Kenya: the gospel is preached, the sick are miraculously healed, and disciples are trained to do likewise


Master Electrician Kurt & Mary Simms of Texas ministering in Kenya, East Africa
November 20, 2013
Watch Kurt’s Kenya Video: “The Kingdom of God”
“Greetings in the name of Jesus from Mulenyu in the town of WOTE!

On Sunday morning Kurt preached What happened to the Original Gospel Message? revealing the difference between what is preached today in most churches and that which was preached by the early disciples of Jesus Christ . After preaching Kurt & I commanded healing from a distance [as Jesus did in Luke 7] for about 75 people, and 3 people came forward to give testimonies.
Pastor Solo’s mother gave the first testimony. She had had problems with her legs and circulation, and she testified that she felt a fresh feeling go through her body; and afterwards her legs felt fine. The next lady had damage to her knees due to typhoid fever, and her legs were healed . Another lady had chest pain. She felt fire when we ministered healing at a distance.
 Boy’s twisted legs straighten and he walks normally
Following that we invited other  people with infirmities to come forward. We laid hands on many, and here are some of their testimonies: back healed, headache healed, arthritis in the legs healed. There was a little boy who had fallen out of a tree and his hip had been injured such that his legs were twisted with one leg shorter than the other. He walked with a bad limp. After we issued commands in Jesus’ name his legs straightened out, the pain was gone and he was able to walk normally.  There were other testimonies as well, but these were the significant ones. This concludes what happened at the Sunday morning service. 
We started The Elijah Challenge Training Monday morning at Mulenyu Christian Church International. At midday, we asked the trained disciples to come forward to heal various disciples in the class with various problems.  The trained disciples put to practice what they had learned and here are a few of the results.  
A woman had pain from head to toe which is normally classified as Fibromyalgia, and she was totally set free instantly. There were several women with knee and leg problems having pain and could not function normally. After the disciples took authority over the infirmities, the ladies tested the symptoms and they were all healed, giving glory to JESUS. There was a lady with severe pain in her feet and afterwards she was pain-free and walking normally.
At the end of our training session we asked  for more people to come forward after giving thanks to the LORD. All of a sudden out of nowhere an elderly man walked into the front door of the church walking with a cane, saying “I want to be healed.”  We asked him some questions, and he was pointing at his head saying he had a roaring noise in his head.  Many disciples came forward. I instructed them that this was demon and that they did not need to lay hands on him but simply to command the spirit to come out of him.  After the disciples took authority and commanded the spirit to come out, we interviewed him and his mind was sound. The man gave praise to the Lord and he came to know the LORD JESUS CHRIST  as his Savior and King that very day!
That evening on our way home Pastor Daniel wanted to stop at his brother-in-law Samuel’s grocery store. We sat down and had a few soft drinks while meeting him and his employees. I asked Samuel if he was born again, and he said that he was and that he loves the LORD.  I checked with the other 2 employees and they were also born again. I asked if there was anything that we could pray about for them and Samuel said the only thing was he was having trouble was with eyesight. I laid hands on his eyes and commanded his eyesight to be restored, and after that had him test his eyes by reading a small print ledger. He reported that his eyesight was much better but not 100%.  I took authority again over his eyesight and he could see perfectly.  
On our way to the church on Tuesday for the Training we stopped at the grocery store again, and Pastor Daniel asked if we would pray over his sick father-in-law (95 years old) who the night before had been vomiting and they were going to take him to the hospital.  He was in the back seat of the car, and Kurt got into the car to pray over his sickness. Afterwards he reported that all was well with his sickness. Then his daughter told me that he had trouble hearing and was almost completely deaf. Kurt laid hands on his ears and his hearing improved substantially. They told us he also had trouble walking, so we helped him out of the car. Then Kurt commanded healing over his legs after which he walked into the store on his own and sat down. 
Praise the LORD JESUS!”

