be played and gifts of thanks for the girls to attend the party left me short on funds and long on needs. I began to pray for God to help me. To show me what to do. Again, a miracle. Lane’s Chapel had mailed gifts to be distributed to children at Lubasi. That was it. Suddenly in the midst of my very empty jar of oil, I had an abundant supply. Headbands, socks, balls, crayons and coloring books, candy, pencils (thanks to Butch’s Dad)…more than enough.

Bags filled, prizes ready, and games made. Now for the food. Yikes. Giving your best to the least is something I learned from a precious friend some time back. At this point I was hopeful. After all, God had just healed my finger and supplied for my need with gifts. I had found noodles on the reduced table at ShopRite (our grocery store), bought cabbages at the market and buns at the bakery. Meat was still to be purchased. Long story shorter, between the left-over sausage from Butch’s Braii and a few more packs we had another abundant supply.

I have 6 plastic chairs, and additional seating for 7 more. Hmmm…a need met by a local church. We were able to borrow 40 chairs without a fee as long as we could get them back for church on Sunday!

God performed many miracles to get this in place for the girls. Now I prayed for Him to capture their hearts.As I prayed over each chair. I could see the face of a child sitting in it. A child I so badly wanted to know they are a Princess of God when they are born again of King Jesus. I wanted them to know His perfect love that casts out all fear, His hope and His purpose for their lives. Imagine if this is what I wanted for the girls, what Father’s desire must be!

They came. They came late, but they came. We played, learned proper princess etiquette and broke bread together. We read Beth Moore’s, “The King’s Princess” and heard the testimony of two lovely Christian teen girls, daughters of a friend. Now was the time. As a friend said, it was “The crowning moment”. I expected about 5 or 6 girls to stand up. Oh how I doubted God. 30 of the 35 girls stood up. All of the missionary wives, and the two teens who had shared, met them with a smile and a message from their Father. A message of love so deep it changes our inheritance, even our name. As these 30 beautiful Princesses made a profession of faith, I was blown away with His love for me too.

Life doesn’t get better than the simple truth of His love which sets us free. I hope, dear one, you know this Truth. If not beloved, ask Him to reveal the truth of His love to you in a personal way. He will because He is crazy in love with you and desires to tell you so.”


Janet Berner
Missionary with Light of Africa


Butch Berner’s Dramatic Testimony

Butch and his wife Janet first trained with The Elijah Challenge in Zambia in February 2005. Butch was raised in the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA), and is sent to Africa by Encourager Church in Houston. Their ministry is Light of Africa which is based in Zambia.

More reports from Butch | Light of Africa

Before and after Training with The Elijah Challenge

July 14, 2010

When I first met you, I had been crying out to God for something more. I was discipling some local pastors and church leaders in town and pastors in the village. I taught them the Word as I understood it. It was fine but I knew there was more.

I was bound by denominational traditions and teachings. It was not bad or error, it was just restricting and blinding me to some of what the Bible teaches. We had church but not much power or excitement in the meetings. We prayed for people without expecting or seeing much change. One day, while I was teaching passages from Luke 9 and 10:

Luke 9:1 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. …6 So they set out and went from village to village, preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere.

Luke 10:1 After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. …9 Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’

I looked at the pastors and asked if this was happening in their churches. They all said NO. I told them I didn’t see it either.

I went home very discouraged. I knew I was the problem but had no solution. I cried out to God and asked Him to help show me the answer. Two weeks later I met you. When you shared your ministry and The Elijah Challenge teaching, I knew God had answered my prayer. After learning TEC’s teachings and the authority I have as a believer in Christ, my hope was restored.

I now see the miraculous often and teach others to do miracle evangelism. When I visit a church or village and use the authority to heal someone, the people come to listen and receive. The blind see and the lame walk. I have had those I taught raise people out of wheelchairs and heal blind eyes. I have seen churches that choose to use The Elijah Challenge evangelism, double and triple in (attendance) in 6 months. Pastors who use TEC get visits in the night by people from other churches and cults asking to be healed. Some receive Jesus after their healing or deliverance.

