Rev. Emmanuel A. Rhema, Crusade Evangelist in Africa trained by The Elijah Challenge

“The blind received their sight, the deaf had their hearing restored, and the crippled walked. All manner of sickness and disease were healed…All this was made possible because you [Brother William] taught me. Only in heaven will you know the extent to which God is pleased with you.”

God has been working among us to confirm the preaching of his word with miraculous healings as we take the gospel of the kingdom to rural areas, cities and nations. The blind received their sight, the deaf had their hearing restored, and the crippled walked. All manner of sickness and disease were healed—some even experienced immediate weight loss up to 30 kilograms. Souls gave their lives to Jesus, and a good number of them are still abiding in Christ. 


Miraculous loss of weight in Asaba, Nigeria


Crippled man walks in Udu, Delta State, Nigeria


Wherever in the world we are given the opportunity to minister we set aside a day to teach the ministers and believers how to heal the sick in Jesus’ name as I was taught by Brother William of The Elijah Challenge in 2004 when he came to Nigeria. Every servant of God who attended our teachings began to see results similar to ours. 

I have conducted many crusades in different places but let me share the testimony from two cities where we had crusades.

Oleh Crusade

Oleh is a community in Delta State in Nigeria where a local tribe called the Isoko lives. We held the crusade in their Civic Centre. From the first day of the crusade to the end we had an overflow of people beyond the capacity of the auditorium. After preaching Jesus, I ministered to the sick at a distance (as Jesus did in Luke 7). It was incredible as many infirm people were instantly healed—including skeptics who came to mock me.

Among the testimonies was a boy by the name Augustin who was deaf in one ear from birth. As I ministered from the front, he felt a hand (I take to be the hand of God) touch him and his ear popped open. A man by the name Omorie Godwin was paralyzed in one hand. For years he had been unable to lift it up. He also had acute pain in his waist. But the Lord touched him and he was able to lift his hand normally. The pain in his waist also disappeared. A woman by the name of Imrono Oghenekeno had a painful hernia. She was unable to afford the surgery to repair the hernia. But she was instantly healed as I ministered healing at a distance from the front. Later a doctor checked her and was able to confirm that she had indeed been healed. A woman by the name Evelyn Diamond and her son were both experiencing severe coughing. Both of them were instantly healed by the Lord and their coughing fits completely stopped. The meeting was incredible and many souls were won to the Lord.


The crippled walked in Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Videos of miraculous healings


Auchi Crusade 

Auchi is a Muslim community in Edo State where we hosted Brother William of The Elijah Challenge several years back. Our crusade there this time was great as God worked powerfully in our midst.

A young boy who was deaf from the age of three was brought to the crusade. After the preaching on the first night, I called out for people who were deaf, and the boy was brought forward. When I placed my finger in his left ear, I discovered that the ear was closed up with no opening which meant that at birth he was hearing only with his right ear before it also was blocked and he went completely deaf at the age of three.

After I announced what I had discovered, some of the “doubting Thomases” came up with a torchlight to examine the ear up close. They confirmed what I had seen. Then I rebuked the deaf and dumb spirit commanding it to leave. Within a second the right ear popped open. After that I prayed for a creative miracle for the left ear which had no opening at all. Before my own eyes the opening appeared. Afterwards the boy repeated every word perfectly. 


Deaf and mute boy hears


A partially blind woman named Blessed Assurance (below) could not see clearly. When she looked at someone during the daytime she would see a cloud covering them. After dark she would see nothing at all. She came to our programme, and the power of God touched her while she was sitting in the midst of the congregation. During our nighttime service she demonstrated that she could see clearly.


Her sight restored


A woman present with a growth (below) suddenly discovered that it had disappeared.


Growth in her stomach disappeared


Deaf left ear can now hear


Witnessing the Lord’s powerful works, many people gave their lives to Jesus.

Uganda crusade

Our Uganda Crusade was hosted by Lift Up Jesus Ministry founded by Bishop Aloysius Kiiza, a noted evangelist. Upon hearing what God was graciously doing through me, he hosted me for a week. In this crusade we had a crowd of about two thousand people. During one night together with him and Catherine Brown from the United Kingdom I ministered healing in Jesus’ name. Over thirty deaf people were healed, the majority of them women. Many who had been unable to walk stood up and walked. Spectacular miracles took place. Until now the community has not “recovered” from that extraordinary event.


Above & below: Crippled man walks in Uganda


Above & below: Deaf ears are opened in Jesus’ name in Uganda


We are trusting God for more opportunities to reach out to more people with the gospel of the kingdom as we demonstrate the miraculous healing power of God for the purpose of depopulating hell and populating heaven. 

All this was made possible because you taught me. Only in heaven will you know the extent to which God is pleased with you.”  more…

From your son,
Emmanuel Abdullahi Rhema 




Above & below: Little boy’s deaf ear in Kaduna State is opened in Jesus’ name


 Rev. Emmanuel A. Rhema, Crusade Evangelist in Africa