The Elijah Challenge Training begins: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On our way to the Training at the Christian Church International located in a village called Mulenyu near the town of Wote. The training went smooth this morning with no power outages praise the Lord ! At the end of the morning session before lunch we called the trained disciples to come forward for a demonstration of healing. Several women came forward to be healed with knee and leg pain. After the disciples layed hands on them with authority by commanding healing and for the pain to go all of them were healed completely. One of the women felt heat in her knee while they were laying hands on her and after they stopped she felt a cold sensation and she replied I can walk home now. Following that the principal of a primary school brought over school age children Kurt  was able to tell them the story about Adam and Eve in which their disobedience caused spiritual death to spread to all men. They were so happy and responded well to the salvation call, many came to know Christ.
Tuesday 11/19/2013 The Elijah Challenge Training
This afternoon at closing several women came forward to be healed, the first lady had severe pain when her eyes were open and tears would flow, after she was ministered to all her pain was gone and the tears stopped. A lady with back pain was healed, two women with stomach ulcers were healed, a woman with pain in her leg was healed, a lady had back pain, shoulder pain, and when she would walk fast her heart would beat fast and she had chest pain, after she had been ministered to all her symptoms were gone and she was healed. There was a boy that had been injured from falling out of a tree that was ministered to on Sunday morning and his mother reported that he had been doing fine until today he was hurting during school so she brought him to be healed again. The mother had said his damage from the fall was in his hip joint so Kurt checked him out again and saw that his right leg was shorter than the left. Kurt had him sit in a chair and commanded his leg to grow as long as the other, all pain to go, and for his his hip joint to be healed. Following that the boy walked normally and was free of pain.
Wednesday 11/20/2013 The Elijah Challenge Training
In our morning session there were many that came up for healing: there were leg problems, arthritis problems—all of which were healed. There was also a lady who just received the training, and she felt [the Lord’s] power in her body. She exercised this healing power over a person the previous night, and the person was healed.
On Wednesday afternoon there were several more healed. There was a man with a hearing problem, a woman with pain on her side, and her arm had some paralysis. After we ministered to her the pain in her was still there so we commanded again, and she was healed. A pastor had a back problem. He felt warmth as we ministered to him, and was totally healed.  One man had problems with his eyesight. The first time his sight was not yet restored. After we kept “moving the mountain” with persistence, he was totally healed and restored. Another lady had swollen legs and hands, she was totally healed. Another lady had problems with her stomach, with an ulcer and her legs. She said she was healed and freed.  Another lady had a hearing problem, with persistence the mountain was moved—the pain stopped and she was healed.
Concluding on Wednesday, approximately 40 or so disciples who were in the training marched from the church into town—about a half mile walk. Pastor Daniel announced to the town that God had visited the disciples of Christian Church International through a man of God who had come from over 6000 miles away. He expressed his love for them and told them that God was working many miracles among us and that he wanted to announce that we would be coming back tomorrow to demonstrate to them that our God is the one and true God. He introduced Kurt to the town people in the middle of the square.
Kurt shared with them his testimony of how the Lord revealed Himself to Kurt revealing his sins and leading him to repentance and restoring our family. Following that he preached about the account in Mark 2 where Jesus had told the crippled man that his sins were forgiven. Following that Kurt told them that in the same way their sins could be forgiven by Jesus—and the proof would be in the miracles to be performed. A young man in his 20s came forward with back pain and was healed after which he accepted Jesus and was born again! A woman came forward and was healed of blindness and other pains in her body.
Thursday 11/21/2013  The Way Of The Master Training
The morning session there were many healed including stomach problems, arthritis in the legs, there was a boy that was suffering from malaria and cerebral palsy, he was very tiny and frail for his 4 year old body. His mother carries him for he cannot walk , we prayed many times over him , by the end of our praying for him , he had become more alert and over all more strong, his face looked peaceful. His mother also suffered from skin problems (itchy scalp ) and a backache, she was also healed. We also prayed for another lady that had backache and body pains she was healed. There was another lady suffering from demons , we prayed over her and the demons were gone ! She did experience fire in her leg and then coldness , so the power was working in her body. AMEN ! 
Concluding Thursday we went back to the town square and the church sat up sound and performed singing and dancing. Following that Kurt preached about a story in the Bible from John 9 where Jesus healed a man that had been born blind, when questioned by his disciples was it because of his sin or his parents sins Jesus replied neither that it was so the power of God could be seen in him. Kurt then preached about sin, judgement, hell, then the Gospel. Following that about three women came to be healed with deafness, blindness, and back problems and all of them were healed!                                                                  
Friday 11/22/2013  The Way Of The Master Training
After the conclusion of the training the disciples went out in groups of two going door to door, this was by far the most fruitful day of the week. Following that the disciples returned with testimonies and celebration ! There were at least 6 or seven new converts added to the church which actually came back to the church to give glory to God. Many were healed and born again.
Saturday 11/23/2013  Traveled From Wote To Nairobi
We traveled back to Nairobi and stayed with Pastor Daniel’s wife’s sister and brother in law who was a retired professor and now practicing natural medicine. His wife was the Pastor of Tabibu Church International. Dr. Manundu told me his testimony. Back in the day he used to eat a meat-based diet excluding all vegetables and fruits. He experienced many health problems and was on approximately 30 prescription drugs. Eventually this frustrated him with many side effects and caused him to go blind. He began to seek healing ministries and encountered many false prophets wanting his money. One day a man of God told him to go home and the next day he would be healed. So the next day he woke up and was still blind. He asked for his Bible and after opening it his sight returned. Following this he started studying God’s word for the correct foods to eat. He discovered that God has many natural cures by eating the right foods mainly found in fruits and vegetables. His eyes were healed but he still had the other health problems so he took supplements or prescription drugs. Eventually he went blind again. During our conversation he told me that it was not a coincidence that we were spending the night in his house.He asked me to minister to him and after I did he could see part of my face. I continued to minister to his eyes and each time he could see a little more. After about seven times we decided we would wait until morning to see how his eyes were. 
Sunday 11/24/2013 Tabibu Church International
Sunday morning I was asked to preach at their church Tabibu Church International. After teaching about “What Has Happened To The Original Gospel Message?” Kurt preached the Law, sin, judgement, and The Gospel after which we commanded healing at a distance but no one came forward with a testimony of healing. I believe these people were fearful after what Kurt had preached. Following that we asked people to come forward to be healed if they had any sickness in their bodies and no one was coming, so after many requests the people came forward and we laid hands on several people and they were all healed of many symptoms. Dr. Manundu testified in tears saying that his eyes were better that morning and asked us to lay hands on him one last time. Following that his eyes were the best they had ever been but still lacking complete 20/20 vision. When Kurt and I first met him he could not even see Kurt’s face, but now he can see! We believe they will be completely healed.
This completes a summary of our trip to Kenya, Africa! Thank you for all your prayers !
We give all the glory to the Lord our God Jesus Christ !
Email from host pastor Solomon Kyengo
“Hello, Mary and Kurt. Thanks so so much for the Lord using you so powerfully to heal the pastors and my village people. This time God visited the laid back village. May the Lord bless William and his wife. May the Lord bless Kurt and Mary. Now I have the keys to heal the sick, I will heal the whole Kenya in Jesus’ name. Keep me posted on your next visit in Africa. I love to be part of the Elijah Challenge team. I miss the words to thank you…  We love you. [My wife] Rachel totally healed. Hallelujah.”
[Many photos to be added soon]



