Overview of The Elijah Challenge


Light of Africa
(American m
ission in Zambia): "The teaching of The Elijah Challenge eleven years ago has profoundly and eternally affected the ministry we do and the ministry of other trainees..."

Dr. Benjamin Yoo, Ph.D, Director of E. Stanley Jones College: "Here is the teaching and method that you have been looking for. I have personally witnessed healing and church growth all over the world as a result of applying the teaching of The Elijah Challenge program..."

General Presbyter Tennessee Assemblies of God: “The weekend when we hosted The Elijah Challenge may go down as one of the greatest weekends in the history of Full Life Assembly of God...we have Generals of the Faith amongst us."

Dr. Tissa Weerasingha, Sri Lanka: "...you have the most Biblically-sound teaching on the subject of signs and wonders, healing, faith and all related subjects including the Charismatic gift of healing and the James 5 model of healing." (Dr. Weerasingha was trained at conservative Westminster Theological Seminary and oversees 100 churches worldwide.)

Rev. Emmanuel A. Rhema in Africa: "Through the knowledge you imparted to me...I travel far and wide across my nation conducting major meetings with massive miraculous evidence which has brought many souls to the Lord...All this was made possible because you taught me. Only in heaven will you know the extent to which God is pleased with you."

Executive Director, Foursquare Gospel Church of Malaysia & Singapore: "...I am forever thankful to the founders of the ministry for introducing The Elijah Challenge to us. The Foursquare churches in this part of the world are never the same anymore. We now minister with power and authority to heal the infirm and preach the Kingdom of God..."

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