Bali, Indonesia: stroke victim walks & talks in Jesus’ name

Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country with the fourth largest population on earth “My time in Sumba (Indonesia) was again tremendous. Hundreds came to the Lord and close to thirty Merapu tribal people included. Major stories are a man with cataracts, and a stroke victim in Bali who could not speak or walk without the aid of a cane for a year. He could only motion with his hands what he wanted. This one I have on video taken by a cell phone a few moments after I had ministered to his legs…

About a year ago this man (of Hindu faith) had had a stroke. He could not walk without a cane plus the help of an aide as well as not being able to speak. He is a well-known artist and has not been able to continue to make a living. On August 2 there was a high school reunion in which the two ladies in the video attended. They befriended their school mate due to his situation and began to visit with him almost everyday since the 2nd of August. I taught a mini course at the ladies church on a Sunday evening and they brought me to his house the next day. Turns out this day was his birthday. With the aide of a lady he was led to a “birthday table” and motioned through his hands that he would like a drink of water. I was able to share the Gospel with him and I asked if I could minister to his legs. The result was immediate as he stood up and began to walk. The cell phone video starts as I began to minister to his voice box for him to speak. The results are documented in the video. He is now a follower of Jesus!!  A Merapu tribal woman delivered. I had to put my fingers on her tongue as her whole body was cramped like a stroke victim as she lay on the floor. Even her tongue was cramped too. Here are photos of a fellow from the Merapu tribe on the island of Sumba. In the second photo below he is counting my fingers as he is healed from his cataracts.

ministry to man with cataracts


catact man Sumba


The Merapu tribal people drive a 4-foot carved stake into the ground on the right side of every house. Usually each stake has an image of a head of sorts.”

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phillipines2014andLombok2014 642

  – Received August 2015  from missionary Jim Hathaway who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008

Reports from Jim Hathaway


The story of Daris San!

By Jim Hathaway
British Columbia, Canada

Jim Hathaway Reports


In November of 2010 I was invited to teach the Elijah Challenge course with my good friend and partner Pst. Elito Lantigan and family on the island of Mendano on the south most part of the Philippines. Before we had any meetings for this week, Pst Elito took me to the home of his brother-law Daris San to minister to his infirmity. He told me that Daris was not a follower of Jesus and I did not know what to expect. On my trip in 2008 Pst. Elito asked me to accompany him to his fathers home. His father was a stroke victim and had not walked for some 3 years. [Please see 2008 report on the Elijah Challenge web site]. So in my heart I was prepared for something of a similar situation.

We entered into the home of Daris San and immediately my “breath” was taken away by the severity of his situation. We talked for a while and then I laid my hand upon his infirmity. I commanded healing a few times but there was no change and my heart was very heavy as I know that Daris has had to struggle with this challenge for most of his life. I so wanted the Lord to heal him.  I knew also that it is impossible for Daris to have an income. I shared the Gospel with Daris but  it seemed to really have no outward impact on his thinking. I was at a loss and felt so bad. [See photos, tumor the size of a small football covering from forehead to chin and over one eye.]



Over the next few years the tumor had grown and came to the point of being life threatening. In 2012 Pst. Elito had to admit Daris into the hospital as a series of operations were needed. The doctors had said that almost $3000cad were needed to help the situation. They needed about $250 immediately or Daris San would be sent home. The tumor was growing into his throat. I was able to send the needed funds to start the procedure and then fund raised for the rest through my home church and friends. To our delite we raised over the needed $3000cad and sent this off immediately. My emotions were very much tied into the life of Daris and my plea for funds to my church was almost embarrassing for me as the tears flowed freely for this need.

A few weeks went by as we waited for news of the operations. January of 2013 came news that the first of many operations was done. I was hoping that all would be positive. The news was that they had fixed the trouble in his throat but he could no longer speak. The new challenge was to have Daris permission to continue with more operations. His communication is now through writing on paper. There was no change in the size of the tumor. If the next operations were to be successful, Daris would lose one eye, his nose and part of his mouth. I could not believe this! Daris wrote on a piece of paper to the doctors that it would be best that they send him home. Pst Elito continued to share and minister to Daris. I felt terrible at this news.

There was a lot of funds left over from the operations that were not being done and Pst. Elito asked if this money could be given to Daris San. I said of course as I very well knew his situation. It seems that Daris had sent a message or prayer to the living God that only a real God could help him with his financial needs. This prayer was answered when Pst. Elito was able to give Daris the funds not used for his operations. It was the equivalent of 3 or 4 years of support for Daris and his family!! Only because of this generosity of these funds as God answered his cry is it that Daris San is now a follower of Jesus and was baptized in the ocean just last week.

I asked Pst. Elito to share Daris San’s testimony: 

“It is a simple testimony of Daris San he wrote that no one can’t help me the amount worth of 100,000 except those who led by God’s spirit which is you he said. Because this he formally joint our regular Sunday worship praise the LORD.”

Although Daris physical situation has not changed, He has received the gift of eternal life and is part of Pst. Elito’s congregation of a testimony that God is alive and answers prayer in a very dynamic way!

My thanks to all of those that shared in the support for Daris San! We are all very great full as we saw God move in this area of generosity and answer this plea from Daris San!




The Elijah Challenge at Calvary Church in Williams Lake, British Columbia

Jan Hathaway
January 2013

Jim Hathaway Reports

The healing demonstration times were met graciously by the Lord. Many backs healed, a foot and a man that was a stroke victim whose peripheral vision was restored from about 30% to 95% normal. There is talk about another church hosting the Training. 

