Stillborn child in mother’s womb delivered miraculously

Subodh Kumar Jena in Orissa, India

April 23, 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

Today I met with a young evangelist named Sujit Naik. He said “thank you” for your program with us in January and it benefited his ministry.  I asked him to explain it to me in detail.

There was a Hindu woman who was pregnant, but the child had died inside her womb. She was not able to deliver the stillborn child.  For a Caesarean section to remove the child they had no money as it was expensive. Brother Naik told them “if you allow me I will minister to her in Jesus name.” They said please do.

He ministered in front of everyone present there. Then on his way home, he got a call that the sister had delivered the child.

Praise the Lord that nothing happened to the mother as she was in a dangerous condition.

Report on the January 2014 Training Event where Brother Naik was trained

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