God’s love & healing power manifest at New Age Festival in California

“Recently we had the opportunity to minister to twenty people at a New Age Festival in California. Our goal was only that each of the participants we ministered to would experience a tangible demonstration of the Father’s love, and by that demonstration a seed would be planted, but the Father did way more than we could have ever expected!
Many were touched by love! Many cried tears of joy as the touch of God’s love connected with their heart.  Some of the people we ministered to were depressed, experiencing grief, or fearful, but each felt a lifting of their spirits as the love of God wash over them as we prayed for the Holy Spirit to immerse them in love.
Many were healed! When we commanded healing in the power and authority of Jesus, we saw people healed of pain in their lower intestines, feet, lower back, spine, chest and more – Praise God! All we ministered to in this way quickly confessed the tell tale signs of healing – heat in the afflicted part of their body and the immediate disappearance of pain and symptoms related to their conditions.
Many were set free! We saw demons flee as we pronounced deliverance over those who were demonically tormented – Praise God! One person described a demonic attack that included a demon entering her body. In the power and authority of Jesus we cast out that demon, as well as several others we encountered in other people we ministered to.
We are honored and humbled to serve the Father in this ministry of love to the New Age community! We ask that you pray for the salvation of each and everyone touched by the Father’s love at this recent New Age Festival.
We praise God for The Elijah Challenge, which was so instrumental in helping us form this ministry to those caught up in the New Age!”
Tom Molskow
President of Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries
March 2017

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