North American Reports

Miraculous healings in Jesus’ name at Atlanta Training Event

Beautiful and attractive mid forties woman with severe neck pain rubbing her neck with her hand.  Portrait orientation.  Shot isolated on white.

Participants to our October 2015 Atlanta Training Event came from New York City and Los Angeles and points in between. Some came from West Virginia, Alabama and Georgia. When Sandy, a blond woman from Alabama perhaps in her early forties, first approached us in the hallway outside the conference room …

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Semi-paralyzed man in San Francisco area healed, his marriage restored


“In the name of Jesus Christ I ministered to a couple of Christians from local Baptist churches. One is very enthusiastic about studying The Elijah Challenge Primer, and one experienced her shorter leg “growing out” [as her backbone straightened out] followed by all her back pain leaving. This happened in …

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Las Vegas Resort Manager miraculously healed by tourists in Jesus’ name

Las Vegas

An awesome married couple Sarhonda (Shar) and Gabriel (Teddy) came into my work to tour our resort while in Las Vegas.   Toward the end of the tour Shar asked me, “do you have any ailments?”  I said, “yes I have had a bad back for the past 45 years, …

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“[Mom with crippling arthritis] walking all over…haven’t seen her sit still yet today.”


Received from Jenny in the Midwest (USA) on June 3, 2015 My husband “Mike” and I have been watching your training on YouTube.  We have watched and studied thru both your Basic and Advanced Trainings.  My husband has been able to minister healing on me!  I have a very long and …

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Chicago woman miraculously healed by Jesus after 5 failed surgeries—via phone call


“Christina, a believer from Chicago I had never met before, had had five surgeries for the same problem. Her doctors would perform the surgeries, but the growth would come back. She had been diagnosed with a cyst on her ovaries and in her bowels. She needed her bladder to be …

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Powerful healing over the telephone brings Angela to Jesus as her Lord

cervical stenosis

“Angela was diagnosed with cervical stenosis of the spine a few years ago. She was scheduled for her surgery on May 4 to correct this problem. The only possible treatment for her problem was surgery, and even then it was not certain her problem would be taken care of. She was …

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