Blessed to be a blessing in Indonesia: the story of one family

Batu Ampar

Ameng was a sixteen-year-old boy who peddled around Batu Ampar on his bicycle selling bananas. His friend A Kiun had brought him to our meeting held in the little front room of our house where we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ.


1980: the first believers in Batu Ampar healing the gospel in our little front room

Ameng put his faith in Christ for eternal life. After that we sent our co-workers Asiu and Akong to the outlying village where he and his parents and younger siblings lived to share the gospel with them as well. The entire family accepted Jesus Christ. Below are two photos of Asiu and Akong leading a meeting in their home. The exterior walls of the home consisted of thatch or dried leaves.



Ca. 1981: Ameng’s little brothers Ahwat and Ateng are sitting in the center foreground. To the right of Ateng behind his turned head you can see their older sister A Lan. 



Eventually Ameng, standing tall second from the rear left in the photo, became one of our original eight cell group leaders.

Today (2013) all three brothers Ameng, Ahwat, and Ateng are successful businessmen in West Kalimantan who have contributed heavily to the work of the gospel including providing land for and financing the construction of a large church in the city of Pontianak. Ahwat especially has been given much grace and favor from the Lord.


Ahwat on the left with wife & four children on the right

The sister of the three brothers A Lan (pictured in the 1981 photo above) and her husband Selfi have now (2013) for several years pastored a church in the interior town of Putussibau.



2013: the congregation led by A Lan & Selfi


The single runway at the Putussibau Airport deep in the interior of West Kalimantan


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