Last night I did a youth service. Fewer than 20 kids came out. I shared the Gospel geared to Christian kids and then did a mini teaching/workshop. Only 2 girls came for healing. The first gal I ministered to was healed. She had some long time back pain that had been operated on. She was 14 years old. I had her apply the teaching to the next girl. This next girl was older and had both back and legs pains. It was really a cute time as the 14 year old sort of squeaked out her command for healing as she laid her hands on the back. The results were that both legs and back pain were gone! The girl ministering was somewhat emotional, I think from both being healed and then seeing God move through her. She went back to her seat, cuddled up with a friend and wept. Sometimes, for me, I do really get the impact that the healings have on folks. Seeing this young teen wept really spoke to the reality of what the Lord did.

At the end of the service an older fellow came to me. My pastor wanted me to meet him. It turns out he has Mono Neuritis Multi Plex syndrome. This is similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease except it is not life threatening. The doctors do not know what to do and among other things are treating him with Chemo. His arms were limp with almost no strength to lift themselves and his legs almost the same. He could walk. After ministering one time to this man he had almost all strength come back to both arms and legs. We continued to minister and each time he got stronger. As time went by and we talked he could feel strength and flexibility return. Flexibility was almost back to normal and he was very excited as he could return to work. It seems he was in a desperate way financially and was thinking that he may have to sell his house to feed the family and pay the bills. 



Miraculous healings in the name of Isa Almasih

 Jim Hathaway, Vancouver, Canada

Jim Hathaway Reports

Indonesia: August 16th to September 4th, 2012

This was my 2nd time back to Indonesia to teach the The Elijah Challenge Course. I have been ministering in this country since 1987. Because of the msms influence, almost all of the training is to the underground church and contextual workers. The islands of Bali and Sumbawa seem to have a little more freedom than Lombok. The Gospel continues to be shared through different ministries despite the opposition.

On this trip I was able to train about 300 workers on 3 islands in 2 1/2 weeks. There were 5 seminars for 2 to 3 days each with over 70 healings. Many cataracts, tumors, backs, and folks suffering with arthritis were healed. At almost every session there was a demonic manifestation. Having said this there were 3 outstanding highlights.

1. When I landed in Indonesia I first visited the island of Bali. I was greeted by a missionary couple from Brazil. In the evening they took me to visit 3 families to minister healing. The 2nd of these families are msms and live in a msm community. The missionaries have been sharing with this family about Isa Almasih. I was introduced to “mom and dad”. They are about 60 plus years old and were in need of healing. “Mom” had severe allergies and nasal congestion. “Dad” had breathing challenges, heart problems, diabetes and a lack of energy.

I asked them about Isa Almasih. They knew a little about Him. I told them that I was a follower of Isa and I believed that they could be healed in the name of Isa Almasih [Jesus Christ in the Arabic language].

In my heart I had some doubt as to the power of Isa Almasih being the same as the power in Jesus name. Up to this time it was just a good teaching and that  both names had equal power. I had no real experience of commanding healing in the name of Isa….

We first laid hands on “Mom’s” sinus area. To my excitement there was immediate relief as her sinus areas was completely restored. She said she experienced heat in her nasal passages as the healing took place.

Next was “Dad”. We ministered 3 times for all of his challenges. We witnessed a dramatic change in his appearance as he testified that his breathing was restored and he seemed to have a new energy come into his body!

Continued follow up and ministry is ongoing in this msm community by the couple from Brazil.

The next morning I flew to Lombok where I was immediately taken to a ladies home bible study for a mini training and healings. The next day we headed by car and ferry to the island of Sumbawa.  Travel time about 12 hours. The course was taught in 3 different cities during the end of Ramadan.

2. In the city of S……, I was invited by contextual workers to visit another msm village just outside of the city. This husband and wife team were trained by me in The Elijah Challenge course in 2011 on the island of Lombok. Again I was invited into a msm home. There were about 20 folks inside the home waiting to meet me. The intent was to minster to a stroke victim that was dying due to his throat closing. He could not eat any solid food and had not eaten for a month. His right arm was paralyzed and walking was very poor. I asked the group questions about Isa Almasih. They told me that He was the healing Prophet. Also one man said that he thought that Isa could forgive sin. I told these folks that I was a follower of Isa and I believed to prove to them that Isa Almasih could forgive their sins we could ask Him to heal the sick that were here today. First challenge was the stroke victim. I laid my hands on his throat, then on his arm and next on his legs. After 2 or 3 attempts there was flexibility back to his arm, he was able to walk and the contextual worker had began to feed him some solid food. As I watched him through the afternoon his strength seemed to get stronger and stronger as he continued to eat. 

Next there was an older “grandpa” that was blind. I placed my thumbs on his eyes and I asked everyone present to stretch their hands towards the “grandpa” and command healing in the name of Isa Almasih. The first attempt brought partial healing as he could only see and count my fingers. So again and with the help of their faith, myself and this msm family commanded healing again. The result was FANTASTIC as his sight was restored! All this done in the name of Isa Almasih. All totaled there were 8 folks healed in this house. I heard a report back from the contextual worker that over 10 folks in the house wanted to hear more about Isa Almasih. We were invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed a variety of meats and vegetables. I went to visit another home in this village and ministered healing there as well.

The work that is being done by underground and contextual workers in the country on Indonesia is tremendous! But the job, as elsewhere in the world is still huge. The Great Commission is being done at a very slow pace. As a challenge to those wanting to be involved in this area of the world, I would challenge you to consider teaching English as a Second Language  as a strategy to reach the msm world or any “world” for that matter.

