Evangelistic Healing & Feeding Event in Noida, India

 Noida, India
October 2007  

The Elijah Challenge in India

“October 28th was a victorious day for us: 416 Musl__ms came from a slum area in Noida for the Feeding Event. Sixty-seven people received Christ as their personal Saviour and many sick people were healed. Our little sister Farah, a former Musl__m, made many personal contacts among the Musl__m schoolgirls. Her testimony was powerful enough to touch these girls. Farah was well-trained by The Elijah Challenge.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers especially for this Musl__m Slum area. We are praying and planning to start a fellowship (congregation) on Friday, November 9th. There will be a regular fellowship every Friday.”

The following six photos show the laying on of hands on the infirm Musl__ms in Jesus’ name by believers trained under The Elijah Challenge. The miraculous healings proved that Jesus Christ had authority to save and forgive sin.

Above: a teenage Musl__m girl is healed from a headache

A Sikh woman named Jasvinder Kaur (center) accepted Jesus

A Musl__m woman is healed from her eye infection

In the photo above, a devout Musl__m woman (left) came 
with a group of other Musl__m ladies to argue but 
in the end prayed to receive salvation with Sister Fara

A demon-possessed Musl__m girl who was under 
power of witchcraft received her deliverance

Above & below: the Feeding Event

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