Partially paralyzed mini-chihuahua miraculously healed

“Our daughter dropped our dog to the floor on accident. She is a miniature chihuahua and became partially paralyzed, even her bowels were emptying out. Only the left side of her body was working, the right side was stuck in one position. My daughter was pretty upset by the whole event.
So my wife Ashley, myself and our two 7-year-old kids started commanding that she be healed. We prayed over her for about 2 minutes. The we had her test it out. Miraculously, when I put her on the ground she was completely healed. No issues at all. Didn’t even look like she was sore, not even a limp.
Praise God for that!”
Received from Lucas Leach of One Way Ministries ( who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2016.

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