Goddess fails to heal woman after sacrifice, but Jesus healed her for free

“God is so good to us and He is doing great things in our midst. I received very good news from our Elijah Challenge Pastor Junul Purty. Beginning last Sunday he began going to four villages to hold Sunday fellowship.

Praise the Lord he is now busy with church planting and reaching the unreached. He is working in difficult areas of Odisha (Orissa) with various people groups.

The Lord used him mightily last week. There was a Hindu Santali village 20 kilometers from his station. A woman was suffering from a migraine headache for two years. The local Hindu worship leader informed her that it was the work of Devi (a female god) and that she needed to pay and to sacrifice a goat to please the goddess. She did according to what he advised. But she did not get well after performing the sacrifice. So the Hindu leader asked her to perform the sacrifice again since the goddess was not pleased with her. She did so again, but she did not get well.

Our Pastor Junul went there and preached the gospel in the villages, and there met with this family. The family came and shared all these things with him.  Our brother ministered to the woman with power and authority in front of several people. The Lord healed her there from the migraine. Then many other sick people came and were also healed as well. One family called him to their home and requested him to pray over their relatives’ family. After that ten families accepted the Christ in that village. Praise the name of the Lord!”

Reports from TEC Coordinator Subodh Jena



Ga Ma

Entire remote village in India turns to Jesus Christ following miraculous signs


On October 10, 2015 we went a remote place one hundred and fifty kilometers from us [in Orissa], a lovely village consisting of around 30 homes scattered here and there surrounded by trees and a little mountain. The inhabitants were tribal as well as from the Dalit people.

Four of us went to that village and saw so many people suffering from various diseases. The Lord did great and mighty things there. The entire village accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after witnessing miraculous healings.



An elderly woman was unable to get down on the floor for five years. She did not have strength in her legs, and was suffering a lot. She belonged to a very poor family. She received little treatment for her health.  She was sitting on a chair while we were ministering to the sick in Jesus’ name. The Almighty God touched her, and suddenly she got up from the chair and was walking here and there. She came to the front of the meeting without anyone’s help and with much joy shared what had happened. We examined her with amazement.

Non-ambulatory elderly woman suddenly gets up and walks


A woman named Rasmi Naik had been suffering from a muscular problem for three months. Sometimes the muscle would harden, resulting in much pain in her body. She had taken medicine and applied ointment on the muscle, but did not get well. But she was miraculously healed by our Lord Jesus.


An elderly gentleman Mr. Chitrasen had been suffering from chest pain and a heart problem for a long time. He had become very weak. He could have passed on at any time, but he had clung to life until that day. When the pain started he would lose consciousness for hours. This poor man had no money, and so could not afford an operation. He tried to sell his land to collect money for the operation, but still the money was not enough so nothing was done. Thank God at the event he testified that he had been completely healed from both the chest pain and heart condition. Our God is a good God.

“The chest pain & heart condition are gone”


A woman named Rajmati was suffering from a severe headache for the past year. Her head would shake most of the time. Most of the time she would have a towel tied around her head just for some relief from the pain. She experienced the healing touch of our Lord Jesus when something like a surge of “electricity” entered her body. She was healed at that very moment.


A woman named Sasilata was suffering in the lower part of her stomach. It was very painful. She had difficulty standing and bending. Some people told her that it could be related to urinary disease as she used to suffer so much. The Lord healed her instantly at the event. She was very grateful to God.


Entire village turns to Jesus Christ


Feeding the villagers



Reports from TEC Coordinator Subodh Jena




Pastors’ wives in India train with TEC; minister healing with power

“This month we had a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training in a small town called Damanjodi, an industrial area. In attendance were over 120 servants of God from different churches and organisations. There was no space left in the church to sit. It was the first time most of the pastors came with their wives to attend our Elijah Challenge Training, along with a few college students.

In the culture of Orissa women mostly stay home to do housework. Pastors and evangelists normally do not take their wives along for ministry. So everywhere I go I take my wife Rosy in order to encourage others to be more effective in their ministries by getting their families involved.