I have been asked to go to churches in other countries to teach them their authority using TEC. When God comes to confirm His word, people respond. I had 2 ladies that walked 20 kilometers to attend a meeting to receive healing and God healed them from years of pain. Some churches form miracle evangelism teams while others have started healing services where anyone can come. A few have done nothing and it dies.

Every church that has practiced the TEC method has initially grown and continues to growing.

I was teaching TEC in a rural village in Burkina Faso recently. When the pastor realized it worked and he was being used by God to heal people, he said,”I never believed or expected anything like this!” People were being delivered and others were healed. PTL!

Thank you so much for teaching me!

Butch Berner
Light of Africa

[Note: The “TEC method” is simply how Jesus generally ministered healing and how he taught and commanded his disciples to heal the sick in the gospels when he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God.]

If your missionary organization or missionaries would like to train with The Elijah Challenge, please contact us at [email protected].



Healing the sick on the by-ways & highways of Zambia

Butch Berner, Light of Africa in Zambia
November 6, 2011 

Butch taught The Elijah Challenge at the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church during the first week of November. It was well attended with over 50 trainees each evening. It was so encouraging to see members of the church go out to the highways and by-ways and do evangelism. It is one thing to understand and another to use this method for the Kingdom of God. The reports came back that many who were prayed for had pain and soreness leave. One man who had had a stroke and was paralyzed on the right side of his body was able to move his arms and fingers after he was ministered to.

Pastor Morningstar was so excited to see his sheep begin to do evangelism that he wants to schedule another training to encourage those who did not attend to be trained in this powerful method of evangelism. We are greatly encouraged by this report, especially Butch. Pastor Morningstar is also a student in Butch’s Bible College.

Praise God from whom all mercies flow! 

Butch & Janet Berner


Missionaries Butch and Janet Berner of Light of Africa hosted The Elijah Challenge in Zambia in February 2005

Butch & Janet’s Light of Africa Powerpoint Presentation

Initial Elijah Challenge Training in Zambia in 2005


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The spirit and power of Elijah in South Africa  People are healed (including HIV) and the kingdom of God advances as Butch trains a local church with The Elijah Challenge
Butch teaches The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in Zambia  Many healed of infirmities and set free from demons; thirty people believe in Jesus Christ
Butch conducts The Elijah Challenge Training in Liberia & Burkina Faso  Hundreds of miraculous healings during Training & Crusades as Africa servants of God minister to the infirm
Testimony of Brother Lennell Perry  Oklahoman trained by Butch goes to Hindu stronghold of Nepal and witnesses many miraculous healings
Butch & The Elijah Challenge in Burkina Faso, May 2008  Countless healings at Christian & Missionary Alliance District Conference in Djibasso
Butch’s trip to Burkina Faso in April 2008  Revival breaks out in Djibasso touching even neighboring country of Mali
April 2008 Report  Hundreds gather on Wednesdays & Fridays in Burkina Faso church for healing after training by Butch in April 2007
The testimony of Pastor Benard Okello in Kenya  His congregation grows from 60 to 300 after being trained by Butch
October 2007 Newsletter  Butch’s Elijah Challenge Training events bear fruit
The testimony of Pastor Charles Malaya  Ministry of Zambian pastor completely transformed after Elijah Challenge Training with Butch Kenya,
September 2007  Church explodes from 60 to 300 within 13 months after Butch trains the congregation
Burkina Faso, April 2007  Many miraculous healings during Butch’s initial trip to Burkina Faso to teach The Elijah Challenge
Zambia, 2006  Butch teaches The Elijah Challenge in Botswana
Zambia, 2005  Oral Roberts University and Oklahoma University missionary teams trained by Butch and witness miraculous healings