3. The next Sunday morning we ministered in a jail in B….., five young men came to the service. All five said they were Christians but not one had any confidence in where they would go when they died. I shared the Gospel with them  and talked about repentance as a key to their sincerity to following Jesus. It was a very dramatic time as these young men wept openly as they asked the Lord to forgive their sins and ask Jesus into their hearts. I then asked if anyone had any need for healing. 1 man came forward. He was healed of back pain. I then did a mini workshop with these new believers and sent them out back into the jail yard as missionaries to the jail. 

It is interesting as you never really know who you will meet or what their challenge is. In the jail one of the young men was sentenced to 11 months in jail as a result of a motorbike accident where someone had died. It was a total accident. Before coming to jail this young man was the winner of a “Christian Singing Contest”. I think similar to the “American Idol” format. Because of the accident he is now labeled a criminal of sorts and is dealing with possible bitterness and confessed anger because of the accident. I was able to talk to him about this. What I believe was of real importance was that on this day his personal history was changed as a result of us coming to the jail. His history was changed by having being assured of his salvation and witnessing a man’s back healed. He will be able to minister as a new child of God in the prison. This is what we have been called to do as born again believers. We are to change the history of every nation, tribe and tongue through those folks that hear the Gospel and  witness healings to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father. 


Miracles accompany the gospel in arguably the most dangerous city in the world

By Jim Hathaway 
March 2012

Jim Hathaway Reports

Juarez, Mexico
is documented by the media as arguably the most dangerous city in the world.

My host Pastor, Jesus Alonso known by many as Pst. Chuy, says that as many as one million people have left this border town city for a safer place to live.  Drugs, extortion, and violence are very much “in your face”. I have ministered in many dangerous countries due to religious beliefs but Juarez is different.  It was like the old days of Chicago or Philadelphia where crime was out of control and violence was a means to make a living. I met many people with personal stories of being shot, beaten, or extorted for personal gain. During my ten day stay, one of the major drug gangs had decapitate and butchered two men of a rival drug gang. The newspapers reported the heads were displayed on posts and body parts were thrown about the nearby area in public view so that their quest for control would be stated!

Sadly, many Christian organizations have stopped ministering in Juarez. They have moved on to “safer” grounds! Without a public demonstration of God’s power to heal the sick, cast out demons, and share the gospel with the message of repentance; this city is in the depths of tragedy. Yet faithful pastors continue to share the gospel in their communities, despite their surroundings and financially poor conditions.


I arrived on a Monday in March to overnight in El Paso. El Paso is a beautiful city which borders Juarez. It is a challenging moral dilemma to see the poverty of Juarez while staying in the comfort of El Paso. Even though Juarez is only about a ten minute drive from El Paso, the contrast of the “have” and “have nots” was very visual. I was reminded of this from my first visit in July, 2010.


On Tuesday morning, I was taken across the border to connect with Pastor Chuy. We drove immediately to a local street market, where tourists, if any, are not advised to go. (Note: Tourism is almost nonexistent in Juarez at this time.)  Our “headquarters” today was a used clothing store just on the edge of the market. Ministry started immediately as the local people entered the store. Small greetings were exchanged with Pastor Chuy and he began to bring folks with health challenges to me for ministry. Many headaches, back, and stomach problems were healed. Unfortunately NO CAMERA! I felt this is what it may have been like for the disciples as they walked through the markets in their time.

We left for lunch and met up with a doctor at his clinic. Dr. Enrique Leyva has started many national projects in Mexico. He shared his hopes to build a Christian community where folks would live and grow their own food and livestock in order to feed themselves. This could also serve as a model to the unchurched as relationships would be built as well. Pastor Chuy has started a mini project on his church property raising rabbits, chickens, and crops etc.



There may not be a lot of jobs or money, but food can be available. The hope to train teens in trades at a youth centre in this community was also talked about.

Next, we visited and ministered to a man that was looking after a building that could possibly house traveling ministries. He was a stroke victim of many years and in a wheelchair. I spent some time ministering to him. He was able to walk a little when we left. I did not catch up with him on this trip, but we heard a report that his wheelchair was empty on the ground floor and they found him busily working, without aid, on the second floor. Praise the Lord!


Pastor Chuy was contacted by a Christian lady that had a piece of land that was for sale. She did not have the funds to develop it and wondered if we could take a look. It turns out that this land, which is 1.5 times larger than a professional football field, would be perfect for the Christian community. We bought this land for $500 down and $100 per month for a total of $3,000. This land could have about 24 lots. Cost of one lot at market value is about what was paid for all 24 lots. Praise the Lord! Possible answer to the Doctor’s Leyva’s plan!! Name of this project will be, “The Land of Zion”!

Wednesday evening, we had supper at Pastor Chuy’s mother-in-law’s home. It turns out she had a cataract problem. Healing came as we ministered to her. Again, no photos.

Back at the church, a couple came for prayer. The wife was oppressed by her sister that practiced witchcraft and the husband had chronic back pains. Both were delivered and healed. No photo.


Thursday night ministry was held in a very small church. Only 16 folks attended. The results were:


Man was a stroke victim for 13 years


Stroke victim of 13 years now walking


Man had numbness and no flexibility in his hand; he was healed.


The land has been named “Land of Zion”.


Proposed land development plan


“Land of Zion” before development



The seminar was attended by about 20 pastors and church workers. It was very productive in two ways:

First, there was a great time of repentance for the pastors. I tried to make the seminar a safe place for each of the participants. This was necessary so that each pastor could confess their challenges and sin. This was successful as each felt free to receive from the Lord.

The second success was the healings that were experienced both personally by the “students” and as they also commanded healing for the other students.

The initial “healings” started as I asked for someone to come forward with a back problem. Two candidates volunteered. I ministered to a lady first. She felt a hot sensation and stated she felt a “bal of firel” come out from her arms. Dr. Leyva stated that he had chronic back pain in the area of his kidneys. The doctor was totally pain free as he expressed he felt a “fire” go through this area.