The leaders testified that they had never heard such teaching anywhere. It was completely new for them. They are now very interested to use the teaching for reaching Hindus for Jesus Christ. When we demonstrated the teaching for the servants of God, many were miraculously healed in Jesus’ name. Instead of taking photos, our cameraman took video and filled up the memory card. So I have copied a few images from the videos.

A woman had a problem with her eyesight. For a long time she was unable to see distance and could see only things close up. It was especially bad at night and so she would not go out when it was dark. The pastors’ wives laid hands on her eyes and ministered to her. Her vision was miraculously restored and she could see very clearly. It was very touching to the many infirm people sitting there who had much expectation of being healed.

An elderly woman had a problem with her leg for the past six months. From her knee to the lower part of her leg she suffered from a lot of pain. For that reason she did not go out even for personal reasons. We had the trained women servants of God minister to her, and instantly she was healed from the long-term pain. She moved about here and there without any pain or problem.

A young college student had heavy pressure and pain in her head. She felt like her head was moving here and there. Praise the Lord as soon as we ministered to her by touching her head in Jesus’ name it left. Right there she testified that she was completely healed.

A young lady was not able to move her right leg and her knee was painful for many months. Our trained women servants of God laid hands on her, and she was healed. She testified that she felt some “heavy” power touch the very painful part of her knee. [Note: she likely felt the “dunamis” healing power of Jesus Christ as in Mark 5:30.]

A woman had swelling in the lower part of her womb for a long time. She had already applied a lot of medication but it did not help. Our trained ladies laid hands on her womb along with her pastor husband and ministered to her. Wonderfully the swelling disappeared.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for this ministry.”

Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator
Orissa, India

July 19, 2015

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar



160 tribal Hindus in remote hilly region accept Jesus Christ after experiencing many miraculous healings

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena



Bhaliasahi ,Orissa
January 15, 2015

“We returned from a Feeding Event in a remote village called Bhaliasahi where about 160 Hindus accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Lord was gracious to perform many miraculous healings there and to open up this village for us.


Tribal Hindus accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour

This tribal Hindu village is located in a hilly area. Accompanying me were a few Elijah Challenge-trained believers who were familiar with their language. While most of the people speak their tribal tongue, they could also understand Oriya (the language of the state of Orissa) because while I was ministering I saw people weeping.

After prayer I called those who had been healed by the Lord to come forward. So many came forward to tell us what the Lord Jesus had done for them. Praise the Lord for such a precious opportunity to reach this village with the gospel. Here are just a few of the testimonies I heard.

A woman named Kesari had a tumour in her throat for many years. It was clearly visible. But miraculously it disappeared. When she inserted her fingers into her throat it was no longer there. She used to have difficulty eating, but she was completely healed by the Lord.




A woman named Sulima had been demonized for years, and she had caused a lot of trouble for her family. The villagers brought in many witchdoctors, and they performed all kinds of sacrifices along with other practices, but still they failed to heal her. For no apparent reason she would run into the mountainous jungle in the middle of the night. As I prayed over her in Jesus’ name she screamed, but the demon left her with no further trouble.


Sulima (center) testifying


A young man named Bitu, about 24 years of age, had a wonderful experience. From childhood his body was abnormal. His hands, fingers and legs were not flexible. Even outsiders could see that he was not normal. At the Feeding Event he testified that something like electricity touched him, and immediately he felt free everywhere in his body (cf. Mark 5:29-30). Earlier he had felt a heavy load on his body, but he was completely set free. Thanks to the Lord Jesus!


Young Bitu was healed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ


A woman named Nilima had problem with breathing. Even when sitting still her breathing was labored. Her physical condition was not good. She was not able even to talk at length. But after the Lord touched her she was able to share for twenty to forty minutes without any problem.


