Mass healing and deliverance: at-a-distance and at the same time









Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and served as a missionary/evangelist in the Philippines until 2011.

Note: Carl’s report here involves the controversial subject of deliverance for Christians. We are not at all suggesting that a born-again Christian—who has been purchased by the blood of Christ—can be “demon-possessed.” But a person can have demons before he comes to Christ. Scripture does not specifically teach that such demons automatically leave the moment the person accepts Christ. Rather we see in the gospels and Acts that demons generally left a person only when deliberately driven out by Christ or through a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is therefore possible that after a person accepts Christ, he or she may need to be set free from demons in the name of Jesus Christ. This may be especially true in Third World countries where witchcraft and the like are so prevalent.

In Acts 5 there were gatherings of apparently mostly believers where people who were tormented by evil spirits were healed. These who were healed in this way could have been new believers.

Acts 5:11 Great fear seized the whole church and all who heard about these events. 12 The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomon’s Colonnade. 13 No one else dared join them,even though they were highly regarded by the people. 14 Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. 15 As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. 16 Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

Acts does not specifically record here, as it usually does on other occasions when miracles occurred, that people believed on the Lord because of the miracles. Perhaps the reason is because the people were already mostly believers or new believers who needed physical healing and to be set free from tormenting demons.

We hope that you will read Carl’s report in light of the above reasoning.

April 24, 2010

“We have done several mass healing and mass deliverances with 60 people healed and 60 delivered at the same meeting (sponsored by Richard Keltner at Watchman Radio).

We recently did a Mass Deliverance with over 230 Christian youth. We had many amazing manifestations,..screaming, vomiting, one man shouting and screaming with alternate male and female voices, many shaking and seizure type manifestations. Pastors and pastor’s wives also vomited out demons in these deliverances. Imagine over two hundred people all being delivered at the same time in a little over an hour from beginning to end.

Just as miracles of healing are to bring sinners to repentance and faith, we have discovered that mass deliverance sets believers free to minister and live a sanctified life. After deliverance some have said “I am free, I am empty now, now I can serve God” or “Now I can read and understand the Bible for the first time.” By the way, this girl read her Bible for three hours straight, the night she was delivered. Another said “The pages of the Bible seem like they are glowing when I read it now before it seemed they were covered and dark.” Another young man said “now I can hear myself think, it is just me talking in my head now.” Another woman testified, “I have never been able to pray for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep.” The night after the deliverance she prayed for 2 hours straight.

It is Satan making the church powerless, apathetic, and complacent. Many believers are so bound by satan that they can barely hang onto their faith let alone walk with power and preach to the lost. Spirits of unforgiveness, religious spirits, spirit of inferiority, spirit of confusion, hindering spirits, and of course witchcraft and idolatry here in the Philippines, have made many believers powerless to serve God and preach the gospel.

They can’t “walk on the water” because they are too busy trying to keep their noses above the water. Most are floundering Christians not because of the “world of sin” around them or their own “ sinful flesh” but because they have many demonic parasites obstructing, hindering and sucking the spiritual life out of them.

The church needs to be set free so that it can be the Church and it is obvious that it is not truly free of generational curses and hindering spiritual curses. Our own Filipino missionaries sometimes manifest during the deliverance sessions.

The church is blinded and powerless because of unbelief in this area and because they do not know how to use the authority of Jesus name to heal the sick or set the captives free. I am convinced that most of the so called “inner healing” or “spiritual healing” is a mis-statement of the facts. What they need, is to be delivered of the demons that moved in while they were experiencing the traumas of abuse, assault, reject, molestation, near death experiences or habitually sinful conduct. They don’t need to be healed they need to be delivered and set free!

We have a 13-minute video of one of these mass deliverance sessions, with many manifestations which we are trying to put up on YouTube now.”

Pastor Carl Henderson
Missionary-Evangelist to the Philippines


Man healed at a distance of 650 miles








Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and served as a missionary/evangelist in the Philippines until 2011.

I just returned from an exciting four day trip to visits our 20+ house-churches in Irosin, Bicol, southern Luzon, Philippines (a 17 hour bus ride from our home in Baguio). The area was devastated a few years ago by a volcano and Mayon Volcano which is nearby has been active in the past few months. Our churches there, have been under persecution from their families and the Roman Catholic Church. However, the simple, beautiful faith and obedience to the gospel which they exhibit was inspiring to me.

