Hindu woman instantly healed from pains all over body & accepts Christ

“A Hindu woman came to our event at the invitation of a friend. She had been having aches all over her body for the past two years. She had taken all kinds of medication, but nothing worked. So she decided to come to our Elijah Challenge event. There she was instantly healed from the disease and sickness which had afflicted her for two long years. Following the miracle she decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ. In the photo our host Pastor Akon Bajronayak is leading her to the Lord.”


From Sister Ange (below) on The Elijah Challenge team: “We prayed over this young boy (below) who had pain in his chest and head from an injury. The pain left him….”



Shar & Teddy Murphy of Chicago (second row, center right in photo below) are currently teaching The Elijah Challenge to disciples of Jesus Christ in Assam, India




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