Miraculous healings in Pakistan during live webinar from USA

March 2017 Report from USA-based Pastor Colonel who trained with The Elijah Challenge

Here is a note provided by Pastor Ravi Daniel in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  This was the first time, as far as I know, a live stream training webinar has ever occurred in Pakistan. He included photos of the event.  In a few of the photos you may see the computer and the ear buds he used to perform the translation into Urdu.

-Pastor Colonel (who broadcast the webinar from Tennessee)
Seedtime Harvest Ministries

Pastor Ravi Daniel in Pakistan wrote:

“Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a great pleasure for us to share with you our story about the recent live steam School of Authority Evangelism training seminar that Pastor Colonel provided to us in Pakistan from the USA.  It is a really solid soul winning resource that helps makes disciples. It also trained us on how to become more fruitful for soul winning in Pakistan.  We were able to train 50 to 55 people how to evangelize like Jesus and the disciples did in the Bible. And during this training we learned and performed many miracles and signs of wonders in the Jesus name.


  • A girl was healed from head pain and another was healed from pain in her arm.
  • One girl was healed from back pain, another young girl was healed from demons while another women was healed from stomach pain
  • Two women were healed from back pain and another women was healed from her foot pain.
  • A man and a woman was healed from joint pains while another man received healing from his back pain and an old man received healing from his leg pain.


Elderly gentleman testifies his leg pain has disappeared with Pastor Ravi at left

Woman’s knees and leg healed through the laying on of hands by believers

During the School of Authority Evangelism Jesus really touch people.  We have never received any training like this nor have we seen training produce so many miracles. However, there were many who were shy to tell about their testimonies in front of other people.  For example, the man who received his healing on the first day from his back pain did not share what had happened to him.  After he received his healing he return on the third day trusting Jesus with a very difficult family problem which he shared with Pastor Colonel.  Pastor Colonel used the authority of Jesus and God answered the prayer and gave the family a mighty victory!  Praise God!



We are praying for Pastor Colonel daily and we would like to do more live stream webinar training in Pakistan so that we may have more disciples trained in the School of Authority Evangelism so that we may win more souls for the kingdom of God.  We are praying and waiting for the next event.”

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Ravi Daniel
Model Prayer Church
Faisalabad, Pakistan


IMG_3307 - Copy

Hundreds of tribals accept Jesus Christ for first time at Baptist event



“It was wonderful to see hundreds of people at this Baptist event for the Kui Tribal people accept Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.

My Kui hosts shared with me a brief history how they became Christians in 1988. Many of the villagers suffering from frequent sicknesses. Their gods and goddess would require of them both human and animal sacrifices from time to time. Although sacrificing human beings and animals from time to time was a very heavy burden for them, they had no choice. Eventually the sacrifices became their custom.



One day in a dream their goddess demanded a bigger sacrifice, threatening to kill many of the villagers if they did not offer the sacrifice. They were very frightened as they are a poor tribal people and would have difficulty affording such an offering to the goddess.

And so they began to search for the God who has more power than their gods. They went here and there and came upon a pastor. He later went to their village during which time they explained all these things to him. The pastor explained to them that our Lord Jesus is above all gods and goddess on earth. He shared that Jesus is the only Way. In this way, the Kui villagers accepted Jesus Christ.



I ministered at their sixth annual meeting. There the Lord did great things for so many people. They were healed from various diseases such as blindness, deafness, problems with their feet, joint pain, back pain, migraine headaches, and much more.”

March 2017 Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India


Vision restored in Jesus’ name

Above & below: hearing restored


Above & below: testimonies of miraculous healing





Paralytic in Northeast India miraculously healed in Jesus’ name


Pastor Akon & Joydhor Kissan

Testimony from Pastor Akon Bajronayak who has hosted The Elijah Challenge Training in Assam State, Northeast India

“Joydhor Kissan was paralysed for the last our months. His left hand and leg were totally numb. People had to help him by holding on to him. In Jesus’ name I rebuked the spirit of paralysis and weakness to leave his body. He was healed and began to walk on his own without any support. Glory to God!”




God’s blessings upon orphans from remote villages who had no hope

“We are delighted to write this report regarding a memorable day for the precious children at our Elijah Challenge orphanage. They are experiencing God’s manifold blessing every day. This month our orphanage will have been in operation for 4 years. Within these four years an amazing development has taken place for our children. It is the Lord’s wonderful grace.

On February 4, 2017—our Annual Day Celebration—our Sebika performed a special Odishi dance, a well-known Indian cultural dance. Her performance impressed the District-level dignitaries and the people present. They were amazed to see the precision of her performance. Altogether Sebika received first prize in singing, in dancing as well as in academic performance. The District Education Officer awarded her the All-Around Seal.


