Men set free from very powerful demonic forces at distance of 750 kilometers

Orissa, India
November 2014

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

“I would like to share about a great miracle. It took place last night.

In a remote village called Deliganj around 750 kilometers from us, two men went outside at 12:15 am to relieve themselves, and were attacked by a demonic force. Within a few minutes their entire bodies were shaking and they had severe stomach pain. It seemed to be a life and death struggle. The invisible demonic force forced them to go out towards the jungle. A brother called to inform me of the situation. Hearing of their condition I thought that they might even die.

Another phone call came at 1:17 am but I did not pick up. After 2 minutes they called again and since I felt that there might be a serious problem I picked up. I heard horrible crying and screaming sounds. Immediately I ministered to both of the men over my phone, rebuking the demons in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord within a few seconds the tormenting demons left them. They became completely normal. In the morning the villagers were amazed after listening to this story.”

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