My role was to stand back and coordinate those that had been healed to minister to those that needed healing and to continue the process. I only ministered to the lady’s back and to the doctor. (This doctor is the chief of the Health Department in Juarez). Everyone received healing and almost all had the experience to minister healing.



Dr. Leyva ministered to a Lady Pastor’s kidneys. She said that it felt like “a ball of fire coming out of her arms”.


Lady Pastor ministering to a man who had pain that radiated from his back into his chest.


Multiple Ministry:

Ladies on the right – older lady’s back pain was healed
Lady on the right in black – only “student” I ministered to
Man on left – extended stomach that was “hard as a rock”. Doctor was ministering.

Everyone said they felt heat in their body as they were ministered to. One of the pastors stated “this is the best seminar I have ever attended”.

Saturday evening:

A ten year old boy was brought to us at supper time. He had pain in his testicles. The boy was completely healed.

Sunday morning:

A mini course was held at the “New Jerusalem” Church. The church had a very small congregation. Two backs were healed. I ministered to a young lady and then I had her minister to a visiting pastor that had missed the seminar.




Sunday night at Pst. Chuy’s Church:




Church members committing to the “Land of Zion” project.

Ministry at Pastor Chuy’s church. Very good ministry. Time of repentance and commitment as this was the fellowship that will start the Christian community on the land that was purchased – the “Land of Zion”.

Healing service started with the “mini” teaching and then the routine of me healing first volunteer and then they would minister to the next person to come forward. The order of healings went like this:


Pst. Victor’s wife’s back was healed by me, then she ministered healing to her husband’s neck. Pst. Victor then ministered to Pst. Manny’s body pains. (Pst. Victor’s son had been healed of Tonsillitis in 2011 – see 2011 report)


Pastor Manny


Pst. Manny ministered to Pst. Chuy’s 14 year old son Chuy Junior


Above & below: Then Chuy Junior ministered to his younger brother for a tooth ache, kidneys, and foot pain. All were healed! Pain free!




A little boy healed of a Hernia. He was with his grandma who was healed of Asthma many years ago.





The temperature was -2 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Farenheit in the morning. There was no heat in my sleeping quarters.


Outreach from the seminar at the Open Market:

My whole time in Juarez reminded me of how Jesus and the disciples seemed to simply come upon people and share the gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons.

The outreach at the Public Market was a very productive time. The actual numbers were small but the freedom to minister was great. The area of the market is dangerous to “tourists” because of kidnapping. All of Juarez is labeled like this.


Some folks had thrown beer bottles at us as we shared the gospel.


Church of the host Pastor in the outreach area


The market from the left view


The market from the right view


Drawing a crowd with music


Host Pastor


Sharing the Gospel and invitation for healing


Lady with back pain


Lady that was healed of the back pain now testifying


Partially blind lady was healed


Grandpa with stiffness was ministered to by Pst. Chuy


Grandpa demonstrated painless knee bends after healing


Man attacked by soldiers many years ago. Gun butt had been used to hit his head. He was completely deaf in one ear.


Testifying after his hearing was restored


Lady testified after her back and migraine headaches were healed


She came back later to have her foot healed.


After outreach in a store. Lady had extreme pain in her knees. She was then dancing.

Every person received healing except for one. All were followed up by the host Pastor of the market area for discipleship.

After the crusade, Pastor Chuy and I went for a walk through the market area which stretched for about 6 or 7 blocks with used clothes and miscellaneous items. These markets are very important to the local people. The cost of food and new clothes is about the same price as in Canada, but wages are far less than what Canadians earn.


Store of Pastor Chuy’s friend


Man approached us to heal his back. Successful!


Beggar was run over by a car 4 years ago and had never walked without crutches.


Operation scars from the car accident


Man had never walked without crutches for 4 years. Now walking.

Last Day:


This gal was helping us make a DVD of the crusade photos while we were in the mall. She was in obvious pain from a cornea operation. Because of security reasons, I could only hold her hands. She was crying as the pain was gone immediately.

The violence in Juarez is not localized to any one area. It does seem that the outer, poorer areas are somewhat safer.


This Christian man was shot in the stomach as a gang tried to extort his tortilla business. Usually the next step would be to have the business burned down.

The owner of the land that we purchased (“Land of Zion”) had his home invaded. A gun was put to his head as the keys to his new truck were demanded. Usually these kinds of stories are told second or third hand. I was amazed at how frequent and violent the gangs and criminals openly attack the residents of Juarez. 
[Due to personal safety issues, no photo is shown].


This man was shot in the back. The bullet went through his leg. We ministered to the pain in his leg, but there was no healing.

My thoughts:

The Gospel is the only key to change hearts.

The demonstration of power through healing the sick and casting out demons is the best strategy to witness hearts’ changed and bring people to the Lord in this violent city of Juarez!

I will be back in March 2013 to continue to train the residents in Juarez.



Lady barber healed while giving haircut to Jim

Jim Hathaway attended The Elijah Challenge Training in February 2008
March 2009

Reports from Jim Hathaway

“I have to tell you about my time with my barber. She had been suffering with carpal tunnel and degenerative arthritis for a very long time, with a lump the size of a golf ball on her wrist and about 10% flexibility in her fingers. She had had to cut back her hours because of pain, able only to work a few hours a day.

During my last haircut she was telling everyone about her problem and was wearing a wrist brace. I wanted to minister to her but didn’t get a chance. Today she was still telling all her customers her story. She even had a “reiki” healer treat her. Here was an “Elijah Challenge” situation if ever there was one.