Preaching the gospel with power at Kegans State Jail – December 2010


 Kurt & Mary Simms

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

Miracles confirm the gospel in Texas prison
December 22, 2010

“I joined Brother Raymond Smith on Monday 13, 2010 for an evening of ministry at Kegans State Jail. After a short introduction I shared with these men my testimony of when the Lord saved me in 2001. In that testimony I had shown them that prior to my conversion I had spent years in a false religion calling Jesus my Lord but never knew Him. After my conversion the lord restored my marriage, saved my family and is continuing the work He started in me to this present day. I told them that 9 out of 10 Americans profess to be saved and on their way to Heaven as they blaspheme God daily with their thoughts, words, and deeds. I pointed them to Mat 7:21 “Not everyone who calls out to Me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of My Father in heaven will enter, where Jesus clearly defines that one professing to know the Lord doesn’t make you a disciple, but one that actually does the will of the Father.

Jas 2:19 You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror. Jas 2:20 How foolish! Can’t you see that faith without good deeds is useless?

I told them that many pastors have preached a modern gospel that has no power to save from the fires of Hell, and that many in this room could possibly have been deceived into believing that if they prayed a prayer and asked Jesus into their heart that they were saved.

I asked them if they thought they thought they were good people and many agreed that they were good, so I quotedRomans 3:10 As the Scriptures say, “No one is righteous—not even one, and I told them that that either God is a liar or they are, and it is impossible for God to lie according to Hebrews 6:18. I took them through the Law (the 10 Commandments ) and drew confessions from them that they were liars, thieves, adulterers, blasphemers, and even murderers at heart and they pleaded guilty before God. I asked them if they were to die in their sins would they go to Heaven or Hell ? They replied they would end up in Hell. I told them the demands of the Law according to…

1 Corinthians 6:9 Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, 10 or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.