We sent one full-time Filipino missionary to this community and she has trained two more local missionaries-evangelist. They work with her and have planted more than 20 house-churches. I traveled by myself on this trip due to a shortage of funds, I was unable to bring our Filipino team of missionaries. When I arrived, I trained the 3 full-time missionaries, and seven others in The Elijah Challenge (TEC), Mass Deliverance, evangelism, church planting and many others in basic theology, etc,.. 

Of course God showed up, as expected, and ten people were healed. People were healed of vision problems, one elderly women wept when she found she could read her Bible again. Shoulder joints, knee problems, pain in the heart and irregular heartbeats were healed, severe headaches were healed, back pain, neck, shoulder and wrist pain, and neck injuries were all healed. One elderly woman who suffered from severe back pain, heart trouble and exhaustion was healed. This woman could barely stay awake or walk without assistance and had no energy. She frequently fell asleep while sitting or engaged in conversations. First she reported her back pain and the slowness of her heartbeat were healed. The second time, we used authority her circulation improved, the color came back to her face, she smiled and told us she felt good and she even hopped around a little and beamed at us with a smile from ear to ear. Later at lunch, I saw her waiting on others and she was even skipping as she went back to get plates of food to bring to others. Her recovery was very visible and two days later she was still smiling and telling others about what Jesus did for her.

Healing at a distance 

The most unusual healing was the brother of one of our full-time Filipino missionaries Beth. He was in Manila (650 miles away /13 hours by bus) when he contacted her and told her he was in severe pain with gout / arthritis in his knees, ankles, feet and toes. He was unable to stand, walk, or go to work. Since we had just finished training when she got the message we used the “power and authority” of Jesus name to heal him at a distance. She told him we would pray for him and heal him and he testified back that it was 70% better the first time we commanded healing. We commanded healing a second time and he said he was completely healed. He told us, “if I stamp hard or kick something I can feel a little pain” but he could easily stand, walk and jump without pain. He returned to work the next day praising the Lord, after being healed from a distance of more than 650 miles away. He is not a believer, or perhaps I should say, he is not yet a believer but he is praising God and that is a good start.

In John 14:12, Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to my Father.” I wonder if someone being healed from 650 miles away might be one of the “greater things” Jesus was talking about?

We also did deliverance after showing the people how to renounce certain families of sins which are commonly used as legal grounds for demonization. We had them confess, renounce and forsake Contact with the Occult, Idolatry, Fortune Telling, Break Generational and Family Curses, Renounce Witchcraft, Psychic Bondage, Evil Soul Ties, Confess the Sins of their Fathers, Religious Spirits, Unforgiveness and Bitterness and confess their own habitual sins and close the door to Satan in their lives. Many people here have multi generational sources of witchcraft , Idolatry, Immorality, murder and unforgiveness running in their families before coming to Christ. They prayed prayers of commitment to Christ and we took authority over Satan and the demons and began casting them out. Eleven people were delivered in less than an hour.

The last day, seven people were baptized into Christ and one of them was also delivered during her baptism.

The reports I have received have been amazing as many more people have been healed in the community by our newly trained Christians. As one of our missionaries said “Praise the Lord, Pastor! We will continue to enforce God’s Kingdom in this place.”

Healing and deliverance is bringing the Kingdom of God. “Destroying the works of the wicked one” like sin, diseases, illness and demons is Kingdom work. When we do the work of the Kingdom we enforce the Kingdom of God upon the darkness. Amen, let us all agree to bring and enforce the Kingdom of God in whatever place we are. Let us bloom where we are planted!

In Christ service,

Carl Henderson
Philippines, Asia


Deaf & mute girl healed in house church








Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and after that served as a missionary/evangelist in the Philippines until 2011.

“We had an amazing miracle occur in our La Trinidad house-church this Sunday. A 19 yr old deaf and dumb girl was healed and was restored to normal hearing. There are a lot of photos and narratives are on my facebook. You will enjoy them and you can give glory to God with us! We have seen many miracles but this one was one of the most unusual as the ears healed one at a time (1st the left ear then the right) and then her voice was restored. She is now a friend on facebook and she is going to get a medical report from a doctor to verify her healing which is a first for us. Most people healed come because they cannot afford a doctor’s visit so they cannot afford a report of being healed either.

She texted (SMSed) my phone saying “Pastor Carl thanks for healing,.. To God be the glory.. I can hear now but I don’t understand everyone’s words so it is nothing to me yet. I have to learn the words now, it is so new to me. I like music… I am Phoebe” (They call here Febie).

