1,300 accept Jesus Christ in two Elijah Challenge October 2018 Feeding Events in Asia


“Our first Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in October 2018 was [in Asia] where an Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor preached the gospel. Close to 800+ prayed the salvation prayer to accept our Lord. This was a two-day event. 

The Pastor shared with us that he is seeing a spiritual hunger as he travels around the state preaching the gospel.

Later during the Event he prayed over the sick. Close to 200+ raised their hands testifying they were instantly healed by the Lord.




Our second Elijah Challenge Feeding Event of October (below) was also a two-day event where close to 480+ people raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer.

Again it was our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor & Evangelist who preached the gospel and later prayed over the sick. There were many who were miraculously healed by the Lord at that moment.






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