Jaime visits prison in Indonesia; people miraculously healed & accept Christ


“God was again faithful as I was able to share the Gospel in a jail here on our island. Due to security I was only able to bring in my Bible after the guards put a stamp (below) on my arm. I think this was to say that they had check my “body” for contraband. Three YWAM students from Cambodia came with me along with my translator.

Interesting as there were about 30 plus people in a very small, non- air conditioned room which included not only prisoners but family with children! There were many children in the court yard outside where we were as well. Most folks were in jail for drug trafficking and other small crimes or waiting for their situation to be heard. There was also a “white” fellow there. He was from Spain I believe as his Indonesian was better than his English. I think he is waiting for his case to come to trial and has waited more than a year.

I shared the Gospel and just as textbook Elijah Challenge events go, six people came forward for salvation after three folks were healed.

A lady came forward for back pain and was healed. After the service she brought a friend to me that had suffered with neck and jaw pain for many months. She left pain free!

The highlight was a man and his wife that had come as visitors. He had chronic back pain for 20 years and could not bend to touch his knees. After ministry, which included the YWAM Discipleship Training School students, he could bend and place his palms flat on the floor!!! I believe it was this miracle that convinced he and his wife that Jesus was the only way to the Father!

Follow up should be easy as most folks just live a few steps away from the meeting room.

…This may open a door to Cambodia.”

“Jaime” trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008



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