Healed over the phone from high blood pressure in Jesus’ name

January 29, 2016

“My name is Long V. and I’ve been suffering from exceptionally high blood pressure (150/110).  I’ve tried herbal and pharmaceutical interventions with little to no improvement for the condition.  I fear of coming down with a stroke at any moment.

Please administer Jesus’ healing to me.”

We connected Long with Elijah Challenge co-laborers Shar & Teddy in Chicago, asking them to minister to him at a distance over the telephone. Afterwards…


January 31

“I would like to thank you both for contacting me so quickly.  After our prayer I went “unplugged” just said no to medications both herbal and pharmaceuticals, my cough subsides in frequency and severity.  I took several blood pressure readings on yesterday evening and this morning.

Praise report: my blood pressure is never ever down close to normal reading (120/80), the last reading that I took was 117/83.  It’s much to my amazement, and I’m so ready to a life that is free from hypertension.”


February 1

“I monitored my blood pressure multiple times throughout today.  They’re all hovering around the normal range of 120/80.  I just grinned from ear to ear after every time I checked.  It’s just so, so amazing. 

He is such an awesome and loving God.”


Reports from Teddy & Shar



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