Testimonies from Basic Training II at Women’s Aglow Houston

Marcela Chavez attended Basic Training II held by Women’s Aglow Houston in August 2011. We received the following testimony from her the following week.
I am contacting you to thank you for teaching us such a simple yet powerful and effective way of healing. On Friday night at the River Oaks meeting as we ministered to a precious sister by laying hands on her, “fire” come out of my hand and she was healed. After our meeting, I ministered over the phone to a friend and she was completely healed of a terrible headache. Saturday morning, my friend David in Austin [who had had the quintuple bypass heart surgery] was healed as we ministered to him at a distance during the Training session. I called him that night to ask about his heart and he said that he felt more energy, stronger heart, no pain. I then called another friend to share what God was doing in our midst, she said “good, I have hip and back pain.” After three series of commands, she said all pain left!

I have been so happy and want to request that you keep me on a list whenever there is activity in this area. I am interested in joining the enthusiastic believer from Shell Oil Company who is ready to take this wonderful ministry out into the diverse communities.”

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