Nilima (center) can now breathe normally


A young boy named Rishikes was healed from a toothache. For a month he had suffered a lot from unbearable pain. He went to the dentist who wanted to remove the tooth. But he was afraid to have the tooth removed. All day he would cover his teeth with a handkerchief. He could not believe it when the pain suddenly left him and he felt completely well.


Rishikes testifies


A man named Tilak had fallen from a tree and injured a bone in his chest. For many days he was bedridden. Recently he able to get out of bed, but still the pain was there. All the pain in his chest disappeared miraculously as the Lord touched him.

There were also many elderly people who remained in their places and testified that the Lord had healed them from back pain, stomach pain, pain in their bones and other infections.

Praise the Lord for this awesome experience with the people in the hill country. How wonderful to see these precious souls added to the kingdom of God!

Thank you so very much for helping us to penetrate a totally unreached region with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Feeding the villagers afterwards



Couple married since 2006 now miraculously expecting a child

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

Our Elijah Challenge pastor in Gubel in Orissa, India sent an encouraging report to us in connection with our visit there in the month of April 2014. There we ministered to a couple who were married 2006 but since then have had no children. They had gone to several places for many kinds of treatments, but without any success. Our pastor in Gubel informed us that the wife has been pregnant for already four months. They are very excited, and even their fellow villagers are very glad to hear this great news.

Praise the Lord for the blessing of this great miracle.

 September 2014

Miraculous healings reported as traditional Church of North India (CNI) hosts The Elijah Challenge

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Training Event at Titlagarh with some of the most conservative leaders of the traditional Church of North India (CNI). There were over ninety delegates from various denominations and many youth including evangelists, pastors and church leaders in attendance.


Sixty to seventy years ago evangelical groups from abroad worked very hard to evangelize the Hindus. But after they left,  the work of church planting was neglected. But praise the  Lord for The Elijah Challenge which enabled many servants of God to go forward to use the Lord’s authority and power to heal the sick and cast out the demon for the sake of the gospel. It was a very good time for encouraging the servants of God and to reach out to the unreached with the Lord’s power and authority.


Healing Reports

A gentleman had a spinal cord injury. His doctor wanted to operate on him, but since he could not afford it he managed to get by with medication. But he was healed by the Lord and he testified.

A gentleman had a stomach infection and a problem with his finger for several years. He was not able to move his finger freely. Before ministering to him I touched his finger and it was indeed hard. He was healed instantly and he testified that he had been taking a lot of medication but was not healed. But at that moment the Lord healed him completely.

A middle age woman had been suffering in her back bone for the past three years. She had taken much medication but could not get well. She came to our training with much expectation,  and she was completely healed.

A woman who had suffered a lot from chest pain and a problem with breathing. Outwardly she looked healthy, but if she walked some distance she would feel tired. The Lord healed her instantly from the chest pain and difficulty with breathing.

A woman had problems with her back and neck for a year. She would undergo Ayurvedic massages when she felt the pain. At the event the Lord healed her.

A retired nurse had been suffering from gastritis and burning in her stomach for many years. We ministered healing at a distance to her from the training venue. After coming to the training, she called me and said that she also had a kidney problem. Over the phone I ministered her, and she reported that she is feeling better.

Below are photos of those who testified that the Lord had healed them during the demonstrations of healing according to the model of Jesus in the gospels.


“I am healed!”



Traditional church in India dating back to the year 1834 experiences miraculous healings

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar


August 2014

One of the oldest churches in Berhampur, Orissa (India) was started 1834 by British missionaries. For the first time I had an opportunity to fellowship with very traditional believers. They sang only one or two songs in their Sunday service and with quite a somber tone.

The Lord was so gracious to open the door for us to teach The Elijah Challenge among the youth and the elderly. There were above 115 delegates participating in our training event.



The teaching about power and authority [over disease and demons in the context of preaching the gospel was fully new to them. As far as they were taught, only “anointed” healing ministers could minister healing to the sick and cast out demons. But according to the Bible we taught them how to heal the sick and cast out demons.

