Blind woman in Brazil healed after prayer

Many healed as Sister Alba Lopez teaches The Elijah Challenge in Brazil I ministered to her through whatsapp to sister Giane before her surgery along with our prayer group – Deborah’s prayer group which consists of women praying for their children. We are 50 mothers in one group and there …

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Healed from obsessive-compulsive eating disorder in Jesus’ name

“I was inflicted with a horrible obsessive compulsive eating…an addiction, uncontrollable. I would crave for food of any kind, stuff myself uncontrollably and afterwards, even sometimes make myself throw up. You probably don’t remember but I asked you to pray over me. If I can remember correctly, you commanded this demon …

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Hundreds of Methodists accept Christ in Bihar, India Revival

The Elijah Challenge in India With Simon Haqq     God blessed us with another fruitful Feeding Event where we are experienced revival in a Methodist Church. Because of the rainy season they inquired about us and the Bihar Methodist Church in Mothihari opened their doors for a Feeding Event. …

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