Recent testimonies & reports by disciples trained under The Elijah Challenge


God’s blessings upon orphans from remote villages who had no hope

"We are delighted to write this report regarding a memorable…

180 souls accept Jesus Christ at Feeding Event in Uttar Pradesh, India

"Our January 2017 Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was in a remote…

Miraculous healings accompany TEC Training for pastors in India

  "We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Training last week…

230 villagers in remote Fundamentalist region accept Christ

"We had an awesome Feeding Event in a remote village---a Fundamentalist-dominated…
3 couples

Unusual miracles from God in Orissa, India

  "Greetings to you in Jesus precious name. Praise the…

Newly-planted Church in Punjab has 150+ average Sunday attendance

Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor in Amritsar preached the…

180 souls accept Christ at Feeding Event in Uttar Pradesh, India

"Our January 2017 Feeding Event was held in a remote village…

Entire remote village in Orissa accepts Christ following miracles

  Our Lord Jesus is helping us to reach unreached villages…

Demonized girl from unreached tribe instantly healed in Jesus' name

"We received a wonderful report from one of our Elijah Challenge…

Testimonies of servants of God after attending The Elijah Challenge Training

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Videos of miraculous healings with Elijah Challenge-trained disciple Brian Matuszak

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The Elijah Challengers: leaders who now minister in the spirit and power of Elijah

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Testimonies of nameless, faceless messengers of power

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"My Journey to Wellness and Healing" by Susan Morawietz

When Susan first came to The Elijah Challenge Training in September…

Houston: a lump disappears

"I want to report that last week I received a phone call from…

Miracle healing at Baptist megachurch in Houston

By Sue, a nameless disciple of Christ in Houston April 14, 2014 Last…

Very elderly Buddhist saved and healed in Minnesota nursing home

Trin Trinh trained with The Elijah Challenge and lives in MinnesotaAugust…

Healed in the name of Yahshua!

Tom Linebaugh trained with Elijah Challenge & with other…

Ministering healing to Hindu India workers in Malaysia

Brother Tee Joo Tatt trained in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur in…

Earlier testimonies of pastors and ministers who have attended The Elijah Challenge Training


A Blast from the Past in Indonesia: the Word of God is ALIVE!

On the last day of March 2017 we received a wonderful blast from…

Miracle healings & God's love at New Age Festival in North Hollywood

"Recently we had the opportunity to minister to eighteen people…

Infirm women touched by Jesus Christ; run on stage and around sanctuary

 Philadelphia 100% Life Church in Santos, Brazil, led by nationally-known…

God's love & healing power manifest at New Age Festival in California

"Recently we had the opportunity to minister to twenty people…

Pastor who trained with TEC reports: "People in wheelchairs were healed"

From February 24th through the 26th in 2017 The Elijah Challenge…

God continued to heal the sick after people returned home from Gospel Event

 In the state of Minas Gerais bordering Sao Paulo State in Brazil…

The Lord's miraculous healing touch on a dying baby boy named Damien

 January 25, 2017 "Hi my name is Monica and I wanted to…

Christ's power & authority to heal manifest during and after Training Event

  Pastor miraculously healed of hiatal hernia symptoms  January…

The Elijah-like Adventures of Jim & Terry Hathaway in Southwest USA

The Elijah Challenge in Phoenix, Albuquerque and Santa Fe with…

Earlier testimonies of miraculous healings through us and believers who have attended The Elijah Challenge Basic Training

Neck & shoulders, eyes, vision, arthritis, back

“The outreach was powerful, bless the name of the Lord! We started in the same location as last week, but there were few shoppers in that area. Not sure if we should move to a busier area where we had no permission from the mall authorities to be, we prayed to the Lord for guidance. After we said “amen” we opened our eyes, and along came a mall security guard named Officer Diaz, who turned out to be a Baptist believer! He directed us to move our location to the busiest spot in the whole mall…to a table directly in front of the Hong Kong Food Market. We had prepared a makeshift sign with large black letters which… more

Earlier reports of spiritual encouragement following The Elijah Challenge Basic Training

Posting seen on Facebook

“Hi—you mentioned the Elijah Challenge. I love that ministry and we were trained by William and Lucy at our church. I love the Way of the Master for the way it effectively avoids false conversions and uses the law to bring conviction first before bringing the cure to the problem of sin which is repentance. The Elijah Challenge trains Christians to ask non-Christians who aren’t sure if they would make a promise to surrender to Jesus Christ if they were… more

Reports from earlier Training events, mission trips and crusades

In December 2006 The Elijah Challenge came to Liberia, a nation that came into being in the 19th Century when freed slaves from the United States returned to settle in Africa. Meetings were held in an area known as Harbel near the capital of Monrovia where there is a large Firestone Tire plantation. About 6,000 workers are employed to tap the sap from rubber trees on the plantation for… more

Testimonies of heart disease healed

During the past few years, we have noticed a relatively high frequency of people who have been healed (or who have dramatically improved) from heart disease after we ministered to them in the name of Jesus Christ. Some of these heart conditions, according to medical science, were incurable.

These miracles were often confirmed by a medical doctor.

The Lord performs such miracles to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Savior of the world, and… more