Jim Hathaway

Bali, Indonesia: stroke victim walks & talks in Jesus’ name


Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country with the fourth largest population on earth “My time in Sumba (Indonesia) was again tremendous. Hundreds came to the Lord and close to thirty Merapu tribal people included. Major stories are a man with cataracts, and a stroke victim in Bali who could not …

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The story of Daris San!

By Jim HathawayBritish Columbia, Canada Jim Hathaway Reports   In November of 2010 I was invited to teach the Elijah Challenge course with my good friend and partner Pst. Elito Lantigan and family on the island of Mendano on the south most part of the Philippines. Before we had any …

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Miraculous healings in the name of Isa Almasih

 Jim Hathaway, Vancouver, Canada Jim Hathaway Reports Indonesia: August 16th to September 4th, 2012 This was my 2nd time back to Indonesia to teach the The Elijah Challenge Course. I have been ministering in this country since 1987. Because of the msms influence, almost all of the training is to …

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Lady barber healed while giving haircut to Jim

Jim Hathaway attended The Elijah Challenge Training in February 2008March 2009 Reports from Jim Hathaway “I have to tell you about my time with my barber. She had been suffering with carpal tunnel and degenerative arthritis for a very long time, with a lump the size of a golf ball …

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Bus Driver Healed on Bus

Jim Hathaway attended The Elijah Challenge Training in February 2008 Reports from Jim Hathaway “One of my fellow bus drivers came off his bus limping and told me was going to see his doctor about the pain in his heel and lower calf. I felt the nudge of the Holy …

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