The blind see, the deaf hear, the poor hear the good news

Subodh Jena Kumar is based in Orissa, India
January 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

Dhrabali is a remote village about an eight-hour journey by bus from our area followed by another hour on foot into the jungle. It is very beautiful place surrounded by the mountain with homes standing here and there. We had a very fruitful Feeding Event with many healings and miracles. The blind received their sight, the deaf were able to hear, and many more were touched by the Lord.




The Lord did amazing things among these needy tribal people. We understand that there is much more work ahead for us to do. There are so many similar villages there where people do not anything about our Lord Jesus Christ.   

Around 280 people with many infirmities came to this Feeding Event. The people were astonished to see the healing touch of our Lord Jesus. Out of these tribal Hindus around 240 souls accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.

After the program we all went to eat near a stream half a kilometer away where people could enjoy the open air.

Feeding the villagers




Once again thank you so much for your support to reach the unreached places with the gospel.


The reports

An old man named Arjun came to the meeting with the help of his stick as his right leg had been paralyzed for six years. When we arrived in his village, he was sitting outside his house on a cot. We invited him to attend the meeting, and he arrived a bit late with his walking stick as the gospel was being preached. The Lord touched him and healed him miraculously at a distance. He came to the front holding the stick in the air. He gave it to me telling me that he did not want the stick any more.

Tears were streaming down his face as he testified, “I have suffered bitterly and have not been able to bathe daily since I could not go down to the river. I asked him how old he was, and he replied he did not know.




A mother named Bijayani was blind. The Lord healed her at a distance— but not quite fully. She came to the front and we ministered to her. At that very moment her face brightened, and she exclaimed that she could see everything and could recognize everyone. With delight she looked here and there, and in front of everybody she said that she could see clearly. Everybody could witness her changes within moments. Praise the Lord!




Susovita was totally deaf in her left ear since childhood. Our gracious Lord, full of compassion, restored her hearing. We checked her several times, and she could hear everything even when we spoke softly. Praise the Lord for opening her ear. She shared that the village people used to call her names because of her deafness, and it hurt her. She is happy that now no one can call her names anymore!


Susovita (center)


A gentleman named Nakual Nayak had a problem with his eyesight. Without glasses he could not see even a short distance. He would feel pain and a severe headache.  The Almighty God touched his eyes and healed him. He can see clearly without the glasses, and at that very moment the pain left. He is a mailman in that village.


Nakual Nayak

Rasmi Ranjan works in a school as an unskilled laborer. For two years he suffered from some kind of disease. He top of his head would swell with something like an open wound. I was not familiar with the disease. He had been taking medicine with no relief. As the healing ministry was going on, he was healed but did not understand how. The swelling and open wound disappeared. He said that every morning and evening he would apply the oil so that at work the affliction would not spread to others.  Miraculously the Lord healed him.


Rasmi Ranjan

A little five-year-old boy named Rohit could not stand due to pain in his leg. His mother shared that she had to carry him constantly, even while cooking.  When she walked to the river, about 2 kilometres away, it was very painful for her. As the healing ministry was going on she was standing there holding him as usual. She did not think of putting her son down to stand on his own. But miraculously he told her he wanted to get down and stand on his own. He stood there for 25 minutes without any help from his mother. She now believes he will not trouble her anymore!


Above & below: Rohit & Mom



Brother Avinash had had epilepsy since he was 10 years old. His head usually shakes. During the full moon especially he would fall down unconscious with his teeth clenched.  His parents would have to massage him for hours. Their doctor advised him to take Ayurvedic medicine. Although he took the course of medication as prescribe, he was not healed. His father brought him to the Feeding Event, and had him sit at the front. His head would shake almost all the time, but suddenly the shaking stopped. He felt better and he believes he has been healed. 




Amiya had suffered much from a disease called TV (TB?). He had been taking medicine for long time. From time to time he would vomit blood, and felt very weak. As we ministered at a distance he felt something like electricity go through his body. He started sweating from head to toe. He felt entirely different in his body with new strength. He told us he was completely healed and will not take any more medicine. I told him that Jesus had healed him and to believe in Him forever.




A mother named Gurubari suffered a bad fall while she was digging on a hilly mountainside. She was seriously hurt with a hand fracture and severe back injury. After that incident she stopped farming and began taking care of her grandchildren. The Lord graciously healed her graciously in the Feeding Event. Both her hand and back were completely healed. 




A mother named Ulasini had knee pain and was not able to bend her knee. During long walks she would feel the pain. She was unable to sit on the floor for long periods of time, but at the Feeding Event she sat for a long time. The Lord had healed her and she had no more pain in her knee.




A gentleman named Shiva suffered from gastric and indigestion problems. Due to this his stomach would be constantly painful and swell with gas. He felt uneasy in his body and also took a lot of medicine according to his doctor’s orders, but it did not work. Jesus touched him and he was completely healed.



A baby named Runu was brought to the meeting with a high fever. The Lord touched him and his temperature came down. His mother was standing outside because Runu was suffering and crying loudly. But during the ministry of healing at a distance he was healed, and was sleeping peacefully. Praise the Lord.


Baby Boy Runu

A woman named Purnalata had some kind of skin disease. Almost constantly she felt itching in her body. She had consulted with a doctor and was taking medicine. But her condition remained unchanged. Other people told her to apply turmeric with oil on her body which brought some relief. She said she had spent around six thousand rupees on it, but without much benefit. At the event the Lord touched her. Whereas the itching was normally present nearly nonstop, it had ceased immediately.


There was a three-month-old baby girl in the meeting carried by a relative. After the program ended a woman brought the baby to us and explained that her father and mother had passed away. Her health was not good. She was being fed with Amul powder and cow’s milk. After seeing her and hearing all this, my wife Rosy could not control herself and started crying. She asked me to do something for the baby. We gave money to her caregiver.

The next day we contacted a government agency which provides a home for premature babies and those below four years of age. They agreed to keep her, but after two years we will take her back. Please pray for this baby girl.



Subodh’s wife Rosy and their sons Johnson & Nathan





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