Report: Elijah Challenge Mission Trip to India, November 2015


Christ glorified through miraculous healings among Sikhs (Click on the link below each photo to read the Report)   m Man deaf since birth hears at Training Event in Punjab     Entire crowd stands up for prayer to accept Christ     Polio victim’s legs straighten out to confirm …

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Zambia, AFRICA: 65 Pastors trained and over 18 miraculously healed


Ndola, ZambiaOctober 8, 2015 They were in the wrong place at the right time. We conducted The Elijah Challenge training in Ndola, Zambia and trained 65 pastors.  The training was conducted in a rented room with air conditioning, at Levy Mwanawgsu Stadium  a new and modern, soccer stadium and track.   …

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Crowd in remote village applauds at miraculous healing & accepts Christ


  “I rejoice submitting this report on what the Lord did in our Feeding Event in a remote village called Saniketa. Praise the Lord for helping me to preach the gospel and minister to the sick, the poor and to the oppressed.  There were around two hundred and eighty people who …

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Christ glorified through miraculous healings among Sikhs in India


Shelly Ragen based in Iowa was with The Elijah Challenge on her very first trip outside the United States—all the way across the Pacific to India. On the third and final day of their ministry in Amritsar, the spiritual capital of the Sikh religion in Punjab, Shelly stood up and through …

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Pastor feared his teen daughter attacked by demons would die, but…


“Early one morning an we received a telephone call came from a pastor named Joseph Majhi in the district of Gajapati [Orissa]. Through a sorcerer Pastor Joseph’s enemies had sent demons to attack his 18-year-old daughter Rasmita. A week earlier his niece had passed away after an attack by the …

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INDIA: Entire crowd at open-air event stands up for prayer to accept Christ


    Under the coordination of Rev. Akon Bajronayak who formerly served under Operation Mobilization and World Vision, disciples gathered in Borbam Baptist Church (below) in Amguri in the city of Dibrugarh, Assam State to be trained with The Elijah Challenge. Group photo of participants Above & below: Training disciples …

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Joseph Remmel trains disciples in India to heal the sick in Jesus’ name


“My first time teaching! I ended up teaching the introduction and basics of The Elijah Challenge twice. First on Saturday afternoon at a rural church, and then on Sunday afternoon at a church in the town which also invited other churches to attend. [This was in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India.] …

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Polio victim’s legs straighten out as evidence Jesus is the Son of God

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The Elijah Challenge Training Event was held at St. Margaret’s Church in the town of Marguerita (Tinsukia District) in Assam State in Northeast India. Our host was the respected servant of God Akon Bajronayak who served with both Operation Mobilization and Word Vision. According to official statistics, Assam is 4% Christian …

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Dead man comes back to life to hear the gospel, then passes on

raisedbackto life

This took place in Haridwar, North India and involved Pastor Simon Haq who works with Feeding Events India and The Elijah Challenge Haridwar is located in the district of Uttarakhand, northeast of Delhi, on the border of China. This is the city where Hindus come by the millions to purify themselves …

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Fourteen believers refuse to return to Hinduism despite expulsion


“In October 2015 we reported on this situation at 3 new believing families forcefully expelled from village by Hindus. As of today (November 26, 2015) they are in another village staying in the home of a new believer. In front of the district magistracy these fourteen believers acknowledged that they …

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