“The Anointing”: Studies from Scripture

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Who are the false prophets who Jesus warned us would appear in the Last Days?

The Anointing and the Antichrists

Why you should be discerning regarding “the anointing”

The Failure of Democracy in America (and in the Church)

The Relationship between the Traditional Church and Progressive Liberalism

Coveting “the Anointing”: Becoming (like) God?

Anointed to know the truth

The “Anointing” Revisited

“The anointing” as found in the Church today: scriptural or not?

The Vital Difference between Gift and Anointing

How do we discern which miraculous signs are of God?

“Do not touch the Lord’s anointed”: applicable today or not?

“The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing”?

False spirits invade the Church (YouTube video)

Kundalini Warning by Andrew Strom

Caught in the crossfire: “You should be ashamed of your behavior…”


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