I told them of the Cross how Jesus came into the world and was without sin and he laid his life down freely as the sacrifice for the sins of many, the wrath of God that man deserved was placed upon Jesus Christ to satisfy the justice of God the Father. Therefore Jesus paid the fine that man couldn’t pay so now God can set them free based on what Jesus did on the cross. I told them of true repentance and true faith in believing and trusting in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life with God.

I called upon the Lord that He would confirm to these men by using Raymond and I to heal the sick and cast out demons as commanded in Luke 10 to prove to the lost that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Following that we commanded all demons to flee and infirmities to be healed and a man in the back testified that he had been listening closely to what I had taught and that his hearing had been healed.

After that I asked if there were any others who needed healing and several came forward and one at a time Raymond and I laid hands on them and all were healed. To name a few that were healed: hearing, rotator cup, shoulders, knees, chest pain with shortness of breath. I pleaded with them all to turn from their sins and turn to God and to put their faith in Jesus Christ alone.”

Women inmates at Texas prison repent following miraculous healings


October 2013

Kurt and Mary Simms of Crosby, Texas trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006. Kurt is a Master Electrician who along with his wife Mary own Simms Electric Services.
Several weeks ago we attended the Lucille Plane State Prison in Dayton,Texas. We had 290 women present at that time. Kurt commanded healing over the entire group, and many women were healed of various sickness at a distance. 
Then I helped him to minister healing personally to those who requested it. The first lady Kurt prayed over in particular was healed of her finger which had been locked and frozen and could not be bent. She stood up and began jumping up and down praising the Lord. She was making so much noise that we were afraid that we would be shut down. 
The second woman came up to the front limping with a cane, she could barely walk and could not raise her knee.  Kurt prayed over her and commanded healing, and she automatically raised her knee up higher than ever before. She threw her cane down and began to run around the sanctuary. There were many women to whom I ministered who had  addictions. Shoulders were healed. 
Many came to Kurt to renounce homosexuality and wanted JESUS to heal them. Kurt gave them the microphone and they began to confess their sins and ask JESUS to give them a new heart.  
Still after many weeks this service is still being talked about and it has impacted many. We thank GOD for the privilege to minister in his name and we give glory to JESUS.”


Hollywood actor healed at a distance over the telephone

Kurt Simms is a Master Electrician who trained with Elijah Challenge

More reports from Kurt & Mary

Emailed received on August 17, 2013 from Shannon Davis of Omega Man Radio who has hosted The Elijah Challenge in the past

“I have a friend who is a actor in Hollywood and for the last 30 years has also been a minister preaching to convicts at LA County Jail, Chino’s Women Prison, Skid Row and Maximum Security Prisons in the USA.

His name is Mel Novak and his website is:

He worked with Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris and fought Bruce Lee in Game of Death.

Mel is seeking healing from pain caused by sports injuries sustained while playing pro baseball earlier in his career.

I told him about the Elijah Challenge ministry and that I would reach out to you gentlemen and have you pray with him by phone for his healing.”


Immediately we asked our trained brother Kurt Simms to call Mel to minister healing at a distance to him. Within an hour Kurt emailed us:


“I just got off the phone with Mel Novak. I ministered healing to his injured shoulder, to the meniscus in his knee, and to discs in his vertebrae. He was in excruciating pain in all areas. After a little bit of discussion talking about prison ministry we decided to get to the point, and start the healing. I ministered to all three at one time.

Then I asked him for a report on how he was doing. He said that his shoulder was fine. He was standing up and said that he normally had pain while standing (not while lying down), but he was pain free now. Also his knee was restored; he was trying out everything and said he was feeling much better. We had to cut the phone call short because he was scheduled to be on the radio. He was praising the Lord the whole time!

I told him to call me back if he needed further ministry and he said he was going to save my number. Praise the Lord Jesus for He is good!”



Women inmates healed & brought to repentance at Texas prison

Kurt & Mary Simms own Simms Electric & trained with Elijah Challenge
August 2013 Report

More reports from Kurt & Mary

The previous week at Plane State Jail I had given my testimony of Jesus Christ calling me to repentance and bringing me into His Kingdom. Last week I shared with them the teaching about the true children of Abraham producing fruit in keeping with repentance honoring God in perfect love: loving God first above all, and loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves.

