John Latini Reports

John Latini of Pennsylvania trained with The Elijah Challenge via YouTube videos as well as in person at the Virginia Training Center in February 2013

 john latini

 Sue Ellen & John


The healing power of Jesus Christ flows through John following Training


Leg grows & back is healed in Jesus name!  (YouTube) 


Jesus heals back in Walmart parking lot!  (YouTube)


Ankle & Back Healed in Jesus Name! Holy Spirit’s presence is amazing!  (YouTube)


Trained disciple fights off attacking spirit of infirmity; miracle ensues


Woman healed of cystic fibrosis & other miraculous healings


John’s ministry to the sick explodes after training with The Elijah Challenge


Victims of paralysis healed in Jesus’ name


Healed from Bell’s Palsy at a distance


Woman’s highly sensitive eyes following surgery healed at church






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