While cutting my hair I told her about Elijah and Jesus and that I wanted to minister to her to show her that Jesus is the same God who heals the sick and who forgives our sins and that HE is the only way to the Father.

After the first time of laying on of hands ministry, there was some movement and less pain. BUT after the second time the swelling was almost gone and with the sound of a “pop” in her finger joint, all flexibility had returned with no pain.”


Jim Hathaway’s initial reports after training with The Elijah Challenge

Reports from Jim Hathaway

Jim was trained under The Elijah Challenge in Houston in February 2008. Jim reports: 

April 12, 2008

“Last night, Friday, was the youth outreach from The Elijah Challenge Training session I taught a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous as to the outcome as two of the churches decided not to participate and this would be my first actual outreach. I spent about six days fasting in preparation for this event wondering if there would be any healings and more importantly, salvation responses. A gal had shared her powerful testimony of how she had been healed at the youth leaders retreat. I shared from 1 Kings 18 and Mark 2 and talked about how radical healings are to prove that the God that heals is the same God that forgives our sins. I asked for those that had a need for healing to stand, and then I asked for the youth leaders that had been trained to go to those people and lay hands on them. We corporately prayed and again God was faithful to heal. There were 2 backs, 2 knees and 1 wrist that had been operated on a week ago. There was no range of motion in the wrist, but after prayer it moved fantastically. The 2 knees belonged to the youth pastor. He experienced a healing in one knee during the corporate time and came at the end of the meeting for the other knee. I had the 2 girls whose backs were healed lay their hands on top of my hands and a led them in authority to heal this knee. Again there was healing and these 2 girls did not even have training. Unfortunately the only non-christian did not come forward but I was able to spend some time with him and shared about how important he was To God.

The youth pastor shared about his little boy Ethan who had been suffering from nose bleeds for months. Everyday he woke up with blood on his pillow. About 6 weeks ago, in his office I prayed for his nose and for about the last 5 weeks there was no bleeding. [Ethan is 3 years old and was very much afraid of me praying for him as he really did not know me.] He woke up the other morning with the other nostril bleeding and immediately went to his daddy and asked him to pray. Praying in authority the bleeding immediately stopped and has continued to stop. Here is the fun part. Just before our meeting last night, Ethan’s mom called the church to tell us that Ethan had removed the band aids from his sore fingers because he had prayed thru Jesus to heal his fingers. No need for band aids because there was NO MORE PAIN! I am sharing this story to emphasis how important this youth generation is in fulfilling the Great Commission and the importance of them being able to walk in the ways of the Lord to present the ‘Same God that heals, forgives sin’!”


March 15, 2008

“Last weekend I was able to share the TEC course at a youth leaders retreat. Only one leader came forward for healing. She had been in a car accident some years ago and was not able to stand for any length of time. I had all the youth come and lay hands on her as I led them in authority. To their amazement the pain left her back but moved into the back of her legs. We prayed again and it moved down to her calves. Again we prayed and all was gone. We watched her enjoy her healing as she did not sit for hours. Her testimony was given the next Sunday. Her family are not believers so this will speak loudly to them. The youth were “pumped” as many had never witnessed a healing before, never mind praying for one! We will have a multi church youth out-reach April 15. The new trained youth will be praying for their unsaved friends.

I challenged the youth to step out and pray for their friends at school. I really believe that this is the generation to focus on to see the Great Commision completed.”


February 25, 2008

“Sunday was another time for God to heal our afflicted. I demonstrated the healing-at-a-distance we were taught in Houston and the results again were fantastic. A lady was was delivered from an oppression she has suffered from for several months, another had her back healed and another lady with chronic shoulder pain was healed. I encouraged those that wanted hands laid on them to come forward. Another man was delivered, two shoulders and an elbow were healed and a knee with fluid and no range of motion was also healed. 

I will do my first training session 2 weeks from now and have an invitation in the works from a church in Alberta. Thanks to God for His faithfulness.”


February 2008

“This past Sunday I was asked to share with the congregation what happened in Texas. Then we opened up the altars and many people came forward for prayer. I did not even get a chance to explain how to pray and things were happening. One older lady that had been in a wheelchair and now walks with a cane, put her cane down and danced before the Lord and us all. She said the pain has come back but I told her that we would see the mountain moved. Another little boy had nose bleeds for sometime and they have not returned. Another man had his hearing restored. 

My sunday school group has gotten so excited that we are going to try and knock on every door of our little town of 10,000. All this and with no training. God is good!! This Sunday I am going to model mass healing [healing-at-a-distance]….I can’t wait!”


February 2008

“Hello From Canada!! As you know there was a struggle with the healing in the bone in my foot. Well I kept pursuing the healing and when I walked into the customs area in Vancouver, the pain was gone. Yippee. There was another slight pain today and I went after it again and as I write this, still pain free.”


Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them,
‘The kingdom of God is near you.’”







November 2008: Stroke victims and others healed in the Philippines

Jim Hathaway, of British Columbia, Canada attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008

Reports from Jim Hathaway

“I arrived at the home of my host Pastor Elito Lantingan after a total of some 30 hours of travel by jet and finally by a three-wheeled covered motorcycle called “Bajaj.” Originally I was to start teaching the next day but the scheduled speaker was unavailable so I was asked to speak. The seminar was for all the pastors of the mountain tribes to come for the teaching of The Elijah Challenge. I was thrilled because over the years I have preached and taught about the Great Commission and how important it is to reach every nation tribe and tongue. At that moment I was in the very midst of the B’laan Tribe and their pastors who have traveled many hours on foot to attend these meetings. Some had walked from their mountain village for as long as 10 hours to get to the highway in order to ride a jeepney for a few more hours. Communication to the pastors was done by radio broadcast only two days a week. So they were all very excited to be in attendance.