Following the teaching I told them that God would meet anyone’s challenge or doubts that He is the one and true God. Earlier in my preaching I saw doubt and smiles of unbelief in some that were before me when I told them that many would be healed tonight.

I called for knees and back problems and two women came forward one with constant pain in her legs and the other had long term back issues. My wife Mary laid hand on them and commanded spirits to flee and infirmities to be healed in Jesus’ name, and they were healed completely. After that several others came forward and Mary ministered healing to four more with back problems and antagonizing spirits in their minds, and they were all healed and set free.

While Mary was busy with them, I ministered to a woman who had a problem with seeing at a distance. After I commanded her eyes to see clearly, she tested her vision. She was able to read at a distance words on the dry erase board. Another woman I ministered to a month ago came forward and her back pain had returned. I took authority over the pain and she was completely restored with no pain and total mobility.

There were a total of eight women healed and set free that night. After that I told them that the Lord has showed up in a mighty way and that He was calling them to come into His Kingdom—to repent from their ways and to turn to Him so he could heal them. As John 14:6 says that Jesus is the only way to the Father, I compelled them to come in. 

Glory to God!




18-year-old disciple ministers supernatural healing at Baptist retreat


Kurt & Mary Simms own Simms Electrical Services in Crosby, Texas
June 2013

More reports from Kurt & Mary

Our 18-year-old daughter Victoria went on a youth retreat this summer. She is on her second week with junior high kids around 12-13 years old and she is a counselor. I just got this text message and she is giving me testimonies of healing going on at a Second Baptist junior high beach retreat held in South Padre Island. Here is her report:

“Two of my girls got healed today!! One of a headache as she felt a release, something leaving her head. Also bones in her ankle moved [and she was healed]. Another girl had a emotional spirit attached to her and she would get really upset. And it was hard for her to sleep when she is away from home. She instantly felt relieved and happy [as I ministered to her]. It was awesome!!! One of my girls also had nerve damage, but after I interviewed her I learned that she has unforgiveness and isn’t ready to let go. So I didn’t minister to her. But maybe later in the week!”

Victoria has graduated now and will be attending Houston Baptist University; she is on the move. At the end of school she was asked to come up with a group of girls who had raised money for a boy that had multiple health problems and was blind. Some of the girls were asked to lead prayer for this boy, but they were typical prayers without faith. Afterwards when Victoria was in her car getting ready to leave she felt the Holy Spirit drawing her to get out of her car and go and approach the boy’s mother about ministering healing to him. Then she went and ministered healing to the boy, and the boy would respond by moving his feet in certain ways for that’s the way he communicated. She began to ask the boy if he could see and he was able to see!

There are multiple health problems with this boy and she is going to do some follow up.




The infirm are healed at the Union Baptist Association Equipping Institute in Houston

Introduction to The Elijah Challenge
Latter Day Deliverance Church, Sunnyside, Houston
March 16, 2013

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms


On this Saturday morning, Kurt Simms introduced The Elijah Challenge to a group of local pastors and leaders as part of the Union Baptist Association Equipping Institute leading up to the Loving Houston Campaign in June 2013. Since the event was hosted by Union Baptist Association, most but not all of the leaders present were from evangelical Southern Baptist churches in the Houston area.

Kurt first spent an hour going over the New Testament scriptures on which The Elijah Challenge is based. After that he did a demonstration of healing based on what the scriptures taught about the healing ministry of Jesus. Kurt reported:

“The first man who came up had knee problems and back problems. After we ministered to him he reported that his knees were better but he was not displaying very much faith. He began to tell us how we could not help him with his back problems and all the things that the doctors were going to have to do. So I asked him if anything was too big for God, and he said “no.” So we ministered to him again by taking authority over his back problem and he proclaimed that everything was better.

Another man came forward and said that he needed knee replacements. He said that everything was fine after we ministered to him by taking authority over his knee problem.

We ministered to another man who had high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and one other problem I can’t remember. He came up expecting to be healed and reported that he felt the power of God flowing in him.

We ministered to a woman who had vertigo, and the dizziness left her.

At this point we were running overtime so I asked our host Ricky if he would rather us minister to the next woman in another area. He told us to keep going since everyone was so excited and wanted the healing to keep going on.

