“Description and not prescription”: Cleverly disguised cessationism which cripples the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission


Some evangelical servants of God will teach that certain passages of Scripture are to be interpreted today as “description” only and not a “prescription” for what we are to do in the current dispensation. This of course can apply to sections of the Old Testament, for example, the historical accounts …

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“I have NEVER come upon any ministry with this type of teaching and many other things…”


“YES…THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING” “With all of the decades of study and fasting and prayer, etc….waiting on Him…hearing…all of that…I have NEVER come upon any ministry with this type of teaching and many other things about how you all ‘do’ this ministry that is so totally opposite of …

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Denial (of reality) in the Church


Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Based on this Scripture, in some streams of the Church we are taught that after an infirm believer prays to God asking him for healing, he or …

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Bali, Indonesia: stroke victim walks & talks in Jesus’ name


Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country with the fourth largest population on earth “My time in Sumba (Indonesia) was again tremendous. Hundreds came to the Lord and close to thirty Merapu tribal people included. Major stories are a man with cataracts, and a stroke victim in Bali who could not …

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Jesus heals paralyzed Hindu man in Orissa, India

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Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena Orissa, India In the first week of October 2014 we had a one-day meeting in a place called Khariar in the district of Nuapada. There were around one hundred and twenty people, both Hindus and Christians, who attended the programme.       There were many …

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