Sebika (13 years old)

Sebika receiving an award

Our four girls Tapani, Rebika, Priskila and Ajanti also performed the stick dance. They all received the 1st and 2nd prizes in the math game, in track and for their debate performance. All our girls received awards for their excellence performance. Even our little girl Priya received two prizes.


Two Christian songs were played in the public school, perhaps for the first time in history.

Our three boys Shyam, Kiran and Subhankar also received prizes for performing a tribal dance. Overall our fourteen children received academic, song competition, high jump, long jump, frog jump prizes, etc.



Extraordinary supernatural blessings from God

It is really amazing that none of our children are from our town of Bhawanipatna, but rather all come from poor remote villages having no access roads and no electricity. Nevertheless they performed so wonderfully in front of the Bhawanipatna dignitaries. They outperformed the local children who have parents and a good background. This fact amazed the teachers and the dignitaries.

This is only the grace of God through your prayers. Thank you so much for your support, which not only changes the lives of the children now but will likely provide a bright future for them.

The transformation of Sebika

We remember four years ago at the beginning of the orphanage when we were taking photos of each child. We had gathered all the children together. But when it was Sebika’s turn it took us half an hour to take her picture because she would not stop crying. As you can see from our report above, her transformation now by the gracious hand of the Lord is incredible.


Tearful Sebika at orphanage four years ago

Government regulations are very strict with regard to orphanages, requiring my wife Rosy to do a lot of paperwork and to look after other administrative tasks involving maintenance. In spite of that she was able to work hard teaching the children two of the dances and preparing them to excel that Annual Day Celebration.”

February 2017 Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India

Received March 27, 2017:Let me share with you that our young sons Nathan and Johnson did excellently on their annual exams. Our older son Nathan received a score of 93% and his younger brother Johnson 98.1%. God is so good to all our Elijah Challenge workers and their families. Praise the Lord.”





180 souls accept Jesus Christ at Feeding Event in Uttar Pradesh, India

“Our January 2017 Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was in a remote village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Pastor Hanok Masih preached the gospel, and afterwards approximately 180 people gave their lives to the Lord. 

After the event Hanok along with two of our Elijah Challenge-trained workers prayed over the sick, and some were miraculously healed.”
Report from Elijah Challenge Pastors Hanok Masih & Simon Haqq





Miraculous healings accompany TEC Training for pastors in India



“We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Training last week in a small town where around 70 servants of God participated along with some youths. Praise the Lord that He has enabled us to train the servants God to be more fruitful in their ministries. They were in need of such teaching to reach out to the lost effectively.

There was an older woman named Usha Rani who was unable to walk due to a condition requiring orthosis. She was afraid to walk because she was afraid of falling. At the Training Event she experienced the power of God (feeling like “electricity”) when we ministered to her. I asked to walk around and around in the church, walking with her to test her healing. She was totally healed, and was so very happy. See her in the photos below testifying and walking freely.



A pastor named Jiten was not able to see clearly at over forty years of age. He could not make out the print in his Bible and other books as well. After we ministered to him along with the other servants of God, he was able to see properly with no difficulty. We asked him to read a passage from the Bible, and he did so. Praise the Lord.

 A young brother named Rabindra had been unable to raise his hand for three months. He felt severe pain. After we ministered to him he was healed. He was able to move his hand here and there without any pain at all.   

For a long time a sister named Gita had a pain in her knee due to a tear. The moment she got up the pain would start. She had taken a lot of medication and applied various ointments without any results. When our trained sisters ministered to her she was instantly healed. There was no more pain.

 A pastor named Harsha had a problem with both eyes including his head. His head and eyes would hurt, and his eyes would tear. The Lord healed him instantly when the servants of God ministered to him.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting us in training the servants of God.”

March 2017 Report from The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India




230 villagers in remote Fundamentalist region accept Christ

“We had an awesome Feeding Event in a remote village—a Fundamentalist-dominated area. This month in that village a buffalo was being sacrificed to their gods in accordance with their local custom.  I wanted to have Feeding Event there, but our Pastor was initially reluctant because of the festival surrounding the sacrifice. But we believed it was the will of God for the Feeding Event to proceed. And so we witnessed wonderful miraculous healings. Around two hundred and thirty people accepted Christ.