Another woman had fibromyalgia. We took authority over it and all was well. She reported to me later that she was climbing stairs up and down and never felt so good.

The founding Bishop of our host Church was there at lunch with us, and he had Parkinson’s disease. I was asked to lay hands on him so we took authority over his infirmity. He reported that strength came to his legs and that he felt the power of God. I took him walking he said that he felt improvement.”

Feedback from Union Baptist Association host Rickie Bradshaw

“What a great start to taking on lostness through The Elijah Challenge. Kurt was used of the Lord in bringing the ministry of healing evangelism to Loving Houston. Many of the participants were challenged to believe. And did they believe. They expressed to me how grateful they were because of the The Elijah Challenge experience. Our next equipping Institute will be in a community where the leading pastor told twenty-five other pastors and UBA Loving Houston coordinators Mike Kraxberger and Tom Billings that the Lord told him to put a pool of “Bethesda” in his church, for many people will be healed. They are looking forward to the next equipping Institute in Acres Home.”

Complete Elijah Challenge Training on May 11

Most of these leaders are signing up to attend the complete all-day Elijah Challenge Training to be held in Houston on Saturday, May 11. This will equip them to minister miraculous healing effectively to the lost during Loving Houston in June. The One who had authority to heal also has authority to forgive sin and grant eternal life.





Master electrician heals apprentice in Jesus’ name

Kurt Simms is based in Crosby, Texas
January 22, 2013

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

“Early this morning my apprentice electrician came to work and his shoulder was hurting him really bad, he could not hardly move his arm. He said that he had rotator Cup damage from a previous injury but he had been digging a trench for the past few days and he said not to worry but he was going to finish the job. I asked him if he wanted me to pray over him any said well if you want to and I said do you believe that Jesus Christ can heal you and he said yes. I I laid hands on his shoulder and commanded him to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ and he is completely healed.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ he lives and does not change!”



The gospel in Burkina Faso: as it was in New Testament times

Kurt Simms, Master Electrician, Crosby, Texas
September 2012
Kurt Simms and his wife Mary first came to The Elijah Challenge Training in 2008. In September 2012 we arranged for Kurt and Mary to go on a mission trip to Burkina Faso in West Africa. They would teach The Elijah Challenge and hold Crusades in Dori, an unreached area about 3.5 hours northeast of the capital Ouagadougou
In Dori Kurt & Mary witnessed and did things that we see in the gospels in the time of our Lord Jesus—the multitudes coming to hear the gospel, infirm people crowding around them with great faith to be healed, innumerable people healed instantly as in New Testament days, and precious souls—including followers of the religion based in Mecca—making the decision to follow Jesus. Even the physical day-to-day life of the people in Dori seemed to be taken out of the pages of the New Testament. 
Kurt wrote us:We trained a large group of pastors and disciples on Thursday and I have preached open air the last two nights. People have come as far as 600 kilometers or so. There have been so many people healed and delivered from demons. The lame are walking, the blind seeing, and the deaf hearing!  It is so crazy we are exhausted everyday. Everyone is being healed and many being born again including many Msms. I will send you a better report later I have to prepare for preaching tonight.”


Dori is 3.5 hours northeast of the capital of Ouagadougou



Kurt’s Report

 “I would like to summarize the 2 weeks of ministry that we had in Burkina Faso. We arrived in Ouagadougou late in the evening on Sunday, September 16. We were greeted by American missionary Steve Parker and our host Gaston Gnoumou.  Getting past immigration was a breeze for Gaston at one time was a member of the president’s cabinet. He has diplomat status. While in Ouagadougou we were housed in a Assembly of God complex in a small guest house. We had all of our meals there and had a cook.

For the next few days we met with pastors, leaders, and with officials in Ouagadougou, and then we left for Dori, approximately 150 miles away. We were housed in the private home of a church member who was out of town while we were in Dori. We were there for 5 days. While in Dori we met with the Mayor in his office, and also with the Governor and his staff. The Governor is a Christian and he spoke with us and thanked us for our service to Dori and God’s Kingdom. We were asked to pray for Dori, the Governor, and his staff and this was all televised by a local Christian TV station “Impact TV”.  

We kicked off the Elijah Challenge Training the following morning at a Baptist Church.  This training consisted of pastors of different denominations and was sponsored by the Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions. By lunch time, we had a demonstration of healing. Knees were healed, a man who had pain all over his body was healed, and another man had pain in his head and he felt something leave his head.

