Jesus Christ still heals at a distance today as He did in Luke 7

The following exchange took place over Facebook in November – December 2014. (No telephone or other form of communication was used.)

RÕmy John
 in Kenya, Africa

Nov 30th, 9:11pm

“I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently I was feeling very bad. I was told by the doctor that my cholesterol is high and that I have an enlarged heart. I had been feeling pain in my chest and arm. Please believe and pray with me that I receive my healing in JESUS’ NAME, and that God use me for his testimony and glory.”
-Pastor Rommie, KENYA


The Elijah Challenge in the USA

Dec 2nd, 11:21am

“We here have just now ministered to you at a distance in the name of Jesus Christ. Please let us know how you now are doing.”


RÕmy John

Dec 6th, 9:55am

“Amen! I went back to the doctors and they stated that my heart measured to the millimeter is like that of an athlete.”

Dec 15th, 9:41am

“Glory to God! They measured using a scanner, and to the millimeter it was OK. They did all the other tests and they came out negative, so Glory to GOD! I thank Him for his healing hand. I will get the results from both hospitals and will send them over for you to see for yourselves that our God is faithful!!!!!!! AMEN.”



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