Trained disciples show up at New Age Festival; many healed & reduced to tears

“After we tired of trying to get our fellow Christians to even show interest in the amazing truths we learned from The Elijah Challenge training, we decided to take what we had learned, design a new style of street ministry, and go to a New Age festival that was located deep in the hills of West Virginia.”




“Here is our testimony:

Recently we had the opportunity to minister at a New Age Festival, our goal was only that they should experience a touch from the Father, and by that touch a seed would be planted, but the Father did way more than we could have ever expected!

Many were touched by love! We saw people reduced to tears from only a prayer that the Spirit of God would wash over them in love. Some openly expressed sensations of electricity running from their head to their toes. One man had to run to the restroom to hide his emotions, but when he returned, eyes still wet with tears, he came to us and said, “What you are doing is good, I really felt something!”

Many were healed! One poor women who had experienced migraines every night for eight years was healed and came back the next day to express her tremendous gratitude, to which we replied “Praise God!”. So many who were touched for healing felt “heat” and testified that “the pain is gone.” Back pain, acid reflux, old injuries, migraines, and more yielded to the love of the Father. 

Many were set free! We saw demons flee as we pronounced deliverance over those who had been tormented. Many confessed their knowledge of the demons in their life, some even describing their actions toward them. In discernment, we saw many strong demons standing by, claiming ownership. But those forces were cast out in Jesus name, and people expressed feelings of “lightness”, “freedom”, or “as if a weight had been lifted”. 

In total we witnessed directly to over 30 people, which amazed the other vendors around us who saw numbers that were less than half of ours. Many people who came to us were either vendors themselves, or the spouses of vendors.  We believe all came away with a direct experience with the Father’s love!

We are honored and humbled to serve the Father in this ministry of love to the New Age community.

Elijah Challenge, thank you so much for leading us down this road!  I know it has taken me some time to incorporate the truths you taught us into street ministry, but our attempts to add what you taught us into the style of street ministry we fruitless. So, learning from our mistakes, we developed a style of ministry specifically designed for those caught up in the New Age/Neo-Pagan movement, and we can see the Lord is greatly leading and blessing our efforts in this area.”

 -Tom Molskow, Founder of Beyond All Borders Evangelism, trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2015
mTom and daughter Margot


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