We resumed after lunch and were greeted by believers singing and dancing and praising the Lord in an African tribal style. We continued with the teaching until the late afternoon.  We had more demonstrations of healing. There was a woman who had traveled from many miles away and heard about our training. She had become deaf in both ears. We ministered to her and her hearing was restored.  Lung conditions were healed, stomach pains healed, backs healed, eyesight was restored.”




Evangelistic healing service in the evening

“We had planned on teaching an evening session but we were surprised to find out that I would be preaching at an evangelistic service that evening. There were a total of three evening open-air evangelistic healing services.  Approximately 3,500 people attended on those three nights. The pastors and disciples who were trained applied what they learned from the Elijah Challenge training by going door to door covering the town of Dori which they had divided into six sections. They healed the sick, cast out the demons and preached the Kingdom of God effectively.

At the evening services many Muslims attended since it was a special time where many Muslims traveled to Dori. Each evening I would preach a different message revealing their sins before God, followed by telling the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and confirming through miraculous healings that there was only one way to God through his son Jesus Christ. Each evening we would call the sick to come forward and to line up one on one with the disciples. The disciples healed the sick and cast out demons while we commanded from the podium.”


As in the time of the Lord Jesus 

“There was such a multitude of people in need of healing that they were rushing the pulpit.  As they reached out to touch me they were healed. There were literally hundreds and hundreds healed, some of them traveling over 375 miles to come to the evangelistic healing service expecting to be healed. It had been advertised locally, but word had traveled. There were approx 300 people that were born again over our time in Dori.  There was such a multitude of people healed and set free from demons that we could not keep track of it all. There were too many to list in this report.”




Return to the capital Ouagadougou

After the time in Dori, we returned to Ouagadougou and taught the Elijah Challenge for two morning sessions and one evening at the Assembly of God central church. During the week there were several speakers for it was an evangelism conference. During the training we had at the end of each session demonstrations of healing and deliverance.  

Many different types of healings took place but the miracles were more difficult to perform. The mountains were harder to move for this was a church setting not an evangelistic setting. In the end disciples were equipped and were successful in healing the sick and casting out demons. But there was a huge contrast between the church setting and the evangelistic setting in Dori.

We give all praise to The Lord Jesus Christ for the work we were able to do in equipping the saints and planting the seed of the gospel! I would like to end this with a very profound statement by Steve Parker:

“You can count the seeds in an apple but you can’t count the amount of apples the seeds produce.”






The Governor’s wife healed

Kurt and Mary were introduced to government officials, including the Governor whose wife was infirm. As they ministered to her, the Lord healed her miraculously. And they experienced so much more.



Introducing Gaston, Kurt’s host in Burkina Faso

Name: GNOUMOU Kani Gaston Age: born by 1949 (exact date not known)

A deacon in the Central Church, Assemblies of God, OUAGADOUGOU

Director General of Ecole Supérieure des Travaux publics de Ouagadougou (training engineers in construction, a company owned by a group of 20 christians from different denominations)

Vice President of AMCF (Association of military Christian Fellowships), in charge of the Francophone nations in Africa from 1997 to October 23TH, 2012.

A retired colonel (engineer corps) from Burkina Faso Armed Forces

A Former minister of Public Works, transports and Urbanism in the Government of the Republic of Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso).


I was born and educated according to our traditional animist beliefs. I turned to be a roman catholic and was baptized in 1965. There I walked as a formal Christian from untill February 1989 when my wife and I together accepted Jesus as our Savior and personal Lord. It was in a supernatural way, as nobody invited us to church or brought us the Gospel in any way. I was in a Hotel in Houston (USA) and Eléonore in Ouagadougou when one night we took the most important decision in our lives. We were followed by our three children, our servant and the watcher, later by more than twenty people among my relatives and some other people on my wife’s side. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit on my bed at home one Saturday morning in May 1989; Two days after my conversion I become a member of the Scripture Union fellowship; a week later I was a member of the Gideon’s. Three weeks later I joined the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, and for practical reasons left the former two ministries to stay with the FGBMFI. A year after I was national chairman, remaining at the post for more than fifteen years when I decided to hand.

