INDIA: 425 accept Christ in colony and 50 workers trained in power evangelism by Elijah Challenge Trainer


“Our host Pastor Daniel whom I first met in 1997 heard about how the Lord is blessing churches and villages through our gospel Feeding Events. And so he invited our Elijah Challenge co-worker Simon Haqq to preach the gospel in his colony. He invited the people in his cology to come hear the good news.

Close to 425 dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ at the Elijah Challenge Feeding Event. Many were healed of physical infirmities and delivered from unclean spirits.

About 50 of his workers were trained in “power evangelism” by our local Elijah Challenge-trained worker.

Pastor Daniel is now experiencing revival in his colony. About 10 -15 people now come for prayer each week to know about Jesus.”

September 2017 Report from India







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