The first night, after having being awake for 40 hours, I saw about 40 people attend. Twenty were the pastors representing 15 tribes and the others were from Pastor Elito’s church. I preached from 1 Kings 18 and spoke on what if Elijah had not obeyed the Lord in his life and how, in our disobedience, we can tie the hands of God. Then I suggested that Elijah’s boldness is seen in the New Testament in the healings that were performed and those same healings can happen tonight to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father. I asked anyone with a need for healing to stand up. I had the pastors lay hands on these folks and then I prayed to God first and commanded the healing in Jesus’ name. I always tried to model the difference of praying to God AND THEN commanding the healing. The first night saw eight people healed from various back, neck and stomach problems. Everyone was encouraged.

Laughing in the dirt

The next day the pastors attended the first set of teachings along with a few church members. I tried to simplify things as most of the tribal pastors had very limited education and some had none at all. BUT they were not without understanding. I was very impressed with their wisdom and knowledge of the Bible. God is faithful when we make our lives available. Demonstration time came and there was only one grandma that had a need. Her stomach was in pain for some time. I asked for one of the ladies to place her hand on grandma’s tummy and then I placed my hand on hers. The helper started to laugh and laugh and then they both went tumbling down to the dirt floor. I was kind of stunned and Pastor Elito was worried that Grandma might have been hurt. Both were okay and Grandma was healed and the girl was laughing.

That evening we had another guest speaker and then I demonstrated healing again this time with the pastors laying hands and commanding. We saw about 13 more backs, necks and stomachs healed. There were eighty people in attendance that night.

First stroke victim healed

The next day we decided to change things. I felt that the pastors had received the basics of the course by noon that day and so I suggested that they go out two by two into the village to heal the sick and to invite them to the first real outreach/crusade. So off they went. I too went out with the pastor’s son who had been interpreting for me. We went first to his grandpa’s house. His grandpa had suffered a stroke two years ago and had been partially paralyzed on one side and could not speak. I must admit I was a little nervous and was talking to God about what I was about to do. Very quickly I became a student of The Elijah Challenge and remembered the principles—first, praying to God and then, commanding the healing. I placed my hands on grandpa’s hips and issued a command. Sure enough there was movement and loosening of his leg and hip. He was trying to tell us what was happening, so I thought, let’s command his healing so he can speak. Again God responded and not only he could speak, but the frozen look of paralysis on his face was gone, his arm was mobile and he could walk. We challenged him do to some squats and just like Manny Pacquiou, the local world champion boxer, he was going up and down faster than me. We were all very excited. 

Second stroke victim healed

Then I was taken across the road to see another man. I was told on the way that this fellow had been paralyzed for eight years. No problem, I thought. One stroke victim healed, bring on the world! Then I entered his home and saw a very much older gentleman crippled over, clutching a cane with one hand and the other gnarled in a tight fist frozen to his chest. His wife was helping him come to us as he dragged his one leg in a form of walking. Oh, I was really wondering about my faith level now. So again I became a student and went through the principles of The Elijah Challenge. I began to command in Jesus’ name and as I was commanding I gently slid my hand under grandpa’s arm and slowly, with no pressure, ran my hand down his arm. Very slowly did we watch as the arm straightened out and when I got to his hand, the fingers blossomed effortlessly like a flower. It was amazing.

The white palm soon was pink as the blood began to come back. We then started to minister to his hip and leg and they started to respond. Grandpa was being healed and was also trying to communicate. In our excitement I forgot that he couldn’t talk. Revelation again came to me—command healing for his mouth. So I did and after two rounds of commanding and much giggling on grandpa’s part, he could talk perfectly and his face also was back to normal. AFTER 8 YEARS! Some peopled starting to gather at the door and they were amazed at what was happening. It was just like the descriptions in the Bible. These men were known by the people and they were amazed. We invited everyone to the evening meeting and asked the two grandpas to come and testify. That night about 200 people came.



Temporary setback

There was both good news and bad news for the evening meeting. The church was packed solid and the worship was very good. Then the guest speaker began to talk. We were hoping that this night there would be many souls saved. I would do another demonstration of healing with the pastors healing the sick and Pastor Elito would give the altar call in Tagalog. We were set. But the enemy can be quick to squelch things. The guest speaker went on and on and on in ENGLISH. He was basically talking to me. My back was to the crowd since I was up front. When it was finally my turn to minister, the church was empty but for about 40 people. All were offended, we found out, because the speaker did not talk to the people in their language but to me in English. I was not aware of this until the next day. So I just kept on going and about thirteen folks were healed. The most dramatic healing involved a woman who could not speak but could only babble. A pastor who could not see was able to read from the Bible very clearly. Another man who had a toothache for a week was in pain no more. The rest were healings of backs, necks and stomachs. The wife of one of the grandpas who had been healed of his stroke reported that she felt a hot burning sensation when they laid hands on her. The very positive side of this evening was that all the laying on of hands and healing were done by the pastors and that everyone who came up for healing was in fact healed. Their mountain-moving faith increased. Pastor Elito could not salvage the evening as there was no one around. In some ways it was sad but we learned that he must be careful who he allows in his pulpit.

Huffing and puffing up the mountain

The next day’s plan was to climb up the mountain to visit one of the pastors’ villages. On the way up, my heart was pounding so hard in my ears I was wondering who else could hear it as I gasped for air. We made it to the top and made history inasmuch as I was the first white man ever to enter this village. I gave a short workshop on how to minister healing and asked those who needed healing to come forward. Eight came forward and there was another elderly stroke victim.

