North America

Las Vegas Resort Manager miraculously healed by tourists in Jesus’ name

Las Vegas

An awesome married couple Sarhonda (Shar) and Gabriel (Teddy) came into my work to tour our resort while in Las Vegas.   Toward the end of the tour Shar asked me, “do you have any ailments?”  I said, “yes I have had a bad back for the past 45 years, …

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TEC-trained disciple in California witnessed 300+ divine healings in 2 years


“Thank you for sending me updates regularly including the most recent testimonies from here and abroad.  I enjoy reading or watching videos about testimonies from your former students.  Not only that, The Elijah Challenge ministry also gives me both encouragement and equips me with tools to also minister healing everywhere …

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Powerful healing over the telephone brings Angela to Jesus as her Lord

cervical stenosis

“Angela was diagnosed with cervical stenosis of the spine a few years ago. She was scheduled for her surgery on May 4 to correct this problem. The only possible treatment for her problem was surgery, and even then it was not certain her problem would be taken care of. She was …

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Preaching the gospel & healing the sick (cf. Luke 10:9) in the open-air in America

Tom M

“We [my wife, son, daughter, and I] conducted an evangelistic outreach event at the Friday After Five Music event in Cumberland Maryland.  The evening started with a huge rain storm complete with thunder, lighting and very heavy rain.  Our entire family stood on the back porch of our house and …

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The sick healed and the poor fed in Katy, Texas

Katy, TexasJanuary 12, 2013 The Elijah Challenge in North America  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, just wanted to fill you in on our outreach in Katy yesterday.  We met at La Madeleine and headed over to Old Katy to the area where a lot of Hispanics stand around looking for work.  We …

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