Garbage collectors throw away lockets of false gods after Jesus heals them; 300 accept Christ


    “This is first time an Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was organized among garbage pickers in New Delhi. Over 300 of them gave their lives to the Lord. Over 100 people were miraculously healed of their infirmities. Many of these were very grateful to the Lord for healing them—they …

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Orthodox church in India hosts The Elijah Challenge; many miraculously healed of physical infirmities in Jesus’ name


  “Last week we conducted The Elijah Challenge Training at a church located in the region of Phulbani, Orissa. There at Amlapada Church over one hundred denominational leaders along with believers gathered to be trained. Earlier when I first made contact with the pastor and church leaders, they made a point …

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Eighty people in dismal village turn to Jesus Christ


  Our host and Elijah Challenge-trained pastor organized a Feeding Event in a certain area where he desired to start a new congregation. We had over 200 people in attendance, and about eighty of them raised their hands to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.         Feeding …

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300 people in India, including leader of transvestite community, accept Jesus Christ


“The second day of our June 2017 Shangai Rai Feeding Event in Punjab, India was threatened by rain, but by God’s grace there was no rain until the Event was over.  We just had to pack the food and distribute it to the people. About 300 people raised their hands to receive …

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350 souls receive the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ


  Our second Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in June 2017 was in a village called Shangai Rai. Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor shared the gospel, and approximately 350 souls raised their hands to receive the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Many were healed from their infirmities as they were prayed …

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Hundreds miraculously healed during prayer of salvation accepting Jesus


Our host pastor Jai Pal hosted a first-time Feeding Event in his village of Ajnala. About 390 people raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ. As they prayed to receive Him as their Lord and Savior, hundreds were miraculously healed of their physical infirmities.         Many of …

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12-year-old boy with polio since birth gets up & walks for the first time


  “I am grateful to God for His mighty hand upon our ministry. We had a very powerful miraculous healing at our last Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in June 2017. His name alone was glorified as we witnessed hundreds of otherwise perishing souls added to the Kingdom of God through the …

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Powerful NEW TESTAMENT miracles bring entire village of nearly 400 to Jesus Christ


“Praise the Lord for the amazing things He did at The Elijah Challenge Feeding Event held in a remote village. Our gracious God did wonderful miracles of healing and deliverance from demons just as recorded in the New Testament. It was another memorable Feeding Event. While I was preaching the …

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420 accept Christ over two days in village in Punjab, India


  “Our network Pastor P. J. organized a gospel feeding event in his village. Never in 15 years had such a meeting been organized in his village. Close to 280 people raised their hands to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pastor P. J. told me there were only 20 …

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