Third stroke victim healed

We prayed first to God, and then commanded the healing. I just knew big things were to happen. I asked who had been healed or had a change in their condition. To my surprise, no one had been touched; not a single one. It seems that during the whole time there was something for me to learn. So again becoming the student, I ministered and commanded with more authority. And God graciously began to heal. The stroke grandpa was the most dramatic and comical as I asked him to demonstrate Manny Paquiou. He was twisting and punching and squatting for all he was worth, just enjoying his new freedom. The other healing was experienced by the village councilor. I believe he is the one the village looks up to for guidance. He had pain in his elbow, perhaps arthritis. After twice issuing authoritative commands he was healed and then gave the visiting white man the okay sign. Pastor Emeldo was glad that this elder approved of me. 

Before going up to the village I witnessed one of the paralyzed grandpas bathing at the central bath spot. He had walked down the side of the very steep hill, some 200 feet, all by himself to take a bath. I visited the grandpa who had been paralyzed for eight years. He greeted me at the door and said he had been out planting some papaya seeds. He was not completely healed but Pastor Elito would continue ministering to him until the healing is complete. During our visit his wife lifted up his t-shirt to expose his back. She wanted to show us that the major lumps that were preventing her husband from standing up straight were all gone. We had not laid hands on them or rebuked them specifically but God had healed them anyway. There was just one small lump above his kidney, we spoke to it authoritatively in Jesus’ name and it left as well.

I was so very blessed by the hospitality of Pastor Elito’s family and learned that a real home consists not in the beauty of the home but in the beauty of the hearts of those who live in the home. I learned that God honors our availability more than our abilities. I learned that the principles of The Elijah Challenge are a very powerful way to demonstrate that it is our God that heals the sick to prove to the world that he also forgives sin and delights to do this.

One last note—in my quiet times God had spoken to me about making history on this trip. When I arrived and as I was talking to Pastor Elito he told me that he thought my coming would in some way change the history of their ministry!”

Aftermath of Jim’s visit

Received from Pastor Elito Lantingan on January 2, 2009:

“Thank you so much for your … Tribal ministry here in the Philippines. Yes, we will continue to visit them, particularly the two people healed of stroke. They joined with us to worship the Lord. Not only them, but there are so many people attending during the time of our Sunday Service. It is the impact of The Elijah Challenge Training. PRAISE THE LORD–you are part of this ministry. We hope that God continue to bless them. This coming Sunday I will visit Tloblao Church pastored by Pastor Calatao to encourage them. We always pray for the complete healing of the elderly grandpa.”



Philippines: Every infirm person attending the Crusades was healed

Jim Hathaway trained with The Elijah Challenge in February 2008
November 2009 Mission Report

Reports from Jim Hathaway

As usual my arrival into General Santos airport was exciting as I was greeted with flowers and handmade presents in thanks for my coming. Pastor Tito Cacang and Pastor Elito, with family, did the greeting and then we headed off to the “Christ Ministries Samaritan Bible School” near the city of Alabel, the capital of Sarangani province, to begin 3 days of training. Due to the “level 3” status of danger I learned that we should not hold the 3 days of crusades which had been planned—orders from the mayor. This was somewhat frustrating but life goes on.

At the school there were 20 students and about 10 pastors in attendance. The morning demonstration went well with a broken leg being healed, a gouter we witnessed shrink as I felt it pulse as I laid hands on it and another lady with chest/heart problems. This one took some time but after a second day we saw success. The students were ecstatic and went running to the director, Pastor Tito with the news.

The next day was about the same with more excitement about the teachings and more healings. This time a lady who had hearing problems was healed as well as another with kidney and back pain. We were all getting excited but sad because the crusades had been cancelled. The idea came that maybe we could go door-to-door in this little village community and invite folks to come to a healing crusade. Now things began to move in textbook fashion. Teaching, demo healings, and a small night time crusade at no expense! The students were beside themselves with expectations!

Healing crusade cancelled, then improvised

We prepared the steps of the entrance to the school as the stage for speakers and 2 musicians with a song leader. Then the lights and power went out. We prayed and commanded the lights to come back on. All this was happening 1½ hours before our start time. Incidentally, there was a large population of practicing black magic witch doctors in the area. In fact, their ‘main man’ lives on the property next to the school.

At exactly 7 pm all the power came on….YES! We were in business. About 125 people came. We started our crusade. Two songs, an introduction and then my turn. The power went out. Quick rebuking. Lights come back on. Preached from Mark 2. Lights go out again. Quick rebuke. Invite folks to come forward for healing and lights go out again. Rebuked [the enemy] again and we were back in business and this time the lights stayed on. I did a demonstration of mass healing with great expectation!

Nothing happens, then explosion of miracles

Nothing, not a sniff. I turned to the fluorescent light behind me [always the student] and quietly prayed to God saying, “Aw come on, this is too important a meeting to not see you move.” I then invited only those with back trouble to come forward as these always seem easy to heal. One lady came on the steps. I commanded healing and as I did many in the crowd were healed too as the students laid hands on them. Now people were coming for healing. It was a matter of waves. Lay on hands, people healed, testimonies, and repeat. I was so busy trying to organize the activities I did not really remember who or what condition was being ministered to but the tremendous result was that I only ministered 4 or 5 people and the rest were healed by the Lord through the students. Again textbook results. The highlights were many backs and legs healed; and to my amazement, a blind lady and three deaf children were healed. There were a total of 21 healed and 41 new followers of Jesus.

During our post crusade sharing, I was told that the head of the ‘witches’ had come forward for healing. I vaguely remembered him, but I do know he had a sort of bone pushing out of his knee and that he had been drinking. He was also very tall. The director knew him and talked with him afterwards. He was truly healed and saved and said he was coming to the Sunday worship service at the school. Up until then there was no Sunday service. The next day we went to make a house call to meet and encourage our ex-witch. He was not home but his wife directed us to another fellow’s hut. It seems he was deaf and was also healed and he too had been practicing witchcraft. He was also coming to the next Sunday meeting.