She can talk now (her voice is strong) but she has to learn the words and how to pronounce them. She can read and write in English and she speaks American Sign Language but she cannot understand the words when she hears them spoken or pronounce them yet (she does not read lips).

When she heard her first song in church she was tapping her toe to the music. Fifteen minutes before she was deaf now she was tapping her toe to the beat and trying to read the words and listen to us sing them so she can learn the words. There were many photos taken which document the whole process. I asked her how she liked the music (we don’t sing very well) she said “it was beautiful” I told her, “your ears may need more healing because we sing very badly.” She missed my joke and insisted “it was beautiful” to her. When she said that, tears came to my eyes.

Her friends brought her to the La Trinidad house-church although they are not Christians, they had heard that miracles happen in our house-churches so they found the one in La Trinidad and brought her. Now they want to come back and meet with us although they live very far away. We will put them in house-church closer to where they live. I hope you will enjoy the photos and pass it on to others. It is amazing that someone just happened to have a camera at the service last Sunday so we have a lot of photos.”

In Christ service,

Carl Henderson
Philippines, Asia


Indonesia: the deaf hear, the dumb speak, 100 healed

March 2012

Over 300 people came, to our crusade after two days of teaching. Many people confessed faith in Christ, and during the healing time many people were healed and many demons were manifest with vomiting, shrikes, growling and convulsions, etc.  Many spirits of Islam and witchcraft manifested during the healings.  Many students from a deaf and dumb school were brought to the crusade for healing and many deaf ears were opened and children who had never spoken before had their tongues freed and spoke for the first time.  We also had, two uncontrollably demonized people, who were brought in chains to the conference, and were set free from their demons.

By the grace of God, I was used to personally heal over 23 people, and about 100 people were healed all total.  We lost track of how many were healed, because of the crush of the crowd and the large number of people being healed at the same time.  Some of those I ministered to, included, four deaf female students, who had their ears opened and were healed and a 5-year old boy who had never spoken before. 

This boy’s healing was one of the most joyous events for me, as his parents wept great tears of joy as the boy spoke for the first time.  His first words were “Jesus” and his second words were “Jesus is Lord” (all in Indonesian).  We were able to take him to the podium and with many people watching he spoke and called out Jesus name again and again. 

At least 15 deaf and dumb children from the School for the deaf were healed.  I also had several people brought to me with “slow minds” sort of a mild retardation and I could not tell if they were healed or not because of the language difficulties and the use of interpreters, and the noise of the crowd, etc,..  However, one father of a boy we had taken authority over, came running back about 15 minutes after we had tried to heal his son and he was crying and laughing and he grabbed my hand and shook it hard, for a long time and explained that his son “was normal” and that his mind was healed now.  He described it as his son being made well “in his mind.”

One old woman could not stand but she was soon jumping, dancing and stomping the ground when her leg and hip were healed.  One boy with a leg injury that left one leg crippled was soon running and squatting with his bad leg and his heart pain had stopped.  Others with heart angina (pain) were healed, and some with nasal polyps, sinus infections, asthma and lung pain, were healed.  Many back, shoulder, neck, headaches, blurry vision and hips were healed.  

Carl Henderson



Carl’s Facebook 


Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and after that he and his wife Celina served as missionaries in the Philippines for several years. Today (2016) they are back in the United States. Carl testified:

“I want to thank you for teaching me the The Elijah Challenge. After Sunday night’s healings, I was laying in bed thinking back to all the men of God who influenced me for the Lord, my many mentors, and I was wishing I could tell them about what we have been experiencing (actually many are already with the Lord) and I realized that in the last few months, we have seen more miracles and signs and wonders than many of them have seen in their entire ministries. Most were men of God who served faithfully for 40 or more years. In this area, my ministry has exceeded that of my heroes. They would be so proud of me! I realized that because of The Elijah Challenge and God’s power and authority, I also stand with the giants of my past. This thought made me weep, with joy! I owe this all to your hard work, teaching ability and trust! I praise the Lord for this incredible tool! A tool that allows every Christian to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the faith! I thank you and the Lord for this tool and for this beautiful revelation!”


TANZANIA: 615 Servants of God trained with TEC, 48 people healed

500 believers trained and 400 miraculously healed in Jesus’ name in Poland

ENGLAND: 150 disciples trained, 27 people miraculously healed

Zambia, AFRICA: 65 Pastors trained and over 18 miraculously healed

Carl Henderson teaching The Elijah Challenge in Poland

Indonesia: the deaf hear, the dumb speak, 100 healed

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