After the training there were testimonies of miraculous healing:

— Many people were healed as we all ministered to the sick. One of the church members was suffering from diabetes, and he was healed. A woman was healed from shoulder pain.

— A man was healed from a skin disease from which he had been suffering for six months.

— A woman was healed from migraine headache.

— A man had a problem breathing and he was healed.

—- A woman was healed from a problem with her thyroid.

—- A sister had a gynecological problem for which her doctor had advised an operation. But praise the Lord she was healed right there and so did not need an operation.

Many church leaders and senior members, however, could not attend as there was another seminar in progress nearby. As they heard the news about our training, they asked me to preach at their Sunday service. There were 1,200 people present at the service, and both inside and outside the church the people were packed.

It was a privilege for me to preach from John 14:12, and it encouraged them greatly.

“…Those who believe in me will do the works that I do…”

There are 100,000 Hindus in that city and the surrounding area. I encouraged all of them to go out and reach the unreached with the power and authority over disease and demons as given to us by the Lord Jesus.

After the service several leaders approached me and told me that they had never heard this teaching before. They want to have this Elijah Challenge Training in different places.

If I had been able to teach these educated people using a Powerpoint Presentation, then I could have taught in a more clear and systematic way.



Gospel-resistant village in Orissa opens up following miraculous healing

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

August 23, 2014

We received a very good report from the pastor we support in Dulki, Orissa. He shared with us about a small Hindu village 5 km from him which used to oppose the work of the gospel. Now one of the men there had an infection in his foot for several months. He had been treated by doctors who had prescribed a lot of medication for him, but he did not get well. He had spent a lot of money.

But the pastor went and preached the gospel to him. He ministered to him, and the infection was healed. As a result, seven people from this gospel-resistant village accepted Jesus Christ. The pastor is expecting that in the days ahead many people will accept the Christ from that Hindu village.

-Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa, India


Entire remote village comes to Christ in India

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

July 22, 2014

Yesterday morning I returned to Bhawanipatna. In spite of heavy rain we were able to reach the remote village of Gpadar. This village is very beautifully surrounded by a mountain. There are fourteen families who live there. This was an opportunity for me to go and preach the gospel to such a needy, unreached people group. From the main road to that village it’s around 16 km. It is hilly and the road is rocky, but thank God somehow we reached there by motorbike.

 The Lord graciously helped us to minister, breaking their old tradition of practicing sorcery and idol worship since 1985. Several people died, were killed, and suffered a lot because of this.

A sorcerer there was able to become a tiger, bear or cat. He would kill people by becoming a tiger or a bear. I was amazed to hear about it, and it was difficult to believe that such practices took place in that village. But it was true. Many people died and were severely injured in this attack. Due to this it became a police matter.

Because of heavy rain we did not have a public meeting, but we went to each family and to share the gospel and minister to them personally.  A few people were sick and we ministered to them, and the Lord healed them instantly. It was an awesome experience to meet with them and reach them by personal evangelism. The entire village believed in Christ and accepted Him as their personal Saviour. They are simple and receptive, but workers are not there to reach them with gospel.

It was a new experience for us. Praise the Lord for those precious souls who came to Christ.

—- Two women were delivered from demon attacks.

—-  A 2-year-old baby girl was sick and she was healed instantly.

—- A gentleman had a urinal infection and was healed completely.

—- A woman had a disease in her uterus for three years and was healed.

—- An elderly man was suffering from knee pain for many years and was healed.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting me in reaching such unreached places.




Hindu priest & family accept Jesus following miraculous healing

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Orissa, India
July 13, 2014

Our Elijah Challenge-trained brother Sujit has a wonderful report. He had been to a Hindu village where the wife of the Hindu priest was suffering from kidney disease. The priest had taken his wife to various villages for treatment but to no avail.

Brother Sujit came across them and preached the gospel to them. He decided to bring them to his house, and he called me there as well. I went and met with the family, and ministered to them.

The woman was healed of her kidney disease. The family believed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. The villagers marveled at this great miracle.