“I have travelled the length, and breath of this world in search for the authentic biblical truth on healings…”


“Good evening, sir, from the foot of Africa at the Nelson Mandela University School of Government and Political Leadership in Port Elizabeth. I have received the [Elijah Challenge] training, sir, and I am on the third session as I started a one-man retreat since Monday evening when the Lord led me to your website. My eyes are opening to see the Lord. I covet your prayers, sir, that this revelation will be a permanent imprint in leaving a mark of Christ in my own life—then to the nations of the world.

I have a long history of 22 years under the tutelage of Dr. Myles Munroe during which 17 of the 22 years he was my boss. In all earnestness I have never known this truth, yet the Lord in His infinite mercies heard my cry of 22 years.

I don’t want stories for the liberation of Third World peoples. We need Christ crucified with miracles, signs and wonders following. I have travelled the length, and breath of this world in search for the authentic biblical truth on healings, miracles, signs and wonders which is rooted in Christ, the apostles and the New Testament. Like the Ethiopian eunuch, I can almost sing with the saints of old: “My faith has found a resting place.”

This teaching resounds with the heart of God, and I have been obligating myself on the basis of the finished work of Christ. That means that if my people do not get healed, I and I alone I am responsible. If revival does not break out in this land, I am the one to be blamed.  I am also receiving instructions from your Elijah Challenge trainer in Nigeria, Rev. Emmanuel Abdullahi. I feel like a student under a personal coach. It is a humbling and fearful moment. I am grateful, sir. Once again, I covet your prayers, sir.”

Convenor, Varsity Christian Association, South Africa

Paul’s subsequent testimonies of miraculous healings

Received from “Paul” June 13, 2017:

“Greetings from the foot of Africa at the iconic Nelson Mandela University. Sir, I would like to share with you a brief testimony to the glory of the Lord. I have had a huge host of hereditary diseases, and sicknesses. Of prominent one’s are:
1. Ischaemaic heart disease which has been responsible for delivering the seasons of sorrow in my family. From my mother, my elder sister, and the younger sister, and my nephew we all have a share into this pool of stress. As a minister, I got tired of using the medication instead I opted for a healthy lifestyle and pseudo healing in hopes that the angina would go. The Lord revealed to me that He did not provide healing through healthy eating albeit it is good to do so, but foods are not the stripes of Jesus nor daily workout at the gym as some even entered into yoga, and all sorts of meditations that have opened more doors to the devils. 
2. The second one was the Over Active Bludder  (OAB), this was my inheritance from my dear father. This was perhaps the most embarrassing sickness as it never gave peace. As an active person who is always engaging students from Christian society and political parties, I struggled to seat for long as I would need to relieve myself regularly. The nights have been the most tormenting ones. It suffice to say that I practically lived in the loo as the urge to urinate would be omnipresent right after the last drop. It strained me.
3. Joint pains. My mother suffer from arthritis. Her joints are always aching, and I received this share. My joints are always on fire. Of late, I have had a severe hip pain that would last for about 10 seconds but the impact usually set me off base as it will be like sharp needles. 
I listed these to Reverend Emmanuel, and a host of others as I was talking with him last week. The servant of the Lord engaged these, and he sent healing in Jesus’ name. Now, I have never been prayed for healing on the phone before.
However, after 2 days or so, I noticed that I did not wake up to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. I checked my usual routine and I found this consistent since the day Rev Emmanuel prayed for me. I checked the joints, and lo, and behold these too are not traceable again. I would be in severe pains mostly after an activity such as preaching, but I have ministered more than 5 times, and I am fresh like ocean winds. My breathing is sharp. The irregular heart beats are gone, and I am bouncing around like a living stone.
The other issue was the difficulty in realising a stool as I would bleed due to anal pains and wound. This too is no more. I feel like flying about as I am free. I am grateful to the Lord. I seem to be in a perpetual wonderful experience as I keep noticing a change of one thing after the other. Some issues are seemingly small, and others were embarrassing but I am discovering, and checking daily.
Things such as itchy ears and more so when I read, they are gone. Tingling and itchy nose with a feeling like some small ants are moving in, and out, this is no more. Stuffy nose, and the sound I make due to irritable nose, this too gone.
I am like a military leader who is at the battlefield to evaluate the success of the victories won by checking out how the mighty enemies have fallen. It’s a daily surprise sir. I can’t wait to see my parents and exercise this grace too.
Thank you for your obedience to this heavenly vision. I am enjoying the book on your journey in Indonesia, as well as the Esther Challenge (but I will not be qualified to teach it, but I am excited about the work that mum did). The Elijah Challenge is my daily portion, yet not for personal enjoyment but for the Lord’s burden in spreading the Word. Thank you for linking me with Reverend Emmanuel. I pray that God will keep him under His shadow for long. The rest of Africa awaits for his ministry. I celebrate him, and I celebrate you sir. Please help me to thank God.”