Eleven members of a high caste Hindu family in Delhi together commit suicide

“Recently something very sad took place in New Delhi—an incident which has never been reported in India during this era of technology.

Eleven members of an educated family, influenced by a Hindu priestess, together committed suicide. They lived in the center of New Delhi. A few years back they had come across the priestess and eventually embraced her and her teachings. She taught them to devote themselves to Hinduism. They faithfully followed all the Hindu rituals, doing whatever she instructed them to do.  

From day to day they learned much from the priestess, becoming more and more devoted. She taught them that if in their devotion to Hinduism they committed suicide, their god will come with power and rescue them.

And so early in July 2018 together the eleven family members committed suicide. They did not inform their loved ones.

Hearing this news people were astonished and could not believe that such a thing could take place in New Delhi among high class and educated people.

We think of the hundreds of thousands of villages in India inhabited by poor and uneducated people who are easily exploited by Hindu priests. Such things are already taking place.

The police have arrested the priestess and are investigating the matter.  

We came to hear about this because it took place in Delhi where media outlets can quickly spread the news. But who will report such things when they take place in the villages among the poor and uneducated?

Villagers are very afraid of sorcerers and their craft. Neighbors are now very reluctant to go near the house where the suicides took place. They are afraid of ghosts.

Please pray and help us to reach the multitudes of India, most of whom put blind faith in Hinduism. The Lord has given us His servants authority over the demon spirits which are the vehicle of sorcery. When we exercise this authority over the demonized, powerful miraculous deliverances take place as convincing evidence to the Hindus that our God is the One True God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him. Such miracles are bringing many Hindus into the Kingdom of God.

Please continue to pray for our ministry so that we may reach as many Hindus as possible.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, India
July 2018

The Story from India Today



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