Houston Outreaches

Houston: Woman with no eardrum hears


Elijah Challenge Training Houston June 2012 At the Elijah Challenge Training in Houston, attended by disciples from various states in the US, the Lord’s grace was evident. Each day there were testimonies of healings as the disciples ministered to one another just as Jesus did and taught His disciples in …

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Public Healing Outreaches

Any church can be easily trained to hold them God is restoring His power to His people for us to complete the Great Commission—proclaiming the gospel to the world and discipling all nations. Where do we find “the world?” We know that we do not find the world in our …

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Braeswood Assembly of God | Houston, Texas

  Pastor Sergio Garza Pastor Sergio Garza of the Spanish-speaking congregation of Braeswood Assembly of God invited The Elijah Challenge to equip the believers with The End Time Model of Evangelism. The training took place on a Friday evening and Saturday morning. On the following Sunday morning an Evangelistic Healing Service …

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