Training for reaching our “cousins” in the Middle East



The Spring 2018 Training was attended primarily by ex-patriot believers from other nations who are based in the Gulf States in the Middle East. There were also American gospel workers present as well as local pastors. To our knowledge only one of the participants in the Training was a local person. The Senior Pastor of the very first evangelical church ever in this nation—an historic church dating back to the early 1800s, perhaps the largest congregation in the country—told us that it was the best teaching he had ever heard regarding this topic, and will be teaching it to his congregation.
The purpose of our trip was to train the believers there how to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively to the followers of Mohammed known euphemistically as our “cousins” through Abraham—just as the early disciples did to reach the Gentiles in Acts by healing the sick miraculously as convincing evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. During the Training we saw miraculous healings as we had believers come to the front to lay hands on those with infirmities with the Lord’s power and authority.
Then on Saturday evening after the Training we held an evangelistic healing service where we would preach the gospel, and the trained believers would heal the sick as evidence of the gospel for the listeners. 
We started out with what the Qu’ran itself says about Jesus being the Messiah:
Qs. 3:45 “O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary…”
Then we shared from Mark 2:10-11 where Jesus healed the paralytic miraculously as indisputable evidence that he has authority to forgive sin—supernatural authority which only the One True God in heaven has.
After sharing the gospel I had the newly-trained believers lay hands on those who needed healing with the Lord’s power and authority as I had just taught them to do. After a few minutes, people were coming up to the stage to testify that they had been miraculously healed in the name of Jesus Christ. After the testimonies I proclaimed aloud: “This is the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah—just as the Qu’ran teaches!”
Perhaps the high point that evening was the testimony of a young woman who had potentially life-threatening pulmonary embolisms. She experienced shortness of breath and would get exhausted quickly even after walking a short distance. She was of course forbidden from activities like running.
During one of the earlier training sessions, she had come forward to be healed. Two sisters then joined her at the front to minister healing to her. Afterwards I commanded her to run around the sanctuary. She took off to the back and then returned running to the front with just a bit of shortness of breath. The two sisters ministered to her a second time, after which I commanded her to run again. She ran to the back briskly and returned to the front with a smile on her face. “I feel so light!” she exclaimed excitedly.
This young lady returned for the Saturday evening evangelistic service. During the other testimonies of healing I asked her to come up to the stage to testify what the Lord had done for her. Elatedly she shared that earlier she had gone for a very long walk with a friend, and had experienced no problems at all!
Over and over that evening I repeated to the people:  “This is the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah—just as the Qu’ran teaches!”
This is a scriptural and effective way of reaching our lost “cousins” in the Middle East.
Spring 2018


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