Witchdoctors healed and follow Jesus Christ

We walked down the road and met the first lady that was healed. She very excitedly invited us into her home and confessed she was a witch as well and was going to destroy all her “stuff” and come to church. Across from her house was another lady who had been healed and she too was in the group of witches. All four repented and were saved and expected to be at the service the next Sunday! THERE IS NOW A CHURCH PLANTED ON THE BIBLE SCHOOL PROPERTY WITH 41 CONVERTS!! Again, textbook Elijah Challenge.

There was a older grandpa who was healed during the back healings at the Bible School. He had been drinking but insisted on testifying as someone had laid hands on his stomach. His testimony was that his problem with flatulence was no more. We all howled with laughter and I am thinking this was only a temporary healing. But I may be wrong.

In the aftermath at the Bible School

December 17, 2009

“I write you to inform you of the result of the crusade you did here with us. I am happy to share that we have now at least ten families who are accepting regular Bible studies. Even those persons who practiced witchcraft are now accepting Bible studies also. This means that your unwavering labor in conducting the Crusades was fruitful—you were able to gather people who changed their outlook in life. This glorifies God’s name and His ministry.

We are really expecting for your return here. We bring these things into prayer that God may open His doors for you to have another experience here with us.”

-Pastor Tito S. Cagang

Two more Crusades attended by powerful miracles

The other two crusades were with Pastor Elito and help among the Blaan tribe in the villages of Malapatan and Landan. It was good to have trained pastors from last year helping out in this crusade. In Malapatan many backs and legs were healed. The highlights were the healings of a blind lady, of a lady who could not speak and of a paralyzed man who somehow made a 6-hour walk from the mountain area to be healed. The healing was very dramatic as we could feel the paralyzed muscles vibrate only when we ministerd to him. His hand also blossomed open as I gently slid my hand down his arm into his palm. I helped him come up the steps of the stage and together we did some impressive deep knee bends. It was spectacular!

Healings, baptisms, salvations

The lady that could not speak was funny. She was about 5 feet tall, maybe 50 years old and just kept looking at me with her big brown eyes. No one could understand what her challenge was. Finally, someone said that she could not speak—which of couse made sense. After I commanded the healing she began to walk away. We asked her several times if she was healed and after the 3rd time she declared in a loud voice “YES” and then left the stage. There were over 20 healed and 20 came forward for salvation. Nine people were baptized in the ocean the following day!

The last crusade meeting was in Landan which is a large village north of General Santos City where Dole Pineapple employees live. There are over 15,000 of them making $4 per day. There was a new church plant there which had started meeting about 6 months ago; we had come to help support the church. I did some Training to prepare the team how to command healing for those who would come forward.

The main highlight of the Crusade was that the healings took place in two waves. The first wave was for proving that Jesus is the same God who heals the sick, who forgives sin, and the second wave for those who wanted to be followers of Jesus to come forward. I was confused as I had thought Pastor Elito was leading them in a “sinners” prayer, but the church members were actually laying hands on the infirm again and God was healing again.

There were ears opened on three occasions. A blind lady, a boy who could not speak and more legs, backs and even bunions healed. Nothing funny to report other than 35 people being packed into a jeepnee and traveling 4 hours on a tiny dusty road to this remote village. THAT WAS NOT FUNNY! But we enjoyed fresh, juicy and sweet pineapple when we arrived.

Every person at every crusade meeting who came forward for healing was in fact healed!

This was my second time being with the Blaan tribe. Some of their people are sponsored by World Vision so you can understand their financial condition. This became very evident when I observed the pastor’s son struggling with a toothache. He was about 19 years old or so, and the pain was so bad he was almost in tears. After three days of not really knowing what his pain was I had an opportunity to ask. I was told that he had a toothache. I asked if they would take him to a dentist. Of course, the answer was no because of the cost. So he would suffer as long as it would take to have the tooth rot out or whatever. This situation was common and I wondered how many people die because of infection.

Is there a dentist in the house (of the Lord)?

The cost for dealing with the tooth was about US $12. But they could not afford to fix it. Of course I was able to make sure he was taken care of but this simple situation was out of reach financially for this family. I am wondering if someone knows a dentist who might like to come with me on my next visit and help these people?



Bus Driver Healed on Bus

Jim Hathaway attended The Elijah Challenge Training in February 2008

Reports from Jim Hathaway

“One of my fellow bus drivers came off his bus limping and told me was going to see his doctor about the pain in his heel and lower calf. I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit asking me to heal his foot. My friend left to complete his after “run” bus-cleaning and I went to my bus kicking myself mentally about a missed opportunity to pray for him.

So while I was cleaning up I first repented and then prayed for mountain-moving faith to overcome my disobedience. I marched on to his bus and ask him if I could pray over his foot. My friend has a relationship, so to speak, with a higher power as a result of “AA”.

He said he was a little uncomfortable about this. A few moments went by and then he said that his higher power said all was okay for me to pray for him. I commanded the healing to come and then asked him to walk. The healing had started.

I commanded again and rebuked any demons [possibly the higher power too]. He was healed. And also his back pain which he has had for 20 or so years! He received more than he thought!

I was able to share the gospel with him. He said that my higher power was powerful so to speak and I told him that my higher power has a name, “JESUS!” He will go to his doctor to get things checked out and I will continue to lay hands on him and command this challenge to be healed.

He yelled across the compound as I was leaving, “Hey, how much do you charge for this anyway?”

“Silver and gold I don’t have, but the power of God is free!”