Nigerian man set free from daily symptoms of heart attack

September 2012

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We received the following message from Chiebido 
Chialu, a 27-year-old gentleman in Nigeria:

“I have been having symptoms of heart attack for 3 years now, there has never been a day I wake up without severe pains on my chest radiating to my left shoulder, and tingling in both hands and legs. I’ve gone to different hospitals but I don’t have the money, and am scared of surgery as well because I don’t want to die. I’ve read about many miracles on your site and I believe that the same Jesus will heal me.”


Some days later that month we received the following from co-laborer Dennis Green in Houston:

“I just prayed with Chiebido. He said the pain left and he was able to walk a flight of stairs with no problem. I told him to email me in a few days as to how he is doing and after he sees his doctor.”


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