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Complete Elijah Challenge Training Houston 2012

All 12 Powerpoint Presentations    

The Elijah Challenge Training Powerpoint Presentations

English Spanish (Español)

French (Français)

Portuguese (Português)

Russian (Русский)

German (Deutsch)

Chinese (中国的) Vietnamese (Việt)

Hindi (हिंदी)

Nepali | 2012 Nepali version by Tee Joo Tatt

Nepali Training in Word format by Tee Joo Tatt


Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

MP3 Audio Files of Basic Training (designed for Pentecostal believers)

Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4    

The Elijah Challenge Training on Omega Man Radio

Session 1 of February 2014 Broadcast

Session 2 of February 2014 Broadcast

Earlier broadcasts below:

Broadcast of Session 1

Broadcast of Session 2

Broadcast of Session 3

Broadcast of Session 4

Training Manuals (Reader comment on this Manual)

Condensed Elijah Challenge Training Manual (2015)

Elijah Challenge Training Manual in English

Spanish (Español)

Portuguese (Português: Manual de Treinamento – O Desafio de Elias)    

Training Primers (Syllabi)

English Chinese



The Esther Challenge

English Version

Portuguese Version

Spanish Version

Indonesian Version

Vietnamese Version

Dancing on the Edge of the Earth

(Autobiographical missionary thriller by the founders of The Elijah Challenge)

In English

In Chinese

In Indonesian

In Vietnamese

Bahasa Indonesia

Pengajaran dalam Bahasa Indo


Arquivos em Português



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