As a matter of fact I was appointed a deacon in our church in 1992, AMCF francophone vice- President in 1997, and national President for the Haggai Institute alumni’s fellowship in Burkina. I use to witness many conversions and miracles in my house, in office and in my activities. I also have had a rich experience of collaboration with other churches and denominations around the world, meeting some of the most anointed ministers in the world. I became more and more sensitive to the fundamental concept of the body of Christ and at the same time very much conscious and anxious as well about how much rapidly the Lord has adopted me and promoted me in His church. I was also very much aware of the fact that such blessings implicate relevant contribution to the Lord’s Kingdom on my side.

In 2000 I decided to look back to the times the American missionaries arrived in our country (1st January 1921), then a far away French colony in West Africa, and try to study how they were able to spread the Gospel so fast, despite numerous difficulties on culture, language, politics. The final aim was to see how this could help our days’ church. I met some surviving witnesses of the period. Rapidly I knew I had to consider not only the number of converts and churches but the impact on the global evolution of our country. In 2003 I wrote l’Annuaire des Eglises et Missions évangéliques, in 2008 le Répertoire évangélique and in 2010 Cinquante ans de Développement au Nom du Christ. They are kinds of diaries trying to identify any local church, any hospital, school or project owned by an evangelical church in Burkina Faso. Most of the work was done by myself on my own expense. The inadequacy of means resulted into some evident insufficiencies. I tried to catch interest from Christians and church institutions but their commitment was short of my expectation. Nevertheless these booklets has remained precious sources of information on the body of Christ in Burkina Faso.

But in my heard things were getting clearer; what is needed at the end is a true spiritual map of the country to help evangelize effectively, bringing the Gospel where it has not reached. Combined with the fundamental idea of the body of Christ the idea of the map goes with the concept of national evangelization, that means bringing different churches and ministries in a country to work together with the vision of reaching any ethnic group, any village with the Gospel. I create the Christian Resource Center for Africa (CRC) in May 2011.

I feel it is time for me to resign any other activity and commit myself fully with the ministry of the spiritual map and national evangelization, as the Lord provides along with resource, and intensification of the vision. From April 20th-30 th, to start we held an evangelization campaign in Banwa, an administrative zone about 300 km far from Ouagadougou. The result was 3601 individuals who heard the Gospel and 498 gave their lives to Jesus.

The involvement of The Elijah Challenge

From September 19TH-23rd, with the help of evangelist Kurt SIMMS, a co-worker of the Elijah Challenge ministry in Texas, USA, we had another campaign in Dori, the most Islamized zone in the north of Burkina Faso. The Gospel could be announced to 3696 individuals and 236 persons gave their lives to Jesus. There was also a training session on divine healing and many healings such as deaf speaking or blind seeing. After the campaign in Dori we had a Missionary Convention in Ouagadougou and another seminar on divine healing by Kurt.

2012 is considered a test as our plan of the National Evangelization and spiritual 
Map will run from 2013 to 2018. To close the year 2012, our project is to be able to organize a door to door evangelization in Koudougou, where Burkina Faso Government will celebrate national Independence Day on December 11 th.

The biggest challenges we face are:

1. Bringing the churches to work together;

2. To be able to keep the new converts and help small cells to grow in order to become self-sufficient churches:

3. The resources necessary for the work.


We praise the Lord for the vision He gave us and the very encouraging results in 2012. To go on with the work we permanently need God’s wisdom, guidance, protection and provision. We also need faithful men and women to obey His voice and support us in prayer, with equipment and finance.

As the eyes of slaves look to the hands of their master, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, till he shows us his mercy. ( ps. 123.2, NIV).

Ouagadougou, October 28th, 2012





Thyroid cancer in Louisiana healed from Houston

By Kurt Simms
July 9, 2012

Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

My daughter’s best friend Taylor asked my daughter Victoria if she and I would pray over her grandmother who has thyroid cancer. She lives in Louisiana. From Houston where we live Victoria and I commanded with authority for the thyroid cancer to leave her body and for her body to be healed and to be made whole. We did not call her on the telephone to minister to her.

Victoria just reported to me that Taylor’s grandmother went to have surgery this morning and had tests prior to surgery only to find out that the cancer has disappeared. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He lives and rules forever!

[Editor’s note: this miraculous healing is in accordance with what Jesus did in Luke 7 where he healed the servant of the centurion. Moreover, in John 14:12 Jesus promised that believers would do the works that He did.]