A woman named Kabita (below) had been deaf in both ears for many years. I was surprised to learn that her husband while in a drunken stupor had slapped her severely damaging her hearing. She had been unable to hear for 25 years.  She had gone to the district hospital, but after examining her the doctor concluded that the injury to her ears was irreparable. It was wonderful to witness the Lord touching her and restoring her hearing. Kabitha testified that her doctor said she would never hear again, but Jesus healed her.



Kabita can hear!


A boy named Rajesh (below) of about 13 years of age was deaf from birth. He had never ever heard in his entire life. His father brought him to our Event. It was amazing to witness the Lord opening up his ears for him to hear for the very first time. Praise the Lord!



Three years earlier a woman named Gayatri had lost her hearing due to a sickness. Even after taking various prescription medications her hearing was not restored. Our gracious Lord healed her and she was able to hear clearly. 

A young woman named Rebha had swelling in her stomach and had experienced pain there for a long time. She had suffered through terrible things in her youth. Being poor and lacking the finances she could not get proper treatment for her stomach. Day by day the pain and swelling worsened, but in their poverty her family was helpless to do anything. But our gracious Lord healed her. The pain left instantly. When she felt her stomach with her hands she could find no trace of the swelling. 

 A grandmother named Prabhati (below) was at our Event and was suffering from swelling and pain in her knee. She was not able to raise or bend her knee. She would feel pain when walking. The Lord touched her and she was healed instantly. She was able to raise her knee and walk without pain.



An elderly man named Soras Pradhan (below) had chest pain and poor vision. He came to our Feeding Event with pain and heaviness in his body. There our Lord healed him of both problems, restoring normal sight to him and taking away the pain in his body.



A gentleman named Rakesh (below) had chest pain for a long time and was healed on the spot. He also had a breathing problem which the Lord healed as well.



Thank you so much for praying and for supporting us to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ through these Elijah Challenge Feeding Events.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
 February 2017




3 couples

Unusual miracles from God in Orissa, India



“Greetings to you in Jesus precious name. Praise the Lord for the amazing work of God. Last Sunday I preached in a town called Anugul. There were over twelve hundred people present. After the message as usual I ministered to the sick, and so many people were healed and accepted the Christ.

There were hundreds of people surrounding me and asking me to minister healing. There was an elderly woman who had not able to walk with one leg paralyzed. The Lord healed her right there and she began walking. This kind of miraculous healing we have witnessed frequently, but in Anugul special miracles I had never before witnessed were taking place.

A woman had been demonized for a long time. During the worship she created a disturbance by shouting and jumping uncontrollably. She rolled on the ground up to me and tried to grab hold of my feet. I commanded the demon to leave her in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord it left her.

There were three childless couples who came up for prayer. They had been married for 11 years, 7 years, and one and a half years respectively.

I asked them to hold hands as I prayed and ministered to them one by one. Within a minute the wives began to feel pain in their wombs to the point of being severe for few minutes. One sister had to run to the wash basin to vomit—as if she had just become pregnant. Both I and my host pastor were amazed to see this.

The three couples believe that Lord Jesus had touched them. Never before had they experienced such pain in their wombs. May the Lord now fulfill the desire of their hearts to have children.


The three couples with our Coordinator (third from the left) 

I am planning to go there to teach The Elijah Challenge in the month of April.

The Lord has done similar miracles in the past:

Once I ministered to a couple who had been childless after a few years of marriage. The next year they came to me with a baby girl.

In 2015 I ministered to Rabindra, one of our Elijah Challenge pastors. The following year his wife gave birth to a baby girl after eight years of marriage.

A few months ago I ministered to another Elijah Challenge pastor named Brother Parmeswar along with his wife. A few days ago I learned that his wife is now five months pregnant. Our God is a God of miracles.

Thank you so much for your precious prayers for us and for the ministry. All the glory to God.”

February 2015 report submitted by Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa






Newly-planted Church in Punjab has 150+ average Sunday attendance

Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor in Amritsar preached the gospel at an Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a village of Amritsar, the capital of the state of Punjab. Around 160 people gave their lives to the Lord. 

Every believer received a miraculous healing or deliverance as our Elijah Challenge-trained pastors ministered to them. The pastor told me that close to one hundred families are ready for baptism.



Now we have an Elijah Challenge Church in this village with an average attendance of 150-plus believers every Sunday.




180 souls accept Christ at Feeding Event in Uttar Pradesh, India

“Our January 2017 Feeding Event was held in a remote village in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Our Elijah Challenge Trainer Brother H. preached the gospel. Approximately 180 people gave their lives to the Lord. After the Event he along with two of our Elijah Challenge-trained workers prayed over the sick, and the Lord healed many of them.”

Report submitted by Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India